Turning Her Out

Lacy came out of the hotel bathroom wrapped only in a towel. She had put on her make up and dried her hair, but now it was time to dress for the evening. She nervously hummed to herself as she crossed the room.

Mike turned his attention from the television and watched her from his chair across the room. He let his eyes wander over her luscious body as she dropped the towel and reached for her clothes. Even though they had been married for almost 20 years, the sight of her nude body never ceased to give him an instant erection.

She put on a black lace bra, a black garter belt, and black stockings. She then slid sexily into a deep blue sleeveless dress. Mike immediately noticed she had put on no panties. As she smoothed the dress over her flat tummy, she looked at her reflection in the mirror over the dresser. She caught Mike’s gaze in the reflection, and smiled. A slight giggle escaped her lips.

“Enjoying the show?” she asked him.

“Always. You have got to be the sexiest thing alive,” he replied.

She walked over to him and sat on his lap, giving him a gentle kiss. “Glad you still think so.”

Feeling his cock stiffen beneath her, she again kissed him quickly, then got up, wiggling her bottom in his lap as she did, and went back to the dresser to pick out her jewelry. She chose a delicate gold chain and sapphire earrings, then turned to Mike.

“Well, how do I look?” she asked, spinning around once.

“Good enough to eat.” Mike replied.

“I’ll remember that,” she smiled. “I have to tell you, I’m nervous about this,” she suddenly said, quite seriously. “But I’m also very excited about the whole thing.”

“You can still back out, you know,” he reminded her. “You can still say no.”

“I know, but we may never have this chance again.” she replied. “I want to do it.”

“Ok. If you’re ready, let’s go…”

Mike had fantasized about this evening for a long time. He’d found an “On Premise” swing club near their home, and they had attended a few “Couples Only” parties there. Lacy was a bit nervous about going to a club so close to home. She enjoyed the parties, but was never really able to relax enough to totally let go. Her mind was constantly on the people around her, constantly wondering if someone she knew was about to walk through the door. Then Mike had found another club in a town about 200 miles away.

The club had a website, and they had looked at the pages closely. The club seemed to be a really nice place. It was also close enough to be practical, but far away enough to be a bit more anonymous. Lacy believed she would be able to relax more in such a place. He knew that if he could get her to relax enough, she would live out his fantasy. Mike wanted to turn his wife out to a crowd of hard, horny men. He wanted them to line up behind her and take turns fucking her, one after another. She had been reluctant to do this in their hometown, it was just too small a town to play in. Word traveled fast there, and Lacy did not want to be the topic of discussion by some of the more narrow-minded residents.

Mike had made all the arrangements. They had driven down the night before and stayed in a nice little hotel not far from the club. The restaurant was very good for such a small place. Their dinner had been a light one. Their conversation had focused on her excitement over the situation. She had tried to hide her nervousness, but was unsuccessful. Truth be told, she was scared down to her toes. Scared, but more excited than she ever thought she could be.

As Mike parked the car in the club’s surprisingly large parking lot, Lacy turned to him and said, “I love you.”

Mike grinned at her. He could see her trembling. He knew she was both nervous and excited. “I love you too.” He reached out and placed his hand on hers. “I want you to relax and have fun tonight. You don’t have to worry about bumping into anyone here. Tonight, I want you to let yourself go.”
Lacy smiled, then nodded. She reached for the door handle and said, “I’m ready, let’s go have fun.”

The club was a bit smaller than they had expected. The first thing they noticed was a rather intimate bar to the left of the door. Two sectional sofas, separated by a small coffee table, sat in one corner, next to a fair sized dance floor. The music was loud enough to hear, but not so loud it drowned out conversation. A long hallway branched out to the right of the dance floor. Several smaller rooms lined the hall. The crowd of about 40 people mingled, danced, and chatted.

Mike and Lacy settled onto the sofa and watched the crowd. A young couple sitting across from them kissed hungrily. Another couple danced close to each other, the woman topless. The man held her hips and ground himself into her as they danced. One couple disappeared into one of the rooms down the hall, another couple soon followed them into the room and closed the door. Lacy squeezed Mike’s hand as a young man walked over and sat next to her.

“Hi,” he said. “Is this your first time here?”

“Yes.” Lacy replied. “Does it show?” She grinned.

The young man laughed, “Well, most people seem to stay to themselves their first time here.”

Mike and Lacy grinned.

