My First Black Chick

I always wondered what it would be like having sex with a black chick. In the country where I grew uo it was forbidden. A couple of days ago I went to the shop to buy some stuff for home. The wife’s at work and I am still on holiday.
While in the shop I saw this good looking black chick and greeted her. To my surprise she greeted back and gave me a nice smile. I went my way and paid for my stuff and as I left the till point she walked out of her till point and accidently bumped into me. She apologized and I responded with a don’t worry, it was a nice accident.
We walked out the shop together and started chatting until we got to her car. I helped her loading her stuff into her car and took a chance inviting her for a cup of coffee as it was still early morning. She agreed.
We went to a coffee shop and started chatting again. She asked me if I have ever been with a black woman and I replied no but would love to try sometime. She replied that she has never been with a white man and would also like to try it.
She said she was a bit busy and gave me her number and told me to call her in a couple of hours. We then left and I thought she was never going to do anything like this.

I phoned her about 2 hours later not really expecting an answer. She picked up and immediately recognized me and asked me if I would like to come over. I said I would love to and she gave me her address. I looked it up and found it to be about 10 minutes drive from my place.
I quickly changed into fresh clothes and drove over. It was a nice looking place and I parked and went to the front door. I knocked and immediately the door opened.
I could not believe my eyes. She was dressed in a tight fitting red top and black pencil skirt. She had the sexiest red stilettos on and I could not keep my eyes of her. She looked amazingly sexy.
She asked me what I would like to drink and all I could say was that it does not matter as long as it is with her. She poured us both a scotch and we sat on the couch and started chatting. I could not keep y eyes of her and cannot remember half the conversation.
When the scotch was done she took my glass and our hands touched. It was like an electrical shock went through me. As she walked to the bar to refill I got up and walked up behind her. I touched her on her hips and she leaned into me. I started kissing her in the neck and on her shoulder. She started breathing hard and turned around into my arms. We started kissing and I started touching her amazingly tight ass. That made her push into me harder and really got me all worked up. I moved my hands to her breasts and she was not wearing a bra. I started playing with her nipples and that made her wild.
I then started taking of her top and out came the most beautiful dark breasts with the darkest, longest nipples I ever saw. I touched one with my tongue and she started shivering all over. I played with my hands all over her ass while moving from one breast to the other with my mouth and tongue.
I loosened the zipper on her skirt and slowly start pulling it down. All this while still sucking on her dark breasts and nipples. I was as hard as I have ever been and her hands started playing with my dick through my pants.
I pulled away from her and noticed she was now only wearing a lacy read thong and her stilettos. I picked her up and laid her on the dining room table that was behind me. I started playing with my tongue over her thong and this really made her wild. She grabbed my head and pulled it into her pussy and started moaning. This turned me on even more and I pulled the thong sideways and for the first time in my life I tasted a black pussy. It tasted so sweet I could not believe it.
I played with mu tongue over her clit, nibbled her pussy lips and shoved my tongue up her as far as I could. I have never felt a pussy so wet in all my life. I also never felt a woman move and moan so much.
After a while she pushed me of and took my shirt and pants off. There I stood naked next to the most sexy, tightest black naked body. I could not help myself. I grabbed her and started kissing her again.
She moved backwards until she was against the dining room table. I grabbed her and sat her down on the table. Her legs parted and I slipped the tip of my dick into her dark pussy. She started convulsing and urging me to put it in deeper. I teased her for a while by taking it out and then putting just the tip back in. This seemed to make her louder and wilder.
This was it for me. I could not do this any longer. I shoved it in al the way into that dark, hot pussy. She screamed something and grabbed me with her legs. I could not believe how strong those slender beautiful black legs were. I grabbed her tits and started pumping into her with slow strokes. She moved and wriggled, al the time gripping me with her legs. After a while I started pumping harder and faster and she matched me with each stroke. I felt my orgasm coming on and really pumped into her .
She was moaning and I could feel her juices down my legs. This was the last straw. I felt myself cum into that tight pussy and she went totally wild, screaming and pumping me with her legs. This went on for what felt like forever. Then she just went slack and relaxed completely. I pulled out of her and saw my white cum running out of her tight black pussy onto her ass ad dripping on the edge of the table. It looked amazing.
She sat up and kissed me tenderly. I took her into my arms and started walking down the passage looking for a bathroom where I put her down in the shower. We then washed each other and then padded her body dried and she dried me. We silently walked back to the lounge, dining area and started dressing.
We then sat down for another drink and she told me that was the first time she ever had foreplay and oral sex. She was married young and her husband was her first and so far only lover. He liked it rough and never did any foreplay or even bothered to get her wet. He just shoved it in, cum and then turned over and fell asleep.
I told her she was amazing and how hot she was. I told her that this could be the start of something totally new and exciting for both of us. She agreed and promised to phone me when she was free.

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