His Favorite Sister, His Only Sister

Mindy was growing into a pretty girl and would be 12
next month. Still in the development stage and having
nothing but small pointed cones for breasts – which
were certain to come. No hair had commenced growing
over Mindy’s youthful sex, but there was a fine growth
of light colored fuzz easing across her mons, just
above her clef.

Living in the country on a ranch, with her parents and
an older brother, Mindy was an innocent girl. Living on
a ranch didn’t lend a girl to have many friends except
during school days. Unless it was with some functions
her parents found time to take her to enjoy.

School was a forty mile school bus ride, although her
mother offered to home school both Mindy, and William
her son, if she didn’t like the long bus ride each day.

During her free hours, Mindy’s only playmate was her
brother who had turned 14 recently and Butch her border
collie. Each day, when she wasn’t in school, she and
Butch would herd the sheep from one field to the other.
Other times, Butch would follow or run ahead of Mindy
while she rode her quarter-horse, she’d named

Windy loved using Buttercup and Butch to also round up
the cattle that would stray too far out on the range
land of her father’s 40,000 acre ranch. Mindy had found
it more exciting to herd cattle than to watch a bunch
of sheep meander across the pasture eating. Many days
during the summer months Mindy took herself a meal and
something to drink when she went out with the sheep or

The young girl took dog food for Butch and oats for
Buttercup who could graze on the abundant grass growing
for additional food. Mindy would occasionally take
water with her, but with the large mountain feed stream
she didn’t need to carry water for the horse.

There were ponds throughout the range land for the
cattle, along with additional small streams criss-
crossing the ranch. Mindy knew where the water was when
she herded the sheep or cattle to different pastures.
The preteen girl was enjoying such a day on a warm and
breezy early July day and had stayed out with the sheep
for several hours.

Herding the sheep to the stream that cut across the
large grass land, which was feed by melting snow from
the mountains in the distance, Mindy arrived to her
favorite spot where she enjoyed eating and being alone.
The preteen girl removed her clothes and lay in the sun
and watching the clouds roll across the blue sky. “No
wonder they call this place Big Sky Country” Mindy said
to Butch as they lay near the large trees growing along
the creek bank.

Before undressing completely, Mindy had questioned if
she should remove her panties. Realizing that only her
dog, horse and about a two-hundred sheep, including the
lambs, were all that would see her nude, so Mindy
stripped until she was completely undressed. After all,
when she would jump in the chilling water, she would be
nude, so why not while I relax before I eat?

“There is such pleasure to be naked and feel like I’m
part of the land and sky, and some day my Prince will
show up and view me nude and, carry me off and marry me
and I will be a Princess,” Mindy play acted and spoke
out loud to in her pretense of being an actress in some

Relaxing after she had eaten, Mindy was lying with her
head on the poncho she used for a pillow, and reclining
on a blanket she carried in her saddle bags, in the
event she should get cold. Mindy had dozed off as she
lay under the warm summer sun, and did not hear someone
approaching. Hearing Butch give a low growl, and
feeling him move till he was pushing his nose against
her face, Mindy opened her eyes, expecting to see the
sheep had started to move away from where she had
herded them.

Instead, to her surprise and horror, Mindy saw her
brother, William standing over her and she cried out,
“Why don’t you scare me you dummy?” Still Mindy didn’t
cover her nude body, as she and Billy, as her brother
was called, had swam nude together in the creek or in
one the ponds their father had built on the ranch,
although she was only eight or so the last time they
had been nude swimming.

“Sorry, but I was done checking the fence back where
the old digs are, so decided to ride this way and see
if you were still out with the sheep,” Billy commented.

Looking at her brother, she noticed he was starring
between her open legs as she lay on the blanket. This
was the first time Mindy had ever felt embarrassment at
being nude before her sibling and knew it was because
her body was so open to his gaze. The strong feeling of
knowing her brother was seeing between her legs gave
Mindy a desire to protect her modesty.

