His Favorite Sister, His Only Sister 2.

The small slot was funny looking he thought, and seemed
to open up a little wider as he looked at the cut like
slit between her legs. Knowing about cattle and sheep
breeding, and his own knowledge from reading and
hearing about sex, Billy wondered where the hair was on
her pussy.

Moving his face forward, he decided to do as he had
heard his friends speak about, and kissed the first
pussy in his life. With no experience in how and what
to do, Billy thought how sweet and different the small
slit smelled and tasted. Using his tongue to get the
taste of his sister in his mouth, he felt her body make
a jerk upward movement, and then Mindy was flipping her
hips up from the blanket.

“Gee Billy, you’re making my thing get funny feelings
in it – I want you to do it faster… Billy what are
you doing… augh yes, oh gosh I feel like I’m
floating… Billy, Billy,” Mindy said as she expressed
what she was feeling. Mindy at eleven let down her
first orgasm. Her legs became stiff, and her arms moved
to hold her brother around his neck and body.

Mindy’s body was so rigid; it seemed as if all her
muscle had tightened like a steel cable. Once more
Mindy uttered out her pleasure and passion, telling her
brother, “Billy, oh my Billy, it keeps making me feel
like I flying through the air, YEAH BILLY!”

Listening and feeling his sister’s small body wiggle
and them become still, only to start wiggling even
harder, Billy knew whatever he was doing his only
sister was enjoying his licking her pussy.

After the strongest sensations were over for Mindy, she
told her brother, “Oh Billy, you must stop, it is so
strong and now I just want you to hold me.”

Knowing how he had made his sister feel, Billy
understood how his actions to make Mindy feel good
caused his dick to become more erect than he could ever
recall. The urges of Nature were telling him he should
place his dick in his sister and moved so he was lying
on top of her.

Mindy knew what her brother wanted and was still
feeling the after effects of what she determined was
climaxing. The preteen girl didn’t hinder Billy placing
his body between her thin shapely legs. Then reality
struck the young girl and Mindy felt a male penis
touching her sex for the first time. The idea of sex
wasn’t fearful, but Mindy became anxious at the thought
she was about to have sex. The realization she was yet
to become a teenager, caused Mindy to determine she
must stop her brother and forgo sex for a few years.

Billy had moved his dick to the flat but seemingly fat
like lips surrounding her female opening and using his
hand, moved the end of his erection up and down the
narrow gash. His mind was filled in amazement of having
sex for the first time and wondered what it would be
like to shove up into his sister.

Then the feeling that he was about to ejaculate from
his excitement tore throughout his body, and as he
pressed the head of his dick against his sister’s young
welcoming sex, unleashed four thick ropes of semen.
“Augh Mindy, help me – I’m coming and want to put it in
you, but I can’t hold back… oh little sister I’m
going off.”

Mindy felt her brother push his thick thing inside the
edge of her “kitten” and knew he was wetting her female
hole with his gooey stuff as he had on her face
earlier. “Billy, don’t go any further in me, I want to
wait, but I like what you’re doing, I feel you making
my “kitten” wet with your stuff, gosh Billy, it feels
warm on me.”

After his ejaculation, Billy lay beside his sister and
told her nice she felt and asked her if she liked what
they had done. Sitting up, Billy moved so he could look
between his sister’s legs, and spoke her about his
stuff on her pussy. Billy used his fingers to stroke
her semen covered sex. Using his middle finger, Billy
was pushing the semen covering her slit he’d shot off
against her, up into her pussy.

For a few minutes Mindy enjoyed her brother playing
with her sex, then told him they should stop. Mindy’s
body was all tingly, and understood her brother had
given her desires that a girl of eleven shouldn’t have.
Mindy knew if she didn’t stop her brother from touching
her sex, she would want him to give it to her.

Billy stayed with Mindy until it was time to herd the
sheep back to the large sheep pen at the barnyard.
During the time they lay nude by the creek, Mindy
informed her brother how he made her feel, and would
let him do it again if he wanted but he must promise
not to do it all the way with her.

