Mistress and Slave

“You, Serf! Obey your Queen when she speaks to you!” Said the Queen, clad in the richest red silk and black leathers, arranged in a very prestigious dress, intimidating and beautiful in one stroke. She bore an imperial presence, she had a voice which when heard was to be obeyed immediately, those who suffered her whims later spoke that it felt as if you were compelled to do so, magically almost.

She kicked at a young man in what might have been, black polished armor ringed in silver and sapphire, far too fancy to be a serf’s attire, but she wasn’t in the mood to discriminate, a man was to obey her no matter who he was, and those who didn’t, were kicked to the side and forced.

She threatened to kick again, but the man looked up and gazed directly into her ice blue eyes with his own, of steel blue reflecting strength harder than the ice that she was made of herself. She froze and the young man rose to his feet again, always staying in eye contact.

“I am not your Serf yet, Milady. Instead, a Knight from a far off land, seeking amnesty and work under you. But I have this to say, I shall not be kicked, and you cannot boss me around so, I am not your Knight yet, and even then, I am not your Toy.”
The Knight with eyes of Blue told her sternly with a set face, only his eyes twinkled the smile he kept hidden.

“My name is Leon of the Obsidian Knights, once of the Kingdom Griffin, but no longer, the Queen had grown apart, and I refused the abuse.. I seek to enter your service young Queen, I hear you have not yet a Knight, so I pledge myself to you if you will accept my Word.”

The Queen, unused to anyone standing up to her, to anyone coming at her as an Equal.. Parts infuriated, intrigued, and Spellbound.. she snapped out of her trance and stated simply. “I accept.. Knight of my Own, now come to my keep.. There must be some way we can get you; Clean and Satisfied?” She said this last word with more than a hint of amusement, and a great deal of a more carnal thing.. Hunger.

Taking his hand in her own, the Queen took Leon into her luminous castle of the purest marble, blood red banners dripped from the towers, however, giving the appearance as of a predator with great red eyes. Leon ignored this of course, too entranced by his new Queen, his self control wearing down, his resistance to her spell diminishing.

Her blond tresses seemed golden in her hall as she led him beyond the dining room to the baths. Soft light gathered in the recesses of the baths, smoothest stone inset springs, warm water ever bubbling in, the steam, the heat, seemed so inviting.

“Now strip, so that we may… Get you clean.” Said she.
Leon sputtered at this, “Strip I will, but by your hands? Surely some serving maid can assist me, my Queen is too delicate for this work.”
She flashed a wicked smile at the word “delicate” and replied with a chiding tone, “Now now, I will not have my Knight cleaned by any such low wench. Now let’s devoid us of that armor.”

She peeled off his black lacquered armor piece by piece, and later his padded clothes, delighting in every patch of bare skin she uncovered. As she got to his pants however, he stopped her, embarrassed. “Queen, this is not appropiate!” he pleaded.
“Truly, you’re getting in my way, we must have every inch of you clean.”
She ripped off his pants, a little harder than she meant to as they tore at the seam and came off completely. “Oops, now you’ll be lacking pants.. What a shame.” She spoke drolly, laughing lightly, like that of a clear bell, beautiful to behold.

What was now revealed to her feasting eyes, was a sight to truly behold for her, 65 inches of masculinity, but that was not which drew her eyes, instead was his more than pleasantly sized member, an average length but fairly thick for any man.
She almost drooled, but he covered himself up quickly enough. She snapped.
“What are you doing? Uncover it at once, touch not yourself Knight! I shall clean you, Now, Into the baths!”

Stunned, but in no position to argue, Leon stepped into the bath upto his chest.
He looked awkwardly at her, staying in place and waiting for her ministrations to continue.

The Queen grabbed a soap stone nearby and hurried to strip off her garments, laying them delicately on a rack nearby.
Her lovely bosom, small but perfectly shaped alabaster smooth and supple flesh perked up released from the restraints of her clothes..
The Queen was a blond Goddess from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.
Ice blue eyes with lovely freckles placed here and there about her cheeks to accentuate her beauty, besides her bosom, she had delicately shaped arms, delicate but strong as more than a hint of muscle showed, from what? It was whispered by some in the castle that she enjoyed being rough with men, though none had yet been seen, perhaps instead she was preparing for it.
Powerful legs and curved hips, which between rested a blonde patch containing her blessed virginity, her lips now puffed in anticipation, her body quivering for what lie ahead if she gets her wish.