“Billy, your looking at me, and you never did before,
why are you looking at me so strangely?” Closing her
legs until her female spot was hidden from her
brother’s eyes; Mindy felt a strange need to have her
privates covered in front of brother for the first

Just as she felt she was no longer on display, Mindy
could see her Billy’s eyes looking at the tiny pink
buds on her chest. Recently when she bathed or even
when her blouse or shirts would brush her tiny breasts,
Mindy felt like they were being irritated. Even her
hands moving across her boobs softly, while touching
them in the privacy of her own bed at night, gave her
pleasant feelings.

“How about if I undress and we can swim together,
little sister?” Billy asked.

“I’m not so little any more, I’m becoming a real girl,
not just a kid, my tiny brother,” she laughed and stood
up with the help of Billy’s reaching to assist her.

When she was standing, Billy could view her tiny
breasts that were no more than a small rise on her
chest, but her nearly tan nipples were no larger than
the head on a straight pin, pointed straight out and
had funny puffiness surrounding them. Reaching out,
Billy moved his right hand until it was resting on the
end of her nipple. Allowing his hand to cup the small
puffy breast bud, Billy felt his sister’s body shivers.

Removing his hand from his sister’s puffy boob, Billy
unbuttoned his shirt, slipped it off and then pulled
his tee-shirt over his head. Prior to taking off his
shirts, Billy hung his cowboy hat on his saddle horn,
and placed his shirts across the saddle. Billy removed
his cowboy boots and knee length socks as he sat on the
blanket and continued to view his sister’s nakedness.

Unbuckling his belt and unfastening and pulling the
zipper down on his Levis, he begins to ease them off
his body. Standing back up, he eased his jockey shorts
down and pulled them off and was now nude before his

Mindy was watching her brother, and the last time she
had seen her brother nude, he had only a small thing
between his legs, and just a small amount of hair
around it.

Now Mindy was looking at his thing and it was
surrounded with lots of hair, and he also had hair all
down his legs. “Billy, you’ve gotten bigger, and you
have lots of hair down there,” Mindy said as she
pointed at his groin.

“Yeah, well I’m older and that is what happens, and you
will get hair on your little slit before long – I like
your tan things and it was exciting and fun to touch
them a minute ago. Mindy, you little slit was kind of
open when you were sleeping and your legs were apart.
Could I maybe touch it – you may touch mine, if you

“Come on Billy, let’s get in the water and have fun
swimming,” Mindy said to her brother as she took his
hand and walked with him into the cold water of the
creek. In truth, Mindy wanted to touch her brother’s
thing, but was afraid to do so, and she suddenly knew
that he could touch her if he wished. “I want Billy to
touch my little slit and I want to feel his things, and
why doesn’t he just do it so I could have an excuse to
touch him in return,” Mindy asked herself?

“Wow, it is really cold, oh boy. Mindy, this is the
coldest I’ve ever felt when swimming in the creek,”
Billy told his sister. After swimming for perhaps five
minutes, he moved over to where his sister was standing
in the water and hugged her and said, “It is to cold,
we best get out and dry off.”

“Yeah, my body has so many goose pimples, I must look
like a freak, huh brother,” Mindy said to her brother

Walking to where he had his horse tied to a tree, Billy
took a towel from the saddle bag and moved over and
commenced drying off his sister. Feeling her tiny orbs
on her chest, even though the heavy towel, Billy knew
he was becoming excited. For the first time in his
life, he was touching a girl in what he knew was an
intimate manner, even if girl was his sister. Golly I
hope my sister doesn’t get mad because I’m getting
stiff… I wonder if she knows about boys getting a

Not only did he felt his dick starting to get hard,
which it seemed to do so all the time anymore. Kneeling
down in front of his sister, Billy was wiping her legs,
and his eyes were taking in the mound over her grove
between her legs. Using the towel slowly so he could
spend a few extra moments in drying the spot over her
sex, Billy was surprised at how it seemed to be kind of
fat, and what had to be a flat bone under the skin.

From what he had seen in some magazines a couple of the
boys had in school one day, Billy was surprised at how
Mindy’s little slot didn’t have puffy lips around it,
and there was just a slit down from the fatty mound.

