The Case of the Frustrated Analyst

There’s nothing more exciting to a buttfucker than a perfect
globe, firm and gleaming with sweat. When a woman with that kind of
ass is bent over, her cheeks spread wide with no hands holding them, I
could spurt without touching my dick.

A view of hairless pussy lips, full and firm, gaping open to
expose a nub of clit and smooth, juicy cunt is mouth watering. But,
the sight of a perfectly tight pucker, round and pulsing with the
strain of spreading cheeks is the ultimate.

My pants hit the floor and my nine inch dick hit the air,
bouncing with anticipation. This was a dream come true. She was
eighteen, trusting, and her asshole was a softly pink, virgin pucker.

I moved behind her and began to stroke her clit with my
forefinger. I let my thumb slide between her lips and worked up juice
that perfumed the air. She moaned and moved her ass back to me,
pressed her clit tightly onto my finger and sucked my thumb further
into her cunt. I stroked her clit and sluiced my thumb into her slick
pussy. With my hand in her cunt and my other on her back I walked her
around behind a low backed easy chair. The top of the chair back came
to the top of her legs. She grabbed the arms of the chair and let her
weight rest on the back. I worked my thumb deep into her throbbing
pussy, enjoying the tight, slick warmth that would satisfy most men.
But, I knew that it would not be enough for me. My eyes feasted on the
pulsing pucker of her butthole, pink and wet with the sweat pooling in
the tiny dimple at the center. She began to beg for my dick in her
pussy as her cunt got hotter and wetter. She jerked and shook with my
thumb deep in her as my finger rubbed her clit to a hard little nub. I
kept it up until she began to shake with the start of an orgasm. With
my other hand I took my dick and lightly stroked it’s length, tensing
my butt muscles to give the thrust I needed for a hard insertion. I
took my hand from her dripping pussy and put the head of my dick just
inside her firm lips. I rubbed the head around inside her and got it
wet with her fragrant, lubing juices. She tried to move back against
my hot dick, but I stopped her with a hand on her ass cheek. She
screamed for me to fuck her so I took aim and stabbed the slick head
of my fat fucker deep into her hot, dry, tight asshole. She was so
tight that I thought the dry skin behind the glans would rip from my
dick and the pain was excruciating. But my pain was nothing to hers. I
knew what to expect. She was set for me to fuck her pussy, not rape
into her virgin anus. Her ass muscles clamped down on my dick, tried
to hold me back from deeper penetration and she bucked, screaming, as
she tried to push me out. I kept a stabbing thrust working behind her
and crammed more dry dick in. She’d been ready to meet a hot dick
entering her cunt and had started to push back against me to match my
forward thrust. When my butt buster slammed into her bunghole she was
ramming her ass back to me. By the time she tried to move away from
the burning agony in her tight puckered sphincter I had grabbed her
hips and pulled her further back onto my dick. Every move she made
drove my pole deeper and soon I had burrowed to the hilt in her hot
hole. She was spasming, her asshole muscles worked on my dick like a
milking machine and I thought I was going to come but I didn’t want
the lubrication of my jizm to spoil the feeling of hot, dry hole on my
pole. Just the sight of her tight butthole stretched around my dick
was enough to set me off. She started to stand up, still crying with
pain and rage at my rape. I reached around her with both hands and
grabbed her tits hard. I pulled them down and she followed, the shock
of her tits being stretched out making her forget the pain stabbing
into her bowels. I put my lips to her ear and let my tongue swirl
inside. Letting up on her boobs a little, I whispered in her ear,
telling her to relax and that if she worked with me the pain would
soon turn into the best orgasm she would ever know. My prick was still
buried to the hilt in her butthole and as she gradually accepted that
she was well and truly getting her first ass fuck the spasms in her
ass walls eased off. I kept a tight check on my aching desire to spurt
deep into her bowels. As suddenly as I had invaded her asshole I now
jerked my dick all the way out, with the friction of dry flesh pulling
my scrotum tight against my crotch. She screamed as the head tore out
of her and her abused sphincter muscles snapped back from the stretch
of my fat dick. Without warning or waiting I crammed my dick deep
into her juice soaked pussy. She cried out with pleasure as the full
length of my pecker slammed to the end of her cunt. As her ass moved
in a clockwise motion I pumped into her cunt and worked the nipples of
her tits between my thumb and forefinger. I pounded again and again up
to the hilt in that tight, slick pussy. She soon forgot the pain in
her butt as my violent thrusts and twists took her to the edge of the
orgasm I had stolen from her when I raped her ass. I kept it up until
the sweat poured from me. Some of it pooled in the dimple at the top
of her ass and ran down to mingle with her own sweat as it washed away
the trace of blood from her torn ass pucker. I rammed my pole in as
far as it would go and stopped. I was so tight against her that the
sweat and juice of our fucking was forced out to drip on the floor.
She was cumming and I used the muscles in my dick to pulse the head
against the hole at the back of her cunt. She screamed and twisted
against me and I stood up to look down and see her asshole pucker and
throb with the violence of her cumming.

She spent herself and relaxed against the back of the chair,
her breath came in hard gasps, and her pussy throbbed against my dick.
I began to move again. I pulled slowly out until the head of my dick
just touched her pussy lips. My dick gleamed with her slick juice as I
slowly slid it all the way in again. I did this a few more times and
each time her cunt sucked at my dick with her need. I picked up the
pace, pulled all the way out and shoved all the way to the end of her
cunt. Faster and faster, my load built to the point of no return, I
brought her with me to her second orgasm. I rammed deep into her sweet
cunt. Suddenly, I had to have release. My dick grew ever larger with
the pressure inside me, hotter and harder until the first sweet
agonies of a cum too long denied began to spurt into her cunt.

My mind blanked to all but the squirting burn that worked
itself along the entire length of my dick. Hot jizm splashed against the
back of her pussy and flowed out of her stretched cunt lips. Her
second orgasm was even more violent than her first. I held myself
rigid while she slammed her ass back and forth against my legs. With
punishing strength she gripped my spurting muscle inside her perfect

I rested inside her soaked pussy and my dick stayed hard with
the pressure of the tight cunt around it. After a few minutes she
looked back at me and I knew that she didn’t know whether to try to
kill me for the violent rape of her virgin butt or love me for a pussy
fuck that was nothing like the back seat fumbles of the few boys lucky
enough to have scored with this vision. She was drained from two
orgasms and the pain of my rude anal penetration. But the pain in her
bowels had turned to a tension that seemed to leave her incomplete.
She pulsed and ached and sharp pains stabbed at her sphincter, but the
feelings intrigued her with the hints of a dark and unknown pleasure.
Her anger was turning to curiosity and I hoped it would fuel a frenzy
of anal lust. Without a word I slid from her pussy and we moved to the
front of the chair. I sat down with my legs out in front of me,
slouched so that my ass was hung off the edge and my dick pointed up
and slightly forward. I took her hips in my hands and turned her so
that her ass faced me and her legs straddled mine. I pulled her ass
down to my upthrust length of dick. As she got lower her cheeks spread
further and further apart showing me a tantalizing pucker that
quivered with a delicious anticipation of pain and pleasure. I gently
eased her down, held her weight in my hands as the head of my dick
just touched her puckered hole. I held her there and caressed her butt
with the tip of my throbbing dick.

