Unbelieveable Sex Club – A True Story



This wasn’t a part of town that I had ever really visited before – just driven through it. A bit down at heel, not particularly safe. But my friend Jack had insisted I came here with him to experience “something I would never forget”, as he put it. I followed him off the high street into a dark side road full of shuttered small industrial units and closed cafes until he stopped at a door with a dim light above it and the words “Fingers Club” on a small panel. He knocked and the door was opened immediately by a greasy-looking guy who welcomed us and led us to a small reception table. I was aware of voices and music coming from the corridor beyond the table.

“Is this your first time at Fingers, gentlemen?” he asked.

“I’ve been before, but my friend hasn’t” said Jack.

“OK then, just a few rules you must remember – first you can only touch using hands and fingers, no oral contact and definitely no exposure of your genitalia gentlemen” he smiled. “Its £100 to the girl for each session, but if you don’t want privacy you can charge onlookers to watch. And of course if you want to watch others, it’s up to them to charge you – understood? Enjoy. That’ll be £25 each admin fee”.

“Good grief” I thought as we handed over our money. What’s this all about? I looked at Jack who just grinned back at me and led me down the corridor to the source of the music. We entered a large room with a DJ unit at one end pumping our sleazy blues music, there were blue lights positioned around the walls and various booths around the edges of the room, some with curtains closed, some open. People milled around. In the centre of the room there was a large circular area with a small raised stage in the middle – there were more people congregating here, some drinking. At the side of the room was a small bar with a few patrons holding it up, chatting to each other or just ordering drinks.

Jack beckoned me to the bar and bought us both beers – they were a little overpriced but not unreasonably. My eyes were becoming accustomed to the low illumination and I was aware that something seemed to be going on in most of the booths – at least the ones with curtains open. With drinks in hand, we went over to the booth that seemed to be generating the most noise and were confronted by an amazing sight – though difficult to see it all due to a press of guys jockeying for a good view. “Ah it’s a free show” said Jack “some punter is letting us watch and not charging us!”

I was intrigued. I had to push a bit to see what was happening but it was clear that a guy was sitting in the booth and a scantily-clad dark-haired girl was sitting on his lap. He was pawing at her breasts over her shiny top, then running his hands down her legs. She was wearing tight red hot-pants and grinding her arse against his thighs as he sat. Eventually she stood up and he began feeling her bottom and massaging it as she rolled it around for him. There was much cheering from the guys watching, plus more pushing and showing. Then the girl stood with her legs apart as he felt her crotch and slid his fingers along the gusset of her hot-pants. The cheering intensified as she moved closer to him and he put his hands up under her top and began more breast rubbing. As he did so, she reached down and pulled off her top, exposing very nice pert tits encased in a bright red bra, matching her pants, C-cups I’d say. She turned her back to him as he began to undo the bra clasp and at that moment I was pushed aside by a burly bloke and failed to see it coming off. There was a cheer from the crowd and a huge bouncer hove into view and told everyone to calm down. My view was poor now and I retreated back a little and stood on tip-toes to try and get a better look, but I could only see heads. It was frustrating to hear the cheers and shouted encouragement and not see what was going on.

I was aware that Jack was standing next to me. “Interesting isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes, but it’s a bit annoying if you can’t see it”.

“Ah, well that’s what happens if someone lets you watch for free. If we’re prepared to pay a tenner then usually there’s a show in the curtained booths, or we can have our own private session for £100, or let some blokes in to watch and charge them a tenner and make a profit!”

I thought for a moment. “Having just seen that, I’m pretty fired up for a feel myself. Can we just let a few blokes in – ones who won’t spoil it by getting aggressive?”

“Of course. I’m up for it. Let’s wait ‘til this little show is over and get ourselves a private booth and invite a few guys who look sensible to join us – say half a dozen?”

I nodded. Jack went over to the bar-tender and a few minutes later he returned with a key and a slip of paper. “OK” he said, “the deal is done. A young lady called Maria – gorgeous, I’ve seen her before – will join us in booth number four in 10 minutes. Let’s choose an audience!”

So Jack and I quietly checked out the clientele of the club and approached a few guys who we thought would behave themselves in our booth. I was pleasantly surprised that all the guys we asked agreed immediately. We got them to meet us at our booth and I was again surprised to find that behind the curtain was a locked door that could be left fully open if you wanted to allow all-comers. We didn’t. We all went inside and closed and re-locked the door. The booth had a small raised area and a few chairs against the wall. There was a discrete door at the opposite end to the entrance. “It’s your first time, so your treat Alan,” said Jack and he motioned to me to sit on a chair that he placed on the raised area. The other blokes took their places on chairs surrounding me. They had all agreed to just watch and not jostle, just Jack and I could do the fingering. Jack remained standing.