“My name is Jeff. I’m a part owner of the club.” He held out his hand to Lacy, then Mike as they introduced themselves. “It’s my job to greet people and to make sure they have a good time. Just remember, everyone here had a first time too. You look like you’re a bit nervous.”

Lacy nodded, “A little. We didn’t really know what to expect. We know what we’d like to do, but don’t really know the rules here.”

“The basic rule is, no means no. You are in complete control over what happens to you. If you are bothered by anyone or anything, please let me know.”

Lacy nodded, “We will. Thank you.”

Jeff stood up, holding out his hand to Lacy. Lacy took his hand, hesitated a second, then pulled him down to her. Her lips met his in a short, tender kiss. “Hope to see you again tonight,” she said with a smile.

“Count on it.” Jeff replied. He smiled at Mike, and turned to greet the young couple across from them.

“That was fast.” Mike laughed. “You certainly got over being nervous quickly.”

“I’m still scared to death,” she replied. “I’m just letting myself go, like you said.”

Minutes later, another couple disappeared down the hall. Mike noticed Lacy’s eyes following them.

“Want to go see where everyone is headed?” he asked.

“Sure, that’s about the 5th couple I’ve seen going that way.”

They got up and walked toward the hallway. Jeff stood at the near end of the hall, chatting with another young man. He smiled at them as they approached.

“Having a good time?” he asked.

“We were just wondering where everyone was going.” Mike answered. “It looks like folks are slowly heading this way.”

“The smaller rooms are private rooms. If a door is closed, the people inside wish to be left alone. If a door is open, and the room is occupied, you’re welcome to watch, but do not try to enter the room unless you’re invited. The big room at the end of the hall is the party room. That’s where most of the action takes place. Feel free to watch, participate, or anything else you feel like doing. Just remember, no means no.”

“Do you ever participate in the party room?” Lacy asked with a smile. Mike noticed her step closer to him.

“Occasionally.” Jeff replied with a smile of his own. “If the situation allows, and I’m invited.”

Lacy stood next to Jeff. Her breast firmly made contact with his upper arm. “Well, maybe we’ll see you in there later?”

“Oh, I’m sure you will,” he said. “Go ahead and explore, remember, we’re here for you to have fun.”

Lacy brushed past Jeff and headed down the hall. His eyes followed her behind as she walked to the first open door. Mike held her hand as they looked into the empty room.

“That was real subtle,” he giggled.

“I just wanted to let him know I thought he was cute,” Lacy grinned.

“I think he got the idea.”

They looked into three rooms before finding a room that was occupied. They stood in the doorway and watched the scene unfold inside.

On a large, low bed, a young blonde woman was sitting on the lap of a young man they couldn’t really see. Both were nude, and she was leaned forward kissing him deeply as she slid her naked crotch back and forth along his erection. She ground herself down on him as she moaned into his mouth. Her hands held his shoulders as she rocked her hips. His hands held her ass as he drew her tighter to him. She broke the kiss and lifted her hips. He lifted his erect cock and pointed it at her entrance.

Lacy gasped when she saw his erection. It was big, very big. It was at least 8″ long, but it was the thickest cock she’d ever seen. It must have been 3″ in diameter. The blonde groaned happily as she began slide down its length, settling herself on the hard cock. It smoothly slid deep inside her as she slowly lowered herself onto him. Her hips undulated slightly when she finally settled down on his hips. She then sat stone still; obviously enjoying the full feeling of him buried deep inside her.

In this new position, they could see the young man a bit better. He was thin, but not skinny. His curly black hair was trimmed up over his ears, in a semi-military style. His lips parted in a slight moan as his partner ran her hands over his chest. Mike detected a slight movement from Lacy. He looked around her to see her gently cupping a breast as her eyes fixed on the young couple. The blonde began to slowly lift her hips, drawing him out halfway. His thick erection glistened with her wetness. She lowered herself onto him once more and let out a contented sigh. She began rocking on top of the man in a slow, steady rhythm, sliding him in and out of her drenched pussy. The young man groaned as she rocked and swayed her hips on top of him.

Mike and Lacy watched the young couple for several minutes. They could both see her excitement growing by her increasingly frantic movements, as well as the increasing amount of wetness that covered the young man’s cock. “Roll me over and fuck me good,” the blonde finally said.

Without a word, he held onto her back and rolled the pair over so that she was on her back, him between her legs. He began to fuck her with slow steady strokes.

