High School Hotties

The day started out like any other day in the summer. Hot, and humid. This was Florida, and anyone that lives in Florida knows that a normal summer day in Florida can go into the high nineties low hundreds. It sucks. So I get to work and head straight for my buddy Nick.

A quick background on me and my buddies jobs. I work as a greeter of sorts. I just walk around the store and talk to people. Really easy and I get to do whatever I want. Nick is in stock, so he doesn’t have to do much. Both of our jobs give us plenty of opportunities to chat.

“What up dude!” I yelled across aisle 8 to my man stocking the shelf.

“Same shit bro.” He quickly replied. Obviously engrossed in something on the other side of the shelf.

As I walked over I noticed Nick was peeking at a woman on the next aisle through the shelving. Joining him my jaw dropped. Two girls who couldn’t have been older than 16 were deciding on some snack foods. And they were both dressed in nothing but a pair of cut off jeans and bikini tops. The brunette had double dees and were just begging to come out of the skimpy top. The blond though had some good hand sized perky tits, she must have been standing near the air conditioner or something because this girls nipples were just tearing that bikini top apart!

Looking down the aisle to see if any managers were coming I noticed yet another babe in a bikini shopping. Nudging Nick I pointed her out.

“Has this been going on all day?” I managed to say throughout my fixation on this new girls bouncing balloons.

Nick nodded. “Oh yah man. I’ve been hard all day from this.”

“I gotta hit that…”

“You and what balls. You ain’t gunna do shit while your working.”

I glared at Nick but than nodded in agreement. He was right, I wasn’t going to try anything at work. No matter how hard my junk was getting.

After our customary fist bump we went back to our work and I started walking the store, giving a half hearted welcome to the older customers, smiling at all the girls that decided they wanted to shop half nude today. Walking was starting to get a little uncomfortable as my wang had stiffed up down my pant leg. As soon as I went down an empty aisle I shoved a hand down my dress pants and shifted it to twelve o’clock and all was right.

“Chris!! Hi!!” All the color drained from my face as this excited girl hugged me from behind. As quick as I ever had my hand was out of my pants, masking the motion with bringing them both up to grab this chicks hands.

I almost dropped to the floor when I saw who it was.

In school Ari had always dressed to show off her curves. Knee length skirts, small tit hugging jackets that barely even covered her lovely melons. And knee high fuck me boots. Plus she was latino with that silky brown hair. Creamy brown skin did it for me, and if it was possible my dick hardened even more.

“Oh Chris aren’t you glad were finally out of school!” She hugged me again. And I almost melted in her arms, this girls boobs felt fantastic on my hard chest, and her pelvis pressing against my own rocked!

“Yah summer feels great without looking forward to another year of school. I’m just messed up cause I can’t see you in class anymore…” God she felt good against me. But she needed to get off I was about to shoot my pants from this chick. Thankfully she stepped back.

“We gotta hang out sometime than! Your so much fun to be around!” She had pressed her hands on my chest for emphasis, and I could swear she was rubbing my pecs before she let go. This girl wanted it bad.

“I know you can come to my party tonight! All our friends from school are gunna be there, it will be fun, please say you’ll go!” She gave me that little pouty face that girls do when they want something and I was more than happy to give it to her.

“Of course! It’s at your place?” She nodded excitedly. “Ok, Ill be there around 8.” She squealed and hugged me again.

“Chris your the best! Tonights gunna be great!” She practically skipped down the aisle to where she had left her shopping cart and went off. A little dazed form it all I went back to Nick.

Nick was practically the big brother I never had. He was 21 (I’m 18) and he taught me morals and junk. Plus advise on sex and girls. I relayed all about Ari and the party.

“Is she still in the store?” He asked, a small gleam in his eye.

“Yah shes shopping why?”

“You should fuck her in the back.”

My eyes were the size of saucers. “What?! Are you crazy!”

“The managers office back there is empty and it has a lock. Its perfect. If you don’t do it I’m cutting you off.”

As well as being my best buddy he was also my weed dealer. He had me by the balls, but they were blue balls….

“Fucker! I’m not telling you about it!” I started down the aisle to find Ari.

“Yah if she even does you!” Nick yelled after me laughing.

I almost ran through that store looking for this hottie. Luckily I found her in the meat section. And wow. Ari was only wearing a skirt going down mid-thigh and a white halter top. Clearly the bra underneath wasn’t doing every job because her nipples looked fantastic poking through her shirt form the cold. But teh pushup it was giving her big boobs was an even better sight.

After couple of moments of watching her bend over the coolers I approached her, slyly adjusting myself again.

“Hey Ari, I almost forgot, I got a new phone and wanted to give you my new number.”

She turned around smiling. “Awesome! What is it?” Taking her phone out of her bra cup. Man I love it when women hide stuff in there.

“I leave it in the back. Come on back with me so none of my bosses see.”

“Ohhh alright…” She followed blindly. I took the pleasure of occasionally glancing back and catching her boobs bounce as she walked.

As we rounded a corner into the back stock room I looked back again. “Don’t knock down any boxes with those things.”

Giggling at the joke she smiled seductively and grabbed her boobs with both hands. “I guess I better hold them to keep em in check huh.”

“Uhhh yeah or I could heh.” It came out a little hesitant but she giggled anyway. I took it as a good sign that she was still good with me.

