Around eight years ago my sister asked if I would be willing to move into her home and help share the expenses of this beautiful four bedroom house in Huntington Beach Ca. It was just her and her husband, they have no children, and it would help both of us save some money. The neighborhood is very nice and our neighbors consisted mostly of young families. I work a lot of hours so I didn’t spend much time there other than to eat and sleep! When I was there I couldn’t help but to notice the young milfs and the teenage girls that lived there. One weekend while washing my car I noticed that one of our neighbors threw a big party for their daughter’s 18 th birthday. Their daughters name is Jamie. She was a tall thin girl, and really did look much younger than 18. She was prone to clumsiness and seemed to be stuck at that awkwardness young people go through.

I knew she would be stunning when she finally filled out that tall slender frame. I helped around the house doing chores. One time when I was mowing the front lawn I saw Jamie come out the front door and trot around to the side of the house. The sprinklers had been on, she waved to me, slipped on the cement and fell against the stucco wall. I ran over there to see if she was okay. She had a nasty scratch on her shoulder so I helped her inside and attended to her wound. It had been a hot day so I had no shirt on, was wearing work out shorts, and had been perspiring. I was a forty-five year old man at that time but I lifted weights at the gym every morning. I keep myself in good shape even today and people always tell me that I look to be in my mid thirties. We were just about done when I noticed that she was really looking me over! I continued to bandage her up and saw that she was staring at my crotch! I asked if she was gonna be alright, that snapped her out of her trance! She looked up at me, turned red, and stuttered out a thank you. I left with a great ego massage and flattered that a girl that young would find me attractive. I really thought nothing more of it. A few days later I ran into her and her mother at the market. Her mother thanked me for being such a good neighbor, and Jamie joked about me being her knight in shining armor!