“Nooo,” she almost wailed, “Fuck me hard and fast . . . ”

He stopped rocking his hips. He lifted himself off of her slightly, and supported his weight on his obviously strong arms. Lacy watched with growing excitement as he suddenly plunged his entire length deep inside the blonde. The blonde’s eyes flew open as he began pounding his thick cock into her. She began to hiss through clenched teeth as he drove the huge cock into her over and over again. Suddenly she cried out as an incredibly intense orgasm coursed through her. Her face and chest turned deep crimson as her breathing stopped. She clenched his erection hard with her inner muscles and inhaled deeply, gasping for air as her body convulsed beneath him. She cried out again as he pounded his cock into her deeper.

Mike felt Lacy’s breathing deepen as she leaned against him for support. He reached around her and took a breast in his hand. Her ass pressed against his growing erection, rubbing gently up and down his stiffening cock. Her other hand found her pubic mound through her dress. Suddenly the young man groaned loudly and thrust forward into the blonde. His muscles trembled as he pumped his load deep into the blonde’s pussy. She clutched at his ass cheeks, pulling him into her deeper and grinding her crotch against him as she exploded in another obviously intense orgasm. He filled her pussy with his slippery load of cum, then collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath.

“God, I bet that felt good.” Lacy moaned to no one in particular.

Mike silently agreed with her. His erection pressed firmly between her cheeks. His hand continued to tease her nipple through her dress.

“That was definitely hot,” he finally said.

Slowly, reluctantly, they left the young couple as the man withdrew from her and lay beside her, kissing her again deeply. Mike and Lacy made their way down the hall past several more rooms, until they reached the party room.

The room was larger than they had imagined. It was easily bigger than the entire front half of the building. It was dimly lit, and finished in warm wood tones. The dark carpeting stood in sharp contrast with the lighter colored furnishings, making them stand out.

What immediately caught their attention was a large sunken section of the floor, in the center of the room. It appeared to be about 12 feet square, and completely filled by a large mattress. Several couples, in various stages of undress, filled the mattress. The pit was also surrounded on three sides by large, comfortable looking sofas. Several people sat and watched the action in the pit, some involved with their partners, some just watching. A large whirlpool bath, surrounded by a redwood deck, occupied one corner of the room. Several people relaxed, nude, in the warm bubbling water. Robes and towels hung on a pegboard on the wall next to the tub. Vinyl cushions filled the corner behind the tub. A young couple occupied one of these cushions; the man thrusting wildly into the woman, obviously in the throes of orgasm.

Mike spotted a sectional sofa along one wall that was occupied by one other couple at one end. He steered Lacy over to the other end, and they sat down to watch. Mike watched an older couple on one of the sofas in a sixty-nine position. She seemed to be swallowing him whole. Her mouth plunged down the length of the hard shaft between her lips until her nose brushed his balls. Her hips were a blur as she ground her pussy onto her partner’s face. Muffled moans escaped her as she deep throated the cock.

Lacy reached over and rubbed his erection through his slacks. Mike looked over at her to see her attention riveted on a younger threesome in the pit. A tiny redhead was crouched down over a young man, his erection obviously buried in her pussy. Another chiseled young man was easing himself into her upturned ass. Lacy moaned along with the girl as both cocks tunneled their way into her. The threesome settled into a steady rhythm, both cocks alternately withdrawing, then pressing forward to fill her once again. Animalistic sounds came from deep in the redhead’s throat as the two cocks alternately slid in and out of her.

Mike turned his head and looked at the couple on the couch with them. The woman was nude, lying on her back. Her partner was still fully clothed, his face buried between her thighs. Her fingers ran through his hair as she gently held his head. He seemed to need no guidance, as her hips rose and fell in obvious pleasure. She was obviously cumming on her partner’s tongue. The man opened his eyes and looked over at Lacy, then at Mike. Mike nodded to him in greeting.

The tiny redhead suddenly shrieked, causing Mike to spin his head back in her direction. The man who had been fucking her tiny ass had obviously cum. He had pulled out of her, and was standing to the side while another man was slipping his much larger erection into her already violated ass. She ground her pussy on the man below her as the fatter cock finally slid completely into her. She orgasmed again with a loud squeal.

Lacy began to wriggle her hips. The sights and sounds were obviously getting to her. She was breathing deep as she watched the many scenes around her. Mike slowly placed his hand on Lacy’s thigh. He was surprised to feel her bare skin and looked down to see that Lacy had pulled the hem of her dress up around her hips in a not so subtle invitation. A hand was slowly teasing the inner thigh of her other leg. It was not her hand.

