Loving My Cousin


I’m putting the date down for this accomplishment.
Friday, April 14, 2006, I got a hold of my 24 year old
cousin Dusty. We were at a family cookout about 20
miles from my house, at the home of another cousin.
There must have been about 40 of us there. Most folks
were drinking. The bar had everything you could
imagine, free of charge. Plenty of food and plenty of
women present.

It started getting dark around 7:45 and everybody had
drank a good bit by then. Dusty and my older cousins
slipped around the house to smoke a joint. They came
back all giddy. I had been plying down the Jack Daniels
and cranberry juice, then started drinking Budweiser.

As we’re playing cards, Spades to be exact, Dusty
becomes my partner, sitting across from me in a dress
so short she had to keep her feet flat on the deck and
place her hand in her lap to push the center of it

Dusty is 5’5″, really cute, short curly hair that comes
right over her ears. She weighs about 130, 140 pounds,
I would guess. She is cocoa brown and has medium-sized,
firm breasts and a nice standout butt. She has really
athletic legs and thighs. And Saturday, she was
righteous, wearing a short white, floppy dress whose
hemline bounced close to her butt when she walked, and
it seemed it would reveal everything when the wind blew
it. Top it off with red spiked heel shoes.

We’re all drinking, talking shit, laughing, listening
to loud music. Some folks danced, some played dominoes
and some talked. I was giving Dusty the eye and she
knew it. Dusty crossed her legs and I saw the crotch of
her white THONGS! I kept looking and she kept crossing
and uncrossing, trying to hide it I guessed.

When the card game ended, Dusty sat on a high bar
stool, about a foot away from me. Everyone else was
taking a break to eat before resuming cards.

“Damn Johnny. You act like you’re trying to look under
my dress. Every time I look up, you’re staring between
my legs. What’s with that?” Dusty asked.

“Maybe I want some dessert. Maybe I want to eat the
sweetest piece of pie around here,” I told Dusty as she
gasped, dropping her jaw in disbelief.

“Johnny, I can’t believe you said that,” Dusty said,
placing her hands over her face. “Damn Johnny! I’m your
little cousin and you’re talking to me like I’m some
whore on the street or some bitch in the nightclub.
Damn! You don’t need anything else to drink. You need
to stop now before I tell my mom.”

“I know Dusty. And I want my little cousin so much I
just want to eat that thing for you. I can taste it
now, sweet,” I said.

“You need some mental help. You’re crazy talking that
way to your cousin? That’s sick!” Dusty said.

Everybody else returned to the back yard and the
dominoes and card games started up again. Dusty asked
my cousin Andre, who was hosting the party to get her a
drink, Crown Royal and Coca-Cola. I got up and headed
him off in the kitchen since he was also serving food,
helping to cook and running kids out of the house who
were being destructive.

I poured a stiff charge of whiskey into the cup and
topped it off with soda. I went back out and passed it
to Dusty. She remarked that it was strong. My cousins
Sheila, Jennifer and Angela said they were stepping to
the side of the house to smoke another joint. Dusty
joined them again. A few minutes later, Dusty was back,
eyes red and glazed over and she was chugging down that

I whispered to Andre to bring her another one, pretty
strong like that one. We played about three more hands
of cards when Dusty said she was so high if she didn’t
get home soon, she’d fall out. She wasn’t high enough
to require someone to take her home. But since she
lived about a mile away from me in a luxury condominium
where it’s probably 50 percent black residents and 50
percent white, I said I’d follow her home to make sure
she got there OK.

I gave my hugs and handshakes to kinfolks and thanked
Andre and his wife for having us all over.

Andre insisted I take a fifth of whiskey with me and a
12 pack of beer. There must have been 20 fifths there
and 10 cases of beer for only 50 people.

As Dusty got into her car, a Chevrolet Tahoe, I opened
the door for her and stood there. I knew she had to
open her legs pretty wide to step in and like
clockwork, she did it!

“Dusty please, let me lick that thing. That’s all I
want to do. I won’t even think of putting my dick
inside it. I want to suck your pussy until you tell me
to stop, please?” I said.

“Man, I told you quit. I ain’t down with the mental
illness thing. Why don’t you go home and do that to
your wife? Maybe she’ll enjoy it,” Dusty said as she
closed the door. “That’s some freak ass shit you’re

I made a last plea. “Dusty, please. Other folks have
done that before, had sex with their cousins,” I said.

“You’re full of shit. I told you, I ain’t down with the
mentally ill folks of our society,” Dusty said.

I convinced her to let me come by and I’d show her a
Web site that showed the stories. She agreed. When we
got to her house, she logged onto AOL.

I went to Google and then to Kristen Archives. I pulled
up the first story. She read it. Then the second story,
we read it. Then the third story. Dusty’s nipples were
showing well beneath her dress now.

I was leaning on the arm of her chair, crouched on my
knees viewing the screen with her and stealing looks at
her legs. We had been reading for about 15 minutes now.

“Wow. This is some weird shit!” Dusty said as she sat
back grinning. “This is fiction. You can’t believe
something so crazy.”

“I ain’t trying to believe it. I’m trying to get me and
you to write our story tonight. Our little secret that
no one � I mean not a soul will ever know except you
and me.”

Dusty spun the chair around, her crotch now no more
than the length of her thigh from my face and her legs
slightly parted. I stared at the small white triangle I
could see and before she could move to get up, I leaned
forward gripping her thighs and parting them, and
kissed her square on the wet crotch of her panties,
then used my left forefinger to quickly pull aside the
crotch of the thongs and stick my tongue into her wet,
slippery and salty tasting pussy.

