I need a good hard fuck

I was reading, when John, my husband, swore as our motor home started to slow.

I looked out the front window and saw the line of traffic slowing ahead of us, then stopping. All three lanes of the interstate were stopped.

“Aww fuck, just what we need, some god damn traffic jam!” John muttered.

It was July, and the weather was starting to get very warm. Since I am a 27-year-old high school Phys-ed teacher, I naturally get the summer months off, also. My body has stayed in the same trim shape I had in college, thanks to my teaching. I am 5’9″ tall, weigh 135 pounds, and have a well-shaped figure of 37 – 24 – 36. My tits are full, firm, and real, and do not need a bra for support, they stand up just fine on their own. I like to keep my pubic region completely shaved and bare. It feels great, and my husband goes wild when he says my bare pussy, and he goes down on me and licks me to a riveting climax before he even gets his eager cock into me. It does keep our sex life hot and horny.

Horny is right, when we are on the road, my husband shuts down sexually. He spends the days behind the wheel, and once we get to where we are going, boom, his sex drive returns with a rush. He strips me and if I wasn’t so horny, it’d be like rape, as he fucks me wildly, then licks my pussy, then rams back into me again, going back and forth. I’m cumming like a horny bitch, over and over, until he rams me one last time, and with grunts and growls of pleasure, I can feel the heat of his hot sperm filling my more than receptive pussy, his cock pulsing over and over, as he pours his built-up passions into me.

We were still another two days from North Cascades National Park, and we hadn’t had sex in three days. At the RV parks, we stopped at along the way, I’d get myself off in the ladies shower room, masturbating my horny pussy during my morning shower, stifling my cries as I came, getting naughty feelings surging through me as I heard other ladies attending to their washing in other shower stalls. It made me wonder if any of them were also attending to horny desires, rubbing themselves off to a mind-blowing climax, like I was.

“Aimee baby, can you get me a glass of water?”

John’s voice broke into my reverie, and I did so. I felt the seat of my red shorts and white panties pasted to my ass, and my naked back prickled with the perspiration. It was getting warmer, I was glad that I’d worn just my shorts and my halter top, it left more of my body bare. Any more of my body covered and I’d be roasting.

I wandered back, curious as to how far back the jam went. I stepped into the back bedroom and pulled up the blinds. The interstate curved to the right about a half-mile back, and the line of traffic was backed up to beyond the curve. I sighed, hoping that this wouldn’t delay us too long. I looked at the vehicle behind us, it was a Volkswagen bus, wow, I hadn’t seen one of those since my Dad’s VW bus. I looked at the driver, just as he looked at the window. Our eyes met and he gave me a small smile, and I felt my pussy twitch. Umm, he looked good, an older, more mature man. I smiled back, and we made no effort to break our gaze. I could feel the prickles of need start teasing my pussy. He reminded me somewhat of my uncle Dennis, I’d always been a sucker for the older, more mature gent, ever since my Uncle Dennis had deflowered me when I was 16, and he was 36.


Such a pleasant memory, I’d been curious as all heck, wondering what my first time was going to be like. Dennis and I had been close since I was a toddler, he’d become a confidante, someone who would hold my secrets, and never betray me. I confided in him that I was a virgin, eager to no longer be a virgin, but not let any boy in school take my cherry like some trophy.

Dennis thought for a few moments, then said, “Boys would just use you, you need an older, more mature man, who would introduce you to sex, get you all warmed up and ready, so your deflowering would not be some 1-minute jump and pump, and you would get the right introduction to sex.”

I grinned, giggled, and said, “Uncle Dennis, are you making a pass at me?”

He looked startled, but then he said, “Aimee, I’m 36 you know, and you’re only 16.”

I said softly, “Yeah, I know. Age is just a silly number, and you just said, an older, more mature man.”

He looked into my eyes, and said, “Aimee sweetheart, this is a big decision. Are you sure you want me to make love to you? If you are, I will take your virginity as gently as I can.”

That was all the reassurance I needed to hear, I could feel the teases of lust zipping along my pink walls, and my voice was husky with desire as I cooed, “Oh yes Uncle Dennis, I am so sure, show me what it’s like, take my virginity.”