“You won’t tell mom what we did, will you Mindy?” Billy

“Heck no, she would blame it on me most likely, and you
will never tell your friends what we have done today,
will you my dear brother?”

Two weeks later, Billy and Mindy packed food for lunch,
and filled a large cooler with tea and another with
water, and some food for Buffy. This time they both
rode their horses slowly behind the sheep, and Billy
wondered if he would be able to have fun with his
sister once more.

That day was similar to their playing at sex a couple
of weeks earlier and for Mindy, she could not get
enough of her brother licking between her legs. She
became so satisfied with feeling her body have what she
understood was a climax, that she had three of them
within a couple of hours.

“Billy, I like it when you kiss and lick my “kitten”
and you can put your thing in the edge but you must
promise not to push it deep, only at the edge like the
last time… like that… yes, oh Billy not any deeper,
it is starting to hurt some.”

Twice that day Billy ejaculated his semen in the narrow
entrance of his favorite sister, and once more he
thought to himself, not only my favorite sister, but my
only sister.

Knowing his sister enjoyed his licking her pussy, he
asked if she would do him with her mouth. “Mindy, it is
called sucking a guy off, and I’d like to feel what it
is like… will you do it for me?”

Moving so she could place her mouth on her brother’s
erect dick, Mindy kissed and licked the end for several
minutes and finally moved her open mouth over the thick
end of the hard penis. At Billy’s constant requesting
she suck on him and move her mouth up and down on his
hard thing.

The feeling of her mouth over her brother’s dick was
neither pleasant nor unpleasant. Mindy enjoyed it for
the experience in knowing she was returning the favor
her brother had given her by kissing and licking her

Mindy could feel her brother’s dick seemingly becoming
harder, if that was possible. The hard thing felt
smooth and it seemed to Mindy that it was vibrating and
then her mouth was full of her brother’s thick creamy

Billy caught his sister’s face in his hands and held
her on his spurting and pleasure filled dick and filled
her mouth with his come. “Take it Mindy… suck it down
for me… drink my come, oh gee, I’m going off so

For the rest of the summer, they enjoyed playing with
sex and Billy kept his promise not to push his thing up
inside Mindy’s pussy. By the time school started, they
found it fun to touch each other with their hands and
fingers. Mindy had become somewhat successful in making
Billy come in her mouth without gagging.


During the following summer, the brother and sister
repeated their incestuous acts on each other, and at
12, Mindy was getting a few hairs around the top of her
sex. The points of her breasts were becoming fuller,
and if possible, more sensitive to her brother’s

One day Mindy asked, “Can you just kiss and lick my
boobs, and not touch my “kitten” as I feel so happy in
how you are doing them today. Billy, they are growing
and they seem to have strange feelings in them they
never used to have, why is that dear brother?”

Unsure for the reason his sister’s boobs felt different
to his sucking them, Billy replied, “I guess because
they are getting bigger and I love the puffy ends on
your boob.”


Another summer was upon them, and at 13, Mindy had
become a very cute and adorable teenager. Billy would
be 17 in another month and determined he wanted to get
it up his sister this summer. When they meet up at the
creek, they both knew summer meant more times in
enjoying the physical aspects of sex, and for some
reason, they didn’t mess around much during the school

There were times when the siblings headed to the barn
and enjoyed oral sex, but Mindy had found she loved to
stroke her brother’s hard thing and watch the stuff
shot out from the end. One day as she was stroking his
penis, she listened as Billy cried out when he was
shooting off, “Gawd Mindy, jack-me-off, of yeah… oh
little sister, I want to fuck you…I can’t wait for

When Mindy had the sheep at the pasture where she
always liked to relax and read a book or just look at
the sky, she undressed. Walking to the edge of the
stream, she looked at her reflection in the water, and
knew her 32-B cup breasts were nice, and she had a
small covering of hair over her sex. Mindy was
fascinated looking at the hair that grew a little way
down her sex, on the lips Billy called her labia. Will
Billy like me now and what will he say when he sees the
hair growing on my “kitten” and my larger breasts?

