Mrs Cumxter

A woman whos long blonde hair hung loosely down the middle of her back. It swayed side to side with each cat like step she took in the dark red, five inch high stileteos. The short dark red dress she wore was mini like that green one of J.Lo’s with the low cut front that hung just below her navel and the back was low to just above the rounded mounds of her arse cheeks. The skirt was hunging tightly just above mid thigh against her long shapely legs.

As she walked towards the bar of piano club she could feel eyes on her body. She peaked from the corners of her eyes at the men and some of the women staring at her. When she looked over to a older couple, she gave the man a sweet seductive smile and the woman looked to what made her husband blush and watched the reaction the wife was having because of her perv of a husband.

She looked ahead and over to the bar and took her usual stool and slide into the chair and crossing her legs. Her dress moved higher up her thigh as she looked around then back to the bar as a man said, “hi Mrs Baxter.. Your usual?” she turned back around to see the voice belonged to the bartender, and she gave him a soft smile, “yes please David” and gave him a wink before looking back around the room.

David grinned back to her and went to get her usual rum and coke, strawberry on the side with a straw. He went back to her a few minutes later and placed a napkin down first then placed the drink down on top, “There you go Ma’am…” he looked around the bar then back to her, “Mr Baxter didn’t come with you tonight?”

As soon as she heard him say ‘ma’am’ she spun back around to him with a dirty look, “How many time have I told you not to call me ‘Ma’am’?” then she picked up her drink and took a sip of it and lightly shook her head no to his question.

He held his hands up in surrender and backed away from the bar, “I’m sorry..I’m sorry.. I keep forgetting” then smirked at her before walking back to the bar and leaned forward on it, “So you got the old man at home chained to the doghouse so you could get out tonight huh” then chuckled.

She couldn’t help but laugh. David had always been her favourite bartender from the piano club, “I wish” she said with a laugh, “He had to work late tonight and told me to go out and enjoy myself so thats what I’m planning on doing” she moved the straw against her lower lip before moving her lips around it and taking a sip.

His eyes were fixed on her deep red lips then nodded slowly to what she told him, “Well thats to bad for him. I know if I were your husband I wouldn’t let you out of the house in that drop dead gorgeous dress” then gave her a wicked grin. He was glad she was alone tonight, at least now he would beable to chat her up a little without anyone hanging off of her arm.

A soft blush went across her cheeks hearing him, then smiled cheekily, “Is it just the dress that you like, David?” her tongue moistened her lips after she said his name and could see him starting to squirm.

He had to clear his throat and was lost for words for a few quick moments before leaning forward and softly saying to her, “The dress is nothing compared to the beautiful woman wearing it.. Its just to bad your married or I could show you what I really thought of you” then leaned back and looked at her.

Her heart started to beat a little faster. She was always a sucker for tall men with dark hair and blue eyes and David had the bluest eyes she had ever seen. She leaned forward on the bar, the top of her dress moved forward letting him see more of her large breasts, “The marriage hasn’t stopped me before taking a guy home while my husband is at work” then winked at him.

He swallowed hard, his gaze drifted down to her breasts and could nearly see how hard her nipples had become then he looked back up into her eyes. He cleared his throat and softly said, “So when are we leaving” he smirked then chuckled.

She tilted her head slightly to the right looking him over. She could see a slight buldge in his pants and then looked back into his eyes, then said, “As soon as you finish work” then she leaned back in her seat and sipped at the drink. She moved the drink against the bare skin on her chest and could feel her nipples become errect from the cold moisture caught on the glass.

David couldn’t believe his ears. She had actually invited him back to her place. He didn’t need to be asked twice and walked down to the bar manager and spoke to him before grabbing his coat and walking around the bar and over to the lady and held out his hand to her, “Mrs Baxter, since your husband isn’t here to escort you home, I’d like to have the honors of doing it”

She finished her drink off, putting it back down and watched him before turning in the seat and standing up. She took his hand lightly, “I’m sure my husband would allow you to, since your one of his favourite bartenders”.

They walked thru the bar and out onto the street and over to her car, then looked at him, “Do you want to follow me in your car?”

He shook his head as he followed her. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. The lust for this woman started to play with his thoughts and started to make his cock grow harder inside his pants. “I’ll just get a taxi back from your place so we can just take the one” he managed to finally get out.

They got to her car, a red convertable and he looked at it and raised a brow, “Nice car.. I wish I could afford something like this”.

She smiled at him and saw the larger bludge in his pants and walked up close to him and placed a hand over the hardness and rubbed it slowly. He let out a soft groan and looked down into her eyes. He moved his arms around her and pulled her hard against his body and kissed her lips deeply. His tongue dived into her mouth and started to explore as her tongue fought him back.

