Waiting to Inhale

Ewell Bennett was a miserly old man, although as I recollect, Mr. Ewell
(pronounced you’ll) wasn’t really all that old. I guess he was 45-50
when Dan Gobel worked for him and the incidents recorded here occurred.
Mr. Ewell was married to Miss Sara Whitsworth. The slaves they kept
called her family “shitsworth” because they were not the high-class
people they professed to be. She had married Mr. Ewell because he had
the richest spread in lower Mississippi and the largest bank account in
6 counties. Mr. Ewell had married Miss Sarah after the untimely death
of his first wife because she was a beautiful woman, well shaped with
obvious physical attributes and Mr. Ewell loved only one thing more
than money, sex. Mr. Ewell was a hard man, but he treated the slaves
well, worked them hard, fed them well, housed them well and bred them
as often as he did his other livestock.

One of the first things that struck you about the Bennett place was the
absence of adult male slaves. There were no black men on the place from
about the age of 13 to the age in which their hair grew very thin and
light and they walked with a crippled limp. Even at that there were
never any more than about 6 adult men slaves on the whole place. That
was because of Mr. Ewell’s fondness for the slave women. When the boys
got big enough to reach puberty and “their nuts drop” as Mr. Ewell put
it, he sold them off to the market in Mobile or Atlanta or New Orleans.
But it was the women that worked the Bennett place, and women that were
both the disdain and salvation of Miss Sarah.

While Miss Sarah Whitsworth was one of the most attractive and gracious
women in lower Mississippi, she had a distinct aversion to sex. She
didn’t like it. She didn’t like the mess it made. She didn’t like the
feel or smell or taste of a man. Things being what they were in the
deep south at this time, Mr. Ewell was not aware of this until after he
had made his vows to her. Now, while Mr. Ewell ignored the part about
being faithful to her only, he took the “till death do part” portion of
the vows seriously. Never was the word “divorce” mentioned in the
Bennett household, but Mr. Ewell was quite determined to remind Miss
Sarah of her shortcomings for as long as she was determined to hold out
on him. Even the slaves whispered about the fit he threw upon arriving
home from their honeymoon in New Orleans. It seemed a bit strange that
he came home two days before she did, but when she did arrive and still
refused to satisfy his natural desire, even after all the things he had
bought her and showed her while there, his angry tirade was heard from
the front gates to the back of the slave’s quarters.

Now, it wasn’t that uncommon for the master of the plantation to take a
young black woman for a belly warmer for the winter. No woman, not even
a black woman, was capable of satisfying a man every night. So, it was
common knowledge that Mr. Ewell, like most of his neighbors,
occasionally took a slave woman to bed with him-even when his first
wife was alive-but it was never flaunted like it was with Miss Sarah.
She brought out the very worst in everyone she met. Mr. Ewell had even
told one of the slave women, in Miss Sarah’s presence, that she was
like a varnished apple-looked perfect and delicious on the outside, but
once you peeled her, she was rotten to the core.

An incident few will forget occurred shortly after Gobel came to work
for Mr. Ewell. Mr. Ewell was sitting out on the back porch when the
slaves came in from the fields that afternoon. It was mid-October, the
harvest was in and they had been working in the peach orchard. A line
of about 40 slaves, lead by 4 or 5 old crippled men, proceeded past the
porch, nodding and greeting Mr. Ewell as he watched. Following close to
the old men were the young boys, some as young as 2 or so, numbering
about 8, following them and playing with them were the little girls,
some acting as nursemaids to the children, from infants to about 11 or
12, there were 10 of them. Following next were the real workers of the
Bennett place, young black women from about 13 up to the gray-haired
old mammies that then came in and became house slaves. There were
almost 20 of them and they could tell by the look on Ewell Bennett’s
face what he was looking for that day. They kept their eyes down as he
stared at them, each wondering who’s turn it would be today.

“You,” he stood and pointed toward the front of the group, “with the
red scarf on. Come over here.” There was a squall from the rear of the
group as a mother recognized her daughter as the “chosen” one. The
girl, a healthy looking slave turned and looked back at her mother as
she stepped out of line toward the porch.

“Oh lawd, Mr. Ewell,” a woman shouted and started toward the
porch, “That’s my baby.” Ewell stood and looked the girl up and down
then turned to the woman. “This fine young bitch your daughter, Ruby?”
he demanded, immediately recognizing the woman. She nodded, biting her
lip. “Well Ruby, I like the looks of your baby.” He looked down on the
girl, “What’s your name child and how old are you?”

“They call me Minnie, Mr. Ewell and I’s 15 yesterday.”

“You know what I’m going to do with you Minnie?”

“I suppose,” she nodded with a glint of fear in her eyes, “I seen you
do it to others.”

“Including your mamma?”