At that moment the volume of the music in the room went up and the door opened as Maria came in. Jack was right – she was sensational! She had a pretty face and striking blue eyes, a lovely turned-up nose. She took the piece of paper from Jack – obviously our “proof of purchase”. She wasn’t young – I’d put her at about 30. She was wearing a tennis outfit with a difference – I’d never seen the Williams sisters with push-up bras and low-cut tops, wearing white stockings and suspenders on centre-court! Or white high heels for that matter!

I got an immediate erection as she sashayed over to me and gave me a big wink. She leant close to me and said “You know the rules?” into my ear. “Get those fingers cleaned then” she continued and nodded towards a liquid soap/disinfectant dispenser on the wall. I smiled at her and Jack and I went and doused our hands in the oily liquid, massaging it into our hands, then I nodded to her as she began to rock her hips lasciviously to the music.

There was a sense of anticipation from the guys in the booth as she circled around me, letting me see what was on offer, bending forward so her little tennis dress rode up showing tight shiny nylon control panties. Then she faced me and pulled the front of her top down so I could see right into her impressive cleavage. I reached up to touch what was offered and as I did so she placed her hands over mine. Her tits felt fabulous over her bra and her top, but I wanted to feel flesh! Judging by the faces of the guys watching, they wanted me to as well. I moved my hands to begin undoing the buttons at the front of her top and she helped me as I progressed downwards. Once her front was completely open she pulled it completely off, letting us all see her well-filled lacy white underwired bra. She turned and sat on my knee and I put my hand down the front of one bra cup. It was warm in there and her breast felt firm and natural – no silicone implant there! I ran my fingers over her nipple, which stood proud and erect as I manipulated it. “Get her bra off” said Jack. She leaned forward to help me get access and I undid the clasp and let her bra fall to the floor. Then I cupped both tits with my hands and gave further attention to those fantastic nipples, they stood out about a centimetre and felt just fine!

Maria stood up at that point and leaned forward putting her tits right in my face as she placed one leg either side of my legs. As I nuzzled my face between her lovely globes I let my hands rove down over her little skirt, find the zip at the back and pull it down. Her skirt joined her bra on the floor and I had uninterrupted access to her nylon pants. These were my favourite kind, a full-cut control panty-girdle. I stood up and got Maria to bend forward with her arms holding onto the chair. Then I started to rub her nylon-clad buttocks and between her legs, focusing on the panty-crotch. As I rubbed her gusset she opened her legs wider to give me good access. Jack came up alongside us and started to feel Maria’s dangling tits, cupping and fondling them gently. She moaned with apparent pleasure – or was it just for show?

I continued to rub her crotch, pressing harder now and trying to push it up into her vagina, but the control panty was too tough and tight for that. However it was enjoyable as she opened her legs even further and squatted slightly – really erotic. I undid her suspender belt and Jack peeled off her stockings. I tried to get a finger into her gusset, but was unable to so I stood behind her and got hold of her panty waist-band. These were really on tight and it was quite a struggle for me to pull them down and over her arse, but eventually they were clear and she was revealed to be wearing another panty underneath! This was also full-cut (hence it hadn’t been obvious from outside) but very flimsy material and much looser. I was tempted to pull it off too but had a nice idea. I quickly went over to the soap dispenser and pumped a large measure of it into my palm. Then I held the back of her panty away from her bum and slid my soaped-up hand down inside her panty and onto her crotch. It felt fantastic! She was now sopping wet and slimy down there and my fingers just slid into her cunt and all around her labia. It was heaven. The guys watching were beside themselves. Amazing squelchy noises came from her vagina as I worked my fingers in and out of her, managing to get four fingers right up her with no problem. Her panty gusset was becoming completely transparent with the liquid soap and she really seemed to be enjoying it herself. She turned to me “Wow, no-one’s ever done that to me before – it’s fucking lovely!”

I nodded to Jack to get her panties off and he did so, with lots of hand action himself, his fingers went up into her nicely as well. For a while the two of us put alternate sets of fingers up her as she moved around and spread herself as wide as possible for all the guys to see.

