The Job Interview

Will you call the next candidate in please?

Ah, hello – Its Miss Stephens isn’t it? I’m Alan Peters, this is John Cornwall and this is Jim Squires. I’m pleased to tell you that you have passed through the first interview round so we are able to confirm that you are qualified to do the job, and that there are no further requirements for you to fulfil as far as actually being able to perform in the role. This stage of the interview is purely to get our shortlist of, let me see, five candidates down to our final appointment.

I understand that you are aware of what this stage entails. Obviously this is not a traditional way of recruiting, but with the employment situation as it is, and since most of our competitors are doing something similar, we have decided to follow suit. I can see by the way you are dressed that you are prepared for this stage… You are? That’s good.

I have to tell you that you are up against some very stiff opposition, but have the advantage of being our last interviewee. John, will you begin the process with Miss Stephens? Oh, you’d like to be called Debbie? Debbie it is.

Debbie, if you will stand up, John will assess your preparedness. Thank you. John will just remove your jacket – yes, that’s nice. Your blouse is very pretty, Debbie – oh I see, you had to borrow it from your mother; times are hard at present aren’t they? Well if you get this job, hopefully that will benefit all your family. John, stand behind her and run your hands over Debbie’s breasts for us will you? That’s very good. Natural size C cups? That’s a very nice smile – you certainly appear to be enjoying this, which is a good sign for our regular Friday afternoon sessions if you are successful.

Now undo her blouse for us, John, so we can get a better look at Debbie’s brassiere. That’s right John, just slip it off – wonderful. Debbie, just do a twirl for us so we can see you properly; hold your arms above your head for a moment. That’s very good. Come over here so that Jim and I can get a good feel. Oh, very firm, nice and warm, lovely to cup them. I must say I’m looking forward to seeing your nipples, but maybe first we’ll have a look at your panties. Can you undo your skirt please? Great, just let it fall to the floor and step out of it. Ah, stockings and suspenders, and the panties match the bra – good preparation and presentation! Extra marks for that I think!

Debbie, just turn your back to us please, and stand with your legs apart a little more – very nice high heels too, if you don’t mind me saying – that’s great. Now if you just lean forward a little, and place you hands on that chair-back, John will just feel your panty gusset for us. Thanks John, just rub up and down along her gusset please. Very warm is it? Nice. Oh Debbie, you’re pushing back against his hand, that’s very commendable! Oh, you’re getting wet are you? That will be helpful later! John, it looks as though her gusset it going into her cunt a little bit, is that right? Oh, it is? Perhaps let up a little for now then, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.

I’m glad your panties have been put on over your nice stockings and suspenders, I think we all like to see them on all the time, don’t we gentlemen?

Jim, I think it’s your turn to have a bit of time with Debbie here… John, come and sit back down while Jim unzips his fly. Debbie can you take over with Jim now – thank you! Yes, put your hand inside his fly; oh nicely done, you had no trouble getting his cock out did you? Hmm, getting on your knees now, I think we know what you may be up to. Oh, that was impressive, no hanging about, just took him all in your mouth in one go. I can see Jim is enjoying that! He’s big isn’t he? Sorry, can’t hear you – ah yes, right into your throat – that looks like it took practice! Whoah, slow down, Debbie, Jim looks like…oops too late! Yes Jim, we know you’re sorry, I’m sure you couldn’t help it. Don’t swallow it all Debbie, let’s see some of his jizz run out of your mouth. Lovely!

Well, before you sit down again Jim, just undo Debbie’s bra and let’s see how firm her tits are without the support, and what her nipples are like. That’s it, easy does it; keep your back straight Debbie. Oh wow – they are superb! You hardly need a bra do you? Fantastic! Come and sit on the table with your back to me so I can feel their weight. The nipples are wonderful too, good grief, they must stick out half an inch! They feel so firm; they fill my hands wonderfully. Oh it’s great when you push your chest out and put your head back against me – I’m getting very hard indeed. I suspect Jim will even be up for it again soon, won’t you Jim? I thought you might!

Now Debbie, please put one foot on that chair over there while I come round and have a good feel of your panties. Yes, your crotch must be wet, I can feel your panties sticking to it! I’ll just pull the front forward a bit and take a peek down at your mound. Hmm, shaved and smooth, very pleasant. While your legs are nicely open I’ll just slip a hand down the front and my other hand down the back of your panties. Oh, fuck me, that’s so lovely and wet. Oh, my fingers have slipped right into your vagina; it’s so well lubricated. Oh, you are ready for action, aren’t you my dear? Let me just rub over your arse-hole. That’s lovely, feels very tightly closed at the moment, we’ll have to see about that. God I’m looking forward to seeing your crotch properly, we all are!

Ok now stand up straight for me while I slip your panties down. That’s it; lift your leg as I pull them over those great heels. Ah, now stand back so we can take it all in. Well I must say, you look amazing with those firm boobs, lovely pert nipples and those long legs. Plus the shaven snatch and a round bottom, I think you’re the best looker we’ve had today! We do need to have a proper examination of your more intimate bits of course, and test them out. You’re ready? Wonderful!