She moaned with the slight pain as I pulled her down and the
tip pushed against her tight sphincter so I eased her up then back
down again.

This time I let her feel the head against her for a moment
then pushed up with my hips, eased the head into her asshole until it
slipped past her tight sphincter ring. I held her there with one hand
while she helped to support herself with her hands on her bent knees.
My dickhead throbbed in her ass and I could feel her relax her muscles
as she got used to the size of it stretching her. I slid more of my
juice soaked pole up her, keeping a slow but steady slide until I was
once again full to the hilt in her bowels. My ass cheeks were starting
to shake with the effort of holding my dick up there and quivers ran
up my dick to vibrate against the walls of her tight anal tunnel. I
relaxed and sank back down to the chair as her ass followed. She sat
on me and wrapped my dick in the tightest hole I had ever had. I knew
that the small pain I caused her this time had gone. She lay back
against my chest with my dick throbbing in her butt. With one hand I
rubbed the nipples of her breasts and with the other I gently worked
her clit. She used her ass muscles to ripple up and down the length of
my dick buried so deep in her hot bowels. Rhythmically she worked on
me and slowly moved her ass back and forth up my stomach so that I
slid halfway out of her hole and back in again. I was so far up her
that I could feel the end of my dick straighten out the first bend in
her bowel. She groaned and moved and milked for a few minutes as I lay
back and savored the feel of her.

The backs of her knees rested on my legs and I brought my feet
up and moved my legs apart so that her crotch gaped wider for better
penetration. Getting the idea she put her feet on my thighs which
increased the angle of my dick to her hole.

She put her hands on the chair arms and supported her weight
on her legs and arms. She began to bounce on me and my hard length
fucked in and out, the angle putting the maximum friction on the
underside of my dick. I let her ride me l +ke this, absolutely loving
the feel of her as she responded to the hot friction of our fucking. I
stopped her with my hands on her cheeks and began movements of my own.
I slipped in and out, raised my hips to increase the friction to the
sensitive skin on the underside of my dickhead and kept up a steady
driving rhythm. Her ass cheeks shook in my hands as I sunk my fingers
deep into her hot flesh. She responded by meeting my backward thrusts
with her own forward strokes and as the tempo built the rim of her
asshole was slamming down into the hair at the base of my dick.

Suddenly I knew I was going to come again and I wasn’t ready.
I stopped us both with my dick just inside her and pulled her ass
cheeks to rest against me.

With a great effort of mind over dick I held back the flood
that threatened to overcome me. Moving with my dick still in her I
stood. Her feet slipped from my legs a +nd she slammed onto the base of
my ramming pole. She cried out in pain as she hung off the ground. I
held her back against my chest but the only thing holding her off the
floor was my rigid bung buster crammed deep up her asshole.

The girl was perfectly built for the fucking I liked. No more
than five feet three and a hundred and five pounds, she had long
blonde hair, jutting smallish tits, and slim legs that showed a
tantalizing gap when she stood with her feet together. She still had
the scanty blonde cunt hair of a younger girl and her pussy lips were
hairless. So was the perfectly round and pale pucker of her sphincter.
Her ass was rounded with no excess fat getting in the way of
penetration. I am tall and lean with long hard muscles to match my

The base of my prick stretched the rim of her asshole as she
hung, impaled on my fat rod. She hissed in pain but reached back to put
her hands on my hips. While we stood there she pushed herself up
while I helped with my arms wrapped around her, my hands on her tits.
My prick slid out of her hot hole until just the tip remained encased.
Her cheeks caressed the shaft protruding from her butt. With a grunt I
arched back and shoved her hard over my stiff pole. She sighed, and
turned her head to kiss me and our tongues touched tip to tip. As we
kissed I turned her to face the chair. I bent my knees to rest on the
chair cushion as she straddled me and leaned forward to rest her arms
against the chair back. My back was beginning to ache and it was time
to work up to another come. We maneuvered her knees onto each padded
chair arm and spread her legs as far as they would go. I looked down
to see my dick sticking out of her ass. Her ass cheeks were spread so
far that the skin of her crack seemed about to split. I pulled back so
that the ring of skin at the beginning of my dickhead was caught
against the ring of muscle holding her ass opening tight around my
prick. Her hole quivered around my dickhead. Staying just inside her
I reached down past my dick to her pussy. I put two fingers into her
cunt and she moaned with the added sensation. Moving my fingers in and
out of her I rocked my hips back and forth enough to almost slide my
dickhead out of her ass. As the tip appeared and her asshole clenched
I eased my dick back in. She took over the rocking, moving my fingers
inside her, and massaging my dickhead. The smooth skin of my dick was
crusted with dried come and pussy juice.

I pulled my fingers from her cunt and grabbed her hips with
both hands. I began to fuck my hot, dry length back into her rubbery
shithole and she cried out as the dry skin scraped and burned the rim.
The friction pulled the skin back along my dick until I thought the
head would turn inside out. The ring of her ass was stretched tight
and it disappeared inside her as the friction fought my penetration.
She gasped and I grunted and inch by inch I crammed the whole nine
inches of hard, hot dick up her anal passage. I leaned back and
brought my fingers to the inside of her cheeks just at the edge of her
asshole. Pushing with my dick and pulling with my fingers against the
skin of her crack I slowly sank further into her. As I pulled the ring
of her asshole popped back out to view, tickled by the hair at the
base of my dick. I was in all the way. I stopped pushing so hard,
keeping just enough pressure against her to keep her from pushing my
dick out with the virgin muscles that still rejected the invasion of
her backdoor tunnel. We rested there with her cheeks tight against my
legs as she let me take her weight and rest her legs. The moisture
lining the walls of her ass and the heat of her tight flesh liquified
the dried come and pussy juice on my dick and the burning of my skin
from two dry entries went away as I soaked in the luxurious feel of
this beautiful young bunghole. My hands moved up and down her back,
working the tension out of her smooth muscles. I kneaded the hard
balls of her stretched cheeks and began to move my hips, massaging the
sweat slicked skin of her that was so tight against my legs. My dick
moved around in her with a circular motion and she began to move
forward to slide me out of her tight ass.

As the tip popped out of her I grabbed her hips and put my
dickhead back against her puckered anus. I pushed back into her, not
too fast, until I was bottomed out again. I immediately pulled all
the way out, very fast. She cried out as her sphincter snapped back
from the sudden release of pressure. I rammed my fat dick back to the
hilt again and she thrust back against me with a moan. Again I jerked
back until my dick came all the way out and I slammed all the way into
her bowels. I stayed there using my fingers to stretch her cheeks as
far apart as they would go, shoving with all my strength, pumping even
more blood to engorge my tightly swollen dick. I started sliding
halfway out and in again, enjoying the slick feel of her, not working
hard. She soon relaxed with the steady, easy movement.