The managers office was at the end of a hall hidden behind the stock room, perfect for what he was going to try. “Well here it is. I guess we could call it my office heh.” She giggled again, sitting down in the leather executive chair in front of the computer. “Ohh I like this chair, does it have a massager on it?” I smiled to myself and stood behind the chair resting my hands on her shoulders. “Yah right here.” With that I really layed it on her, squeezing her traps and pulling at her slightly tensed muscles.

“Oh my god that feels good!” She moaned as she sunk into the seat. She was like putty in my hands now. “You know I could give you a good back massage. If you have time to chill in here with me for a while.”

Eyes closed and mouth slightly agape she nodded, “That would be great…” Another small moan as I kneaded a little harder.

Laughing to myself in my head I stopped and pulled a long seat bench from against the wall. It was perfect for someone to lay down on (no back to it). Ari caught on and moved from the chair to laying on the seat. I licked my lips as I saw her boobs spill out on either side of her as she layed down on her chest. “Mind if I kind of lean against your but. Promise I wont squish you.”

“Whatever you want hun so long as those hands get back on me.” I almost jumped, swinging my leg over he back and positioning myself on her juicy ass. Confident she couldn’t see me at this angle I snuck a peak under her skirt and almost came when I saw her bald pussy lips. Clearing my throat I began rubbing her back. Feeling her lucious body underneath me occasionally pressing my fingertips into her.

“Ohh Chris that feels so nice…” I began to work harder and even bolder, going to the sides of her chest, fingers grazing her spilling boobs. “Mmmmmm” She moaned again. “That tickles…”

During the massage my dick had fallen from its waistband prison to my pant leg again. Feeling a little bolder I got up and moved farther back, now I was over her thighs, leaning my pelvis against the back of her but. My dick which was laying against my right thigh was sandwiched between Ari’s right cheek and my thigh.

I groaned a little at the welcomed pleasure it brought. “Everything okay back there?” Ari asked. I suddenly realized I had stopped massaging her and immediately resumed on the small of her back. “Yah just had to get a little bit more comfortable…” I than started a small rhythm, every time I would press against her back I would sandwich my dick on her right cheek. Things got a little hotter for me and I started pressing harder against her ass cheek, my hands moving to massage/grab her hips.

The transition happened pretty quick and I wasn’t massaging her anymore but dry humping her ass. She didn’t seem to mind int he least and if anything I could swear she was pumping her ass back at me.

“Chris I need you in me sooo bad… Can you help me Chris?” Ari moaned as I ground a little faster into her ass. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. But I didn’t care. I stopped my humping and got up undoing my belt and unzipping my fly. “Hurry Chris!” She practically yelled. Hurrying as fast I could I flipped up her skirt and shoved a finger up her pantiless pussy. She moaned in satisfaction as I ground my digit inside her satisfying her for the moment while I used my free hand to free my seven inch dick.

Taking my finger out and licking the juices I smiled. She tasted good, normally he would have eaten her out but they were both far too excited for foreplay. I grabbed her hips again and lifted her ass up, and after a few rubs of my head on her lips I began pushing in. She had obviously never taken someone of my girth in her cunt before. My shaft was an easy 6 inches around and the head was a good half inch bigger. As I finally popped my head into Ari’s cunt she started moaning pretty load. Taking care not to rip her apart I eased out a little bit than pushed farther in. It produced a louder moan and I pushed her head into her arms muffling her somewhat.

“Oh man your tight Ari. Never imagined it would be this good… ahhhh.” I thrust harder, almost bottoming out in her. Her vaginal muscles were going crazy, squeezing the crap out of my dick, I could barely get the thing out to put it back in. “Harder Chris!” I need it harder! And Faster!” I tried harder and managed to get out of this girls amazing clench on my dick and rammed in again. The harder I tried the more she let up and it started getting more intense. “Oh god Chris it feels so good, so goooood, oh my… oh dios MIO!” And she came right there, dripping all over the seat. After she came she let up a lot and I started going faster and faster. Pretty soon our bodies were slapping against each other loud.

“Ari I’m going to cum soon, I can’t hold our much longer, uh uh..” She clenched hard on my cock and than slid off of me. “I want you to finish in my mouth!” I was more than happy to oblige as I backed off and fed her my dick when she turned around. Once again no foreplay she just stuck the thing straight down her throat. She easily surpassed every blowjob I had ever gotten. Her tongue snaking itself around my shaft, her tonsils practically chewing at my cock head. It was all too much for me and I grabbed the back of her head and shoved myself down her throat and came violently.

No gag reflex, she just started swallowing, which brought on a second orgasm on top of the first one. I had never experienced anything like this before. It was amazing.

After I was finished and had shrunk inside her mouth she let my dick slide out and collapsed on the seat. Smiling I layed down on top of her, my head nestled on her breasts. I brought up a hand and start kneading and rubbing the one in front of my eyes bringing on another moan from her. “Oh gosh your amazing Chris, but you have to stop I have to get home.” Frowning I looked up at her and she cradled my head in her arms. “We will definitely continue this tonight at the party though.” She than arched her neck to kiss me.

Tasting the residue of my cum on her tongue drove me insane again and as I began to harden I brought a hand to her pussy, pushing a digit into her freshly fucked hole.

Moaning into my mouth she pushed me off giggling. “Stop Chris I have to get going.” She looked down at my cock as she stood, trying to straighten herself out. “As much as I’d rather stay… I’ll see you tonight.” She gave me another kiss and left, running down the hall.

“Ohh my god…. that just happened…” I groaned as I relished in the moment.

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