She started to rub his hardness more firmly and he moaned into their kiss. He couldn’t take it any longer and picked her up and placed her on the bonet of the car and moved her skirt up to reveal a bare naked pussy underneath it. He moved his fingertips over her pussy which made her purr softly and he softly said to her, “I guess you were looking for a fuck tonight uh”

She gave him a cheeky smile, “I’ve seen how you look at me and now you have a chance to fuck me”

He wasn’t going to let this oppotunity escape him. He undid his pants and let them drop to the ground, he too wasn’t wearing any underwear so his 8 inch cock sprang to attention when it hit the cool breeze. He wasn’t going to waste time now. He pulled her to the edge of the car and took his cock in his hand and brushed the mushroom tip between her pussy lips. He could feel the tip become wet with each passing move he made against her.

She started to spread her legs wider as he moved his cock past the entrance of her pussy and let out a deep moan. He smirked watching her, he pressed the head against the entrance and she rocked her hips as she looked down to see the size and thickness of the cock that was teasing her then looked back into his eyes, “Fuck me David… Teach my husband not to let me go out by myself” then bit her lower lip.

He didn’t need to hear any more. His cock throbbing with want to be inside her. He moved his hands to her hips and thrusted hard inside of her. His cock drilled its way deep inside her. Her pussy walls gripped tightly around the invader. He started to move slowly back and forth inside of her. Moving his hands to the straps of her dress, he pulled them down over her arms to show off the most perfect breasts he had ever see. His hands covered her breasts, rolling her nipples around in his fingers.

Her moans started to become more louder as her pussy started to pulsate slowly around him. He moved his right hand behind her waist and leaned down to take her nipple in his mouth and started to suck and bite at it. She started to moan more, “mm… David… Fuck me hard… Punish my pussy for cheating on my husband”

He started to pump his cock harder inside her. Her breasts moved in time with his thrusts. Then he looked up along her body, “I should tell your husband… that you fuck around behind his back… You dirty little wife… You just don’t know how to keep your legs together don’t you”

She ran her nails over the back of his shirt, her hips bucked against his thrusts, “mmmm… Fuck me hard… Make sure he finds out so he can punish me again when he gets home…”

He bit down hard on her nipple and started to fuck her harder and harder. His body slapped agaisnt her pussy, adding extra stimulation to what he was doing to her. Her pussy clenched his cock more and he knew he wouldn’t last to much longer, “Oh fuck… I’m going to cum soon”

She wrapped her legs around his body and held him close to her body so he couldn’t move again, “Cum inside me.. I want him to know what he missed out on tonight”

As soon as he heard that, he thrusted harder. Their moans mingled in the passing breeze as their passions started to grow. She moved her hands to his neck and pulled his lips hard against hers and cried out into their kiss. Her pussy pulsated around his cock as she started to cum and a moment later when he felt her pussy spasm, his cock released his built up seed. He thrusted hard as each rope of sperm curled its way inside of her deep, hot pussy.

He leaned against her body, catching his breath and let out deep contented groans, “Damn Mrs Baxter, your a minx” then slowly pulled himself up and let his cock pop free of her pussy. He watch as some of his cum dribbled out of her used pussy and moved his hand to her clit and rubbed it in slow circles. She squirmed under his hand and moaned softly before he moved his hand back and flicked his fingers clean from her juices.

He pulled up his pants and did them up then helped her pull her skirt down and moved the straps back up onto her shoulders. Just as they were about to get into the car his phone rang, after swearing a bit and trying to get out of it he hung up and looked over to her, “I’m sorry Ma’am but they need me back inside.. But I do hope that your hubby has to work late again so we might beable to have a proper long play”

She pouted as he spoke then shrugged a little, “Whats your number.. Next time he’s working late I’ll give you a call and you can come straight over instead of trying to get out of the car park” then grinned.

He chuckled and nodded, “I’d really like that” then walked around to her and gave her a deep passionate kiss. He took a card out of his pocket and wrote his number down and placed it into the bottom of her dress, “make sure you keep that hidden.. I don’t want a angry husband after me”

She licked her lips after their kiss, “I’ll talk to you soon lover” then hoped into her car and she drove off thinking what her husband would say if he found out about her little party without him. Then about twenty minutes later she pulled up into the driveway of her home and got out. Locking the car up in the garage and going inside and upstairs to change for bed.

About a hour later after she got home the front door closed and her husband called out from downstairs, “Hunny… I’m home!!”

She replied, “I’m upstairs sexy”. She could hear him walking quickly up the stairs and saw his shadow coming closer to the bedroom door then he stopped dead in his tracks, looking over her naked body laying ontop of their bed, her legs spread and cum dripping out of her pussy.

He shook his head, “Mmm.. Mrs Baxter.. You wouldn’t be teasing the poor old bartender again would you” then smirked walking over to her and crawling up onto the bed between her legs.

She giggled, smiling brightly to him, “Now why on earth would you think I’d do something as mean as that David” she softly moaned when he got closer to her pussy then pouted when he moved over it and softly kissed her stomach.

He looked up along her body and smiled, “Next time you want me out of work you just have to call me and tell me to get home because your horny”

She giggled again and ran her fingers thru his dark hair, “But what fun would that be if I did that”

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