My Drunk Wife in the Men’s Restroom

Last weekend my wife and I went to watch my favorite
team play football. It was the final of the series and
hence the stadium was packed with fans – mostly sweaty,
swarthy men drinking beer and cheering for their teams.
We had been drinking wine and were feeling no pain. My
wife – a light drinker – was actually very drunk. So
much that she was just dozing off my shoulder most of
the time. We continued drinking (I had six bottles of
wine in my cooler) and I kept feeding her more and more
wine without thinking of how would I get her home.

Stupid me.

Soon my wife became desperate to pee so I helped her to
the restrooms. The ladies toilet was on the far side of
the stadium from where we were and my wife was not in a
position to wait at all, so I took a chance and sneaked
her in the men’s toilet. Anyway there was no one around
so I thought we would finish it quickly and get out.
Unfortunately for her, the game broke for half time
just then and the men’s toilet was flooded with men
peeing torrents of beer-laden piss.

We were both huddled in the last stall. As it is the
stall didn’t have any lock and I had to hold the door
tightly to stop anyone from entering. Just then, my
wife, dead drunk already, fell off the toilet seat. As
I moved forward to pull her up, a burly black man
rushed inside.

He already had his cock out of his pants – a menacing
looking black uncut cock which was about eight inches
in a completely limp state. He just stood there with
his jaw hanging open as he realized that a woman was in
the stall. His cock trembling in anticipation of
relieving the bladder. I could see that he was dying to
pee and to stop him from telling everyone else I
motioned him to be quiet and told her to go ahead and

My wife was now leaning back on the wall (the flush was
on the side) with her eyes shut and her legs open wide.
Her skirt was pulled up to her waist and her hairy
pussy was visible to the man with his cock in his hand.
He winked at me and mouthed “thank you”. Then he
squatted a little and started peeing in the bowl
between my wife plump thighs.

I was shocked beyond my belief to see his never ending
stream of golden glorious piss going down the drain
through my wife’s legs. His cock shivered and the steam
of piss suddenly started pouring all over my wife’s
meaty pussy. Luckily she had blacked out. The man
squatted a little lower while still peeing and put the
head of his pissing cock just at the entrance of my
wife’s pussy.

Now he was peeing inside her pussy and the piss was
falling down from her pussy. I was dumbstruck and
couldn’t do anything as I was holding my wife’s
shoulders to prevent her from sliding down on the dirty
messy and smelly floor. I realized his cock was now
getting hard inside my wife’s pussy.

Slowly he started pumping his still pissing hard cock
in and out of my wife’s pussy. It was amazing to see
that a perfect dirty, sweaty black stranger was fucking
my wife full of his piss coated black cock. He must
have been sex starved because in three minutes flat he
blasted a thick load of black nigger sperm in my wife’s
drunk pussy. Then he pulled out his never-ending black
cock, wiped the few remaining spurts of cock-cream on
my drunk wife’s face and left.

I was too shocked and before I could extend one arm to
hold the door shut, another man – a fat Mexican –
entered the stall. He was swarthy looking and looked
like a gangster. He saw my wife, her fat thighs spread
wide and her pussy gushing frothy sperm from the nigger
cock which had just fucked it, and gave a loud whistle.
I silently pleaded him to be quiet and he winked at me,
“Only if I can add some cream to the whore…”

When I didn’t answer he got a little pissed at me. He
jerked me away from my wife’s shoulder and before she
fell, he held her by her shoulders his crotch eye level
with her face. I could see a big bulge forming in his
pants. Then he looked at me and said authoritatively,
“Faggot! Open my zip and pull my cock out. Unless of
course you want me to go out and tell the security that
you got a whore in here.”

I really had no options and cursing myself for not
taking her to the women’s toilet, I gingerly unzipped
his trousers and groped inside for his cock. I felt the
hot lump of his fleshy cock and pulled it out. It was
easily eight inches wide and was growing. “Stroke it
and make it hard,” he growled and I obeyed him like a
schoolboy, my eyes tearing a little at the treatment. I
pulled and pulled but his cock didn’t grow rock hard.
“I am not interested in faggots… and if you don’t get
it hard in the next minute I am gonna call the police,”
he threatened me. “W-what can I do if you are not
getting hard,” I muttered and he responded calmly.

“Suck it, cocksucker, what else?” Then with one
oversized rough dark hand he pushed me down to the
floor. The force was such that I fell down smearing my
hands and the back of my white shorts black with the
grime on the floor.

Somehow I got up, his smelly uncut Mexican cock
dangling in my face, beckoning me with each jerk, and
slowly held his cock in my hand. “Hold my balls with
your other hand,” he commanded and I did that feeling
his hairy black balls wobble in my hands. “Enough,
start sucking, I don’t wanna miss the game you faggot.”
In a flash, he shoved his now already hard cock
glistening with dew drop like precum at its foreskinned
tip in my mouth which had automatically opened up wide
to receive its first ever cock.

Before I got the first taste, I smelt the intense,
funky, musky smell. It was like a ripening feta cheese.
In fact when he peeled thick foreskin back, I saw that
his purple colored cock head was covered with cheddar
cheese like substance. I gagged but he pushed with
force and soon most of that man cheese crumbled in my
mouth melting instantly and giving my head a rush I had
never felt before. I gulped down to swallow about a
pint of his precum collected in my mouth together with
all the cock-cheese and felt giddy.