She stepped into the baths silently, making not even a ripple as she encircled the poor knight like a shark would a stranded sailor. “No words, no sounds while I clean.. Or else I will.. punish you.”

She attached herself to his back and circled her arms about his broad chest, still almost the same height, she could reach all of him, and reach all of him she did.
Scrubbing softly his arms, the back of his neck, his chest and his great legs, kissing his pale skin as she worked.
The Knight stood still and silent, curious as to where she was going with this.
She kissed his neck with her pale rose lips, emitting soft moans as she did, still scrubbing his body unconsciously harder, the stone scraped off old skin, but as it stood neither cared, so lost where they.

She reached lower now, between his thighs to grasp his thickness, dropping the stone and forgetting the task at hand she started to pull the skin up and down the shaft, the water making her movements slower, but all the more forceful as she squeezed and pulled, causing his already impressive cock to expand in her hand, as the moments passed which seemed to take an eternity, she held him tight, both his thickness and his body, rubbing her lips, grinding them on his thighs, quickening her pace, the water making it more and more intense…

Her moans reached louder into the room, echoing, filling the room with the Queens… The Misstress’s lust.

Leon could barely contain himself, closing his eyes, forcing his breathing to remain controlled, the pleasure flooded his system as it flooded her’s, the heat of the waters acting as a conductor, the pressures and the waves they were making, all coming together to create a tidal mount of orgasmic bliss.

The Queen quickened her grinding, barely keeping a grip on the member in her hands as it spasmed, wanting release. Her virgin passage flooded with juices into the waters as the moans reached an all time high and the cock in her hands buckled against her hand and shot into the waters, The force of Leon’s orgasm shocked her into her own, her body pressed into his, so strongly that she might be trying to press them together, their bodies racked in unison in the throes of Orgasm,
Leon couldn’t take it anymore and uttered moans of his own, gasps, and cries of the lust just fulfilled.

He should have held it in.

Calming down, the Queen stared directly into his eyes and froze him as surely as if he just entered the north pole. She spoke with a voice of Ice, but a face filled with glee, she would get what she wanted tonight. “You disobeyed your Queen, now Worm, you will follow me!”

She removed herself from the bath, drying quickly and putting on her leathers but leaving the silks so that she wore no undergarments, the abrasive leather rough against her skin felt wonderful in the afterglow of her Orgasm.. She smiled.

Deep in the Castle lays the Royal bed chamber… Inside the chamber is a Large bed and beside it several girlish amenities.. but farther on the other side separated from the rest with a black curtain is an area, in which just by entering it one’d swear it dropped 10 degrees.. Luxurious carpets lay on the floor, but that’s the extent of beauty in this portion.. For what lies behind the black drape is a Dungeon set.. A plain rack, set off the floor about chest level. Manacles, cuffs, chains, ropes lay strewn about the walls of the new room, some softened by strips of oiled leather.. some barbed.
A veritable chest of goodies lays in the corner, filled with whips and twitches, and other odd assortments of “toys”. The Queen does have her fun.

Her smile is still present as she walks into her bedchamber, closing the door and locking it tight after Leon enters. His dripping countenance shivers as he senses the chill in the room. Not even noticing yet the room beyond the black drape.
The Queen hustles over to pull it back flooding it with light.. something Leon wished hadn’t happened, as he gazed upon the instruments in the room.

“Holy Mother..” He gasped.

“Did you say something Worm?” The Queen snapped in reply to an unasked question.

“No, my Queen.” He rattled out.

She walks up to stand by his side, her pointing finger on the side of his neck, her nail scratching the surface sharply. “Well, While you’re speaking, I ask that you address me only as Mistress from henceforth. Is that clear?”

