Life’s Twists

The sound of the water running, it splashing on my body is calming and relaxes me. I take a quick look to see if the water was not turned open too strong and splashing over the basin edge, as I still need to repair the railing where the shower curtain once were hanging from. Satisfied that I have not to dry up too much splash on the bathroom floor after I showered, I started putting the thoughts of work and responsibilities aside and, almost forcing myself to, start to think about pleasantries for the weekend ahead. I never planned my life ahead and sort of went with the flow but I knew something need needed change so, I decided this was one weekend that I was really going to be selfish and just spoil myself. Whilst imagining myself sitting with a beer in hand beside the lake I faintly hear a bumping sound on the bathroom door. Concentrating now, I listen carefully without adjusting the shower flow and look at the slight seam of light below the bathroom door. I clearly see the grey-ish shadow breaking the seam of light in three separate beams and knew someone was at the door. “My daughter has to be back from school” I think to myself, “It could only be her…” Yes, the shadow was not moving; there are definitely someone pausing outside the door. “Why this pause, is it her, is she peeping through the key-hole?” I wonder. Well, if she is, she would only be able to see up to my chest and not be aware that I am looking at the door right now. Suddenly a sense of excitement sent electric ripples of waves through my whole body and even under the hot water I can feel my skin developing goose bumps all over. I have never been spied on, well, not that I am aware of. I also never really thought about it.

Actually, I always made sure that whatever I do that needed privacy stays in private. When needed, doors are always closed and even locked, as I am a very private guy. With a sense of impulsive recklessness I decide to make as if I did not hear the noise and carried on showering. My daughter was in her early teen years and her twelfth birthday we celebrated three weeks or so ago. I know she was growing up fast and at times I did think about her turning into a full-blown woman. To some extent it frightened me, well it frighten most dads to think of their little girls when they are in the process of blossoming into womanhood. Besides deciding to shoot the guy who ever tried to get smart with her, I never thought of her in a sexual way, ever. Well, thank you very much, this just changed, just now. She very well knew it was me taking a shower right this very moment as my wife and son only returns home roundabout five o’clock, and she has the front door key, and also, it was just past one now. It has been a minute or two since I heard the slight bump, so I wondered how she was feeling by now seeing that she is still at the door undoubtly staring at me. Is she getting aroused, slightly touching herself? Have she touched herself before? The shadow slowly moves, but not away from the door. I see the gap between the two shadows widen, as if she tries to position herself more comfortably. Standing back-bent to peep through a key-hole do make your legs tired and after a few minutes resembles the hell-like dungeon-experience released on your back. I know, I have done it too in my much younger years.

I contemplated how far I could take this: How far should I take this? If she has the guts to peep… is it just out of curiosity or is she expecting more? My heart pounded in my chest as I turn to face the door. This is wrong, so wrong. But the excitement of the moment got the better of me and I decide to give her a full, clear view of my body. Reaching for the shampoo I saw her shadow still in line with the key hole, right there. I just wish I could see behind the door. I slowly pour a bit of shampoo over my head and start working it into my hair. Soap is slowly running down my body and it gives me a chance to start spreading it over my arms, my chest, my thighs and my legs. I wipe some soap from my eyes and dry it off with the end of the towel hanging close by. All the time I make sure my body is in full view from the key-hole. What is she thinking now? Many thoughts are running through my head, but the only thought I echoing all the time is about how and what she felt right now. I feel myself getting hard. My cock is slowly rising and I softly utter a swear word. “This is not what I need right now” I think to myself. Hardly…(no pun intended) So, should I turn away? No. Let she see me, let she see her dad as she never saw him before I decided in a moment of manly egoistic stupidity. I want to let my little girl see what a grown man looks like, naked… “What will she think if I do this?” I think while starting to wash my cock with the shampoo soap running over it. I am very hard now, my cock is fully erect and are throbbing so much it almost hurts. If I was her, if I was a young girl seeing a hard cock, I would be slowly running my finger in small circles over my pantie where it covered and touched my clit. She could be “at it” right now, moving her hands cupped slightly over the contours of her little bonneted hump, her middle finger a little more indented, following the “v”-indention that is getting soaked with juices of passion on the inner side of her pussy lips, up and down.