“No! Stop!” Dusty said, as she hit me three times
quickly on the back of the head.

I started wiggling my tongue and Dusty stopped striking
me. Now she was wiggling her ass, making grunting
sounds like “hmmph. Uuujm, hmmm. Umm, hmmm.”

Dusty’s breathing got heavy and she scooted down in the
chair, resting her ass on the edge of it. I couldn’t
get at her right like this though. So I rose to my
feet, picked her up and walked a few steps and laid her
on the couch. I removed the straps to her dress and
pulled off her bra.

I sucked her titties as soon as they popped free. I
could taste sweat on the ends of the nipples which were
already hard. Little teeny, tiny nipples that looked
like they were a little larger than.22 caliber bullets.

I returned to her bottom, pulling off the thong and
laid down on the foot of the couch, laying my face into
her crotch, starting to lick and suck her slightly
haired pussy.

Dusty was the first young thing I had been with since I
was 30 years old. I had forgotten about how small,
delicate and soft smelling her vagina would be. It
seemed I had to dig my tongue into her flesh to find
the clitoris. There were no large lips to suck, just
delicate small ones that were full of nerve endings.
She writhed back and forth, moaning, tossing her head
back and forth, moving her hips and butt in perfect
motions like a dance, causing my head and face to move
the same way to keep my tongue attached to her and my
lips upon her.

Her juices were plentiful. It was like I was licking
the white of eggs mixed with olive oil it was so
slippery and slick. After about 15 minutes, Dusty
screamed loudly.

“Oooh cousin. Ohhh baby. You’re making me crazy about
you. Oooh� I’ve never�..Ooooh, I never��Oh baby yes!
Yes baby! It’s your pussy baby. It feels so good,” she
yelled loudly as she rocked off yet another orgasm,
sucking in her belly, breathing as if she were
experiencing the labors of delivering a child.

Her juices now coated my face and mouth. My hands
beneath her ass were failing to keep their grips, as
the brown leather sofa had become slippery as well from
her juice.

I raised up, my dick standing before me like the staff
of a past Egyptian King. Instead of fucking her here
and further messing up the couch whose leather had
turned dark beneath her where the juices had flowed, I
chose to take her to the bedroom. I reached down to
pick up Dusty and she gladly placed her arms around my
neck as I lifted her. She kissed me, pushing tongue
into my mouth, sucking my tongue, nibbling at my lips.

A few seconds later, I laid the brown skinned woman, my
cousin, onto her queen size bed. I hovered over her
kissing as she continued to hold onto my neck. I pulled
back the covers releasing the smell of freshly washed
linen. Dusty got beneath the heavy comforter and pulled
my arm, forcing me into the bed beside her.

We kissed again as she grabbed at my long dick, softly
saying with dreamy eyes, “It’s so big. Don’t hurt me

“I won’t baby,” I said as I scooted down in the bed to
again taste this young, hot and unspoiled pussy. I
licked her and sucked her again for what seemed like
hours, but was only 15 minutes. She kept cumming and
cumming. Then I rose and laid on her, pushing my dick
ever so slowly into her wet wonderful smelling pussy.

The edge of the blinds allowed a streak of light inside
from the parking lot. I looked into Dusty’s dreamy eyes
as she smiled, grabbing me beneath the shoulders,
rolling her tight and tender young ass to meet my
constant and slow entry and exit into her body.

Dusty closed her eyes, every now and then opening them
slightly enough to see me, then smile and kiss me.
After about three of four minutes, she was cumming
again and really started fucking hard up and down, side
to side.

“Ooooh cousin. Do you like it? Is it good to you too?”
she asked.

I was fucking hard, trying not to cum she was so hot
and I said sort of muffled, ‘Uuuhm, hmm.’

Now Dusty wrapped her legs around my ass and was
pulling me in and out pretty fast. She hollered � not
moaned, but hollered, “Ohhh. Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me
cousin, fuck me dammit!”

I couldn’t hold out. The young pussy was too hot and
tender and drew my seed into her. Dusty’s body shook as
I expelled that seed into her. We kissed and laid
there, staring in each other’s eyes for the longest,
eventually nodding off to sleep. After an hour, I
awoke, kissing Dusty on the face and kneeling down
again between her lips to eat her young, sweet tasting

She woke up calling my name. I ate her pussy again and
again and we made love again � notice, “made love,” not

We’ve got a really special thing going. We have a CD
compilation of music that’s ours to commemorate that
night. It has on it Luther Vandross’ “Still in Love,”
The Isley Brothers’ “For the Love of You,” and
“Sensually,” Arnold Lindsay’s “My Name is The Blues”
and “Just Like Cinderella,” Patti Labelle’s “Somebody
Love You Baby,” and Bobby Womack’s “That’s The Way I
Feel About You,” and “If Loving You is Wrong.”

She can fuck all night listening to those songs going
on and on in a loop. Sometimes they play for hours at a
time. And I ain’t never listened to some of the music
until me and Dusty got together that night.

And in secret, I call Dusty “Cinderella,” because the
song makes me think of how we’ve been living since we
first got together. We can play it off in the daytime
as close cousins. But at night, damn if I don’t want to
think of her as Cinderella.

Now I understand why older guys leave their wives,
their children and their entire families to settle out
with a young broad. Ain’t nothing like a fresh, tight
and hot young pussy to make a man feel like he’s never
felt. I don’t know what the future holds for me and
Dusty. But I know whatever it takes for me and Dusty to
be together, I am willing to do.

I have had women. I have had good ones. But something
about this girl’s sex, her love making that runs me
crazy. She said she’s willing to take part in a
threesome when I find the right white woman.