My room was on the opposite side of the house from my sister and her husband. I had one window that faced the front of the house, and a sliding glass door that faced the side of the house. If I came home late, I would go through the side gate and enter through the glass door to not disturb my sister. One night I was getting ready for bed. I sleep in the nude so I was getting undressed and I thought I heard a noise. I opened up the glass door and a cat ran away. It was a warm night, so I left the door open. I got on the computer to check my email. The only light that illuminated the room was my computer screen and a small night light plugged into the wall. I stretched out on the bed and started to become sleepy. The closet doors are mirrored and in the reflection I can see the glass door. Suddenly, I saw a silhouette move toward the door. It was dark, but I could tell that the silhouette was tall and slender. It was Jamie!! I didn’t move a muscle and my heart was pounding. I pretended to fall asleep, but kept my eyes barely open. I moved around on the bed, still pretending to sleep, but positioned myself for her to get a full view of me. The night light was on a timer, and it shut off. I heard some rustling and then realized that she had stepped into the room. Even in the dark, I could tell that this young woman was frantic! She had her hand up to her face, her breathing was controlled, but she was taking long deep breaths trying to steady herself. I rolled to my side so I was facing her still pretending to be asleep. The poor thing, when I did that she almost jumped out of her skin! She stood there motionless for what seemed like an eternity. Her hand moved toward her stomach, and I saw the shorts she was wearing drop to the floor around her ankles. I made the best snoring noises I could and rolled over to my back. She stepped out of her shorts and moved closer to the bed. Her hand was gripping her crotch, and when she moved closer. I was able to smell her sex! She was less than a foot away from me, and her pussy was about six or seven inches above me! The more I smelled her the more aroused it made me. My cock started to grow rapidly. In no time I was fully erect. She froze again, staring down at my cock. All this time I was still feigning sleep, snoring in a steady rhythm. Her breathing became heavy and labored. I thought maybe she was bringing herself to orgasm, but she knelt down, reached out, and slowly wrapped her fingers around my shaft. It took all the control I could muster, but I didn’t make a move! I could tell that she had a very big smile on her face. Who knows, maybe this was the very first cock she ever held on to! She seemed to be savoring the moment. She moved in closer and put her nose very close to the tip. Her grip tightened, the head of my cock swelled, and a big drop of pre-cum oozed out. My “snoring” stopped abruptly, and I let out a small moan. She froze again, looked up at me, and decided I was still asleep. She kept on squeezing, alternating her eyes from my cock to my face. My pre-cum started to run down her fingers. Then she did it! She moved in and licked the head! I twitched, and let out an audible moan. Once she did that, I think she stopped caring whether or not I would wake up. She moved in again and started sucking on the head! Actually, it was more like suckling. She was more like a hungry puppy, desperate for it’s mothers milk! She started sucking so hard, it started to hurt! That’s when I decided that it was time to “wake up”! I started moaning a bit louder, choked on my breath, opened my eyes and said, “Jamie! What are you doing?!!” The girl didn’t even hear me! She kept on sucking and licking like her life depended on it! When I sat up and turned on the bedside lamp, she finally stopped and fell back on her elbows. That’s when I noticed that she was not as much as a little girl as I had pictured her to be. Her legs were parted in my direction. I could see that they were very well toned and that she had a small, but very shapely rear end. She had a beautiful little pussy with a fuzzy mound of hair that was sopping wet. It was obvious that she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t move at all and said nothing. My eyes went directly to her pussy. I moved off the bed, crawled on to the floor and started moving toward her. She bit her lip and her eyes got real big. I started caressing her calves and slowly moved my hands up to her thighs. She laid back and let out what sounded like a very happy moan! I stopped just before I got to her pussy, and started all over again. I did this for a while until she was flat on her back spreading her legs as far as she could. I really didn’t know how to feel. I was old enough to be this girl’s father! In fact, I was older then her father by a few years! I was in deep, and there was no turning back. Besides, she was spying on me, and came into my room. In one swift motion, I picked her up and gently laid her on my bed. I got between her legs and gave her feather light kisses up and down her thighs. She was oo-ing and ahh-ing and started to say thank you over and over. I told her that she needed to be quiet so she wouldn’t wake my sister and her husband. She covered her face with a pillow, and I continued. Her skin was so soft and her body was lean and firm. My head was spinning and I was completely over taken with sexual hunger and lust. I started to lick around her pussy, her juices were flowing out of her. She tasted wonderful! So fresh, so pure! She was almost crying with joy, she said that she never knew she could feel this good! Then she grabbed on to her knees pulling them to her shoulders. She was totally venerable and loving every second of it. When she did that, the hood of her clit jutted out. I almost came just seeing that! I dove in! I gently put the tip of my tongue on her clit. She bucked and almost threw me off the bed! I went back down and started licking and sucking on her clit. Now I felt like that desperate puppy! It was hard to hold on to her, her hips were bucking and moving all over the bed. For such a tall girl, she had a tiny little pussy. I found her g-spot and drilled my tongue into it. She grabbed her knees again and this time pulled them up to her ears! She started cumming so hard her juices filled my mouth. There was no way this girl could remain quiet! Her moans were so loud, I’m sure she not only woke my sister, she probably woke half the neighborhood too!! She was spent. I backed off to look at her. She was in that blissful afterglow, that feeling of complete joy. My bed was a wreck, my mattress soaked with her juices. I crawled in behind her and placed my hard cock between her legs. She tried to say something, but I quieted her, and told her I was only gonna hold her, that she had enough for tonight. She relaxed and we laid together for a while.

Jamie regained her composure and we started talking. I asked her why on earth did I wake up to her sucking on my cock? She told me since the day I had helped her with her injury, she couldn’t stop thinking about me. She said she never been attracted to older men before, but on that day, we were in such close proximity, she couldn’t help but to notice my body. She saw me come home late one night, enter through the side door, and saw the light in my room come on. She snuck across the street, opened the gate, and went in. The blinds on the glass door were partially open, and she would watch me undress. She would sit and watch me until my nightlight would shut off. She said some nights she would watch me sleep, and see my sheet “tent” up! She knew I had an erection! Jamie also said that the girls at school would talk about “getting wet” when they watched some of the boys work-out. She knew what that meant, but never really experienced that until one night when she was spying on me. Apparently, she had been spying on me almost every night for a few weeks. She said that one night when I came home she snuck into the gate again and sat in her usual spot to watch me. She said that I wasn’t sitting at the computer like all the other nights. I was already undressed laying on the bed with my legs off to the side. She had a full view of my lower half and saw me reach down and grab a hold of my cock! She watched me rub on it and saw it grow into a full erection. She said her face was almost against the door! She watched me rub and pull on it until my hand was a blur. She saw my cum shoot out and land on my stomach. She left light headed and weak in the knees. When she got home, she went into her bedroom, looked in the full length mirror, and saw that her jeans were completely soaked! She actually knew what her girlfriends meant by “getting wet”. As the nights went on, she became bolder. She would come to watch me wearing only some short shorts and a flimsy t-shirt or tank top with no panties. She watched me masturbate on three different occasions. She said that she would become so wet, that she would remove her shorts and stand there naked with her juices running down her legs. She would go home after that, jump in the shower, and use the massaging head on her pussy. She said it would help her, but it was nothing like the actual orgasm I had given her. She said on that night when I had opened the glass door, she almost fainted! She thought she had been caught. When she realized I didn’t see her, a new level of excitement hit her. She had fantasized many times about being in the room with me, and she being the one rubbing and squeezing my cock. She knew it was crazy, but she felt this was her chance to actually do it! She had seen me get an erection many times while I slept, so when it happened in front of her, she was not surprised, she was grateful! That explained the big smile I saw on her when she finally wrapped her hand around my cock. She was fulfilling a fantasy! I never let her know that I had been awake the entire time. I let her think that she made all of the decisions that brought her there. And that was the truth, because I had never invited her in, and was truly unaware of the attraction she had for me.