Gradually working further out with each backstroke and keeping
the same easy glide back in I felt her work up to her come. I gently
slipped all the way out of that tight hole and she moaned with the
loss of my heat and weight. I rubbed the throbbing head around her rim
and let my dick slide up and down her crack a few times. Taking the
base of my prick in hand I put it up to the pink pucker still gaping a
little after getting used to my stretching. I eased the head in then
out. In and out. In and out. Each time her sphincter muscles tightened
up a little more. More resistance built up as I fucked my dickhead in
and an audible pop would sound as I withdrew. I watched with
fascination as the skin around her hole would plunge in with each
penetration. She groaned with pleasure at my teasing and pushed back
against me. I held her off with my other hand and kept up the fucking
that soon had the head of my dick, especially the underside, burning
with that special burn that is the ultimate in sexual delight. I knew
I would come soon and nothing would stop it. She was edging into that
slowly building, violent release that only the most sensual women seem
to be capable of. The shaft of my dick was drying out again and I did
not want to inflict her with any more pain. I moved my dick down to
her dripping cunt and sank into the slick depths of her. A few strokes
had her squirming and my dick was soaked with her juice. Placing both
hands on her hips I raised up so that my dick was hanging right at her
bung without touching. I thrust into her all the way, sliding easily
past her sphincter ring and spreading the walls of her anal tunnel
until I reached the end. I didn’t stop, but started back out almost to
the end and then rammed back in again. She rammed me right back and
from then on it was thrust and grunt and slide and the pressure built
for both of us until nothing existed by a hard, hot dick fucking a
hot, tight asshole. We hit the wall at the same time. Her ass walls
spasmed against my dick and I was throbbing harder and harder until
the hot cum gushed from me for the second time, flooding out of her
hole as I kept slamming into her in a fit of ecstasy that didn’t stop
even after the last drop of jizm jetted from my dick. I kept pounding
that sweet asshole.

She cried out for me to stop and tried to move away to
dislodge my pulsing pole. In the back of my mind I regretted her pain
but I was beyond reason. I held on to her hips as hard as I could,
bruising the flesh and threatening to dislocate her hip bones. I
plunged again and again. The friction soon dried up the come and pussy
lube and her asshole got hotter and tighter and the skin of my dick
was rubbed raw. Still I knew nothing but fucking her. For the first
time in my life I was out of control and the breath rasped in my lungs
as my body fought to provide the energy to keep me pounding this poor
girl’s butt. She was screaming now, begging me to stop, but I could
feel that magical third come on it’s way and I pounded her anus even
harder. The pain we were feeling meant nothing as we reached that
threshold where pleasure and pain are one.

Again she thrust back at me and her screams and groans held a
measure of awe that she would come with the pain/pleasure of my hot,
dry, tortured dick scraping in and out of her raw, agonized butthole.
After an eternity of fucking and we came together again. This time
there was barely enough come to lube my straining dick but the spasms
that racked me were so intense that I finally stopped fucking and held
steady as deep into her anus as I could get. She was bucking and
crying with her own release even after mine stopped.

We collapsed on the floor with her on top of me, slamming my
still hard dick even further into her bowels. I rolled over on my back
and she lay along the length of me with my pole deep in her. Her
sphincter muscles still throbbing and my dick still hard we lay in
exhaustion for a long time. She finally stirred, slowly lifting and
rolling off of me and at last my dick popped out for the last time.
The cool air soothed my raw flesh. She gasped as she saw the condition
of my dick. Then she did something that even this perverted bung
buster found incredible. She bent over me and used her tongue to clean
my dick, taking it into her mouth and deep into her throat she sucked
and licked. I grabbed at her hips and she straddled my face. Bringing
her beautiful ass down to my waiting tongue, I licked her sweet pussy.

I sucked her wet hole and licked up and down her slit. I
flicked the tip of my tongue on her clit as she continued to gently
suck me. She worked her ass down until my tongue touched the puckered
flesh, so badly abused, then so violently aching with desire. Working
my tongue softly against her torn flesh soothed her as she did the
same for my still swollen prick.

Subject: The Case of the Frustrated Analyst Chapter Two (M/F anal)
Date: 1997/04/22

The Case of the Frustrated Analyst
Chapter Two
Internal Guilt

I’m married, still lusting for my wife after ten years, with
only vague yearnings for a new pussy or a never before fucked ass.

She was standing in line at the local pool and gym. Right in
front of me, a scantily covered ass separating a slim, gently arched
back from smooth, shapely legs. She was young and had never carried
any extra weight if the smooth skin inside her thighs were any
indication. All in all the rear view was nice. Then she shifted her
hips and moved her right leg forward, resting her weight on the left
leg. Something about the way her cheeks slid together inside the
fabric of her bikini was getting to me. Then, with another small shift
of her hips the right side of those bikini bottoms slid into her
crack. With one perfect cheek exposed I was ready to cream right
there. She casually reached back and hooked her thumb inside the
material and slid it down toward her leg, covering her ass. I said
nothing, and she paid her fee and turned away walking to the Women’s
locker room. I let out what I thought was a polite and private sigh
and she turned suddenly to look me right in the eye. I got a quick
glimpse of her face, pert breasts and tight stomach before I looked
away. I was slightly embarrassed and next in line. I paid my money and
went about my usual workout.

After an hour of light weights to keep the muscle tone I
usually did a half hour of laps for the aerobics. The girl stayed in
my mind. That shot of ass cheek wouldn’t leave me.

After the fourth lap I watched for the edge of the pool to
make my turn and saw a pair of small, shapely feet hanging from slim
ankles dangling in the water. I got close and could make out the shins
and knees and they looked pretty good. Then I got to the edge and
brought my head out of the water and put a hand on the concrete. I was
within an inch of the bikini clad pussy lips. I looked up in to a face
that was really not that special but young and sweet, with that glow
of youth that knows just enough about sex to be forward but unspoiled.
She said nothing but the look in her eyes left no room for doubt.

For some reason this young girl wanted me. I’m going on middle
age. The hair is getting grey and so is the beard. The body started
out long and skinny but strong. When most men my age were running to
fat, I was just starting to put on a younger man’s weight. My face is
distinctive but by no means handsome. Yet, a number of very good
looking women had found something in me that turned them on, including
the one that finally caught me at a time when I was ready to settle

The girl lifted a foot to the edge of the pool and lifted
herself up. For a moment the scanty bikini revealed a pink, plump
pussy lip and a fluff of blonde, curly hair. She walked slowly to the
Women’s locker room while I stared with awe at the play of her cheeks.

I wasted a little time wondering if I was really going to
cheat on the woman who had been my sexual delight and bosom companion
for so long. Yes I was. Something told me that this was going to be
fantasy time and I was going to l +ve it.

She was in the parking lot next to an older car and as I
walked up she got in and reached across to unlock the passenger door.

She lived in an apartment not far from the pool. She never
said a word on the way or even after I was standing naked, facing her
exposed asshole and pussy, about to become a depraved sexual animal.

After dinner that evening I was in the bathroom trying to
figure out how to hide my mangled dick from Alicia until it healed.
I’d heard Vitamin E oil was good for raw skin and I found some that we
had used once for massages. I rubbed some in and started thinking of
what I had done with a girl whose name I didn’t even know. I caught
myself rubbing the slick, cool oil into my aching dick and it was
rising, filling out with a drop of watery cum hanging from the tip. I
marveled that I could get it up again but it also hurt like hell so I
stopped and calmed down.