He was least concerned about my feelings and started
thrusting his 10-inch long and 8-inch-fat cock in my
mouth mercilessly. I was surprised to find that I was
enjoying being mouth-fucked by this dirty-smelly
ghastly man with his equally smelly and ugly veiny
cock. So I was really very sad when he pushed me away
and before I realized what was happening plunged his
cock in my wife’s sloppy fucked-up cunt. He didn’t
waste much time in there…fucked her for all of five
minutes and pumped her pussy full of his potent ugly

He was still spurting and squeezing the last few drops
of his cum in my wife’s cunt when another man rushed
in. He took a step back upon seeing my wife being
fucked and at me sitting down on my knees in the grimy
scummy floor with my mouth open and a thick strand of
the Mexican’s precum still hanging from the corner of
my mouth. He laughed an evil grin revealing vile,
yellow fangs of his teeth and fumbling with his jeans,
pulled out a rather sick looking cock.

It looked sick with its grey color and dark freckles
all over but it was massive. I mean I have never seen
such a humongous cock on any man before its girth was
same as the Mexican’s cock but it was long and its
ridged cockhead was like the mushroom cock head of a
donkey’s fat cock. He slapped my face with his heavy
cock and I almost saw stars. He wiped the Mexican’s
precum off my face with its gray-blue cock head and
smeared it all over my cheeks and slapped me some more
then he whispered to the Mexican, “Mate, if you are
done, let me have a go at the whore.”

The Mexican was stuffing his still large cock in his
pants. He turned to leave but before leaving kicked me
hard in the groin, sending me reeling down in pain.
This amused the gray-cock’s owner and he laughed. He
had stroked his ugly cock to its full length but it was
so heavy that it kept falling down almost to his knees.
He rubbed his rubber cock head up and down my wife’s
puffed up pussy but made a disgusted face when the
Mexican’s cum flooded and coated his cock head. Turning
to me, he wiped his cock clean on my face. Then he
pushed my head down and forced me to clamp it on my
wife’s frothy cream-pied pussy.

“Suck every single drop of cum from her pussy,
asshole,” he said in an evil tone and I quickly started
lapping at my wife’s creamy musk-filled cunt.

It tasted glorious and I was ashamed that I loved the
taste of another man’s cum from my own wife’s pussy. I
sucked and sucked till her pussy was shining clean.
Then the gray-cock man asked me to suck his cock a
little. A few slurps on his ugly but delicious cock and
it was rock hard (it was rock colored anyway!). “Now be
a sweetheart,” he chuckled, “…and put my dong in her

I held his massive cock gingerly and rubbed its massive
donkey cock-head up and down my wife’s sweet but
enlarged pussy. His cock was reeking with some strange
smell but I couldn’t help flick my tongue out to swipe
his massive black balls (yeah it was a contrast of gray
cock and black balls!).

Oh my sweet mother, I had never felt this good and
horny ever before licking this man’s black balls. I
slowly sucked on his orange-sized balls and continued
rubbing his cock up and down my wife’s pussy. I heard
low moans from my drunk wife’s mouth…she was probably
thinking I was fucking her.

“Enough foreplay, motherfucker,” the gray-cock owner
said and pushed me aside taking “matters” in his hands.
Roughly he pulled my wife’s cunt lips apart and without
even touching his cock plunged deep inside her fertile
love tunnel. I was mesmerized to see the cock disappear
inch after inch inside my drunk wife’s pussy. When all
of his eleven or twelve inches of cock-meat were
inside, my wife flinched and came hard even in her
drunken state.

And that pushed the man to give her a pounding she
would have not forgotten if she was awake. He fucked
her long and slow enjoying the lubrication his precum
and her pussy juices were providing and fucked her for
10 minutes. Then he increased his pace and shouted,
“Faggot, lick my butt.” I had been sitting there in the
corner watching the “live porno” show but quickly dove
in to lick his hairy black ass. It was funky and musky
and I could taste dried sweat through his kinky nigger

As I touched his walnut like asshole with my cum coated
tongue, he shoved his ass in my face, “Yeah, ass-
licker, suck my ass, clean my butt while I fill this
whore’s cunt with my cock.” And as I pushed my tongue
inside his shit-hole, he howled and with a loud grunt
thrust his cock to the deepest ravines of my wife’s
pussy, and my tongue felt the jerks and spasms of his
nuts blasting all their potent sperm inside my wife’s
cunt. But once he was done, he shoved me off him
stuffed his ugly cock back in his pants and lefts

The restroom outside was now quiet and everyone was
back in the stadium. But I wanted to relieve my balls
sore from so much “natural” edging so I pulled my six-
inch cock out and was slowly stroking it when a very
young man entered the stall. He looked rather
effeminate and had this huge shit-eating grin on his
face. I hoped that this punk would also pound my wife’s
cunt but he sat down wordlessly and engulfed my rock
hard cock in his lipsticked mouth.

He sucked it expertly, while massaging my balls gently
underneath. In no time I was holding his ears and
fucking his mouth like my mouth was fucked just minutes
ago and then I blasted the hottest, hardest load of cum
in his hungry mouth. Dutifully, he swallowed every
single drop of my bitter cum and left, giving me a

Then I heard my wife’s voice, slightly shaken and hurt,
“I can’t believe that you let a homo suck your cock
right in front of me.” What? I looked at her, “You saw
everything?” Overjoyed that now we could do more
fucking sessions with dirty black cocks and I could eat
cum straight from cocks and her pussy anytime. She
shattered all my hopes with her flat answer, “Yes, I
woke up right that moment when you held his ears and
fucked his mouth.”

Oh fuck. Life is surely a bitch and so is my wife!

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