I fuck some little people

Frank and I have been married for 24 years and he loves to share me with other men and I had been fucked so many times I have lost count completely. My name is Joy and I want now to tell you about the latest partners Frank has selected for me. First I should tell you I am a short ( 5’4″ tall) woman. I weigh about 105 pounds and although I have nice legs and 34C tits I don’t have much about me that would class me as what I consider beautiful. Frank loves bringing men home to fuck me! I certainly don’t mind how many men he brings home, I love to fuck.

I have had my fill of black men, tall men, white men, Asian men and just about every possible combination between them. I have to say that although I have been fucked so much I am thrilled when every one of them tells me I have a tight cunt! I put that down to muscle control as I have always done plenty of workouts at the gym over the years. When I am fucked by a man with a big long cock I always think it should be poking out my back but I guess it just goes inside my cunt and then up into my stomach but where ever it goes I like it!

This Thursday evening after Frank arrived home from work he greeted me with a kiss and hug and then, because I could see this great smile on his face I knew he had arranged for someone else to fuck me! This was always the sign I got when he had arranged someone new for me! Frank is a supervisor and is well paid but he usually he gets a good fee when he lets some man fuck me to add to our income. We have been lucky with no diseases so far but quite a few of the men wear condoms because they know I fuck around a lot and don’t want to risk catching something. I love the taste of cum and when the man has finished fucking me I always insist on taking off his condom and, much to their delight, I hold the condom up above my mouth and drain the contents into my mouth. I love to swallow cum – it feels so soft and juicy as it slips down my throat.

Anyway back to Thursday – Frank couldn’t wipe the grin off his face and he just had to tell me what he had arranged. He said, “Darlin’ you just aren’t going to believe what I have in store for you! I was talking to a guy I knew in a bar and he told me there is a troupe of little people performing in a pantomime in the city and I have already talked to their manager and I have booked them to fuck you!” I was stunned! I couldn’t in my wildest dreams have thought I would ever be fucking a little person but I could always rely on Frank to do something out of the ordinary. I had a few reservations about these little people – although I wasn’t prejudiced I did wonder about having these men fuck me! I thought they would be misshapen and have little cocks to match but boy oh boy was I wrong.

The performers (6 of them) were working all day Saturday but were free on Sunday morning and would be coming to a motel room, already booked, to be with me and Frank would be there to watch. It was all arranged and all I had to do was have a shower, shave my underarms and legs and wear something which could be easily removed! Those were Frank’s instructions for Sunday morning.

On that Sunday morning I did as I had been told. I showered and shaved my underarms and legs and wore just a simple frock which, for the summery weather we were having, would be enough clothes. I am quite accustomed to going out without my bra or panties so this wasn’t any different. Although perhaps I should wear a bra I don’t like them and besides my tits don’t sag very much anyway even considering they are a bit bigger than normal. I guess they will begin to sag soon.

Frank told me I looked good and we walked over to our car and climbed in to drive to the motel. Frank told me there were no rules and the little guys could do what they liked with me. I didn’t mind this because a bit of rough stuff turns me on as long as there is no pain and I don’t like being slapped or punched and Frank told me that wouldn’t happen.

We parked in the motel parking lot and walked up to the door of the motel Frank had previously booked. He had a key and opened the door and we walked in. I was expecting to see the little people waiting for me but we were the only people in the room. Frank told me to get myself ready – that means, in Frank’s terms, that I have to get out the KY and he gets me to lie on the bed with my legs wide apart and pulled up around my ears and he starts squirting the KY into my asshole! This is, of course, to make sure I am lubed up enough for any ass fucking which might take place. Frank also stuck his fingers up inside my cunt and told me I was certainly wet enough but if I wanted he would also squirt some KY there too! I told him it wouldn’t be necessary but to my surprise he insisted so again with my legs wide apart he put some of the KY into my cunt and then followed it in with his fingers making sure it was spread around inside me. I thought this was unusual but didn’t ask why he had lubed me up so much.

Ten minutes later there was a knock at the door and Frank walked over to open it. In came 6 very small guys, one after the other, and they all shook hands with Ralph and then came over to me, sitting on the bed and kissing me lightly. They seemed very friendly and happy men but I couldn’t judge their ages although I thought they would be in their 30’s. The men all introduced themselves to me but I quickly forgot their names. The man who seemed to be the leader came over close to me again and kissed me again only this time it was much more passionate. His kiss seemed so sincere and I couldn’t help but kiss him back. I was sitting on the bed and he was kneeling alongside me because he was so short and he was just right to kiss me there. Next he placed his hand on my tit and gave me a squeeze and asked if he could take off my dress. Of course I told him that was why we were there and, quick as a flash he had my dress off over my head, helped of course by myself. Now I was sitting naked on the bed next to the little man. He started caressing my breasts and for the first time I realized his hands were really almost normal sized hands. They certainly covered my breasts and the way he was playing with me was certainly exciting me. He almost laid in my lap so he could suck my nipples and I can tell you he knew what he was doing. I felt very excited with him doing that to me and I hugged his body to me.