My wife was already in bed when I got in. I leaned over her in
the dark and kissed her goodnight. Then I lay there thinking. When I
had gotten home this evening I wondered if Alicia would read my guilt
in my face. Not being one to keep things to herself I knew she would
confront me. But she said nothing, just our normal chatter while
getting dinner ready and eating. I found to my surprise that I acted
normally. My behavior wasn’t strained and I was comfortable in the
company of my wife. I felt guilty at this apparent lack of guilt, but
I understood that nothing had changed in the love I felt for Alicia,
even the desire for her familiar, sweet body that I was in no shape to
satisfy. If I had succumbed to a stranger and the fucking was average
I would have felt bad. I had done things to that girl that simple
respect for my wife would never allow me to do. I had lived a dream
and that was that.

After a few days my pucker poker was back to normal and I was
in need of my wife. At the dinner table I gave her my look and she
gave me her smile. I got that old feeling in my balls and finished the
meal. After cleaning up and watching a little TV in companionable
silence, we got up and headed for the bedroom. We got in the shower
where she washed off my dick and ass and I did the same for her tits,
pussy, and ass. We got on the bed with me on my back. She lay next to
me with her leg draped over my dick. I played with her tits while we
kissed and her nipples swelled. The kissing got hotter and our tongues
played over each other. My tit rubbing got heavier while her leg
caressed mine. I shifted on to my side facing her and she lay on her
back. I licked her left nipple and kneaded the soft flesh of her firm
globe. Her moans got into the audible range as I changed breasts and
licked harder. My teeth scraped her nipple and she arched off the bed.
I worked my tongue down her belly until I got to her crisp black bush.

Her belly was getting a little heavier than when we met and
her ass globes weren’t quite as tight. But she still kept in pretty
good shape and I loved the feel of her. I rubbed my nose into her
pubic hair and spread her legs with my hands. Working down to her
pussy lips I spread them with my fingers and ran my tongue up and down
the slit until the juice started to flow.

I swung my leg over her head and dangled my hardening dick
over her face. She laughed between her moans of pleasure and reached
up to take my prick in her hand. She started rubbing the shaft while
licking the glans. She took the tip of her tongue and got it right
into the hole at the end of my prick. Meanwhile I was scraping her
clit with the tip of my tongue then going lower to cram it as far into
her cunt as I could. I swirled it around in her juices and scraped at
her cunt walls while she craned her neck to get my pecker in her
mouth. I lowered my hips so that she could lay back and fucked my dick
in and out of her hot mouth. She made a tight O with her lips as I
slid past her tongue and down her throat. One of the things that had
kept me coming back to Alicia before we married was the way she would
slide my stiff pole down her throat until her lips were buried in my
cock hair. She grabbed my ass cheeks and held me deep in her throat.
The sensation of her swallowing action around the head of my throbbing
pole was unbelievable. With my tongue buried in her pussy and my dick
rammed down her throat I started to rub lightly at her bunghole with
my stiff middle finger. She jerked against my tongue and ran hers up
and down the dick stuck down her throat.

The finger at her asshole was dry so I wetted it in pussy
juice and slid it just inside her tight anal box. Raising my hips up
and down, fucking her mouth and twisting my finger around in her ass,
Alicia started to come. I tongued her clit as hard as I could and put
two fingers up her snatch. I fucked her asshole and cunt with my
fingers while she sucked like a demon at my hard hot dick and I knew I
was about to soak her throat with that old salt spray.

I started to boil up from my nuts and she started to stream
juice out of her pussy so I jammed my finger as far up her ass as it
would reach and swirled it around like a mix master.

Even as we rested I kept my hands moving all over her body,
spreading her slick cunt juice down the crack of her ass and massaging
it into her belly button. She played with my semihard dick, keeping
it oiled with the lube from her box.

I rolled over to my stomach and spread my legs. She lay
between them and kissed the cheeks of my ass. My pole was stretched
out on the bed between my legs. I shivered as her tongue ran up and
down the tender skin of my pole. She tongued my nuts, taking the sack
in her teeth. The skin between my nuts and asshole was given the same
caress of tongue and lips. I knew what she was going to do and the
anticipation was making me harder and hotter. Finally she spread my
cheeks exposing the hairy crack and my own tight pucker. She stiffened
her tongue and jabbed at the ring of my asshole, slipping just inside.
The sharp pain quickly turned to ecstasy as she swirled her tongue in
my ass, then poked it in and out.

I was ready to come again so I pulled away from her probing
and got off the bed between her widely spread legs that were hanging
to the floor. Turn about was fair play and I loved the taste of her
clean pucker. I spread her cheeks and feasted my eyes at the sight.
She sighed and raised her hips off the bed, urging me to get to it. I
slid my tongue down her crack, licking up the juice my fondling had
left there.

Just before I got to her puckered hole I moved up the side of
her cheek and skipped over to the other side. On the way I gave a blow
of air against her bunghole. It quivered as I passed over and worked
my tongue up the other side. I came back down her crack again and she
raised her ass off the bed. I let my tongue touch her butthole with a
feather light touch and blew around it. She groaned and raised her ass
higher. Without further playing around I rammed my tongue deep into
her asshole. She yelled and came up off the bed even higher, wriggling
her ass, trying to get my tongue deeper. I lapped in and out of her
tight box and she spasmed on my tongue. She reached a hand under
herself and I knew she was rubbing her clit with short, hard stokes.
Just when she started to come I pulled my tongue out of her asshole.
Quickly moving up I grabbed my dick and put the tip into her pussy.
Slowly but firmly I moved up into her slimy hot box. She got her
knees up under her and I got to my feet. My dick was lifting up inside
her cunt, pressing the space under her bunghole until it wrinkled up
to half the normal distance. I grabbed her cheeks, spreading them and
working the flesh with my fingers. I was buried up to the hilt and my
dick was throbbing with the slick, hot feel of her tight cunt. I
pulled back until just the head of my dick was still in, then raised
up so that I stretched her cunt lips and pushed the underside of my
dick head tight against the yielding wall of her fuck hole. Scraping
the underside of my dickhead tightly against her creamy tunnel I
thrust home again and again.

Her asshole was starting to throb with the pressure of my dick
in her cunt at that high angle. She was pushing back against me as I
dropped back in line with her cunt and kept up a steady hard full
length thrusting that slammed my hips into her soft ass cheeks. We
worked at each other until the sweat ran and her asshole was wet with
it. As we got closer to coming I slowed down. Spreading her left cheek
I took my right thumb and rested the tip against her pucker. Slowly,
making sure that it picked up plenty of sweat I eased my thumb to the
bottom knuckle in her butthole. She bucked back against me and I
started moving my thumb and dick in at out at the same time. The cunt
was tighter and I could feel my thumb through the thin membrane
separating her pussy from her asshole. She was working her clit with
one hand and reaching back to spread the other cheek. I worked my dick
in and out at a lower angle to increase the pressure on her clit and I
could tell that she was about to explode again. My own need was
building and I pumped in and out of her as fast and hard as she could
take. I left my thumb buried in her ass and twisted it and bent the
knuckle back and forth. She screamed my name and I could feel fresh
hot juice in both hot holes as she came in one long shudder. My own
juice oozed from the fiery tip of my thrusting pole. I was about to
explode. I jerked out of her pussy and juice gushed out to drip on the

Pulling my thumb out of her ass with a sucking sound I grabbed
my dick and rammed the whole slick, hard length to the hilt in her
bowels. She came unglued, ramming back against me as I kept my long,
thick pole buried in her bung. With a cry I felt the come boiling up
and out. I started pumping her hole while she squeezed her sphincter
muscles, trying to hold me in place. The jizm kept spur+ ting and I kept
pumping and she kept her hand busy at her cunt. Once she reached up to
grab my nuts as they slapped against her pussy. I stopped cramming
dick and she kneaded my balls right up to the point of pain. I pulled
out of her tight hole and slid back in again.