First I think we’d like a proper look at your cunt and arse-hole, so if you’d get on the table please. That’s right, now lay back and raise your legs for us. Now pull them back towards your chest and open them as far as you can. Fantastic! Her cunt has opened right up hasn’t it gentlemen? I loved it as her legs gradually opened and her lips were stuck together then seemed to unstick. I’ll just hold her flaps a little further open with this hand, so we can see inside. It all seems present and correct, nice firm little clit, slightly open pee-hole and a lovely wet and dripping cunt opening. I’ll just put a couple of fingers in her. Yes, wet inside too! If I spread my fingers a little we can see further up her. Well that’s all very nice. Debbie, try and pull your legs back towards yourself a little more and lift your bottom a little so we can look at your lovely bum-hole. Oh gosh that’s lovely too! It looks tight. Doesn’t look like its had much attention. Oh, it hasn’t has it Debbie? Great! John, do you want to put a finger in? I’d get some lube out of her cunt first though. That’s great. That seemed to slide in OK didn’t it Debbie? Does it feel alright? It does? Good. Oh, this is new for you is it? Even better! I think the short list is becoming very much shorter!

John, work your finger in and out of Debbie’s anus for a little will you? I’ve got some KY jelly over here to squeeze on to help. There you go. I think your arse is opening up more for us Debbie. Getting used to it? I think two fingers will go in now John. Yes, I thought so. I’ll just put a couple of my fingers in her cunt while you do that. Oh, I can feel you working away in there – what’s that like for you Debbie? Oh, I’m glad you like it, it will make Friday afternoons very enjoyable for us all – ahem, IF you are successful!

Jim, while John and I are frigging her, why don’t you get your dick in her mouth again – but don’t cum this time! We’ll keep this going a little while longer I think. I tell you what John, let’s change over, I’ll do her arse while you get some fingers up her twat – excuse my language Debbie!

Oh, your arse-hole is beautifully tight. I can feel John’s fingers in your cunt now. Wow, juices are pouring out of you – you’re doing a great job John – he’s almost got his whole hand up you! Juice is running into your arse! I think I can get three fingers in your bum-hole now. Yes! Jim, take care, you look like your’e going to cum again – slow down! Yes, I can see she’s an expert at blow-jobs – you’re supposed to be an expert recruiter!

Looking at the clock, I think we need to get a move on. None of us want to be late, and we certainly don’t want to have to explain why to our wives! We’d better get stripped for action. I’ve got the condom box here. Jim, get your knob out of her gob! Get on your back on the rug. Debbie, put a condom on him, he’s certainly ready, and then get on top of him and let him up you while we watch. I must say that looks expertly done, I’m always impressed when a candidate can put a condom on a man using her mouth. Yes Jim, I know you are too! That’s it, sit astride him. There he goes, right up your cunt – no problem there, we’d prepared that well hadn’t we? John, your turn to fuck her face now, I think. Just walk over to Debbie’s head – ah, well done Debbie, right down your throat again I see.

Keep up the action all of you while I get ready to do Debbie up the arse. I’ve got the condom on, I’ll just lube up her anus with the KY if you’ll slow down a bit Jim, she’s bucking a bit too much. That’s better! Now keep still while I get my prick in place against her ring-piece. Steady. I’m pressing forward a little, so Debbie, if you’d just push back against me slightly. Ah, I can feel it opening for me. Ah – I’m in! I heard you gasp, Debbie, is that OK? Just a surprise was it? I suppose most people don’t get a chance to do this – or at least they didn’t before the jobs crisis really hit. We’re becoming rather accomplished at the old DP aren’t we gentlemen?

Fantastic, lets just keep this up for a while, get a nice rhythm going. I love the sounds your cunt and arse are making Debbie! Lovely squelching noises as you get wetter. It feels great inside you, nice and tight still, plus feeling Jim’s cock through the walls adds further interest. Do you prefer it when we both go in and out together or when we alternate? We’ll try both ways again shall we Jim, just so Debbie can be sure?

Oh, you prefer it when we alternate! That’s fine with me. Debbie you’ve gone quiet! Oh, I see, you’re about to cum aren’t you? Oh God, your cumming like a train! I don’t think I can take this, oh Christ I’m cumming too! Oh fuck its amazing! I’m pumping away into your arse like there’s no tomorrow! Ahh! Ohh! I’m out. I can see my cum oozing out of you Debbie – thank you! Bloody hell, Jim’s pumping away as well, you’ve made him cum twice in one interview! John’s cumming in your mouth too! I can’t believe this!

Debbie, you’ve got the job. A three-way (four counting yourself) concurrent orgasm-fest! We’ve never had one of those before. I hope you’ll be happy in your work and in the special duties you’ll perform for us on Friday afternoons. You’ll get a special “clothing” allowance for that, so you won’t have to borrow your mother’s underwear any more, though we’ll be choosing it! You can begin next week; we look forward to welcoming you to the firm. Goodbye.

Have a good weekend Mr Cornwall, Mr Squires. I bet you’re both looking forward to next Friday! Cheers.

Oh, there’s a call for me is there? My wife? OK, I’ll take it. Hello dear, it’s Alan. You’ve what? You went to an interview at bloody Morgans and they’ve just given you a job? You enjoyed the interview? What? What?

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