Oh god, it had been like heaven, his mouth kissing and licking me all over, the feel of his hot wet tongue making my nipples stiff and rock hard, the feel of his kisses sliding down, lower and lower, and the electrifying pleasure of his mouth at the entrance to my sex. He ate me ravenously, and I howled, squealed, and shrieked through two tumultuous orgasms before he placed himself between my spread thighs. He nudged against me and pushed in, I grunted, it was a mix of a bit of pain and a lot more pleasure, I was so well warmed up that the pleasure was well worth the slight pain. I grabbed his ass, pulling on him, urging him to slice through my cherry. He pushed, hard, and the bursting of my cherry made me flinch, but as Uncle Dennis paused, I gasped “Don’t stop now, go deep, complete my cherry popping!” He did so, and I growled as he stuffed my pink hole, I was filled to the brim with his prime cock.

Uncle Dennis, buried to the balls, growled, “Oh yeah Aimee, your virgin pussy’s so hot, so tight, feels so good baby!”

That made a glow of pleasure inside, making my sweet Uncle feel so good, and I purred, “Oh god, your stiff hard cock is buried so deep in my tight little pussy. Now fuck me, and fill my tight little pussy with your hot cum.”

I got the introduction to fucking he promised, the fuck of a lifetime, not a wham bam thank you ma’am rabbit fuck, but the unhurried, gentle, and filling experience that I was hoping for. He rode deeply but gently, varying his speed, and his plunges, taking my virgin pussy from all angles. I flew into orgasm, crying out as my pussy walls clenched at his cock, another one rushed in right after, and with the third orgasm, my tight rippling walls coaxed his cock to explode.

He rammed in deep, holding it there, and growled, “Oh fuck Aimee, so tight, I’m cumming, oh fuck, YEAH!”

I felt a warm flood of cum spurting deep inside, my tight pussy milking non-stop at his cock, sucking in every drop he could pump into me. Since I was on the pill, I reveled in the feel of his eager cock pumping a thick, juicy load of hot cum all over my tight, no longer virgin walls. That was the first of many such passionate couplings with my Uncle, he’d get a hold of my body, and wouldn’t turn me loose until I was almost dizzy from all the orgasms that exploded inside of me. I became very, very good in bed, and my husband was the beneficiary of my schooling.


I felt hot and bothered, and decided to have a little fun. I reached behind me and untied the lower part of my halter top. I could see his attention riveted, as the front of my top was merely held up by the band that fits around my neck. I turned my back and smiled over my shoulder as I displayed my naked back to him. Then, I reached up, undid the top, and my halter top dropped to the floor. I put my hands over my tits, and slowly turned back, then slid my hands down to cup my tits, holding them up to the window like an offering.

His eyes were locked onto me, as I started to tug and pull on my nipples, tracing circles around them, feeling the pebbly stiffness between my fingers. Umm, now my pussy was starting to juice up, I could feel the slickness starting to flow. I decided to keep going. My hands went down, and I undid my shorts, letting them slide down my legs. I bent down, picked them up, and held them up to the window, grinning. I tossed them aside and pushed my panties down. I then held them up, giving him a lust-filled smile as his eager eyes took in the sight, knowing that beneath that windowpane, I was totally naked.

I pushed myself against the window, letting my breasts get squashed against the glass before pulling back and repeating it, humping against the window as my hand went down, sliding into my wet heat. I gasped as I found my gushing center, and there was no doubt as to what I was doing. Having him watching me as I wantonly pleasured myself made my whole body tingle, it made me hotter and hotter, and I had to stifle my howl of pleasure as my climax burst deep inside, my body shaking and jerking in the grip of orgasm.

Floating down, I could feel the motorhome start to move, as whatever was causing the jam was cleared away. I blew a kiss to my ardent watcher, and quickly put my clothes back on, walking forward until I was in the front passenger seat. We were soon back at highway speeds, and as the miles rolled by, I wondered about my watcher, wondered about his cock, wondered if he’d been stroking himself while he watched me. I’d been so deep in my own pleasure I hadn’t taken notice of where his hands were, or what he was doing as he watched me. I smiled, if he hadn’t stoked his cock, I’m sure he’d remember the show I gave him, and use that as masturbation fodder. I thought about him in his bed, remembering what he’d seen, and the explosion of cum my images would bring gushing out of his cock. My mind wouldn’t stop, did he have a big cock? Was he circumcised, uncircumcised? I liked the uncircumcised cocks, my Uncle and my husband were both uncut, and playing with their foreskin always brought horny sounds of pleasure from them. My mind grabbed at the idea of having that stranger’s cock stuffed up my tight pussy. The idea shocked me, letting a stranger’s cock fuck my married cunt, then it started to make my pussy tingle. I’d never cheated on my husband, but I wasn’t immune to the allure of having another guy’s cock reaming my pussy, another man’s cum being pumped deep into my pink hole.