The couple on the other end of the sofa had separated. The man had moved over to Lacy’s side and was kissing her deeply as he teased her. The woman was sitting in a chair nearby, watching them while she slowly rubbed her clitoris. Mike watched as the stranger’s tongue licked playfully at his wife’s lips. Suddenly she lurched forward, sucking in her breath as his fingertip made glancing contact with her swollen labia. She pulled her head back from his and looked at the stranger. Her eyes glazed over with lust and she let out a quiet moan when she felt his finger slide inside her.

She studied his face as her breathing quickened. He slid his finger slowly in and out of her rapidly lubricating vagina. His thumb gently parted her labia, then firmly made contact with her throbbing clitoris. She suddenly inhaled deeply. His finger kept up its torment as wet, slurping sounds emanated from between her legs. He leaned forward and kissed her again. Lacy fumbled with Mike’s fly, and finally reached inside his pants to wrap her hand around his throbbing cock. She slowly began to squeeze then release him. The finger inside her felt fabulous. The thumb stroking her clit caused her inner muscles to ripple around the digit inside her. Suddenly she pushed the young man away from her, afraid that she would climax too quickly.

“I want you inside me,” she breathed.

The young man rose and began to undress. Lacy stopped him, unzipping his fly and drawing his erection from his boxers. The stiff cock sprang forward, a drop of pre-cum already leaking from the tip. Lacy took the cock between her lips, savoring the salty taste of him. She slid her tongue along the bottom of his hard shaft as she took him deeper into her mouth. A slight moan escaped his lips. She applied firm suction as she withdrew him from between her lips. Her tongue swirled around the rubbery tip as she looked up into his eyes. She released him and lay back on the large sofa, placing her head in Mike’s lap. The young man needed no further coaxing.

He slid between her widespread thighs, still fully dressed, his erection standing out from his pants. She took his hardness in her hand and positioned him at her entrance. He firmly pressed forward, sliding his entire length into her in one slow stroke. She groaned as his cloth-covered hips met hers. She closed her eyes momentarily, then looked up at Mike. Her face was a mask of lust-filled concentration as the stranger began to rock his hips into her, alternately withdrawing, then filling her again and again.

Mike smiled down at his wife, then leaned forward, and kissed her. She opened her mouth and slipped her tongue deep into his mouth. Her nostrils flared as the stranger picked up speed, fucking harder into Lacy’s soaked vagina. Her tongue attacked Mike’s, as her hips thrust into the man. The young stranger suddenly buried himself deep and exploded inside Lacy’s clutching pussy. She groaned as she felt his cock convulse inside her. Her muscles milked his cock, draining him and filling her. He groaned through his orgasm.

Mike sat up and watched Lacy’s face contort in pleasure. She wasn’t cumming, but he could tell she was very close to it. Her eyes closed as she focused on the cock spurting deep inside her. The stranger slowly rolled off Lacy, sighing deeply as he did. He smiled at her, reaching out to cup a dress-covered breast. Lacy looked down at her dress and laughed.
“I guess I got a bit carried away, I never even got undressed.”
“Neither did I,” said the stranger.

“I didn’t want you to,” was Lacy’s reply.

Mike lifted Lacy into a sitting position. Cum drooled from her pussy as he pulled her dress up and over her head. After removing her bra, she lay back down. Mike got to his feet and looked down at his wife.

“That was wild,” said a familiar voice from the side of the couch. “It looked like you were close to cumming.” Mike turned and saw Jeff smiling down at Lacy. “I’m sorry you didn’t, but then again I’m also glad.”

Lacy reached out and pulled Jeff over to her. He bent down and kissed her deeply as she reached for his belt buckle. Soon she had his pants around his knees and was stroking his proud erection through his briefs. The first stranger shifted over to give Lacy room. She rolled over on all fours and presented herself to Jeff.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast.”

Mike watched as Jeff lowered his briefs to his knees, and quickly mounted Lacy from the rear. He knew Lacy wouldn’t cum this way, but she would sure give Jeff a ride.

Jeff slammed into Lacy with one thrust, burying himself inside her to the hilt. Lacy gasped as the tip of his erection made glancing contact with her cervix. He withdrew partway, then plunged deep inside her again. He fucked her harder and faster than she had believed possible. Lacy moaned loudly throughout the series of pounding thrusts. Her hips frantically slammed back into him as he repeatedly plunged into her soaked vagina. Several members of the crowd turned to watch as Jeff steadily pounded his cock into her from behind.