After a half hour of reading the novel she had checked
out of the library, Mindy fell asleep. She was having a
dream and something in it caused her to wake with a
start. Looking down at her feet saw someone and
realized it wasn’t her brother Billy, but her father.
“Daddy, what are you doing… oh daddy, hand me my

Reaching out to get her shirt from her father, Mindy
held it across her body as she had sat up on the
blanket. “Daddy, I’m sorry to be nude in front of you.
I enjoy being free to lie naked under the sky and read
and I can jump in the creek and swim whenever I want
and no one is ever here but me, Butch and Buttercup.”

When he had ridden up to where he saw his daughter, he
didn’t notice she was nude until he was about 50 feet
from where she was sleeping. Having dropped from his
horse, and tying his with Mindy’s, Walter had looked at
his daughter as he approached her.

My god, she has grown and her breasts look perfect, and
they have beautiful nipples, and puffy looking caps
they rest on, and the caps top off her firm tits,
Walter thought to himself.

Looking at his daughter’s body, with her legs spread
wide to display the small sex that would make any man
erect, as it did him, her own father. Walter saw his
young daughter’s sex was covered with soft looking
light auburn colored hair. The narrow chasm between her
somewhat puffy labia was slightly open, and the inner
pinkness of her sex was on display. The view of her
prepuce and it seemed like a small penis shaped object,
rested at the top of her vaginal opening. Hell, she
looks like her mother did when we married and Irene was
a 17 years old teenager.

“So you lie like this out here, what if one of the
ranch hands found you” That could be trouble
sweetheart. You’ve grown into a nice looking young
woman and I find you attractive in your nudity. I must
warn you to never speak to your mother that you’re nude
out here or she’ll likely stop your bringing the cattle
and sheep to the pastures.”

“Daddy, why don’t you undress and we can swim nude
together, and I promise not to tell mom.”

Mindy watched her father undress, and when he was nude,
saw his penis was bigger than Billy’s. Getting up from
the blanket, and as she moved her legs, she
intentionally allowed her legs to open and displayed
her sex to her father’s eyes.

Walking to the creek, Walter couldn’t believe he was
nude with his daughter and knew he was becoming erect
in viewing her perfectly shaped body. Entering the cold
water he believed would cause his cock to stop from
becoming hard. They swam for several minutes and Walter
watched his daughter float on her back and wondered if
she was intentionally offering him the view of her

When they were back on the grass, Mindy moved over to
her father and hugged him. Speaking in a soft voice
Mindy said, “Daddy, I enjoyed swimming nude with you,”
and as she spoke pressed her body tighter to her

Walter wasn’t certain how to handle the feelings he was
getting from holding his young daughter’s naked form
against him. Then felt his cock becoming erect and knew
his daughter was moving her young sex against his
growing manhood.

Mindy pulled her father down with her onto the blanket
and she lay on her side and reached down and touched
her father’s erection. The thing seemed twice the size
of her brother’s hard thing, and she begins to squeeze
it in her hand, and then release it, and repeating the
maneuver over and over. Mindy didn’t stroke it like she
did Billy’s, as she was afraid her father would wonder
how she knew to jack-off a male thing.

Saying nothing and afraid to speak, Walter felt is cock
start to build to ejaculate, and felt fear and shot off
the largest come he’d ever enjoyed. “Augh Mindy, you
shouldn’t touch me like this… I can’t help it… I’m
coming… oh my gawd it feels good!”

After washing off in the creek, both father and
daughter returned to the blanket, and Walter dressed
and told his daughter, “Mindy, I shouldn’t have done
this with you. I hope you never mention this to

“Daddy, it was something I wanted and it wasn’t you
fault. I wanted to make you feel good,” Mindy told her

Perhaps an hour passed and as Mindy lay reading her
book, she heard someone coming and looking saw her
brother riding his horse about a quarter mile away.
When Billy arrived where she lay on the blanket, she
smiled and told him, “You should undress and be here
with me little brother.”

Seeing his sister at age 13, he couldn’t believe how
her breasts had grown over the winter and the small
thatch of hair she had on her pussy. They lay on the
blanket and it may have been 15 minutes before Mindy’s
breasts were being stroked and kissed by her brother.
Mindy watched her brother move and kiss the downy hair
on her sex. Then Billy was kissing and licking her open

Mindy felt her hips bouncing up from the blanket and in
less than three minutes, she was climaxing hard.