I asked her if she was still a virgin. She told me that she had made out with some boys and even let one boy suck on her nipples. She rubbed his penis through his jeans and she thought that would be the night, but suddenly he stopped, and she noticed a big wet spot on his jeans. She was confused because he got very angry and took her home. She said that she didn’t know what he said to the other boys, but no one had asked her out since that happened. I told her what happened. I explained to her what a premature ejaculation was. I let her know that she did nothing wrong and that stupid boy was embarrassed, and probably thought she would make fun of him with the other girls. He didn’t realize what a sweet, caring, sensitive girl she was, and he probably said some mean things about her so she would have a difficult time getting another date. I let her know that immature men of all ages can respond like that if they are not comfortable with their sexual ability. All she said was “What a silly boy!”. I was really impressed with her honesty and her intelligence. She was very mature for her years and seemed like an old soul. Then reality slapped me in the face! She rolled around to face me, wrapped her young firm body around me, and said in a pretty serious voice, “What’s gonna happen with us?”. She hugged on my neck and started planting soft kisses on my chest. I started to feel very fearful. I didn’t know what to say. Fortunately for me, she did all the talking. She said that it was obvious that an open relationship would be impossible for both of us. There was no way that I would be able to bring her into my world, and if her father knew about us, he would probably kill me! Also, she would be going away to college in the fall, and couldn’t picture me attending any of the frat parties or me waiting around for her at the college for her to finish her last class of the day! We both laughed and held each other tightly. A sense of relief came over me and I thought, “old soul”. She continued to kiss my on my neck, and we both felt my cock grow hard between us. She looked up at me quickly, and realized that I still hadn’t had an orgasm. She started to apologize and squeezed her legs around my cock. She looked me in the eyes and asked me to be her first man. I felt her beautiful pussy getting wet again. Her pussy lips were draped over the top of my cock, and I could feel her heartbeat pulsating through it. It was a very difficult thing to do, but I had to turn her down. I had no condoms. Believe me, I asked her when her last period was, and when she told me she was due within the next week, I knew that door was closed! There was no way that I was gonna take the chance of a forty-five year old man, getting an eighteen year old girl pregnant, just before she left for college. I told her if she felt the same way the next day, or after her period, I would be honored to be her first.

She asked what we should do, and I reminded her that this whole thing started with her hand and her mouth around my cock! With a little instruction, she was a natural! I had to slow her down a few times and teach her to be a little more gentle. She didn’t realize how rough she was being! She found my g-spot when she fluttered her tongue on the tip of my cock. I told her, “just keep doing that!”. A pent-up well of jism started shooting into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all, but it was just too much. She sucked me until I went soft and kept on sucking! I pulled her up to me and told her to take it easy! She smiled and said she loved how I tasted and wanted more! I made her realize how much time had gone by, and she better go to sneak back into her house. I told her that from now on I would leave the door open and if she wanted another taste, she knew how to wake me!

During that summer, she came over a few nights a week. I did end up being her first. We never got caught. We really had some intense sessions, some of the best sex that I have ever experienced. She went away to college, and we did have a few romps when she came back during the spring break. Over the years we have kept in touch. She is now 26 years old, she is a graphic designer for a advertising company in Denver. She did meet a man in college, he was a tutor, 12 years older than her! She told me once, that because of me, she really knows how to keep him happy in bed!