Two hours later, my husband said, “There’s a rest area up ahead, I want to pull in, and take a nap.”

I noticed that it had showers available, and I replied, “Sounds good, I’ll have a shower while you nap.”

“Okay baby, wake me in an hour, and we’ll get back on the road again.”

We went down the access road and wheeled the motorhome into the parking lot. The rest area was empty, ours was the only vehicle in the parking lot. As John cut the engine and went back towards the bedroom, I picked up my shower bag and went inside. The showers were nice, clean, well kept, separate cubicles with shower curtains. I kicked off my sneakers, peeled off my socks, stripped off my halter top, shorts and panties. My panties were damp, my horny hole had been churning again, and I could feel myself getting creamy wet with my juices.

I hung up my clothes and my towel, and adjusting the water spray, slipped under the warm spray. The water lulled me along, there was no one else here, I was alone, and I could play with myself to my heart’s content. Since I was no stranger to fingering myself wildly in the shower on this trip, I let my hands roam to explore my body. My fingers grazed my belly in a sensuous caress. Running my hands in circles, I could feel my nipples standing out hard and erect, the areolae reddened and needed my touch. I reached up with both hands and cupped my breasts, my fingers stroking and tweaking my hard, aching nipples, sending pulses of pleasure racing to my hot center. My head lolled back and little moans of pleasure started to emanate from my mouth. I imagined a naked man, maybe my VW driver watcher, hard and erect, forcing his way into the shower. He grabs me from behind, clamps a hand over my mouth so I can’t scream, getting me set to ram my sizzling cunt with his steely shaft.

Just before I could get my hands down towards my aching pussy, I heard the door open and close. I froze, and then resumed a normal shower routine. I could hear the sound of undressing, damn, I’d be howling with pleasure right now if I were still alone. Hopefully, they won’t take too long, then I can resume my session. Maybe…maybe it was my husband, he’d decided against the nap, and was going to join me, and fuck me while the shower rained down on us, that really ramped me up.

Suddenly the shower curtain was whipped aside, I felt the rush of the cool air intruding. My back was to the curtain, and I felt a body pressing against me, hands coming around, cupping my boobs, and the press of a large, hard cock against my ass. I pressed back, letting out a growl of pleasure, must be my husband who came to join me for some hot, sudsy fun. I felt fingers stroking around my nipples, pulling and tugging gently. I adore having my nipples played with, oh yeah, it felt great.

“Ummmm, such great tits baby, thanks for showing them off to me!”

My eyes flew open at the sound of that unfamiliar voice, and I spun around. There he was, my VW watcher, totally naked. I couldn’t stop myself from looking down, then I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I felt powerless to move, the sight of that huge cock, a big beauty, curving upwards, rock hard, I could virtually see it throbbing, it made me breathless. How big was it, 9, 10 inches? I could see the glimmer of lust in his eyes as he drank in the sight of my completely naked body.

“I loved the stroke show you gave me in the back of your big RV,” he began. “And, if you are still as horny as I am, let’s do something about it.”

I stammered, “But..well…uh I’m married…”

He replied, “So you’re married. You’re horny, and fuck you got a smoking hot body baby. I’m horny, it’s just sex, I’m not going to steal you away from your husband.”

In my sex fogged brain, that made perfect sense. His arms back went around me, his lips pressing urgently against mine. The kiss grew hotter and deeper, his tongue slipped out, and started to probe my mouth. I could feel myself responding as my tongue joined his in a tongue-twirling kiss that made my burning pussy pulse with need. I could see in my mind’s eye a vivid picture of a married woman and a handsome stranger locked in a forbidden embrace.

I could hear myself purring “Oh yeah, touch me there and there, all over, don’t stop.”