Unknown to her brother, Mindy was keyed up for sex
after the intimate acts with her father, and the young
girl wanted more from Billy. The teenage girl knew if
Billy rubbed his thing between her labia, she would
allow him to push all the way up into her body.

Billy sensed something was different with Mindy as he
licked her, and he knew he wanted to do it with her
today. Moving up over her body, Billy’s seven inches
was pushing her labia open and felt what seemed like
her sex open wide for him. His cock was now in the
edge, and instead of using his hand to move his cock up
and down in the entrance as normal, he pushed it back
and forth in the wet gap between his sister’s legs.

Suddenly both siblings felt the thick head of Billy’s
cock entering slowly up into and all the way in her
welcoming sex. There was no doubt what Mindy wanted and
she moved her legs wide and bent at the knees so her
feet were resting flat on the ground. The 13 year old
pussy was open and wanting to be taken all the way for
the first time.

Moving his cock deeper in his sister each time he
pushed forward, Billy knew his sister was not going to
stop him from fucking her today. The youthful brother
had no reason that the gift of his sister’s virginity
was his because of an intimate moment between his
father and sister not to long before he had arrived to
where his sister lies on the ground.

“Billy, do me… make me a woman… ohhhhh, it hurts…
I feel you going in… be gentle… aughhhh, oh gosh,
it’s hurting me, stop for a minute. BILLY… YOU JUST
FUCKED ME,” Mindy cried out as she felt her virginity
busted apart. Her arms moved to hold her brother
against her as she hugged his waist. Suddenly she felt
her brother moving his hard thing in and out of her

For perhaps four minutes, Billy fucked his sister and
for his first time found it pleasant to stroke it so he
was pushing his cock inside his sister. Billy moved in
his strokes so his cock was touching all over the sides
and top and bottom of her pussy. Then it happened, his
cock was ready to unload it’s heavy shots of cum up his
sister’s waiting cervix.

“Yeah, oh Mindy, I’m going to cum… now little sister,
oh it feels so good… take it sis… I’m cumming in
your pussy, we’re fucking… oh yeah it feels so
good… my cum… take my cum,” Billy cried out as he
shot off.

Billy hadn’t jacked-off for more than a week, as he’d
been waiting until he could meet his sister at the
creek. Now he realized he’d made a good decision as he
felt his thick cum squirting up his sister’s pussy.

Mindy loved feeling her brother cumming in her for her
first time, and she understood about her “cherry” and
when she felt it being torn apart. She wanted it to
happen but didn’t want to loose her virginity. “I can’t
have it both ways, but wanted fucked, but also wanted
to stay a virgin,” Mindy thought to herself. Then she
knew it was too late when she had felt her brother
splitting her cherry.

“Good gawd it hurts, oh hell I just lost my
virginity… daddy it could have been yours if you had
wanted it,” Mindy thought as she lay under her brother
as he gave her the last of his load of cream. I love
knowing my own brother shot his stuff in me.

After Billy moved from her body, Windy lay on her back
and could feel her brother’s stuff running from her
body, and she smiled to herself, and thought, “Billy
cummed in me. I feel it running from my pussy… if
feels so good to have it run down between my hips and
across my back hole… wow what a feeling. I fell sore
inside my pussy, but I want him to do it again… I
want to cum like they tell a girl does when she gets

Reaching and looking down, Mindy saw her brother’s cock
was covered in blood and knew it was from her cherry.
Her hand moved down and took the still semi-erect cock
in her hand and after a few strokes had it hard.
“Billy, do me again – fuck me… please do it again…
oh yeah – you’re fucking me… Billy I love you… fuck
me harder… like that. BILLY I’M GOING TO Cum… YEAH

Mindy loved the feelings in her pussy, and then it
happened, her climax rolled through her body, and she
shouted out, “I’M DOING IT… I’M CUMING… OH MY

Mindy looked at the blood and cum on her sex and body
and walking to the creek felt a disappointment she
hadn’t expected. The realization she was no longer a
virgin made her have an empty feeling, even though she
had enjoyed Billy taking her four times. But no longer
being a virgin and just when she was old enough to know
what it meant, caused her cry a few tears.