I don’t think she knows much about fingering, I never really thought if she would, at her age, be wise enough to finger herself. I hope not, because fingering leads to sex and she was much, much too young for that. Yet, her pussy should be very wet by now and must be dampening up the lining of her pantie. Thinking these thoughts I soap up my cock and slowly start stroking it. I start with seemingly unnoticeable minute, short, almost logical movements as if I am still cleaning it with soapy bubbles. I steadily increase my hand movements until I am stroking the full length of my cock. “By the time she realizes what I am actually doing it should come to her as a shock” I think. I want it to be a bit “shocky” It will either scare her off or otherwise excite her. I had a fifty-fifty chance with both. Part of me wants this to end but men never listens to reason and cocks shout harder than brains so, with me listening to the twins below I continue with my soft-core masturbation exhibition. Still, I am getting harder and harder. If I was in her shoes right now I would barely be able to restrain myself from just opening the door and storming in, to fall on my knees and take this big cock all the way into my mouth. Especially if I knew he was putting up a show and knew I was watching. “What if she really does it, I mean, just came bursting into the bathroom… Would I act shocked, because I am not… Disappointed… Eager… Should I let her know how I feel right now?” I guess some questions don’t have answers after all. Sometime you have to live in the moment, for it is only that moment which matters most. Yes, I will feel bad about it; I am going to feel real bad after this, off course. I already feel bad about intentionally exposing myself to my little girl, but she is the one peeping through the key-hole, not me. What bothers me most is that I hate the way I feel right now. Besides me being excited to the point of exploding, I feel valued and appreciated, and in some bizarre way, wanted, desired, needed, even if it came from a child. In some way I feel almost as if I am helping her deal with things she can’t openly talk to me about. She must have some very personal and private needs, even at her young age. We all went through things no-one ever knew about, things we thought and had done which are not necessarily wrong or shameful, depending on who found out about it or knew. I have heard and read about things like this: Intimacy and affection between dads and daughters, and I always strongly voiced my judgmental opinions about such matters openly. I just never had the fore-knowledge and insight to acknowledge that it can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and in any household or family. Now it happened to me, I already crossed many lines even if I never touched her in any way yet, I am already guilty as charged. Still, these guilty charges constantly bombarding me are violently being forced to the back of my mind and are unmercifully and repeatedly being replaced with doctrines of innocence and growing, learning phases. These screaming voices are shouting to me that she is just being inquisitive, a natural pattern of behaviour for developing puberty in any boy or girl, and to deprive her of grasping opportunities such as this could do more harm than good. If this type of situation arose, let’s say, at a friend of hers house, things could end up much worse, much more devastating emotionally and physically. Deceitful voices sooth my mind, telling me that I am lucky this is happening, even that I should feel honoured, especially at my age, that a girl find me worth voyeuring upon. .

Partly it is the truth because I am not a “looker” so-to-speak; yet I do have a fairly good-looking wife. But I have never felt anything stirring up so much anticipation and excitement as what I am experiencing right now and I guess it makes it all wrong. Still, I want it to continue… Listen, I have seen many naked girls, young and old, and I admire the female body wherever opportunity presents itself. I have, at times, also seen very young girls naked, I think the youngest must have been around five years of age but at that stage I was a youngster too. But never in my fourth-nine years of life have I ever thought, or even acted around any of my family members in this way, let alone in front of my own daughter! And here I am exposing myself knowingly, intentionally and the worst of all, it feels great and sends thrills all over my body! What the fuck is happening to me today? Where will this lead? What is set in motion here? Can it be stopped? Well, I sure don’t want this moment to stop and I wonder if she would want this to end… All I know is that I sure won’t ever forget what is happening right now and want it to last a while before I start being ashamed of myself. I wonder if her attitude towards me will change after this. Will she still respect me? My feelings for her, will it change, change from father ship to one of desire and affection for my daughter? I think if she did not know that I knew she peeped, she would keep quiet about it and we would still have the trusting loving father-daughter relationship we shared up to now. But this requires that I carry on with my “unawares pose” and, to say the least, I am more than happy and willing to go that route, taken into account the way I feel right now. Regrettably I wished she had a clearer view of me. Sure she can see most of me, but without both-eyed three-dimensional sight things can seem half the worth. I have to invent some form of gadget or means to a clearer view-point on this shower, something that won’t invoke suspicion… That aside… Coming back to me showering, I know if I carry on stroking my cock this way, at some point I will come, so I grudgingly let my cock go and make-believe reach for the taps. I turn the water pressure down a bit until it was just spouting in a few small streams from the dispenser, dampening the sound a bit. I now faintly can hear breathing on the other side of the door. I was not wrong from the start, I sigh in relieve. There was some very slight doubt, but I am glad to know for sure: It definitely was my daughter, Desire, on the other side of that door.. And she sounded clearly very excited. Hearing her enhanced breathing made my cock harden even more and I felt the tingling sensation of pre-cum building up inside it. I also know that soon I will start dripping elasticated pre-cum streams. It was torture. Why does she not just burst into here and start sucking on my cock? …..“Dennis!…What are you thinking”, I rebuked myself. “It is your daughter out there!” I have to stop this…now… I have to re-think what I am doing. I turn close both the shower taps, grab the towel and start drying myself. I am a bit disappointed to see how the shadows quickly move away in the direction of her bedroom and know she is not peeping anymore. She would now go and be in her room and act as if nothing transpired the last ten minutes or so, I know. I can tell when she feels guilty about something. There is a way about her. Still, at the moment my cock is still uncomfortably rock-hard and I need some urgent release.