This was real life. I had finally married Alicia as much for
the ass fucking as anything else. A good bunghole is hard to find. I
was fortunate that she also was my love.

Knowing that she would come once more even if I didn’t make
that third one before she wore out I fucked her ass with long, slow
strokes. Sometimes I would pull all the way out and watch as her hole
gaped for a moment before it closed up. Then I would shove into her
hard, slapping my hips into her cheeks. There was no question that
this was great. My wife and her sweet tight ass were always ready for
me and, best of all, I knew she got as much pleasure from anal sex as
I did. She came in a long, slow spasm that pulled and kneaded at my
pounding pole. I fucked into her until she begged me to stop. I was
pretty close to coming again. But I stopped and rested in her until
she relaxed and my dick softened. She moved forward until I slid out.
We lay next to each other after turning out the light and, still
touching each other’s sex, went to sleep.

Subject: The Case of the Frustrated Analyst Chapter Three (M/F anal)
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 97 21:55:19 GMT

A Probing Study of The Analytical Method
Ainne Pierce
Chapter Three
What Seems to Be the Problem?

Life went on as usual for weeks. Every other night or so
Alicia and I would have loving but perfunctory fucks. A little sucking
and pussy fucking. Sometimes a finger would slide up her asshole. It
was typical married life sex, a little better than most, but, for us,
just keeping our hands in and our love alive.

A week or two would go by and we would have a special session.
Once in a while I got that third come, scraping her ass walls raw and
stretching her sphincter until it was loose on my shaft. Alicia had
multiple orgasms during those long sessions and had long ago told me
that the pleasure was worth a little pain. In those moments I
approached the frenzy I had felt in that tight blonde butt. All in all
things were fine.

Oddly enough it was those almost moments that finally started
getting to me. I made no attempt to find the young girl again. No one
else had caught my attention and I was sure that it had been a one
shot deal for me. I’d lived my fantasy and that was a whole lot more
than most people ever got. Every time I came close to complete abandon
in my wife’s ass I held back. She was my love and I would not go
beyond the point where my pleasure would damage her love for me. Yet,
my desire for that place of anal abandon grew in me like a cancer and
I wondered if I could heal.

Some months later I was in a strange town on business. I had
to lay over on the weekend. Saturday I spent shopping for a few
things. I got Alicia a present at a sex shop that I thought would give
us both a tingle. That night I had dinner, called Alicia, and went to

I spent a restless night. Snatches of pink pussyed, red
puckered sex came at me through a fog of desire. I awoke with a
massive hard on around two in the morning. For the first time in years
I jacked off. Rubbing at the head of my dick with my thumb, sliding up
and down the shaft lightly. Grabbing hard and pumping it into my fist.
All the time going over every detail of that afternoon of anal rape
and delight. When I finally came all over the sheets I knew I was not
going to rid myself of the aching need eating at me. Cleaning off the
sheets and hoping they would dry before the maid found them in the
morning I went back to sleep.

I woke up late and had a bit of breakfast in the hotel
restaurant. Back in my room I worked on the business I needed to
conduct the next day, but my mind wasn’t on it. I was only killing
time, fighting boredom. With no thought of any destination I got in my
car early in the afternoon and quickly got lost in this unfamiliar

After about an hour I was in a seedy part of town and every
once in a while I would see a woman walking down the street or
standing in a doorway. They were obviously hookers and I teased myself
by cruising around. None of them really did anything for me. But
circumstances kind of got to me and last night began to pull at me. I
saw a girl with a pretty decent ass and from a distance she looked
fair enough. She gave me a look and I pulled up around the corner. As
she got closer she looked pretty haggard, but her ass still swung and
ground around inside her red hot pants. She got in the car and asked
me if I wanted a date. I said maybe. She asked me what I had in mind.
I felt shy about coming right out and saying that I wanted to rape her
asshole, so I asked her what she did. She said she would suck for
$20.00, fuck for $30.00 and do both for $40.00. I asked her if she
ever took it up the ass. She gave me a disgusted look and said no. I
told her I was sorry but I wasn’t interested. She got out and I drove
on. Now I was really horny. I tried a couple of other average looking
whores with no success. A good ass is hard to find. I was getting
frustrated and thinking of giving it up when I looked up into the
parking lot of a closed car wash. She was medium height, thin, with
short dark brown hair. I pulled into a wash bay and she came up to the
front of the car and around to the passenger side. She had a passable
face, not too weary looking, small tits, and her hip bones showed
through the tight blue jeans. She opened the door and slid in. Her ass
was thin but just rounded enough to be a turn on. We went through the
routine and she wasn’t any more pleased about buttfucking than the
rest of them. At this point I didn’t care. We settled on a suck and
fuck for $30.00. I drove to her motel room.

We stripped down. She had a ZIGZAG tattoo on her left
shoulder. Her tits were small and firm with stand up nipples. She had
light brown pussy hair. Her stomach was flat and her hips were bony
but graceful. I sat on the bed and she got down on her knees in front
of me. She stroked my dick to get it hard, then reached out with her
tongue and licked it all over. Slowly she took my dick inside her
mouth. The warm, wet feel was great as she got right down to
business. Sucking hard and running her mouth up and down my dick, this
was all business to her. When I was close to coming I reached out to
stop her and took my dick out from between her wet lips. She was
disappointed. If I had come in her mouth she wouldn’t have to fuck me.
I was going to get my money’s worth. She lay down on the bed beside me
with her legs dangling over the side. I slowly got to my feet, letting
the come feel subside. She was giving me hurry up and get it over with
signs. I started to get peeved at her attitude. I didn’t know that it
was pretty standard for a street hooker. I got between her legs and
she reached down and guided my dick into her barely wet pussy. I took
my time and worked into her. After getting all the way in, with our
hip bones grinding together, I rested a bit. She was telling me to get
a move on. So I started to stroke. I pounded into her hard and fast.
Her juice started flowing even though she was indifferent to any
sensation I might have given her. I wasn’t really getting much out of
this and I was nowhere near coming. She asked me what the problem was
and, in a fit of inspiration, I said that I really didn’t like doing
it face to face. I asked her to get on her knees and let me take her
from the rear. She grimaced but said she would do anything to get
this over with. I pulled out of her slick cunt and stood up as she
rolled onto her knees with her head resting on her forearms. Her legs
spread out and her cheeks split apart and I knew that this was what I
needed. With just enough padding in her cheeks to keep a good pounding
from being painful I was looking at the perfect shape for ultimate
penetration. Controlling my excitement I moved up behind her and
rammed my dick home in her gaping pussy. This was more like it. The
view, the added pressure of the position, the feel of her ass cheeks
in my hands and I was pumping.

It was a short time later that the cum spurted deep into her
hot cunt and spilled out past her plump lips to land on the bed. I
kept stroking, milking the last drop out and then stroked a little
more. I had an idea and was working up the nerve to do it.