Then I got Jack to sit on a chair next to me and we got Maria to sit on my lap and lie back onto Jack’s. He began to fondle her tits again as I raised Maria’s legs up and open, then I frigged her deeply for a few seconds to get all my fingers nicely lubed up – this was not just liquid soap now, Maria was definitely producing her own slime! Once I was nicely covered I slipped a finger straight into Maria’s arse. There was a round of applause from the lads and a slight shudder from Maria as my finger went right up her as far as it would go. “Obviously not the first time she’d had a digit in there” I thought! Maria opened her legs further and arched them back. The lads clustered around Maria’s crotch as I began serious work on both her holes. The suction noises were louder now, and the juices flowing from her were increasing. I had two fingers in her cunt and two in her arse-hole, frigging her like there was no tomorrow.

“Let me get a look” said Jack, so we got Maria to stand up and bend over the chair again as I fingered her from behind this time. Jack stood behind her getting a great view and the lads had to move aside a little. In this position I was able to get four fingers into her cunt and put my thumb right into her anus. “Fucking hell”, said one of the guys and I saw him rub the front of his jeans. I thought I’d see if Maria’s cunt would take any more volume, so withdrew my thumb from her arse and bunched my hand up and attempted to fist her.

“Careful” she said, “take it slow.” That seemed like permission to me so I kept up the pressure. Jack got hold of more of the soap and started to drop it onto Maria’s vagina as I worked my hand into her. She began to kneel a little more and opened her legs further, and her cunt with them. Then, with a final shove my hand was completely in her quim and just my wrist was visible. “Oh shit, that’s tight” she said, “that’s a first for me too, you must have small hands for a man!” Fortunately she was right, and I was reaping the benefit. Her cunt had closed around me, tight and sopping wet. I frigged her slowly and began to rotate my hand inside her. To my absolute amazement I could feel her pussy walls tightening around me and then the unmistakeable clenching and unclenching of orgasm took hold of her. She looked me directly in the eyes, clearly as amazed as I was as she bucked against my hand.

At this point Jack began to slip a finger into Maria’s arse, then two. I could feel him alongside my hand through the dividing wall between cunt and arse. We worked her like that for a few minutes as her orgasm receded, I holding a tit in my left hand and with my right thrust right up her accommodating cunt, Jack holding her other tit in his right hand and two fingers of his left hand up her anus, gently frigging her as I rotated my hand.

Then we withdrew ourselves and let the guys look at Maria’s holes, nicely open now after all that attention. My dick was almost exploding in my pants – the downside of this arrangement was becoming clear – I badly needed to cum!

“Your time’s virtually up” said Maria, “do you want a final feel?” Well I wasn’t going to miss out on anything so I got hold of her and with my hand still dripping from lube, gave her a full touching up all over her nether region. I slipped over her pubes (shaved by the way – I don’t think I mentioned that earlier) all around her crotch and bum-cheeks and finally had fingers right up each hole. Jack did the same, then Maria did a little bow to everyone, received a round of applause and was gone.

Suddenly everyone wanted to talk about what had just happened. Our new-found friends were very encouraging and thanked us for letting them watch. One said he had attended many times but hadn’t been invited in to a private show like that, had only been involved in the pushing and shoving like we’d seen earlier. None had seen any of the girls properly fisted before, and they loved the action with the soap! I was a bit of a hero with them!

We left the booth and returned into the main club. We did our best to watch another free session, but couldn’t see much when I was approached by a smart guy in a suit. He told me he was the manager and that Maria had told him about our session – the soap and the fisting etc. I was worried that he was going to throw me out – had I infringed a rule somehow? But what he said next floored me. “Would you like to do that again – for free? You see every night we like to put on a show just before we close which we do on the main stage. It costs £25 to stay and watch, and we, well we relax the rules a little for it. What do you say? Just do the same sort of thing you did to Maria, only for a larger group – and see what happens after…”

Shit! I wonder what the rule relaxation meant? Good grief I was up for it, but I had the presence of mind to ask if Jack could stay and watch too, and help out, also for free. The manager agreed and led me over to another girl who was standing in the corner. “This is Sandy” he said, “She’ll be your “partner” this time. She reckons she can take a fist. What do you think?”

Well Sandy was sex on legs; long Blonde hair, about mid twenties, a slightly chiselled set of cheekbones and very attractive. She wore a silver outfit: tight low cut top and hot-pants. No stockings or tights, but long silver boots up to her thighs. “She’s got panties under the hot-pants” said the manager, “like Maria did, so you can do your trick with the lube!”