Mike looked to see several men standing behind Jeff, some nude. The woman who had been on the couch with them was slowly taking an erection between her lips as she watched Jeff and Lacy. Her hand stroked another man to hardness. One man was looking at him quizzically, as if silently asking permission to be next. Mike slowly nodded his head at the man. He then smiled and stepped back out of the way. The new stranger scooted over to the couch and slid himself over in front of Lacy. She saw the new erection in front of her, and immediately took it into her mouth.

The rough fucking Jeff was giving her drove the stranger’s cock deeper into her mouth. There was no time to concentrate on giving the new man a proper blowjob, the sound fucking she was getting from Jeff just felt too good. She just allowed Jeff’s thrusts to move her body forward, forcing the cock between her lips deeper into her mouth. Jeff couldn’t hold out for long at the pace he was setting. As if to confirm this, he suddenly bellowed and drove his cock deep into Lacy and froze.

His ass cheeks quivered as his load erupted deep inside her, mixing with the load of cum deposited earlier by the first stranger. Lacy moaned as she felt Jeff’s cock throb and shudder deep inside her. The cock in her mouth hardened even more. She squeezed it at the base to prevent the man from cumming too soon. She removed him from her mouth and turned her head back to Jeff.

“That’s right…,” she moaned. “Fill me with your cum…”

Jeff held Lacy’s hips tight as he pulled her back against him. He leaned forward, over her back, and kissed her deeply as his convulsing cock began to soften. Slowly he broke the kiss and withdrew from her cum-filled pussy, moaning along the way.

The stranger at Lacy’s mouth scrambled to his feet and quickly replaced Jeff. His cock slid easily into her cum-soaked pussy. He pumped hard and fast into Lacy for several seconds, then he too exploded deep inside her. Lacy closed her eyes as she felt her pussy overflow with its third load of the evening.
As the man pulled his now spent cock out of her, she rolled over onto her back. Cum leaked from her swollen pussy and dribbled down her thigh as she looked at the gathered crowd of men. A nude man stepped away from the woman stroking him. He moved forward and slid slowly between Lacy’s legs. She locked her ankles around his ass and pulled him into her.

The next hour was a blur of thrusting bodies. Lacy was mounted and fucked by no less than 11 men. Her mouth and pussy were repeatedly filled with one hard cock after another. Cum poured out of her as one cock was withdrawn, only to be replaced by another. The woman in the chair took great pleasure in stroking or sucking several of them to hardness, only to watch them finish off inside Lacy. One man came in the woman’s mouth as he watched his friend filling Lacy with his own load.

At one point Lacy had one cock exploding in her pussy while she rode him, and hungrily drank down the load of another buried deep in her mouth. Another man was coating her ass with his load as he jerked himself off over her. The men fucked her in every position possible, taking her from behind, as well as with her on top. Lacy came close to orgasm several times, but never quite went over the top.

The young man who had been alone in the room with the blonde suddenly appeared, and Mike knew that he would finish her off. His thick cock stood out in front of him like a weapon, and it was aimed straight at Lacy. He gazed down at Lacy, who was writhing on her hands and knees, begging for another fuck. He gently rolled her over onto her back, and she went willingly. He positioned himself between her thighs, and slipped the head of his massive erection inside her.

Even after such a thorough fucking, and so many loads of semen, her pussy was still so tight that he had to enter her slowly. He firmly, yet gently, pressed forward, sliding his rigid cock ever deeper into her hot, clutching vagina. Lacy’s eyes flew open as the huge erection entered her, stretching her opening. She moaned and bit down on her bottom lip as it filled her deeper than anyone had ever filled her before. Her breathing immediately became ragged as he ended his initial penetration. She looked up and locked eyes with the young man.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she panted, “Ohhh, you feel so good in me. Please fuck me slow and deep.”

Without a word, the young man complied. His hips slowly rocked forward, his balls coming into contact with her ass before withdrawing half way. He built up a slow, steady rhythm, burying himself to the hilt with each forward thrust. Lacy took firm hold of his ass and felt the muscles ripple as he repeatedly slid his huge cock into her. Her hips began to thrust upward into his, simultaneously rocking from side to side. Her face reflecting her concentration on the huge cock buried deep inside her cum-filled pussy. She arched her back, thrusting her breasts up into his chest. Her hard nipples pressed hard against his firm abdomen.

