I am a greedy bitch

I now believe what they say about opposites attracting. We are not alike in
so many ways and yet I feel so deeply about you, love. I’m flighty and
emotional, you are controlled and very cool about your feelings. I’m
spontaneous and you’re a thinker. One of the few things we share is our crazy
outlook on life, and our love of laughter, and our incredible sexual
encounters, of course.

My co-workers are beginning to get suspicious, dear. They know when the
yellow roses arrive, that I will immediately be in a frenzy for several days.
But, don’t stop, love. That’s such a wonderful way to announce your imminent
visit to my city. I always make a place for you in my life. You’re never
here for long, but with us time and space don’t seem to exist.

The cards are safely tucked away in my jewelry box, all of them. “Will arrive
tomorrow 6:28PM, United flight #128, Love, Peter.” I am always afraid I’ll be
late and miss you at the gate. Just thinking of the nights to come makes me
so hot with desire for you.

Sure hope you like the new lingerie I bought to surprise you, darling. Red
and filmy, just as you said you liked. With only ribbons to quickly pull open
and reach all my special places. This should be almost as much fun as the time
I wore only a little perfume, spiked heels and my London Fog to the airport.
I loved the expression on your face when I opened the coat in the elevator.
That was the time I couldn’t wait to taste you and made you cum in the car.

I’ve packed a few things for us for tonight, lover. A dusty rose peacock
feather, and some velvet cords. I plan to truly tantalize you for ages before
I let you know fireworks like you’ve never experienced before. You always say
you don’t have women like me in all the cities you travel too, but just in
case, I like to make sure I’m memorable. And I plan to be very memorable
after tonight, sweetheart.

After we arrive at your hotel room and I slowly strip to the little red bra
and panties I will help you out of your suit. Out of everything you have
on….and find a way to wrap the velvet around your wrists and ankles. Then I
will tie you spread-eagle to the bed. Oh, I’m getting hotter just picturing

I intend to tease you with the feather, finding sensitive places you didn’t
know could feel soooooo good. Like the area just under your scrotum, and the
back of your knees, and your sides, oh, mustn’t neglect the crack in your ass
love. That will be difficult with you flat on the bed, I’ll have to make you
raise your hips a little.

When you are begging me for some release and you are rock hard and throbbing,
I will straddle your face and let you pull the ribbons on my panties with your
teeth. Allowing them to fall on your face, so you can smell my desire for
you. Then if you’re really good, I’ll move closer and let you taste my hot wet
pussy. I so love the way you fuck me with your tongue, darling. And the feel
of you as you suck on my clit. Oh, Lord, I can’t wait for this. That should
make you very ready for me to move down and lower my very wanting cunt onto
your long, thick cock. Pressing down very slowly and letting you feel the
smoothness and the tightness of me as you sink deeper inside of me.

I have been practicing and I’m sure I can massage you without moving my hips,
lover. Just constricting and releasing my love muscles to make you feel as
though my hands are stroking you, but warmer and tighter than you’ve ever
known before. My doctor explained this to me. He calls it making it wink. I
get so wet when I exercise this way, I almost cum, myself. There’s no doubt I
will love this too. I always enjoy the way you fill me so completely that I
know I’ll hurt afterwards no matter how much lubrication my body has managed
to produce.

My hopes are that I can forestall your orgasm for a long time, relaxing the
pressure just a bit and making you cry out with desire. Then I will increase
it again, letting you reach all but the last plateau and slow down again until
you beg me for release from this incredible wanting you will be feeling. I
will reach down and play with your balls as I make you pulse inside of me. You
know how you love the way my nails very lightly scrape against each ball and
tantalize you.

Finally, after I have been satisfied sufficiently, (yes, I am a greedy bitch),
I will give you all you desire and then some, love. Telling you to fill me
with your hot cum, and squeezing you tighter and tighter to get out every last
drop. Making you feel as though my lips were sucking the juice from your
incredible prick. Only then will I release your bonds and allow you to touch
me with your hands and arms as we kiss passionately and carress tightly only
waiting for nature to allow the love making process to begin again. I will
whisper, “Welcome to San Francisco, Lover”.

You will never forget the night I have planned, dearest. And neither will I.
See you at 6:28PM.

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