The Gentlest Mother

I knew I was a very lucky boy.

I could just gently hug my mother’s head close as it rocked on my lap. I felt sad for my friends who had to jack off alone at night, instead of shooting their sperm safely into their mothers’ warm mouths like I could do.

Mom always swallowed, because she knew it gave me the comfort I needed when my body was uncontrollably shivering and twitching in a huge orgasm, even though she hated the taste so much it always made her cough and gag afterwards.

I was eager every day to wait for the moment when we were alone for the while the act took; my mother’s blowjobs weren’t over in minutes. She always took her time, starting slowly and gently as only her own kid deserved. Blowjobs like that could not even be given except by a mother to her own son. I lasted through the days by cherishing the feelings and thoughts of my mother I knew so well; the softness of her full, crimson lips; the quivering and tightening of her throat when she took me deep; the way her cheeks bulged from the weight of semen when there had been a longer pause and the night’s first load was bigger than usual.

It wasn’t always at night, of course. Mom had even given me head in the kitchen the when no-one else was home. She just sank onto her knees on the cold white tiles in her apron and flowered dress, and looked up at me lovingly the whole time her lips slowly puckered and retracted around my shaft as she slowly worked. That had been the gentlest time of them all, I had felt really sorry for my mother after all the loving care she had given, when I had to listen the desperate choking and retching sounds she made as I came in her mouth. Each spurt shooting from my tightened balls made mom flinch and her head jump back violently, but her throat was pulsating steadily. I could only brush her silky hair and let her swallow all the precious warmth my sacks had to offer, softly whispering: “Mother, you must be an angel from Heaven…”

Sometimes I was stirred from my dreams by mom’s soft lips, and in the dim darkness lit only by the shining light of the moon I would see a shape moving under my sheets. This was nor nightmare neither a dream, though, but my mother’s head moving under there as she sat beside my bed. With a wet splatter and a gurgling gulp she soon caught the first mouthful for the night, and I knew I could soon fall safely asleep because my mother was watching over me…


Meeting girls was never a problem for me; they liked me because I never pushed them for sex. Mom would be waiting home with her mouth open whenever I came back from a date. Right now I had just came back from my fifth one with Kerry, and I was comfortably seated in the nice couch of our family’s living room. Mom was on her knees in front of me. She was wearing a baggy wool sweater and her red hair was bound in a braid which would swish and bounce around when her head moved like it did now. She had her glasses on as well, as she had been doing some reading when I had come home. I had never seen her other than fully dressed; she was my mother after all. Her long burgundy laquered nails were tickling my balls, the other hand firmly stroking my shaft as she wetly slurping sucked my cock with her eyes open.

“Mom” I said, touching her cheek. “I think I love Kerry.”

“Mm-hmm?” she answered, with her tongue nicely working on the underside of my cock inside her mouth, when she glanced at me over the rim of her glasses.

“Yes, really,” I said, looking my mother in the eyes.


“It’s serious. I think I might even want to marry her one day” I said. I saw my mother’s eyes glimmer with happiness as could only be expected from news such as this, and she started to deep-throat me with all her loving skill and mothely caring.

Mom’s head bobbed for at least half an hour, her red braid swishing in the rhythm. It was possible only because as my mother she knew me so well she could always pause in time. “Oh God. Oh God” I was moaning, my hips desperately thrusting up from the couch towards the warmth of her mouth. She stopped again, but my pleas were too much for her, and she finally made me come by curling her tongue around my cock and stroking with parental authority.

“Ackk!” mom gagged loudly, barely managing to swallow as I fired my burning semen powerfully straight into her throat. Her eyes were tightly shut and she shuddered, her face twisting every time a thick, copious spurt of my sperm shot into her mouth. I hugged my mother tightly as I came, listening to the sounds of her swallowing…


I did in the end, indeed, decide to marry Kerry after we had been dating for a year. My whole family and all relatives were glorious when I announced our engagement, mom most of all naturally. The day was decided, and that we would be married in the same church in the countryside where both my parents and grandparents had joined in their unions.

I was waiting for the big moment in the upstairs room of my grandparents’ house, when mom entered. She had a long gown, and her red hair was twirled into a complex and myriad do, with a single permed lock falling across her face and a red rose stuck behind her ear. My aunt the hairdresser had been at her business again, and I couldn’t wait to see what she had done to Kerry. I don’t know what mom had told all the relatives waiting downstairs, but I knew why she was here. She carefully smoothed her dress under her legs so it wouldn’t wrinkle when she kneeled and opened the zipper of my black suit trousers.

I couldn’t touch my mother’s hair since it was so carefully groomed for the occasion, so I leaned against a table and held on to it as her soft carefully painted lips touched the tip of my hard throbbing cock, and her tongue came out for a playful tickle. She would probably have to do her lipstick again, though…

Mom knew this was the last time she would do this, so she used all her skills in both blowjobs and motherhood. She knew all about me; when to lick, how to suck, and the exact way of alternating between luscious deepthroating and being a gentle and loving mother. She knew that sensitive maternal emotions were a great help when giving head to your own son, and she knew how to use them to her advantage.

I could only sigh and smile, or whimper with moans depending on what mom was doing. Warm drool was running in rivers down my shaft, and hanging in slimy droplets in my pubic hair as my mother was driving her slurping mouth up and down my shaft with twisting and bouncing motions of her head. I wanted to tell her I was coming right now, but I could not get make a sound resembling anything like a word of any kind…

The sound was like a huge, wet, explosion.

“Mmp!” mom exclaimed, her eyes widening in surprise, as her cheeks suddenly bloated like balloons when I shot my load. We had all been so busy with the wedding arrangements that I hadn’t emptied my sacks for several weeks, and the results could now be seen. But this time, unexpectedly, mom did not gag. I then understood, looking at her, that my mother was so happy for me today that she was doing her best to like the taste of my semen for this one time which would be the last…

Joyously my mother swallowed mouthful after mouthful of her own son’s hot sperm, slurping and sucking until my body heaved and I sighed. I ejaculated a gigantic amount, more than ever before, and finally I had to do something that was entirely a new experience for me. I looked my mother deep in the eyes and caressing her cheek softly whispered: “Sorry, mother, I don’t think I have any more left…”

Mom gave a wet little kiss to my testicles and then we were done, and ready for the church.

The wedding was wonderful; I walked down the isle to the love of my life and declared my will to share my life with her. Then on the altar I kissed her, and looking deep into Kerry’s shiny eyes I eagerly awaited the wedding night…

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