Billy and she played in the water for a while and for
once, Mindy was in charge of their lives. “Billy, I
haven’t started my periods yet, but when I do, you will
need to use a condom if you want sex with me.”


Summer was once more nearing the end, and Mindy was
told by her father to take the young calves back to the
number four pond and let them graze there, but have
them back by three o’clock as Don Jackson was coming
over to purchase 25 of them.

Around noon, Walter decided to ride out to see how
Mindy was doing, and his wife informed him their
daughter had forgotten her lunch. Riding out to the
pond, Walter wondered if his daughter would be nude
when he got to the pond. The trees surrounding the pond
were a natural growth and the woods covered nearly ten

Reaching the top of the rolling hill that looked down
on the pond; Walter could see his daughter was nude and
enjoy the sun on her young body. When he got within a
short distance from her, she must have been altered by
Butch that someone was coming.

Getting off his horse and wrapping the reins around the
branch of a small tree, he walked over to where Mindy
was on the blanket, and he noted she made no move to
cover her body.

“Here is your lunch, and your mother saw you’d
forgotten it and thought I should ride out and give it
to you.” Walter watched his daughter’s face as she
smiled at the choice of words he had used, and even he
knew he had said, “… and give it to you.”

“Daddy, that would be nice, wills you,” Mindy asked as
she took the sack of food from her father’s hand.

“Mindy, you mischievous and you shouldn’t make such
invitations, someone just might take you up on your
offer,” Walter smiled as he spoke to his daughter.

After eating, and knowing she wanted her father to do
her, Mindy told her father, “Okay, time for to undress
and take a cool swim.”

Watching her father undress and he hadn’t replied to
her comment, Mindy noted her father was about half
erect. Gee he is bigger than Billy, but my brother’s
grown down there this summer.

They splashed each other as they swan, and Mindy at one
point wrapped her legs around one of her father’s and
pressed against him to show him she wanted something
and he was allowed to give it to her. Neither had
spoken since getting in the water, and now they said

Mindy let go of her father and swam over to the edge of
the pond and climbed up onto the sloping bank. Watching
her rounded buttocks as she moved from the water and
over to the blanket, Walter understood what his own
child was doing. “She is seducing me, and telling me
she wants sex with me,” Walter said to himself.

Moving to where his daughter lay with her legs parted,
Walter looked down at her gapping young sex and loved
how it looked. Saying nothing, Walter moved down
between the 13 year old legs of his daughter and with
no hesitation, eased his manhood to her waiting sex.

Feeling his cock finding its way into her body was a
sensation he couldn’t understand. For whatever the
reason, it didn’t seem like when he entered his wife…
nor the woman he would occasionally pick up when he was
away from the ranch.

Ever Norma Jackson, who stood exactly five feet tall in
her bare feet, didn’t have a pussy that felt like his
daughter’s. Then he was entering her all the way and he
heard Mindy sob out, “Oh daddy, be gentle you thing
must be big… oh gee… it kind of hurts.”

For Mindy the words were addressing the thick and long
cock that was driving in and out of her pussy. The
words for Walter were his incorrect belief that he was
getting his daughter’s virginity. Both father and
daughter were feeling pleased with the knowledge they
were having sex. Walter was experienced in making woman
feel good, and he used every bit of knowledge he had to
bring his daughter to an enjoyable first time in having

“Daddy… you’re going to make me do something… oh
daddy, I can’t help it… and as she climaxed, Mindy
begin to pee.”

Walter felt his daughter peeing and knew she was
experiencing a cum at the same time. Feeling her young
body heave up from the blanket and cry out, “Do it
daddy… whatever your doing, don’t stop… augh yes,
daddy you so big… it won’t stop doing it,” and as her
climax rolled across her body, Mindy continued to pee.