“Let’s do it!” I said. The manager said he’d make an announcement in ten minutes and I went over to Jack to give him the news. Jack and I thought through a few moves and got mentally ready. We had a brief work with Sandy who was definitely up for it. “Maria told me you made her cum” she said, “that’s hot! Never known that happen here – you’d better bring me off too boys,” she winked, and I felt my erection growing again in my pants.

“Our special show is just about to begin gentlemen” announced the manager. “25 pounds each if you want to stay – make your way to the bar to pay, or kindly leave the club. Thank You”.

About half the clientele left. The rest, having paid, gathered around the small circular stage. I began to feel a little nervous, but Jack had bought another round in and that was helping. I noticed all the guys who had come to our show were there and they were encouraging. Sandy came up alongside me and put her arm around my waist, then led me onto the stage where we got a round of applause. The music changed, the volume increased and the show was underway!

I sat down on a chair in the centre of the stage as Sandy began to dance around me. She put on a great tease show for the guys and then came and shimmied around me, letting me run my hands over her body. I stood up and she stood in front of me, holding both her arms aloft, as I placed my hands on her tits, then lowered them to her midriff. I was then able to move my hands up and under her silver top and get a good feel of her bra. There were whoops from the audience as I then began to unzip the front of her top and exposed a silver half-cup bra. I then got her to turn around and gave some attention to her backside. She obliged by bending forward and opening her legs so that her hot-pant crotch was nicely visible to the guys and accessible to my fingers, which began to caress her between her legs, rubbing up and down along her gusset. She began an exaggerated moaning and squirmed against my fingers. The guys loved it. I nodded to Jack and indicated the soap dispenser and I saw him go off to it to get some supplies. I then got Sandy to face me and began to unzip her pants at the front. Once down I started to remove them – very slowly drawing them down her thighs to reveal almost transparent nylon full-cut panties – as promised by the manager!

I got Sandy to lie on her back on the stage as Jack came up to me with hands full of liquid soap, which he transferred to mine. “Pull her panty-waist open so I can get this inside,” I said to him with a wink. He didn’t need asking twice, first he rubbed his slimy hands on her stomach then he felt Sandy’s her mound over her panties, before pulling the waist-band up and slipping a hand inside for a quick feel. Sandy opened her legs and, as Jack her them open, I slid my hand, plus about a quarter-pint of liquid soap, into her panty-crotch. Immediately a huge damp patch appeared at her gusset and I began frigging her for the benefit of the audience. My erection was getting uncomfortable by now, I was so hard, and I guessed most of the guys watching would be too. My fingers just started to slide up into her cunt and she writhed even more in apparent ecstasy. Then I asked her to lie on her front and continued the attention to her cunt from behind, with my hand down the back of her knickers. She got onto her knees which gave me better access and made for a better view for the lads. I pulled her panties down a little, exposing most of her bum, to get better leverage. Sandy was on her hand and knees with her tits, in her bra, hanging down nicely. I asked her to get rid of the bra and she deftly put one hand behind herself and released the clasp as her tits swung free to a round of applause from the guys.

“Get her panties off” yelled someone from the audience and I obliged, pulling them off and down to her knees. My hands were soaking wet as I pulled them off her completely and exposed her bum-hole and cunt for all to see. Pulling her cheeks apart, Sandy moved her knees further open and went down on her elbows, offering a fabulous view to the guys. Suddenly I felt a little shaky and realised that the stage had begun to rotate! Having never been before I was unaware of this, but of course it was great for the audience who all got a chance to see everything.

I positioned myself alongside Sandy’s buttocks and went to work on her cunt and arse-hole with my fingers. My first finger slipped into her anus without any bother, she just pulled one arse-cheek open a little with one hand and that was it – lovely and tight, wet and warm. I began to forget the audience and just enjoyed the dirty experience for itself. After a few strokes I was able to get two fingers in her arse and she began pushing back at me. “Get your thumb in!” shouted one of the guys who had been in our private show, so I knew exactly what he wanted. The crowd seemed to agree as they went wild when I put four fingers up her twat and my thumb right up her anus! In fact there seemed to be a growing tension around me, I guess it was unfulfilled lust – I know I badly needed relief of some sort.