He quickened his pace slightly, causing Lacy to pull him closer to her and grind her crotch into his. She buried her face into the side of his neck and began to hump her hips into him harder. Her breath came in short gasps. Mike knew she was close. With a suddenly increasing wail, Lacy drove her hips into his and exploded beneath him.

Her abdomen convulsed as she bore down hard on the thick cock inside her with her spasming vaginal muscles. Her head thrashed from side to side as the wail became a low scream. She gasped for air as her orgasm ripped through her. Her arms flew out to her sides and she clutched at the couch, taking handfuls of fabric into her hands and squeezing so tightly that her fingertips turned white. Her hips were a blur as she humped him deeper and faster into her convulsing vagina. The young man fucking her could hold back no longer. His huge prick seemed to swell even more, causing Lacy to gasp in surprise. The rubbery head grew within her, causing her so scream, “YES!”
He drove himself into her deep, his balls pressed firmly against her ass, and exploded. His voluminous load of cum erupted deep inside her already overflowing pussy as he ground his cock into her. Her arms flew around his hips and she pulled his spasming cock into her as deep as she could get him, grinding her crotch back into him, keeping the thick base of his cock in firm contact with her clitoris.

Lacy’s cries reverberated through the building. Her shook and shuddered as her pussy milked the thick, slippery load of cum from him. Slowly their orgasms began to subside. The young stranger collapsed on top of Lacy gasping for air. She guided his head over to hers and kissed him deeply. Their tongues chased each other as they both began to come down from their sexual high. She slowly released his lips and clutched him to her breast, her hips still slowly rocking back and forth to keep his incredibly thick cock moving inside her. She sighed heavily as they both relaxed, his huge organ shrinking within her.

Mike heard another groan from behind him and turned just in time to see the tiny redhead swallowing Jeff’s load as he watched Lacy and the stranger. Another man was smoothly fucking the redhead’s tiny ass as she sucked and swallowed the load of cum that Jeff gave her. Jeff’s eyes were fixed on Lacy’s cum-filled pussy, still twitching around the stranger’s shrinking cock. The redhead swallowed Jeff’s offering greedily as she shivered and shook under the other man’s anal assault. Loud sucking noises came from her overflowing mouth as she struggled to keep up with Jeff’s ejaculation. Cum trickled from the corners of her ruby red lips, as she fought to manage the huge load. Jeff collapsed into a chair; his hips twitching as the redhead slowly brought him down with her still sucking mouth – the man fucking her never missing a beat.

The stranger finally pushed himself up and looked down at Lacy. Her eyes were closed, and she had a satisfied smile on her face. She opened her eyes as she felt his weight upon her change.

“That was wonderful,” she said dreamily. “I love your cock.”

He smiled down at her and said, “You were marvelous, I could do that again if you’re game.”

“Give me a minute and you have a deal,” she grinned. “Right now I need to take care of my husband.”

Mike spoke up, “Don’t worry about me. We still have the whole night ahead of us. You seem to have about another dozen admirers who would like to get to know you.”

Lacy raised her head and looked at the crowd gathered around them, sure enough, there were at least 12 nude men slowly stroking their erections, looking at Lacy. The woman in the chair smiled at her around the cock slipping in and out of her mouth. The tiny redhead had moved back into the pit was just laying back to take another hard cock into her pussy. Lacy lay back down and looked at Mike.

“Thanks for bringing me here,” she sighed.

“You’re welcome,” he answered.

“It’s going to be a long night,” she giggled.

“Yeah, from the looks of it, a hard one too,” Mike replied.

The stranger finally withdrew and got up. He bent down and kissed Lacy as one of the other men lay down on the sofa. He gently pulled Lacy on top of him and slid his hard cock into her. She looked over at Mike and motioned for him to get behind her. He knew what that meant. Mike took his position behind her, and reached down to rub some of the accumulated fluids on her ass.

Lacy groaned as she felt him slip his cock into her ass. When she was in the mood, she loved a good, hard double fuck, but didn’t get to do it often. Mike began to slowly thrust into her as the cock in her pussy began to jump and spew inside her. Lacy ground her swollen pussy down on the spasming erection, milking him of all he had to give her. She grinned to herself as her husband repeatedly drove his cock in and out of her ass. It was going to be a long, hard night indeed.

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