She was making restless moves again, knowing that I had shot
my load and our bargain was fulfilled. But I wasn’t fulfilled. Not
only was that fuck pretty unsatisfactory but her attitude made me want
to shock a little life into her. I believe in pleasure for everybody,
even a street girl. Without hesitation I made my move. I grabbed her
hips, pulled my still hard dick out of her hot cunt, grabbed it with
one hand and plowed the tip into her butthole.

She screamed like a banshee and I was afraid the door would
come busting in the way I had just busted in her tight puckered hole.
I was slick with her juice. Giving her no time to react I grabbed her
hip with the hand that held my dick and shoved with all my might. In
one stroke I was wedged deep up her hot spasming bowels. She was
gasping with shock and pain. I threw my weight forward, collapsing her
body full length on the bed and getting even deeper into her squirming
butt. She tried to buck me off, grabbing back at me with her hands. I
got a hold on her wrists and dragged her hands under her, pulling them
down until her arms were straight. While she kept up her fight to
dislodge me she was no longer yelling. I lifted my ass into the air,
keeping my weight on her back and locking her legs with mine. My hard
dick slid back out to the tip and I eased it back in a little, then
out a little.

Letting her get used to the feel of me, giving her time for
the pain to ease, I kept her down while probing her asshole firmly
enough to let her know I meant business. When her sphincter muscles
began to relax I shoved my pecker deeper into her and I felt her move
up to meet me a little. I was sure this woman had been dicked up her
ass before. The shock of my rape was wearing off and she was adjusting
to the situation. Knowing that it was only a matter of time before she
would be a willing participant, I kept a smooth, steady stroke in her
tunnel. I kept hold of her wrists as I slowly lifted up on her stomach
so that she rose up to her knees with me still bent over her back. I
wanted to see my hard, hot splitter working that tight ass, but I
wasn’t ready to trust her not to get away. I worked my prick in short,
hard jabs that only took me a couple of inches out of her ass. She
grunted and moved back to meet me. Her sweat slicked cheeks rubbed on
my legs. I raised up on my feet still keeping my chest pressed into
her back, ready to drop back with my full weight at the first sign of
trouble. Suddenly she jerked her hands free, but instead of starting
the fight again, I was pleased to see that she put her left arm up by
her head and her right hand found her cunt. I could feel her playing
with her clit as she slid two fingers into her cunt. My dick was
hanging almost straight down while the hole I was stroking was aimed
at the wall where it met the ceiling. The angle was really spreading
her hole wide and scraping the bottom of my dickhead against the
membrane between her cunt and asshole. Her fingers were rubbing my
dick through the skin, so I stopped pumping while she kept her fingers
working at her cunt, tickling my dick as they went in and out. I was
ready to see what I was doing so I straightened up and stood upright
behind her. The sight drew a long, shuddering sigh of contentment from

My dick crammed into her tight butthole and at the sound of my
pleasure she moved her ass in slow circles. My excitement must have
gotten to her because she asked me how it looked. She had started
breathing hard, moaning with my thrusts and her fingers playing at her
cunt. I told her it was beautiful and then pulled my dick all the way
out so that her hole closed with a snap. She shuddered, crying out,
and I put the tip of my bung buster back against her tight pucker and
gave one fast thrust. Her hole opened like the shutter of a camera and
I scraped the whole length past her sphincter ring and slammed hard
against her stretched cheeks. Not waiting I pulled out even faster,
all the way, then slammed her anus again.

She was working her clit and the smell of pussy juice was
filling the tiny room. Again and again I dragged all the way out and
slammed deep into her bowels in one stroke. Long after I figured she
couldn’t take any more of that fierce pounding she reached back and
grabbed my balls. I stopped short, buried so deep in her asshole some
of my cock hair had gotten dragged into her along with my dick and I
could feel the rough scrape of it on my overly sensitive skin.

With my balls in her hand I was really hoping that she wasn’t
about to take revenge for my forcible rape of her bunghole. She took
one of my big balls in her hand and gently rubbed it between her cunt
lips. My scrotal sack was getting stretched out of shape but the
slight pain was nothing compared to the pleasure. She rubbed some
more and gently scraped her finger nails along the skin between my
balls and my asshole. I was quivering, buried in her ass. Slowly I
withdrew. Resting my dick head against her pulsing asshole I reached
down and took my ball in my fingers, bringing it up to her cunt lips
and sliding it between them.

Letting my dick slide up so that it rested against her crack,
I worked my ball into her pussy. It hurt. She had a pretty tight box.
She relaxed her cunt muscles making it easier to get my nut up her.
Suddenly it popped past her inner cunt lips. She clamped down and I
almost screamed with the pain. I bore down and the pain eased. She was
rocking her ass back and forth, squeezing lightly on my ball. I
reached down to my dick that was sliding around in her ass crack.

She didn’t have enough flesh on her to squeeze together, so my
pole wasn’t getting much action. With all my concentration on getting
my nut into her cunt my prick had lost some of it’s stiffness. Taking
hold of it toward the head I arched back to get some distance between
me and her asshole without dislodging the ball in her pussy. I bent my
semihard dick so that the tip pressed against her bunghole and started
to work it in. With my nut in her that tunnel had closed up almost too
tight to penetrate. Also the pressure on my nut was going to be pretty
painful. I figured that some things were worth a little hurt and
having given her as much pain as I had in pursuit of kicks, I was
willing to let her get some thrills at my expense. I gritted my teeth
and shoved. Her asshole stretched wider as the bend in my dick started
into her. My ball was in agony and my dick wasn’t to happy about being
bent like that. All of a sudden everything kind of lined up and the
next thing I knew my dick was hard and tightly lodged in her anus. She
was shuddering from the double fucking she was getting and I was
shuddering from the pain in my nut.

I couldn’t move back and forth much so I twisted my hips,
reaming her hole. I pulled back enough to get a couple of fingers
around my dick and twisted it around as far as it would go, circling
around in her. She was clenching and unclenching her ass muscles,
milking my dick. Her anus was hot and slick with juice. Some of it was
a brown watery stuff that added it’s own unique odor to the musky air.
All of it just fed my desire. The nastier the better. I had to feel
her ass walls stroking my dick. I held my breath and jerked backwards.
My nut popped out of her cunt with a sharp pain that quickly settled
to a dull ache. My dick flew out of bunghole, scattering that brown
juice on her ass cheeks and dribbling onto the bed. I asked her if she
wanted to see my big rammer pumping into her butt.

There was a mirror above a dressing table pretty close to the
side of the bed. I sat on the bed and brought her around in front of
me facing the mirror. My dick was bouncing with the thought of
spurting in her. I bent her over so that she was leaning against the
dressing table with her head on her arms. I began to finger her cunt.
I put in another finger and another until all four fingers were
sluicing in and out of her pussy. I bent my hand so that it made a
cone shape of the fingers with my thumb inside them. I worked my hand
deeper into her stretched out cunt. She was sobbing and rocking with
pain but when I asked if she wanted me to stop she moaned a long,
shuddering no.

My hand was in up to the third knuckles and straining at her
cunt lips. Slowly I drew my fingers up into a fist inside her steaming
hole and her cunt walls wrapped tight around every angle and curve
like a surgical glove. With a sharp push I was up to my wrist. She
screamed and drove herself back on my hand. I twisted my fist around
in her and the rubbery lips wrapped around my wrist pulled the hair.
She shook and rocked with the force of her orgasm. I was lightly
stroking my hard dick to keep it up, but the pure sensual excitement
of what we were doing was making it hard to keep from coming. I told
her to brace herself and started to pull back on my hand. She lunged
forward with her hips and my fist flew out.