“Yes, I seen you do her too.”

“Good, you know I ain’t gonna hurt you none.” She nodded, barely
looking Mr. Ewell in the face.

The screen door swung open with a crash as Miss Sarah strutted out on
the porch, “Good lord, Ewell, do we have to do this again?”

The only woman that ever really angered Mr. Ewell was Miss Sarah. He
looked at her coldly and said, in a voice every slave in the yard and
house could hear, “If you was half the woman you look like you are, I
wouldn’t have to do this. These bitches here will do for me anytime
what I can’t get you to do once.” He then turned to Ruby, “You come
over hear and get me ready.” Pointing to Minnie, he fired an icy stare
at Miss Sarah and ordered, “You, get her ready for me.”

Ruby knew what was expected. She quickly knelt before her owner and
began unbuttoning his trousers. Her fingers were quick and she soon
freed him from his pants. His long cock was semi-hard and pale in the
afternoon sun. Behind her all but the smallest children had stopped
playing and it was very quiet. Ruby loosened his belt and dipped back
in to bring Mr. Ewell’s hairy balls into the fresh air. From only a few
feet away, Minnie saw her mother lick her lips and place them on Mr.
Ewell’s cock.

As the slave woman began to suck his dick, Mr. Ewell looked out at the
rest of the slave troupe. The old men had turned their backs, some of
the young women and children watched, the other women just studied the
ground as most of them had already had this experience several times
before. Ruby slurped noisily, holding Mr. Ewell’s cock with one hand
and his balls with the other. Pumping it into her mouth she felt it
grow harder and longer.

Mr. Ewell watched as his pretty white wife began to unbutton the simple
work dress worn by Minnie. Miss Sarah knew the girl had no idea of what
was coming. He was going to take her right here in front of everyone,
like a bull takes a cow, or the way the dogs mount the bitch in heat
around the porch-embarrassing, that’s what she thought it was, a shame,
a blight on her good name. After he humiliated her here on the porch in
front of everyone, then he’d take the slave bitch into the house and
fuck her all night long. They would be able to hear his shouts and the
poor girl’s screams all the way down to their quarters, and she, why,
she’d have to listen to them from the next room. It made Miss Sarah
sick to her stomach.

“My gawd, Minnie, are those your tits or are you hiding pumpkins in
there?” Mr. Ewell called out as Miss Sarah slid the dress from her
shoulders and exposed the fine dark skin of the girl and the rather
large breasts, capped with even larger, darker, nipples.

Ruby sucked even harder and tried not to think about her daughter being
exposed in front of the group, although she knew it was bound to happen
one day. She licked and kissed her master’s now rigid cock. It was
impressive, almost 10 inches long and matched by balls that would have
been at home on one of Mr. Ewell’s bulls. Her hands moved faster as she
continued to suck, tasting a bit of pre-cum, and knowing it would not
be long. Minnie watched as her mother serviced her master. It was a
strange sight, although she had seen it before, soon that long hard
thing would be inside her and she’d know the experience first hand that
she had heard whispered about in the slave quarters.

Miss Sarah had now completely disrobed Minnie. She had a wet wash rag
cleaning the girl from her shoulders to her knees. This was really the
only time Miss Sarah felt a twinge of sexual inclination. Her hands
cleaned the dark crevasse between Minnie’s nicely rounded cheeks, then
moved to the front. Thick pubic hair hid the secret spot into which Mr.
Ewell would soon be plunging. Miss Sarah rubbed her gently, then forced
the girl to spread her legs some as she rubbed deeper. The rag slipped
from Miss Sarah fingers as she felt her own pussy, ever vacant, moisten
slightly. A groan from across the porch signaled that Mr. Ewell was not
far from his first cum of the night. She gently parted the dark lips of
Minnie’s pussy and slipped a finger inside. It was tight and dry.

Mr. Ewell threw his head back as the talented black bitch sucked him
off. He loved Ruby’s sucking. She was the only one who could actually
take him all inside her mouth. She was good and she knew it. So did
Ewell. So did Miss Sarah. He looked across at her fingering the young
girl. There was a hint of a smile on her face until she saw him looking
and then the hard stare returned. There was a tingle in his balls and
Mr. Ewell reached down and grasped Ruby by the hair. His hips began to
thrust as he felt his cum building in his balls. With a grunt, he
slammed his cock into her mouth, Ruby knew what to expect and opened
wide. A gush of cum erupted from her master and she struggled to take
it all in.

Everyone within earshot heard Mr. Ewell’s grunt and knew he had just
fired a load of hot spunk into the slave bitch’s mouth. She squirmed to
keep her footing as he tried to ram his cock further down her throat.