“Yes my Que-“ He stopped suddenly taken aback as she rakes his neck with her nails cruelly, drawing blood. She licks it off, and looks back at him.

“I’ll say it again, Is that clear?” No nonsense in her voice now.

“Yes Mistress.” Leon responds, sufficiently cowed. “I am here to serve your desires and accept any punishment you may deem that I require.”

She smiles, mirth back in her voice. “Good, you learn quickly Slave.” She emphasizes this last word, looking for a reaction from him. She got one.

“Mistress, I am no Slave! Thou hast not bound me yet!” He argued, to no avail.

“Yet, is the key word, we can fix that.” She grabs his member and pulls him to the Rack.
“Sit! Good boy.” She wraps several cuffs about him, attached to the chair, he’s laid spread eagle out for her, and despite the chill of the room, her recent attention gives life to his now throbbing cock. “It’s alive! Hah!” She titters, her body shaking in the laughter, a wicked smile bedecked upon her face.

“Now, you are my Slave.” She leans down to kiss the head of his now standing Thickness. “It’s happy to see me.. You on the other hand, misbehaved, for which you shall be punished.” She walked around the rack to a small table, placed upon which is a ring. “You see this?” He turns his head to observe. “This is your punishment… with this on, you shall not cum till I say you may, you must do all and everything for it to come off. Understood?” She spoke with power.

“Yes Mistress..” He gulped, knowing full well that meant pain for him.

She slid the ring slowly down his already aching member, her soft hands feeling so good as they brushed his skin, his body shook slightly.

“Now, What do you want Slave? Do you want Mistress to take you and give you such unearthly pleasures that you’d swear I was one of the Succubi? Tell me you wish it, let me hear you call my name, Now!”

She took hold of his thickness and kneeled down to place her lips upon it, slowly engulfing the head as she kissed it, or much rather, devoured it inch by inch.

“Yes Mistress, Suck it, please! Yes Mistress!” Leon called out, urging her on.

She rolled her hands up and down the length of the shaft as she licked and sucked at the head, taking more and more within her mouth to be covered in her own saliva, the taste overwhelming her as her body reacted to the carnal lust building inside, her pussy was wet and dripping, juices running down her legs. God how much she loved this!

She continued to jerk him off as she ran her tongue down the shaft, pressing into the groove, Leon’s body buckling beneath her at every one of her passes, struggling, he wanted to grasp her head and force her upon it, but all he was, was too helpless to do anything as he could only watch and feel as she took him in her mouth.

She decided it was time to introduce some pain, as her lips walked up slowly back from the base to the head, she took it in her mouth once more, but once she did, she withdrew quickly and scraped her teeth against it.
“God!” Was his only reply as he spasmed in pain and pleasure, her laugh at his pain increasing both. It was a game to her, one she dearly loved.

She kissed his lips softly, “There there,” she cooed, “Mistress will take care of you.”
“But you must take care of Mistress too.” She smiled. “I hope you’re good with your tongue Slave, if you aren’t, you may lose it.”

She mounted him, straddling his face, her wet virginal lips pressing against his mouth.
“Now suck it Slave, Now!” She demanded, slapping his face to hurry him up.
It stung him but quickly he shot his tongue into her.. and she gasped.
“Oh… My.”
He took his tongue and softly twirled it against her puffy lips, sucking the juices dripping from within, a sweet mix of nectar and honey to his now parched mouth, delicious.
She ground her pussy into his mouth, wanting him deeper inside. “Lick me, spear me, penetrate me, now..” Her demands growing weaker as the feeling was so amazing..

He obeyed.. He thickened his tongue and battered through her lips and plunged deep into her, squirming inside, lapping at her, tendrils of pleasure reaching through her body in response, he could feel her channel tighten around his tongue, and that only made it move more.

He withdrew it from her pussy and kissed the lips again, nipping at them slightly, much to her delight as the pain only heightened her senses.