After during his sister and standing back up, Mindy
told him, “My turn to dry you.” Mindy understood Billy
had intentionally rubbed her tiny boobs and looked
between her legs. Especially, she knew Billy had to
have seen everything she had when he placed her foot on
his leg to dry her lower body.

Moving quickly, Mindy was soon kneeling in front of her
brother and as she did, she was starring at the hard
thing sticking up from Billy’s body. Wanting to touch
his thing in the worst way, Mindy moved the towel over
his erect stick and pretended to dry it off.

Removing the towel the young girl took the hard thing
in her hand and commenced gripping it while acting as
if she was drying under the object she knew was meant
to stick up a girl.

Suddenly and without any warning, the thing jerked in
her hand and her face being directly in front of the
hard thing, was soon covered in gooey stuff. Billy’s
stiff thing had shot out wet stuff that landed all over
her face, in her hair and on her small titty things.
The surprise action caused Mindy to cry out and she
asked “What are you doing Billy – what is that yucky

Another shot of the stuff exploded from his thing and
landed on her lips as she asked Billy what the stuff
was. Mindy wasn’t prepared when it happened a second
time and the most of it landed in her mouth while she
was speaking.

With her eyes and face coated in the thick substance,
Mindy felt it shot out twice more and felt it finally
seem to drip in small drops from the end of his hard
thing. While holding it in her hand, Mindy could feel
Billy’s thing getting smaller, but loved holding the
warm slick thing in her hand.

Finally Billy took the towel and wiped his cum from
Mindy’s face, but not before watching her licking it
from her lips and her hands. Man, had I pushed it in
her mouth, I would have felt a girl give me a blow-job
for the first time.

Once her face was wiped off some, Mindy walked to the
creek and lay down on the ground and stuck her face in
the cold water and washed it off.

Billy watched the round buttocks of his young sister
and found them pretty and he headed to the creek and
intended to walk into the water and wash off his dick.
Still in awe of what he had done, and not understanding
why he went off so quick with his sister, and wouldn’t
do so when he’d jerk-off in the barn, he stopped behind
his sister. Billy loved looking down at Mindy’s round
butt and he lay down on top of her and used his hand to
place his cock between her firm globes.

“Billy, what are you doing… should you be on me? Are
we having sex Billy… are we?”

“No. I just wanted to feel your cute butt against me.
You won’t tell mom what happened and were naked
together, will you,” Billy asked his sister before
getting off her and stepping in the water and washing
his cock and balls?

Once they were back by the blanket, Mindy spoke first
and asked, “What did you do to me, and what is that
stuff that came out of your… what is it called – a
penis – I guess, right Billy?”

“I cummed Mindy, you made me feel so good it caused me
to cum and didn’t know I was going to do it until it
happened. You tasted it – did you like tasting my cum,

“Billy, I didn’t taste it, I don’t know why you said
that,” Mindy replied as she acted like she would cry,
and felt embarrassed in knowing her brother had caught
her licking his stuff from her lips and fingers.

Moving closer to his sister he took her in his arms and
hugged her and told her that he was sorry for saying
that to her. Wanting to feel his sister even closer,
Billy asked, “How about we lie even closer together?”

“Billy, I know what you want and I’m your sister, we
shouldn’t do things should we,” but as she replied,
Mindy moved closer to her brother on the blanket?

The two lay next to each other and Mindy saw her
brother’s thing was hard and sticking out again, and
asked him why. Hearing her brother explain how boys
became erect and got a hard-on didn’t answer her
question completely. Yet she knew one thing, and that
she wanted to feel the thing in her hand once more.

Billy moved so he could touch her tiny little tan
things and as he did, he had an urge to kiss them. When
his lips pressed against the small round things, he
could feel his mouth open and his tongue licked at the
soft, but hard objects on his sister chest. Golly, my
favorite sister is letting me kiss her itty-bitty tits
and she is really gripping and holding my dick tight in
her hand.

When Billy had satisfied his whim of kissing and
licking his sitter’s tits, he moved his face down so he
could look at the thing between her legs. Somewhat in
shock that his sister wasn’t having trouble in their
doing things for the first time, and without any
seemingly concern, Billy was pushing Mindy’s legs open
and looking at his first pussy.

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