That afternoon, Walter showed his daughter how to take
a man doggie style, and how to enjoy sex with her legs
on his shoulders and he drove his erection deep into
her bent double body. Mindy was shown the pleasures a
man gets when he takes a woman’s ass. For the 13 year
old, it was a hurtful lesson in sex, but before the
anal sex was over, Mindy found she loved feeling her
father’s hairy body against her rounded hips.

During the next week, Walter took his daughter each day
and he loved hearing her beg him to fuck her. Walter
understood one thing about sex with his daughter; she
could pass for a clone of her mother. They sounded the
same during sex and their bodies could pass for twins,
except his wife’s body was just slightly fuller, but
his wife turned heads when she was out and away from
the farm.


Unknown to Walter, Irene had discovered adultery by
accident, and it happened when she went to Chicago with
her sorority group three years before. Irene had
purchased a latte at the hotel counter and not watching
what she was doing while reading the program of her
group’s activities, moved her arm and hit the man’s arm
next to her and made him spill his glass of orange

“Oh I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to cause you to drop
your glass,” Irene, said as he turned red from

“Not a problem, besides I’ve been waiting to meet you
all my life, or at lest for the last couple of
minutes,” the man said and laughed at his own comment.

“Let’s start over, I’m Bradley Jones, and hope you’re
available for dinner this evening, – are you – and you

“Irene Sutton, but I’m an old married woman here with a
group, so I assume some of us will eat dinner together,
but thank you for the offer.”

“Look, I have been here for two days and have two more
nights to be away from home, and would enjoy just
having dinner with you, nothing more… nothing less,”
Bradley said to Irene.

Finally Irene agreed to have dinner with the man and
asked how she should dries and what type of restaurant
they would eat dinner in. When she was told a cocktail
dress, Irene wondered if the emerald green dress with
the low square bodice would be alright.

Around five-thirty, Irene decided to take a bath and as
she soaked in the bubble bath the hotel had placed on
the edge of the large tub, Irene knew the lavender
scent would likely remain on her body all evening and
she wouldn’t need to wear any perfume.

Using the new razor, Irene shaved her legs, and then
wondered out loud, “Should I trim the hair from my legs
where it grows thick from my sex… I’m thinking like a
girl going on a date, Bradley, you won’t see my hair,
will you… my gawd, am I planning on committing

Deciding she did not want to trim the hair growing on
the under side of her legs and up to where it became
part of her moms covering, Irene thought, “I haven’t
trimmed my pubic hair since the children were born.”

Over dinner, Irene understood if sex occurred between
her and Bradley, it would at her discretion. Since
agreeing to have dinner with the man, Irene understood
she had been preoccupied with the idea of sex with the
stranger. “I’ve only known Walter for a few hours, and
wondering what would it be like to have some other man
driving his sex into mine… I must stop thinking of
such things.”

After eating dinner, the walked to a small club that
had a comic entertainer and he was humorous. Though the
act had a risqu� theme, it wasn’t gross. Then one joke
hit Irene directly.

“So ladies, there are some in the audience… aren’t
they? Oh well, if not, you females out there ogling me
listen up, if you think god gave you legs just to walk
on and look terrific, think again. There is another
reason and that is to walk all over a man and escape
his trying to have sex… right after you use your legs
to hold his face against your sweet little…”

“Girls, you fill in the missing word. In fact, the
pretty lady in the green dress… look at the man
you’re with, with his tongue hanging out and tell him
the missing word… come on the rest of us are

Without thinking and being part of the audience who was
laughing at the comic’s comments, Irene shouted out at
Bradley, ‘PUSSY!”

The audience went crazy and Irene realized what she had
said and that Bradley reached down and grabbed her
legs, not hard but about mid way on her thighs.

“Miss, come up her on the stage with me, and I want to
see if I can hypnotize you… come on audience, she
gave us the most honest answer I have ever gotten from
my joke, and now lets feature her in tonight’s show.”

Finally Irene was on the stage and seated on a chair.
After a few words, Irene was agreeing to be hypnotized
and in another minute was doing crazy things. The
audience busted up laughing when Irene squatted down
and being to move and crack like a duck.