Leon searched, trailing his tongue around till he found what he was looking for, Her clitoris, as he found it, she gasped “Gods..” She moaned, grinding herself against his face, getting herself off as he twirled his tongue around her clit, encircled it and finally; Vibrated his tongue, sending such a response throughout her body and into her core that she heightened to a state of bliss and came in waves, her back arching, her screams reaching to the ceiling, the feeling and pleasure so much. “Yes!!! Oh God Yes! Yes Slave!!!” Her juices flowing faster than even he could lap up, flowing over his mouth and over his face, soaking everything below them.
It was amazing.

She panted, still in the throes of Orgasm, mildly drained, but she smiled “I’m just getting started, Now for the main course.” She laughed and rose, stripping off all of her Garments, the chill causing her nipples to harden. Smiling still, she unshackled the Knight’s arms, letting him free to move his torso, he sat up and she kissed his cheek.

“I’ve dreamed of this moment, as I’m sure you have as well.. Your desire is to take a woman and her virginity, to make her yours… But mine, however, is to take a Man, and to make him mine. You will be mine, understood Slave?”

Looking up from fumbling with the ring still on his ever turgid thickness, trying to remove it. “Mistress?” He exclaimed dumbly.

The Queen looked deep into his eyes and slapped his face harshly.
“Listen Slave, you will be Mine! Understood now?!”

“Ye..Yes Mistress, I understand, I will be yours.” He answered, clutching at his stinging cheek.
“Good, now lay down and let your Mistress take you away to be hers forever.” She smiled.
He lay calmly to accept his Mistress, the ring forgotten momentarily, but the straining erection never subsiding, aching, begging for release.

The Queen straddled him again, this time on his chest and lay down upon him for a moment to smell his sweet scent and kiss his lips softly “All mine.. all mine..” She sung to herself, so happy she could barely contain it.
She scooted herself down to match hip to hip, “Say goodbye to Virginity my Dearest Slave, you’re mine now and I’m never giving you up.” And with that statement she impaled herself upon his thickness, well lubricated by their play before; he slipped right into her with a grunt as her hungry, no longer virginal lips engulfed all of his thickness in one gulp.
“Oh.. God.. Mm.. I love this.” She moaned loudly as she contracted her muscles around the thickness now buried deep inside her, not even moving, simply enjoying the feeling of fullness, completeness, for once in her life content with her body as she felt the hot throb, his heartbeat connected with hers, moving in time at an accelerated pace.
“Speak Slave, moan with me, let not my sounds be the only ones in this hall of lust.”
“Yes Mistress..” He breathed, too taken in by the pleasure of being fully wrapped in her velvety lips, deep in her tunnels as her muscles moved around him, the feeling of being connected with another being too intense to give words to. He moaned.

“Now,” she whispered. “You are mine..”

And with this she picked herself up and slammed back down again, as she did, his hips rose to meet hers at every conjunction, their pace slow and steady but strong. Harder and harder did they collide as his thick cock delved deep into her pussy, the both of them moaning, cooing to each other words of lust. “More..” she breathed.

Faster he picked up his speed, her body never touching down again as he picked himself up and rammed into her, once.. twice.. again and again, faster and faster as he came together with her, a Slave to his Mistress, a Knight to his Queen. More and more, his hands to both sides of her hips, holding her tight in his grasp, looking into her beautiful eyes as they danced with glee, love, and desire.

“Fuck me!” She gasped at him, “Faster, oh god, Faster!”
They slammed together, more intense, with such passion that the ring burst from his thickness. She reached down to grab his arms and pull him deeper into her. Her nails biting deep into his flesh. “Slave, Cum in me, fill me deep with your seed, now!”

He grunted, “Mistress, I’m yours, all yours!” His body spasmed as the pleasure peeked, the bliss filled every nerve in his body, even the pain in his arms turned to pleasure.
His hips buckled and thrusting deep, deep into her he came. Strings of his semen, hotter than either, spiraling deep into her, as he came so did the Queen. Again the floods of her fluids poured out, their juices mixing and even pouring out, such was the excess. She screamed his name as he moaned. They kissed each other devoutly, loving ever second as they joined together in orgasmic bliss. They whispered words to each other as they kissed with insane passion.. but one came up from the rest. “Together, Queen and her Knight. Mistress and Slave. Together.”

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