Her cunt was so stretched out that I could get three fingers
in her without touching. I stood up and ran my dick around inside her
cunt, caressing the walls until they relaxed and got some of the
elasticity back. Bit by bit she tightened up on my dick and I stroked
her gently for a while.

I pulled out of her pussy and sat back on the bed,
contemplating the dripping cunt and oozing asshole in front of me. I
thought to myself that what was good for the cunt was good for the
crapper. I put a finger in her ready asshole and quickly followed with
another one. I asked her how many she thought she could take and she
said to try and find out. The third finger went in and I spent some
time reaming them in and out of her ass. The little finger slid in
with the rest and she started moaning, her breath rasping in her
throat. I couldn’t believe she could take anymore, but she grunted at
me to keep filling her up.

I made the same cone shape as before. As I worked more of that
cone into her the skin around her hole was disappearing into her
cramping bunghole. Once again I worked my fingers into a fist,
scraping my nails along the ass walls. She was bucking against my
fist, pushing herself back as I kept up the forward pressure. Inch by
inch my fist slid into that amazing hole. Soon her sphincter was
wrapped tight around my wrist. She was shaking her head violently and
spit flew from her slack lips.

The agony of my fist rammed deep in her was loosening her grip
on reality. I stood so that my dick could reach her pussy and put the
head into her cunt lips. I spurted everything I had into her. She was
coming again with my fist in her ass. I eased my fist out, her whole
body following as the sphincter worked to trap me. She stood straight
up and thrust her hips forward as I jerked back on my arm. I jumped up
behind her and bent her over. Her buttthole was gaping open so I stuck
my still dripping dick in. I pulled her back to me and I could tell
that she was barely aware of me.

Keeping her tight against me I sat back on the bed. She was on
my lap and her ass ring miraculously tightened around my throbbing
dick. We sat still for some minutes as she came back to life. Soon she
turned, pivoting on my dick in her ass so she was sideways on my lap.
She put a hand on the back of my neck and drew me to her waiting lips.
We kissed hard, tongues scraping against each other, eyes wide open
and staring into each other. She was working hard on her ass muscles,
getting them back to normal after the tremendous abuse we had put them
through. Soon she was milking my dick, making it throb again.

I grabbed her hips and turned her to face the mirror again.
Her eyes glazed with the knowledge of what she was to see. I lay down
on the bed and she lay back, resting her hands on the bed to either
side of me, so that her weight was on her arms. She brought her knees
up and spread her legs as far as she could. I was moving slowly in and
out of her once again tight bunghole. With her feet resting on my
thighs she lifted her head and looked in the mirror. I worked my dick
out so that just the tip was still wedged in her hole. She gasped with

She told me not to move and began moving on her own. Her ass
slid down so that my dick was as far up as she could get it, then
rocked against my stomach, making the friction on my pole almost
unbearable. She raised her ass up and down as fast as she could while
our skin got hotter and dryer with the constant rubbing. I knew that I
was going to reach that peak again. She made every move her body was
able to in that position. She squatted on my legs, resting her head on
her knees while I held her hips and slammed her up and down on my dick
She lay full out on top of me. Her head was on my chest under my chin
and her legs laid the full length on mine. We didn’t move, just lay
there with that hard dick burning and throbbing inside her tight,
quivering ass.

I knew neither of us could take much more but we would both
last long enough for that mind bending third blast. While she lay full
on me I rolled her onto her stomach, staying deep in her asshole. She
lay with her legs spread and that sweet ass wide open for my deepest

I was going to pump her hard and dry until there was nothing
left. I could feel her ass clenching against the coming action. I got
into push up position and raised up until my dick was just barely
forcing her hole open. I dropped hard, almost bending my stiff prick
in half until it finally forced a hot channel to the first bend of her
bowel. The fire on my dick was exquisite and she was shaking with the
pain that is pleasure. I raised again, scraping my stinging way out of
her and both cried out at the sweetness. Over and over while my arms
ached and my legs shook, I pounded the woman. I stopped, raised above
her and let my dick slide all the way out. I got on my knees, pulling
her hips back and up so that she followed me up. As she raised into
position my pulsing pole slammed deep into her shithole. She cried out
and I did it again. I pulled all the way out again and saw that I was
dragging small lumps of shit out with me. With hard, stabbing thrusts
my dickhead split her puckered anus.

Driving just the head in, sometimes only the barest tip, I let
the stuff on my shaft dry to a crust. Standing up I pulled her to her
feet. She was bent almost double with her legs spread far apart. Her
asshole was pulsing and I put my dickhead into it and shoved that dry
length back up her abused tunnel. Lumps of hard shit scraped along the
length of my shaft. From now on it was to be hard, long, fast thrusts.
Nothing fancy, just an animal drive to the ultimate orgasm. I stroked
in and out of her, harder and faster and she cried with pain. I was
past hearing as she begged for it to end, all I could do was drive my
hips into her cheeks, dragging my painfully stiff prick in and out of
her sucking hole.

After a timeless time I felt the boiling in my sack. The nut
that had fucked her pussy ached as it pumped the thin juice that was
all I had left. Pushing into her bunghole as violently as a jackhammer
my pole was rock hard, turning to granite. Slowly the pressure built.
She was no longer begging me to stop or crying with pain. She was in a
trance that dragged one last spasming orgasm out of the center of her
sex and she howled with the agony of it as my ramming dick spat
burning hot jizm against the walls of her asshole.

I couldn’t stop until the last aching spasm of thin cum left
me. Even then, stopped with that rock of prick in to the hilt and
still gorging with blood, the wracking orgasm caused me to pulse again
and again.

Subject: The Case of The Frustrated Analyst Chapters Four/Five (M/F anal
Date: 1997/04/29

The Case of the Frustrated Analyst
A Probing Study of The Analytical Method
Ainne Pierce
Chapter Four
Dark Introspection

I was lost to myself. Everything I believed about my sexual
being was torn from me. With the second violent ass rape I could no
longer pretend to ignore the disease eating at me.

The small town where I grew up might have been the same as any
Middle America town. I don’t know. With fewer kids to choose from for
friends, some of the rigid age grouping found in larger cities didn’t
apply to us. At age six and seven some of my friends were as old as

I had no natural urge to sexual experience at that age. But
the older boys did. In a community where barns, bushes, and caves
were open to all and kids pretty much ran wild all day it was
difficult for parents to keep track of all we did.

A couple of nine and ten year old girls ran with us. The
twelve year old was getting to where he paid a lot of attention to the
older of the two girls. Soon we were all exploring each other. We knew
nothing of vaginas so used the only hole that presented itself

As a teenager that certain something I had didn’t do much for
teenage girls and I had zilch for sex and little dating.

When I reached adulthood I found that older women went for me
in a big way. Their experience and my big dick soon made an
accomplished lover of me. But, something was missing.

One night I was pumping away in a woman’s cunt, getting close
to coming, when she pulled away. She was close to her period and we
weren’t using birth control. I was shaking with the effort to hold in
my jizm, hoping that she would suck me to a finish.