Miss Sarah shuddered at the sound he made and at the thought of that
thing squirting into her mouth. Now, even the adult women were watching
intently as Ruby gagged a couple of time, then swallowed noisily. They
knew she was one of the precious few who could completely satisfy Mr.
Ewell this way. As the hot cum flooded her throat, Ruby tried to relax
and let it go. In some respects she did not mind this, especially when
Mr. Ewell took her alone to his bedroom. She drew some satisfaction in
the fact that she got favored treatment because of her talents and
spent many nights in the comfort of the mansion’s bed instead of the
sparse slaves’ quarters. Then, as suddenly as it started, he relaxed.

Miss Sarah was busily massaging Minnie’s virgin pussy, unconsciously
growing more excited with her hand movements as she watched Ruby
satisfy her husband. Although she despised the whole process the worst
part was about to come. She watched her husband’s thick hard dick slide
from the slave woman’s mouth. It glistened with spit and cum and looked
freshly polished. Ruby quickly put her hand to her mouth and spat a
long stream of the creamy, stringy liquid. Without looking at her
daughter, she handed the cum to Miss Sarah. Her stomach always turned
at this point. Miss Sarah visibly shuddered as the slave dumped the hot
liquid into her palm. She hated the slimy feel of it, the sticky film
it left on her hands, and the knowledge that her husband delighted in
getting it on her. Minnie knew what was coming and eased her legs apart
even more as Miss Sarah began to massage the warm fluid into her twat.

“Oh, Ruby, that was good. You are without a doubt the finest cock
sucking bitch I own,” Mr. Ewell patted her on the head like a pet
dog, “I hope your lovely daughter is as satisfying.” Holding his cock
with one hand he motioned with the other. “Bring her on over here Miss
Sarah. If you ain’t going to do it for me, she’ll have to.” Miss Sarah
flushed bright red again. She hated him for what he was doing to her.

What he did to the slaves was inconsequential, but he was defiling her,
a Whitsworth, in front of them and some of the hired hands that had
gathered at the edge of the yard.

Mr. Ewell stroked his cock as the slave girl approached. He glanced
around and saw Dan Gobel standing in the shadow of a big oak. “Dan, you
want some of Ruby, here? She’s mighty fine. Something you’d really
like.” Dan ducked his head, a little embarrassed, “Thank you sir, but
not right now, Mr. Ewell. Maybe later.” Most of the slaves already
knew, even as Dan had not been there more than a few months, his tastes
ran more to the young boys than the women.

“Bend over that chair there honey,” Mr. Ewell directed the girl, “My,
my, you have got some fine tits and a truly lovely ass for a child your
age. Must have come from your mamma’s side of the family.” Patting her
on the ass as she followed his direction, Mr. Ewell watched his wife’s
reaction. Both of them and Ruby knew Minnie was as easily his daughter
as she was the daughter of the big buck slave some of the owners passed
around for breeding purposes. Minnie leaned over the big wicker laced

Miss Sarah stepped around behind it and leaned over the back, “Put your
elbows on the seat and hold on to the back here.” Minnie was shocked by
the softness of Miss Sarah voice as she positioned the girl.

“Well?” Mr. Ewell stood close behind her, cock in hand, staring at his
frigid wife. She took a long breath and leaned over the dark young
body. Minnie’s legs were trembling slightly and she jumped at the touch
of Miss Sarah cool hand’s on her ass. Lifting and separating the cheeks
of Minnie’s ass, Miss Sarah exposed her pussy to her fuck-hungry
husband. Gripping the back of the rocker hard, Minnie felt Mr. Ewell’s
hand in the small of her back and then the sensation of the bloated
head of his cock working it’s way between the lips of her virginal
pussy. Her cunt was wet already from his cum being massaged into it, as
well as some moistness generated when Miss Sarah had been fingering her-
a sensation that was not all together unpleasant. This, however, was a
different matter. Minnie cared not that all the population of Bennett’s
plantation was watching. She was not afraid of the pain as her mother
had told her it would be brief. What worried young Minnie as her master
was just about to fuck her for the first time was would she be
satisfying to him. There had been stories, whispered around the cook
house, about slave women that went to Mr. Ewell’s bedroom and were
never seen again. Some had heard him roar his displeasure and the sound
of flesh striking flesh in the night.

Suddenly all thoughts went out of her head as the hard thick shaft of
her master slid past the lips of her cunt and sunk into the depths of
her pussy. She screamed aloud as her virginity was shattered and her
cunt was stretched by as cock for the very first time. Mr. Ewell was
gently patting her ass and speaking in a soothing voice to her as he
stood still, fully engulfed by her young pussy. There were tears in her
eyes as Minnie’s cunt adjusted to the fullness of Mr. Ewell’s cock. A
spark of satisfaction lit her face as she realized that was Mr. Ewell’s
massive balls dangling against the backs of her legs-she had taken him
all in.