I knew it was totally inappropriate, but the feel of him running his hands all over me, my turned-on state, and his hard, throbbing cock, so ready to fuck me, made me unable to stop it, it just made me even more turned on, the very forbidden nature of what was about to happen, handsome stranger fucking the married woman.

I could hear myself purring “Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck my married cunt with your big, hard cock!”

Encouraging him to fuck me made the forbidden nature even hotter, I was almost dizzy with desire. I could feel his fingers stroking at my hole, feeling the slipperiness of my gushing juices.

Just before he took me, I gasped out, “My name’s Aimee, what’s your name, I want to know the name of the man who’s going to fuck me. I think we should know each other on a first-name basis, don’t you?”

He chuckled, gave me a lust-filled smile, and replied, “I’m Brent, it’s nice to know you, Aimee!”

His hands then clamped around my ass cheeks, he was well developed, and he lifted me up, getting me ready. I could feel the head of his cock nudge against me. I wrapped my legs around his back, spreading myself open as wide as possible. My cunt was on fire, aching and throbbing, and I needed him to jam early last inch deep inside my fuck-hole.

“Yes, yes, fuck me with that huge cock Brent!”, I gasped. “I want every last inch in me, fuck me, ram my married cunt, and explode your hot load deep inside me. My married cunt wants to feel the heat of another man’s cum filling me up, fuck me NOW!”

Brent was more than happy to comply, and he let me down slowly, impaling me. I squealed with pleasure as my cunt was stretched apart, the tight walls of my cunt were being stretched open like never before, his big girth was amazing. I clung to him, uttering wordless sounds of pleasure as my cunt slid down his huge pole. I could hear his grunt of pleasure as he sank in, right to the balls. Oh fuck, I was stuffed to the max with a prime cock, another man’s cock. I could feel my eager pink fuck-hole stretched wide around his big shaft, little twinges of discomfort from the stuffing, but a lot more pleasure overlaying that.

“Oh fuck, Aimee, you’re so tight, feels so good.”

Brent pulled out slightly and rammed it back in. My cunt quickly adjusted to the feel of his big cock buried deep, and it was an all pleasure ride as he took me. I pictured what we looked like in my mind, horny married woman letting the handsome stranger fuck her wildly, and I could hear his lust grunts as he pinned me against the shower stall wall. My cries and loud moans of pleasure joined in, his log of pleasure ramming me like a pile driver, his mouth bent down to suck at my tits. The feel of his mouth sucking my hard nipples sent pulses of pleasure racing to my burning cunt, and I could my orgasm building fast. His cock drove in and out, power fucking my tight cleft, his cock was throbbing. I suddenly felt it jerk, and swell to even greater hardness, piercing my cervix, fuck, it felt like his cock had become a steel-hard pipe as he reamed out my fiery fuck-hole, my cunt juices gushing around his big prick.

“Oh fuck yeah, I’m gonna cum Aimee, I’m gonna flood your burning married cunt baby, OH YEAH!”, Brent howled.

Hearing him call my cunt what it was, a horny married cunt, shoved me into my orgasm, my cunt clamping tightly around his shaft, quivering wildly, my inner muscles spasming and milking greedily at his stiff, steel-hard shaft, just as I felt his cock start pulsing. His cock exploded, jerking and pulsing, tossing off wildly, gushing thick streams of spunk as he flooded my womb, his cock pouring what felt like a fountain of cum into my very depths. My horny cunt was being filled up with another man’s cum, which made me orgasm again, the tight spasms of my burning cunt greedily milked his huge shaft, sucking out every drop he could pump into me.

MMMMMM! Reminds me so much of the times I ride my girlfriend, Nancy’s boy toy. That young, thick, 11 inch cock makes me quiver with lust, even when I’m dripping fresh cum down my thighs. I can’t do anything except approach him and surrender to him, losing myself in the feel,of his body inside mine, his lips exploring my body, his touch and penetration keeping me i or near orgasm until he, finally erupts inside me, making me explode in mind destroying pleasure. To slowly come back to reality, feeling him still inside me, my body wrapped tightly around him and to look over and see my beautiful raven-haired friend wrapped around and fully penetratd by my gorgeous black husband. Her smile lets me know her pussy is as full of his cum as mine is of her lover’s. Oh what a passionate feast we then share between each other’s legs as the spent guys watch! Oh God, I need a good hard fuck!

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