Everyone in the audience could see up her dress as she
moved as it had rising up half way on her thighs. When
the comic asked her to become a stripper, but not to
remove her clothes. Irene did a provocative dance and
pulled her dress part way up until it was nearly above
her hips. The crowd loved seeing her lovely shaped legs
and the fact she was wearing sheer-to-the-waist
pantyhose, allowed the thick muff between her legs to
be displayed.

Finally she was asked to bark like a dog, and to
imitate Elvis and the crowd went wild as she shook her
body and how she did it, no one could tell, but her
voice sounding like Elvis as she sang, Love Me Tender.


After she woke up from the hypnotic state, the comic
asked Irene if she remembered being a duck, a stripper
or entertaining the crowd like she was Elvis. Telling
the comic she hadn’t done any of the things he was
saying, he looked at her and said, “I believe the
audience will agree that your sheer pantyhose allows a
lot of – shall we say hair – visible when you had your
dress up over your hips.”

“No way – tell me I didn’t do such a wild thing… I
will never be able to visit Chicago again… noooo…
your teasing me, aren’t you?”

Irene watched as the comic laughed and asked the
audience if he was telling the truth and if she didn’t
have the most lovely legs in the house.

After leaving the stage and was back next to Bradley,
Irene felt a strange need in her body, and knew she was
ready to do something with the man… but I can’t have
sex with another man.

They went to her hotel room, and inside she looked at
Bradley and asked him, would you like me to be a
stripper for you? Unknown to Irene, the comic had
whispered while she was still under his influence, “You
will do a strip for the man your was seated with and
will ask if he wants more once you’re naked.”

Irene turned on the radio and found a station playing
rock, and she begins to sway her body like a stripper.
When she unzipped her dress in the back and eased it
down from her arms, the beauty of her push up bra
covered breasts were displayed. Then the dress was
eased over her hips and then down her legs. Irene
stepped from the dress and laid it across a chair.
Moving and dancing in her bra and pantyhose, and heels,
Bradley could view the thick auburn hair growing over
her sex.

Unsnapping the front closing of her bra, Irene allowed
the firm cone shape of her 34-C breasts to be displayed
to the man she had known only a short time. Then she
wiggled as her hands pulled her pantyhose off and her
shoes were kicked off as her hands peeled her stockings

Now Irene was nude and once more dancing and watched as
Bradley undressed. Oh, his cock is like my husband’s
manhood. Thick and long, and oh my god, I’m moving onto
the bed and I can’t help it, I need sex, and Irene told
the stranger, “Fuck me Bradley – gawd almightily you’re
fucking me. Hell your big, I’m cumming already – augh

For another ten minutes Bradley rode the bouncing and
scream woman from one orgasm to another. Finally he
shot his cum deep in her welcoming pussy, as Irene
cried out, “Yeah, give me you cum – oh hell you fuck me
so good!”

Once more Irene was fucked and this time she went to
sleep immediately after getting off for the umpteen
times. How many times Irene had climaxed she had no
idea, it seemed like one long cum.


The next morning Irene awoke to the phone ringing and
as she moved to answer it saw a man in her bed. Then
she remembered what had happened, and as she answered
the phone, while leaning over the man in her bed, he
begins to suck her nipples.

“Hello… oh Walter… no, your call woke me…”

While she spoke with her husband; Bradley who she had
taken to her bed the night before moved both of them
around until he was eating her pussy. Knowing the woman
was speaking with her husband from the conversation,
Bradley wanted to make her cum as he ate her out. For
over ten minutes, Bradley licked her pussy and finally
felt her body become tense, and her hips move up from
the bed.

“Oh honey… my god… no I was thing how it would…
it you were here… oh no more… no, I mean no more of
us being apart,” Irene was saying as she finally ended
the phone call with her husband.