He then sort of pushed me backwards on the bed and wriggled down between my legs and, after wiping away some excess KY, he started sucking and licking my cunt and my clit. I loved the way he was doing this and also realized his tongue was about normal size too. It seemed there had been some discussion beforehand about who was going to fuck me first. One of the little men came over and tapped the first man on his shoulder and took his place sucking on my clit! I came a couple of times while they were sucking me and then, for the first time, I saw most of the little men were naked! They had somewhat distorted bodies and were sort of misshapen but the amazing thing about it all was the size of their cocks! They were not only normal sized cocks but also quite long and thick cocks! This was a total surprise and suddenly it dawned on me why Frank had lubed up my asshole and cunt with the KY. These cocks certainly weren’t the biggest I had taken – the largest had belonged to a big black brute whose cock was at least 15″ long and I just couldn’t take it all in my cunt although I did my best. I did, however, take it all up my asshole after Frank had lubed me up but I was sore up inside my rectum for about a week afterwards.

There wasn’t really any foreplay unless you consider the sucking of my cunt and clit by the two men but now I was about to be fucked by the first man and he sure knew what he was doing. He gently pushed his huge cock into my cunt and because of the lube it slid in rather easily but the length of it had been deceptive and I immediately felt him hit my cervix. Hitting my cervix was something most men didn’t do but this one certainly did. It excited the hell out of me when a cock is big enough to touch my cervix and I started having orgasms straight away. They were huge orgasms and after a little while of this pounding I was getting from this little guy I knew he was about to cum inside me because of his change in stroke action. He had an enormous orgasm and he came inside me pumping a huge load of cum filling me more than I could remember. He pulled out and the next man immediately took his place not even allowing time for the first load of cum to start running out of me. I guess he liked very sloppy seconds. I was then fucked for the second time again receiving a huge load of cum. And so it went on for the whole morning, me sucking big cocks and swallowing their loads and being fucked in my cunt and my asshole. They just didn’t let up and their recovery powers were amazing – I had never seen any men able to fuck me, push their cocks into my mouth and then cum again, and, following a further sucking to make them hard again, they fucked my asshole! That was three erections in a row and I had never taken so many cocks inside my body in such a short time.

I had been well fucked at least 60 times before lunchtime when they all declared they were hungry and so Frank went off to get food for all of us. I was an absolute mess. They had all fucked me without any condoms and they managed to shoot huge loads of cum every time. Their supply of cum seemed to be inexhaustible. I had cum leaking out of my cunt and asshole making a terrible mess on the bed but they didn’t seem to mind and kept on fucking me.

We all stopped for lunch and I wanted to shower and clean up but they insisted I remain as I was and as soon as lunch was finished they began fucking me again. I just couldn’t get my head around how they could possibly recover so quickly and keep on fucking me. By the late afternoon when I was so sore, every orifice had been filled with their cum and covered in cum also, they told me they had to leave. They all kissed me and hugged me and particularly thanked me for not complaining about their excess fucking! They explained they didn’t get to fuck many women because most women were biased against little people but I had done everything they wanted and they were very pleased with me.

Frank collected over $1,000 from them as they left and I just staggered to the bathroom. My cunt and asshole were both dripping so much cum it was leaving little pools on the floor as I walked. I squatted over the toilet bowl and just let it pour out of me! It seemed to flow out for ever and I didn’t know where it was coming from there was so much of it! After a time it stopped flowing and I wiped myself and made a dash to the shower. The cum started running out of me again as I showered and I stayed a long time under the water waiting for the flow to cease. At last I could leave the shower and dry myself. Frank was still counting the money when I came back into the room and he just looked at my naked body and smiled at me. He asked me if I had been fucked enough and my reply told him I was completely satisfied with the fucking I had received.

Despite the flushing I had done in the toilet and the shower I was still dripping cum when we left the motel and I made quite a mess on the seat on the way home. Frank didn’t seem to mind – he had the money and also the satisfaction of watching each man fuck me! I had seen him jerk off several times while I was being fucked but knew he needed some relief after watching me. I had been amazed at the stamina of those little guys and would never hesitate to fuck another anither one. They may have small and distorted bodies but their hearts are in the right place and their cocks are huge and they deserve all the attention they can get.

I wouldn’t let Frank arrange another fucking session for me for more than a week – it wasn’t that I was too sore, although I was sore, it was more I wanted to savour the experience of having been fucking by those gentle, kind-hearted little men. I genuinely felt sorry for them because none of them were married and always had to rely of prostitutes so they told me and I felt honoured that they seemed to enjoy fucking me so much! I had offered them the use of my body if ever they toured around our city again but they told me they were constantly on the move and probably wouldn’t be back for years. They did say, however, they would ring me perhaps in few months and they would pay for my airfare to where ever they were staying if I would like to service them again! I can tell you I get excited every time the phone rings but so far they haven’t rung but I am sure they will ring one day! I certainly hope so!

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