Our Marriage Changes The Cuckold


The following Friday night I finished work about eleven pm and caught the last bus home. I didn’t use the car as being a bus driver back then, I got free travel. I walked in to find John was still there. They’d been drinking and I doubt he was in any condition to drive. Jean was dressed in a short black skirt and red jumper. I could see she was wearing stockings. That is always a huge turn on for me and most guy’s I know. They were sitting together on the sofa. It was easy to see that they’d been touching each other. The bulge in John’s pants was pretty obvious. I took my coat off, sat down and poured myself a large scotch.

“You two look like you’ve been having a great time” I said quickly downing my scotch and pouring another.

“Yes” said John. “Jean is a great hostess.” By this point her skirt had ridden well up and I could see she was wearing lacy black knickers that I’d bought for her. You could also just make out a damp patch where her cunt was. The sight of her creamy thighs at the top of her stockings was really beginning to turn me on.

“Yes” I said. “Has she offered you anything yet?”

“Offered what”? Said John. “Oh I’m sure you know only too well what I’m saying” I said. John looked a little embarrassed. So I just came out with it. “John, I know you fucked her last month when I was at work. I got the sloppy seconds.” The surprised look on his face was priceless. He stuttered some kind of apology.

I stood up and crossed to the sofa. Getting on my knees, I pushed Jeans knickers to one side and said, “I’m sure you want to get your cock in here”

He didn’t need any more prompting. We both began working on her. He was pulling up her jumper and getting to grips with her breasts. I was licking her cunt and getting her skirt off. My dream of watching her fuck and seeing someone else’s cum running from her cunt was about to come true. John took his gear off and I did the same. He had a really good looking cock. Just as Jean had said, it was long and slim. About eight inches, so I could see why she liked his.

“So what do you think of his cock?” Jean asked. “Really nice” I said. “Is it as big as your boyfriends?” She asked. “Bigger” I said But not as big as one I’ve had in the past” I said.

John looked shocked.

“You swing both ways then Jim?” John asked. Jean jumped in and said “Yes, he’s a cock and cum sucker. He wants to lick me clean after you have filled my cunt. Don’t you cunt licker?” She’d never said cunt or any kind of four letter words before. My turn to be surprised!

“Well there you go!” Said John. “I’ve not had my cock sucked by a man since I was twenty.”

“Maybe it’s your lucky day” I said. Jean said “Get to it. I want to watch you do it. I’ve never seen anything like it before.” I moved closer to his cock and started licking his balls. He began groaning. “Man that’s good” he said. Jean moved in and started licking his shaft. Jean had never sucked my cock, so I was surprised again. We edged John until it was getting too much for him.

“ I keep to fuck her now.” He said. He spread her legs and I watched him slide his cock into her. I reached underneath him and cupped his balls. He immediately shot his load. When he pulled out, I slipped my cock into her wet cunt. It was so hot! It didn’t take long for me to cum.

After a few minutes, Jean got me to lay on the floor. She then straddled me allowing the cum to drip on my face. “Come on cunt licker. Get cleaning” That confirmed my new sex name was “cunt licker”

Chapter Five Cock sucking

After I’d finished the clean up, Jean set off for bed exhausted. John and I sat still naked with another drink chatting.

“I’m surprised that you swing both ways” he said. I told him some of my past history. I couldn’t help but notice his cock was getting hard again. My words were turning him on.

“But what about Jean?” He asked. “How long have you known about her and me?” “Oh not long I said. A few weeks. She admitted to having sex with Geoff at work, but it didn’t really do it for her” I reached over and started stroking his cock. I told him how I loved feeling his cum in her the previous week.

“I’m glad you know now. He said “and I’m glad you are bisexual too.” I put my mouth on his now hard cock. I felt him draw breath. He suddenly said. “I want to fuck you” “It’s been a long time” I said. “I will be a little tight. Take it slow.” I got on my knees and bent over the chair. I felt him easing my arse cheeks open and the tip of his cock touch my hole. “Oh, just a minute” he said. He spat on my hole and on his cock. “That should make it easier” he said beginning to slip his long cock into my hole. I’d forgotten that feeling of cock in my arse. He took it nice and steady to begin with. Then the pace increased and he wrapped a hand around my shaft and started pulling on it. I felt him tense up and he shot a load into my arse.

When he finally slipped out, he noticed I hadn’t cum. “Here, let me see to that for you.” He then began to suck me until I burst splattering him with my cum. “Oh FUCK!” I cried out. It had been years since I’d had a blow job. Jean wasn’t keen on it. Maybe I should try her again now, I thought.

John became a regular visitor each week. Sometimes when I was there and other times when I was working. It didn’t matter.

Chapter 6. Something new

It was Sunday morning and we were laying in bed chatting. I had a “morning glory” on the go.

Jean asked. “You know when you lick me, doesn’t it bother you that you might get a taste of my urine?”

No and I did get a taste the first time.

“It doesn’t bother you at all?”

No why? I asked.

“I’ve been thinking. John put on a video and there was a woman in it and she pissed on the guy she was with.” She said.

“And?” I asked.

“Do you fancy trying it?” She asked.

“Really. You want me to piss on you.” I said .

“No, I want to piss on you.”

I thought about it and said “ok when?”.

“Now!?”She said.

We set off for the bathroom she told me to kneel down in the shower cubicle. Then she thrust her cunt to my face spreading the cunt lips apart. There and then a stream of hot piss hit my face. My mouth was partially open and it flowed in.

“That it” she said. “Opened wider I want you to be filled!” She ordered.

When she finished, she pushed her cunt lips to my mouth and demanded I lick her out. My boner was hurting. I began wanking it.

“I want your cock now” she said.

I took her standing against the wall. It didn’t take long for me to cum. Now my bladder was bursting. I returned the favour by pushing her to her knees and began pissing on her. When I finished, she stood up and kissed me transferring some of my piss to my mouth. My cock was getting hard again. I dragged her back to bed and got my head between her thighs kissing and licking up my cum. I then climbed on top of her and thrust my cock into her cunt. Two fucks in quick succession. What a way to start Sunday. Our sex life had just gone ballistic