I turn my thoughts towards my wife. I love muff-diving her. I love the way her pussy smells, I really love it when she wiggles her body when I run my tongue over her clit and when she comes, I just love licking her wetness until she stops me and guide me upwards to her. I favour taking time with this. Pussy tastes and smells great. I suddenly wondered how my daughter Desire’s pussy smelled… Off the topic: A secret no-one knows about me is, that in my life I have experienced the smell and taste of many pussies. “How come?” You ask? Few people ever think of this: There are many of us “perverts” out there. Yes, I call myself a pervert, because in many sexually dull-repetotory-mission-position-only-no-variation-from-once-a-week-and-dildo’s-are-out-of-the-question minds I will be, in sexual practice, literally be regarded as the scum of the earth if I am found out. Part of my, secretly, no-one know of it, sexual endeavours include regular masturbation with lingerie. They call it “…” See? My trade as being an electrician and appliance handyman allows me access to many bathrooms and laundry rooms in the business and private sector. I have to say, if you really want to “make my day”, please call me out for repairs or maintenance to a hospital, girl’s hostel or a guest house. Since I was little I had this infatuation for panties and other female underwear, but where it all started is a long interesting story on its own, and if you ask nicely I may share it with you on another occasion. Needless to say, in the light of what I just mentioned, what happened next I think you can foretell before even reading further. Thinking of my daughter and how wet she must be right now I instinctively look towards the dirty washing bin. I started searching for one of her panties. There is a few, and one-for-one I start turning them inside-out. The excitement in me built up once more. I chose one that were the most stained of them all and put it aside. I knew what I was about to do was wrong on all levels, but I just had to know… I needed this experience immediately… and if I can’t step over the lines I drew for myself as a husband and father, at least I can have this one, despicable, wonderfully perverted taboo experience, even though I rightly know there will be consequences. Holding her panties in my hand lethargically blurred all sense of right and wrong, and the next thing I know I am pressing her dirty panty firmly to my nose, taking deep nasal sniffs. The moment I experienced the scent of her pussy it overwhelmed me, it was sweet and adorable, yet wonderfully “different”, but somewhat much the same I have experienced many times before with the lingerie of others. I think the biggest difference was that smelling my little girl’s pussy scent drove me much wilder than it did when I did exactly the same with the lingerie of other women and girls, and I guess the uncensored, bare-truthed insanity of it all added a special mystical-combined-with-perpetory sensuality to this moment. I reach down and take another panty, fold it over my hard cock, pressed the head of my cock right there where a ream of milky white residue deposited just-just below the mid-seam of it. Seeing that this most probably will be the closest my cock ever came to feeling the wonderful sensation of my daughters own wet bald pussy lips sliding over my throbbing shaft, my cock immediately start to leak into her panty as I close my hand tight over it. I feel her panty between my hand and my cock, thinking of how my pre-cum is currently mixing with her dried pussy fluids. I feel myself shiver slightly. This is intoxicating, this feel and smell so great… Instinctively I start licking at the place where her pussy scent was the strongest. I taste the light-saltiness of her pussy wetness that dried on the silks and it made me start stroking my cock with the pantie folded over it, now with purpose and passion. Faster and harder I go, more intense and more eager, wanting, desiring for her pussy. I lick over her panty until my mouth and tongue is covered with her now-dissolved fluids and suddenly feels how my cock starts pulsating, spurting burst after burst of thickish cum into her silks. My whole body jerks uncontrollably; all I am aware of is this fantastic whirlpool of climaxing sensation intertwined with forbidden desires, blurred with cartoon-like visions of my daughter and I engaging in secretive, despicably lustful and filth-like intimacy. Wave after wave of sensation flood my body, and only once it subsides I become aware of how hard I am breathing. Yet, I am too exhausted to control it. It feels so good.

Powerless I go and sit on the edge of the dressing bunk and run my tongue over her panty once more, if there was the slightest bit of residue left, I needed it in my mouth….
Fuck… this is unexplainable, I think to myself.
This must never get out…

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