Being shared


I often have my hubby write about my experiences since sometimes I get so caught up in the fucking I don’t remember all that happened. Here is on such experience:

Joy and I always went out on Friday night to have a good time. Joy always wore very sexy and revealing clothes with no bra or panties. We went to clubs, parties and swimming in the nude. Joy liked to go out with her girl friends twice a month and would get home about four in the morning having that fucked look about her. She would tell me that one of her friends liked to eat pussy and so I let it pass. After several months of this she ask me if she could fuck another man. I thought for awhile and got so turned on I told her yes but I wanted to watch.

She had a couple of guys she wanted to fuck and said she would set it up. A week past and she came home and told me she had fucked a guy at work because that was the only way she could talk him in to letting me watch. We met at a club and he was a tall guy and I could tell he wore no shorts because I could see his cock pretty good and it looked huge. We were getting pretty drunk and he was ready to fuck her. I had my truck outside and I told him to fuck her in the back. It had a camper cover so they got in while I watched through the window.

She pulled his cock out and it was about 9 inches. She started sucking it till it was hard and then pulled her dress up and told him “fuck me now”. He put her on her back and shoved that giant cock in. Watching him pump that cock in and out of Joy was making my cock hurt and I pulled it out and started jacking off. I soon shot my load and he was still pounding that big dick in Joy. I decided to go back in the bar and get a beer. As I came out he was crawling out of the truck with his cock hanging out of his pants . As he put it up he said thanks and walked off.

Joy was on her phone and as I walked up she told me we were going to another guys house because she wanted more cock. She drove and I kept drinking. She got out and told me to wait. About twenty minutes later she came and got me. As I came up to the door I saw a black man. Joy turned around to me and said I’m going to fuck him and you can do what you want. I was too drunk too really care so I walk in said hello and went to his kitchen to get a drink. There was an old man in there and he offered me a beer. As I turned around the other man was standing up and Joy was on her knees sucking his cock. I could see cum oozing out of her mouth. As I sat down at the table I saw the old man has his cock out jacking off.

He looked at me and said he was going to fuck her too. As I looked at his cock I could see why she wanted to fuck him as his cock was really long and round. He could barely fit his hand around it. I looked back at Joy and she was laying on the floor and the black guy was fucking the shit out of her. I have never heard her screaming like that. I was about to cum in my pants so I pulled my cock out to jack off again. When I looked up and Joy and the black dude was standing in front of me. Joy told me to suck his dick and I told her no but they both grabbed me and held me tight and then the old man got up and put his cock against my lips. I wouldn’t open my mouth so Joy slapped me and as I opened my mouth he put his cock in.

I began to choke it was so big. But to tell the truth I was really turned on. I had never sucked a cock before but after shot a load of cum in my mouth. I told Joy I would suck the big black so she could fuck him again. Joy fucked them several more times and I would suck one while Joy fucked the other so she would have a hard dick to fuck. The old guy had to be 70 but he had one hell of a cock. After that Joy fucked them two or three times a week and I went along to suck their dicks for her.

It wasn’t long before they began inviting their friends over to fuck Joy too. I know one night there must have been 10 to 15 guys there taking turns fucking her. We both have a great time going over there and love seeing her being filled with cum and covered in their cum.