Immediately after she hung up the phone, Bradley was
pulling her legs up onto his shoulders and drove his
cock in and out of her tight pussy. Once again he felt
her having one orgasm after the other;

From that trip until the present time, Irene had found
a way to have sex with someone beside Walter. She had
found stopping at the local truck stop, and waiting for
just the right trucker to show up was an ideal way to
get her pussy plowed. Setting at the counter while she
sipped coffee, gave her profound enjoyment. It was at
this place that she experienced her first black. After
they had meet, Irene suggested they go get a room at
the small motel across the way, and Rod was more than

When Irene discovered the 12 inches of black hard cock
Rod had hanging between his legs, she loved having it
shoved up her body; Irene discovered sex all over
again. She would beg the man to be gentle and then to
fuck her hard and climaxed constantly. Then she being
to urinate, and sobbed out she couldn’t help herself,
and she peed almost the total time Rod would be fucking
her.At least once every month or two, Irene would go to the
truck stop and meet up with a driver. Never did she
find the same one twice, until she noticed Rod seating
in a booth speaking on one of the phones available for
truckers to use. Rod winked at her and she motioned
that she was available. When he was finished with his
phone call, Rod walked over and sat next to Irene at
the counter.

A half hour later, Irene was having her sex pounded by
the large black cock, and once more she was urinating
as she was fucked deep and hard. When Rod moved her
legs up on his shoulders, and held her ankles in his
large hands, he spread her legs so far apart, she felt
intense pain. Then he pushed her backwards until only
her head and shoulders were on the bed. The pounding of
her sex was so brutal, Irene felt like she wouldn’t
want fucked again for a year.

After Rod shot his come in her, Irene tried to get the
muscles in her legs to not be tied up in what seemed
like knots. Her body ached as the large man reached out
and placed her in a kneeling position on her hands and
knees. Once again the black 12 inches of hard cock was
pounding deep in her body.

Not yet fully recovered from the hard and deep fuck
she’d received with her legs in the air and her body
bent backwards, Irene was sobbing and crying that the
man was killing her. “Rod, you’re so big, oh gawd don’t
split me open.” Then she felt Rod’s thick cock slip
from her pussy and Irene screamed as he took her virgin

For what seemed like hours, Irene was fucked in her
ass, then back into her pussy, and drilled back and
forth between her two holes. Finally she felt Rod
shooting his come up her ass, and she about died when
the shove was so powerful, “No Rod, you’re so deep…
augh… no more… I can’t…” Irene fell forward on
the bed as she passed out from the brutal lunge Rod
gave when he shot his come up her no longer virgin ass.


Mindy had ridden her horse off across the range land
toward the mountains and without Buffy, who was helping
her father and brother, and some of the ranch hands,
drive some cattle from the back side of the ranch.

Today Mindy just wanted to be alone, and spoke with her
mother before heading out. Mindy informed her mother
she wanted to ride out and see the digs. After packing
her lunch and some water and lemonade for her trip,
Mindy was on her way to the digs.

Who or why they had dug out the vast pits and holes in
the land, no one seemed to know. Mindy recalled her
grandfather believed they were from someone searching
for gold. Her father had heard that they were part of
some Indian camp site.

Reaching the digs, and they always fascinated the young
girl, she tied her horse up and walked to the holes and
started exploring. It had been nearly two years since
she had visited the site, and now she searched for any
object that might inform her why the holes in the
ground were made.

For an hour, Mindy explored the digs and then moved to
where Pond 3 was located. After undressing, Mindy took
a swim in the cold water. Getting out of the pond, the
teenage girl lay on her blanket and while reading her
book, fell asleep.

Three men had came up on Mindy as she lay nude, and her
legs were parted in what the men took as an invitation
to fuck. The men undressed and moved until the largest
of the three was between her thighs. When she felt a
hand touch her leg, she awoke with a start and screamed
out, “Who are… get your hands off me – no you can’t
do it… no… please, don’t rape me!”

Mindy was taken by each of the men three times, and her
body felt sore and she lay crying as the last of the
three men took her in a brutal rape of her anus. Not
knowing who or why the men were on her father’s land,
Mindy begged throughout her ordeal of being assaulted,
“No more… please don’t rape me again,” yet her body
was subject to more hard and driving sex.

Watching as the men commenced to dress; Mindy did not
see one of the men as he stood behind her, with a
revolver pointed at the back of her head. The stillness
of the plains was shattered with a single shot from the
44 magnum revolver, and the 13 year old girl’s body
jerked from the impact of the powerful slug tearing
into her head and she lurched forward.

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