“Ok, fist me then,” whispered Sandy to me, as I pumped away in her cunt and arse. That was all right with me; I took my thumb out of her arse-hole and slipped it alongside my fingers, up into her gaping cunt. She was extremely wet, probably not just the soap now as she was getting quite red in the face and beginning to pant, so I think she was juicing herself quite nicely too, like Maria had. I rotated my fingers as they slopped in her vagina and kept up the pressure, driving them into her by degrees. She reached down and pulled her vagina lips apart to help me get access and as she did so my hand was up her to its widest point. Just a little more now and we’ll be past the point of no return! Just as I thought this there was a roar from the audience and my hand slipped right up and into her cunt, just my wrist showing between her lips.

I took stock. There I was, kneeling on a rotating stage being watched by a load of blokes with my hand right up a girl’s cunt as she in turn knelt with her arse facing them. They were loving it! So was I! And so was Sandy by the feel of her, bucking back against my hand. I kept up a rotating motion with my right hand, then felt underneath her with my left, searching for her clitoris. I soon found it and began a light massage of it as I frigged her. Her bucking increased and I felt a familiar tightening around my fist as she began orgasming. She began to scream out load with lust and abandonment – this was the real thing, and it was obvious to the guys watching too as they began to cheer us on.

“Fuck me up the arse” said Sandy as she subsided.

“Can’t, not allowed to!” I replied “rules of the club!”

“Fuck the rules, they don’t apply to these sessions. Didn’t the manager tell you – we relax the rules at the end of the evening!”

As she said this she began to get up on her knees and turned to my waist, starting to unbuckle my belt and open my jeans. In one quick move she pulled down both my jeans and my underpants and my dick sprang out ready for relief! Suddenly my prick was in her mouth and she was sucking me with vigour. I thrust in and out of her mouth. I’m a reasonable length but she just took me in completely, I must be part way down her throat by now and she didn’t gag at all, just kept on taking it. Then, when I thought I was about to explode, my dick was out of her and she turned around and offered her arse towards me. She stood by the chair, holding its back for support, teetering on her high heels and thrust out her buttocks. “Come on love, up my bum!” she commanded.

There was more cheering from the floor as I pulled her arse-cheeks apart and positioned my engorged dick against her anus. I put a hand in her cunt to get it properly lubed up and then put as much of the goo in her anus as I could. Then I pressed against her anal ring and went up her tight back passage! Wonderful! Fucking wonderful! I began to thrust up her quite hard, but she was certainly up for it and met my thrusts with ones of her own so my whole length was in her tight anal tube.

“Get over here, Jack” I shouted and he needed no more encouragement, was with us in a jiffy. “Let’s dp her for the lads!”

Jack lay down on the stage, undid his jeans and his cock sprang out. I came out of Sandy’s bum and got her to sit on his knob; he slipped into her cunt like a tube train in a tunnel. She began to ride him as I positioned myself behind her and went back into her arse. We did her in unison, I could feel Jack’s big dick rubbing against mine, separated by her perineal membrane – fuck me it was great!

Then, without any warning, I realized that Maria was next to me – dressed just in a tiny g-string and an open bra. She reached down and felt my dick going in and out of Sandy’s bumhole, then moved around and sat down on Jack’s face, kissing Sandy full on the lips as she did so. It was fucking erotic I’ll tell you, and the audience were going wild, I thought we’d have a riot on our hands, but it seemed they knew the score and I didn’t – never having been there before. As I pumped away into Sandy’s anus, and with Maria holding her panties to one side so that Jack could lick her out, there came a voice over the Tannoy: “OK punters, normal rules suspended – its Bukkake time!”

Almost to a man, the audience began unzipping their flies and getting their dicks out. Suddenly Jack and I and the two girls were surrounded by a horde of busily wanking blokes and showers of spunk began to rain down on Sandy and Maria. It was all too much for me – I’d never seen anything like it and my balls emptied deep into Sandy’s bum. It was a wonderful release after all that evening. I withdrew and watched as her anal sphincter gradually closed, but not without some of my cum oozing out of it. Then, her arse was almost completely covered in jizz as about four blokes came in formation!

Over the next minute or so, every man there had emptied his bollocks onto the girls and they slid over the stage and writhed around in it. Cum was everwhere. I had caught Jack’s eye as he came out of Sandy and he was dribbling juice down his satisfied cock too – he winked at me. “Think you’ll be coming here again?” he asked and I just smiled back at him.

Oh yes, I think I probably will….