My wife’s first time

I have always had this fantasy of watching my wife fuck another guy, but i thought it would never happen until 2 weeks ago, this is how it started and it’s a true story…..

It was winter and we had a really bad storm in the night which blew tiles off the roof of our house, we tried most of the morning to get some one out to fix the roof with no luck. By coincidence we were driving home from town and we saw a van parked and on the side it read “Roofing Specialist” so i turned around and parked behind it, i said to Naomi ” Go and ask and see if he can come and quote to fix the tiles” so she went and knocked on the window and the van door opened, she was talking to the guy for a few minutes and then she sat down on the edge of the passenger seat and talked some more. Finally she returned “Well how did you get on” i asked, her face was bright red and flushed ” Whats up with you” i said laughing ” I can’t get no sense out of him, he just kept trying to chat me up all the time”

“Well you seemed to be enjoying yourself”
“Well it’s not often i get chatted up is it” she said going bright red again.
“So whats he like” i said
“He’s kinda cute i suppose, very cute in fact”

I always told her i would like to watch her with another guy, but she always shrugged it off, so i thought i would take this chance and see how far i could take this.

“Go and ask him if he wants to come back and fuck you then” i said laughing.
She said ” No i can’t do that, you wouldn’t let me do that would you?

“Sure i would, but only if you wanted to, if you want i’ll go and ask him”
With that i jumped out of the car.
I got to the passenger side and knocked on the window then opened the door, i looked inside and a black guy was behind the wheel, which took me by surprise.

“My wife said you was chatting her up” and he cut me off and said “Look i am sorry i didn’t know she was married”

“Look it’s not a problem, we were just wondering if you wanted to come back with us, because i really want to watch you give her a good fucking”

He couldn’t believe his luck and agreed to come back with us.

I got back into the car and i said “Look he wants to come back are
you up for it or not?”

Nervously she said “Yes but only if your not gonna freak out or something, lets both of us enjoy it ok”

We got into the house, “Go up stairs and get ready, then come down to us when your done”

Which left me with Mike “Look mike these are the rules, do not hurt her in any way, you can touch her any where you want and give oral if you want, you can only have sex with her with a condom ok”

“No problem” Said mike

Mike was sat on the sofa and was stood up in the middle of the room, the door opened and Naomi walked in wearing a short leather mini skirt and hold up stockings and a blouse and a white lace bra and pants set, she also put a bit of make up on and looked stunning.

She came over to me and said “Are you sure you want me to do this?”
I said “sure just make sure you enjoy it ok” i said smiling

We started kissing, she was standing with her back to mike, after a few minutes i slowly manoeuvred her towards where mike was sitting,
she was about a foot away from mike.

Mike started touching Naomi’s bum and legs and then Naomi’s legs parted a little and he had his hand between her legs.

With that i sat down and let them get on with it.

Naomi turned around and knelt in front of Mike, and she let him touch her 38 DD breasts, one hand fondling her breasts the other was on the inside of her thigh.

They started to kiss, as they were doing that Naomi loosened mikes jeans, and pulled his jeans down and tossed them in the corner.
By this time mike had one hell of a bulge in his boxers “Let me take those for you as well” said naomi.

Well the size of that cock was huge, she stroked it and just looked at it, then she knelt towards it and touched it with her tongue and then sucked it and took it all into her mouth, she sucked on it for about 15 minutes.

Them mike took the lead and and stood her up, and took her knickers off,
He slid a couple of fingers inside her and fingered her until she could stand no more, “For gods sake fuck me”

She lay down on the floor with her legs as wide as they would go,
Mike asked me for the condom and put it on, then got between her legs and slid his cock into her, she was loving every minute of it, her thighs were thrusting with every thrust of mike, and did he her give her a good fucking.

“Take me from behind for gods sake” she said
She was on the floor bum in the air waiting for mike to fuck her from behind.

I didn’t know she could take so much cock, it wasn’t the length so much but the width of it, it was an amazing sight.

As he was fucking her he managed to get her blouse off and undo her bra and her breasts were let free to swing anywhere they wished.

Mike lay on the floor and Naomi got on top and rode him, mike fondled her breast and as she lay forward he managed to suck on her nipples.

“I want to cum now”
“Cum in my mouth”

He took the condom off and she started sucking his cock and then he came in her mouth, it was over flowing and dribbled down the side of her mouth, and she swallowed what was left.

She looked over to me and said “Now you come and fuck me and fill my cunt up”

So i fucked her and let mike watch, and did i cum inside her, i have never had so much cum.

It was an amazing experience and one we both want to repeat.

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