“You ok, now Minnie?” Mr. Ewell stroked her back and sides as he talked
gently to her, “Mr. Ewell’s gonna give you something good now, you
ready?” Minnie wiped the tears with the back of her hand and nodded
vigorously. “See,” he looked up at Miss Sarah, “She’s more ready than
you are!” Minnie glanced out through the slatted rail of the porch.

Friends that were playmates just a few minutes ago were now distant.

She had passed from being one of the children to being one of Mr.
Ewell’s girls. Secretly Minnie hoped she would be one of the favored
girls, a regular, like her mamma had enjoyed for many years.
“The nigger bitch is a slave. She has no choice,” Miss Sarah
hissed, “I’m a Whitsworth and I do have a choice.”

Mr. Ewell ignored Miss Sarah completely and began to slowly stroke his
cock in and out of the slave girl. He felt her pussy loosen up and
moisten as he gently and carefully pulled it out and thrust it back in.

When he felt her relax, his tempo increased. Nothing felt better to Mr.
Ewell than a slave bitch’s cunt wrapped around his cock, and few were
better than a fresh young one. His hands moved to her waist, gripping
her tightly and drawing her ass back against him as he thrust. The
resistance decreased and Ewell increased the force of his thrusts,
driving his cock into her harder and deeper each time. He heard a soft
moan escape from her lips and he smiled. Something had told him Minnie,
Ruby’s daughter, might be one that would enjoy the pleasures of being
his favored bitch. Her back arched a little and he shifted his stance
to drive a little deeper. The other slaves watched now, except for the
small children, as Mr. Ewell took one of their own in what most would
have considered a very demeaning way. Those few women who had enjoyed
favored status hoped that Minnie would be so graced, those who had
simply been taken and cast aside were reliving their own public

Mr. Ewell now reached forward and grasped Minnie’s tits in his big
white hands. Cupping them and fondling them, twisting and pinching her
nipples as he did, Mr. Ewell felt them harden and grow hot in his
hands. Minnie began to respond in other ways, too. Her ass tightened
with each stroke, her pussy clenching his dick as it pounded in and out
of her. Softly at first, and now louder, Minnie was punctuating each
stroke of his cock with a satisfied grunt. Shifting his hands back to
her waist, Mr. Ewell leaned back and plowed her cunt even harder and
faster. Her young, firm tits bounced and swung with each stroke and she
began to groan and moan with pleasure. Mr. Ewell was pounding her hard
now, each stroke driving the breath from both of them. Miss Sarah stood
shocked to see the young girl responding so favorably to this
humiliating act. Ruby watched from the yard, filled with a mixture of
sorrow for innocence lost and pride that her baby girl was doing so
well at this.

For the first time since he sunk his cock into her pussy, Mr. Ewell
began to make noise. He grunted and groaned, trying to extrapolate as
much pleasure from her young body as possible before he spent himself
into her. His flat belly smacked Minnie’s rounded ass with the
regularity and rhythm of a steam engine at full song. The whole staff
of the plantation was engrossed in the show when Mr. Ewell threw his
head back and hissed through clenched teeth. It seemed as the man’s
whole body went rigid as he squeezed Minnie’s ass to him. He let loose
one short, very loud, “Woo Hoo!” as his cock belched a huge load of cum
into the trembling slave girls body. Gushing up from his massive balls,
Mr. Ewell’s cum erupted with squirt after squirt after squirt until
globs of the goo were seeping out around Minnie’s well worn cunt lips
and dripping down the insides of her legs in to a puddle on the white
painted porch.

“Good gawd almighty, Minnie,” Mr. Ewell crowed as he ran a weathered
hand through his now sweaty hair, “Good gawd, you done your mamma
proud, you are some good fucking bitch.” He stepped backwards,
withdrawing his cock, already growing limp, with a slurping, sucking
sound. Turning to the crowd in the yard, he motioned them toward their
quarters, “Show’s over for today. Don’t worry, I’ll send Minnie home
later.” His cock swung free in the air, cum and pussy juice dripping
off of it. To Miss Sarah, he growled, “Get me a rag and clean her up
again.” Plantation staff scurried off to complete the day’s duties as
Miss Sarah disgustedly stomped into the house to comply with Mr.
Ewell’s orders.

Minnie slowly stood, a little embarrassed for the first time, and
turned toward the yard. Ruby gave her a quick wink and a smile to let
her know everything was ok. She knew she would be bathed and powdered
and cared for with attention and expense only afforded white women if
she continued to please her master. Later that night as the cool fall
air filtered into the house, Minnie snuggled her back up against the
white man. Reaching down she carefully placed his cock between the
cheeks of her ass. He chuckled softly and squeezed one of her ample
tits, knowing he had found a perfect belly warmer for the winter.

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