Instead she got on her knees and spread her cheeks and asked
me if I would like to finish up in her ass. In a flash all those
prepubescent pokings came back to me. Still fighting to hold back my
cum and only knowing one way to fuck an asshole, I moved up behind her
and put the head of my pulsing pole tight up against her pucker. I
shoved. She screamed and fell to her stomach on the bed with me
falling on top of her, the head of my dick caught in her spasming
sphincter. My weight crammed the rest of my vibrating shaft to the
hilt in her shithole. She screamed again and I spurted deep in her,
shaking with the agonizing pleasure. I pumped into her until my dick
softened and we came apart. She said nothing about my performance and
I thought everything was OK.

A week later I attempted to get some more of her sweet, tight
bunghole, but she stopped me. Then she told me that I had made her
bleed that first time and I learned of the pain and mistrust that
abusing a woman’s ass could bring. I never did fuck her ass again, but
I did get it into another woman I was seeing at the same time and she
didn’t like it at all but, I was quite selfish and couldn’t have cared
less as long as I got up her ass.

Even then ass fucking wasn’t a prime concern. I could take it
or leave it.

That had all changed.

Chapter Five
A Darker Side to My Mania

The night before I barely stopped myself from ramming my dry
hard pucker splitter into Alicia’s tender butt.

Here we go again.

Her fat boobs pushed together made twin peaked mountains of
white flesh, a mushy tunnel for my thrusting dick. With my legs
straddling her neck I slid my oil soaked rod into her boobs. On the
backward thrust my spread cheeks slammed into her face, her stiff
tongue swabbing into my leaking shithole. I leaned far enough forward,
resting on one arm, to reach into her cunt. All four fingers reamed
into her box and her clit rubbed into my palm. The heel of my hand
ground into her pussy hair, strands of it coming out at the roots.

She was heavy. Folds of fat creased her stomach, heavy
breasts, balanced against a sagging, chunky ass. Not my usual turn on.

I sat back hard with her tongue deep in my asshole, grinding
her nose into the crack above. I jerked my hand from her soaking cunt
and rubbed the juice onto my throbbing pole. Her tits were so big that
I leaned over them and put my dick down through the length of them.
Her nipples rubbed down the sides of my pecker and my cockhead pushed
into the fat between those monstrous mounds. I used my hands to twist
and kneed her flesh around my dick until I felt the cum boiling up
from my balls and burn it’s way out the tip, splashing out from
between her tits. I turned and crammed my dripping dick down her
throat. She choked and sputtered, raking her teeth down the length of
me as I pulled out and slammed in again. She swallowed compulsively as
she gagged on my twitching dong and her throat muscles squeezed tight
on my dickhead. Her eyes were watering and she was heaving up from the
floor when I jerked out of her mouth.

I got down between her legs and strained to lift the massive
things up. For her weight she was still limber. I pushed her legs over
until she could wrap her own arms around them, holding her huge ass up
off the floor. She pushed her legs out as far as they would go and I
still couldn’t see the shithole hiding inside that cavernous crack. I
grabbed at the cheeks that mounded up with wrinkles of flesh jiggling
at every move. Making a wild guess I stabbed my stiff cock at where I
thought the hole that drew me would be. I slammed into the patch of
flesh just above her asshole, almost bending my pole in half. She
screamed with the pain and I screamed with frustration as I reared
back, lowered my aim and crashed back into that heaving flesh. This
time my aim was good and the tip of my aching cock drove through the
fat to plow into her tightly clenched pucker.

The size of a woman has nothing to do with the size of her
fuck holes. This was the tightest butt I’d ever fought my way into.
She knew I was going to do this, it was the deal I had made with a
desperate woman. Her love life was not doing very well and her needs
were just as strong as any woman’s. She had been giving me her shy
come-ons for years whenever I had business in the office where she
worked. This afternoon I stopped in for lunch at a place around the
corner from her office. She was sitting alone at a table, eating the
kind of lunch that wasn’t going to improve things for her one bit. Out
of politeness I sat with her and during the course of conversation she
broke down and confessed her desire and loneliness.

Still, the reality of her virgin bung being busted by the
biggest dick she’d seen appalled her. I had been anything but gentle
with her, simply using her for what I could get and hoping that would
be enough for her. She clenched tighter and I could see the strain in
her face and shaking legs. I was not going to be stopped. Ramming
with everything I had got my fat cockhead inside her ass ring and she
screamed with agony. I could feel the blood from her stretched pucker
dripping down onto my shaft and it drove me wild. I threw my entire
weight against her fat cheeks and my throbbing dick slammed into her
bowels. I jerked out only to cram hard into that tight sphincter. The
pressure of her anal wall was like a vice. She seemed to have muscles
of steel behind the flesh. There was hardly any give to accommodate my
ravaging cock. The pressure was too much and I jerked out of her so
hard I thought I would leave my dickhead behind. She was sobbing with
pain and shame as I forced her over to her knees and found her anus
with the head of my dick. It was slick with blood and sweat, pulsing
with her muscle’s response to the violent invasion of my rampant dick.

I spread her cheeks as wide as they would go and lowered my
hips in order to lay my dick along her crack. With her cheeks shoved
together my dick was encased and I moved up and down letting the
friction clean her juice from my dick. She got off on the rubbing in
her crack and moaned with pleasure and relief th t I was leaving her
tortured asshole alone. Of course, that was the furthest thing from my
mind as I spread her cheeks wide once more and placed my dry dickhead
at her quivering shithole and stabbed deep into her. My hot flesh
dragged at her hole as I thrust harder and harder at her. In fits and
jerks my red swollen cock disappeared into her. The tender skin of my
dickhead was stretched back from my pisshole with an agonizing burn.
Finally in to the hilt I rested against her fat cheeks while her
spasming bowels settled down to the presence of my pole.

When her breathing slowed I began to withdraw and the tight
muscles tensed up again, dragging at my dick in the tightest embrace I
could imagine. I pulled back against the suction of her sphincter
until I was all the way out. My rod was slimy from the stuff inside
her. I pushed back into her slick bunghole. I began a rhythmic
pumping, each thrust bringing more brown slime out of her, lubing my
strokes. She had stopped moving and crying out. I think she had
passed out. That was fine with me. As long as she was unaware nothing
was impossible for my disgusting lust. I rammed and twisted into her.

I pulled my dick out of that reeking hole and shoved it into
her pussy. Sloshing around in her cunt cleaned my cock so I plowed
back into her anus. Over and over I pumped her hole. I was insatiable,
knowing that she was beyond any pain I could cause. Then the cum
started that slow boil in my sack, working up to the burning head of
my dick. Shit had packed into the tip of my cock and the jizm built up
behind the plug until the crap and cum shot out of me like a cannon. I
went berserk then and jerked my straining dick out of her ass and
slammed it’s still spurting length into her cunt. I clawed her shit
hole with the nails of two fingers twisting into her.

She came awake with a shriek as the last of the cum spurted
into the back of her cunt. All of a sudden she went stiff as a board,
then started to shake from her toes to her head. All that flesh was
jiggling with the contraction of her orgasm. I held my spent dong just
inside her cunt lips, smeared with her shit. I put a third finger in
her crap soaked hole and she threw her huge ass back onto my hand. Her
spasms subsided. I wiped my dick off in her massive ass crack and left
her there.

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