Games People Play

It was a large building, so it took a fair amount of time
to check all the rooms at the end of the day, but it was
all part of the job. Anyway, nobody used the rooms in
this area much. Bill yawned as he walked, bored, then
walked a little quicker to get the task over with. It had
already gone 6.30.

The conference room door shouldn’t have been half-open.
He very nearly reached in to close it without looking
when he froze in astonishment. The room had about half a
dozen chairs and a large table, and on the edge of the
table, sideways on from him, was sitting a girl.

Her bare legs were what caught the eye at once. Her skirt
was pushed up above her hips, her legs were wrapped
around the waist of the man standing in front of her. And
he was half-naked, too, his trousers and boxers round his
ankles. The girl’s knickers had been cast aside on the
floor. And they were fucking.

Bill knew he should instantly march in and break up this
flagrant abuse of company property, but he was
transfixed. They were clearly unaware of his presence.
The girl was moaning, ever louder it seemed like, as the
man thrust away at her. His hands gripped her butt,
trying to hold her in the right position to fuck. This
was difficult because the girl was squirming so much,
sawing at his midriff with her

Bill could hear the squelching sound as they writhed
together. The girl’s groans were getting louder now. She
urged her partner on to ‘fuck me, fuck me’. Then, she
arched her back to take the man as deeply as she could.
Quivering with the effort, she cried ‘Oh, God, yes!’ and
clearly surged to a powerful orgasm. For twenty, thirty
seconds, she cried and gasped her pleasure before
quieting, breathing heavily.

Bill watched as the man slipped his cock gently from the
pulsating body in front of him. Had they finished? Surely
not. For one thing, despite the extreme stimulation the
man had obviously not come yet. Bill’s admiration for him
grew. His splendid phallus was hardly long but
impressively thick enough to give any woman a good
stretching. It was glisteningly erect. Bill could see it
was still throbbing.

“This way,” he heard the man croak.
“Oh, yes!” said the girl, knowing what he meant. Quickly,
she slipped down, turned round and leaned over the table.
The man pushed her skirt up above her waist. Briefly,
Bill had a vision of a beautifully shaped rear.
Classically round and firm, it had that indefinable
quality of invitation. The girl pushed it out and
upwards, spreading her legs slightly to open up her pussy

Bill became aware that his own cock was erect. In all his
forty-three years of existence, he’d never seen this in
the flesh before. On film, yes, on video, yes. At parties
in his teens, couples had fucked like rabbits in the next
room, but always with the door closed. This was on
another level, and far more stimulating.

The man slipped his hands under the hips of the girl to
hold her in place, and then moved his body towards her.
The girl gave a little cry of pleasure as she felt the
cock head nuzzle at her opening, and then a louder one as
the man thrust his shaft firmly into her vagina. He gave
a gasp of pleasure and satisfaction as his balls came up
against her crotch. And then they were fucking again,
rhythmically and vigorously, until the girl was gasping
and moaning, revelling in their coupling.

The man was thrusting into her firmly, grunting more
often than before with the effort. The girl was squirming
her hips, pushing back against him as she did so, ever
more strongly. Then she threw her head back, arching her
back once more, quivering with the effort as she came
again. The man seized her hips tightly, keeping his cock
right up inside her. Bill saw his buttocks trembling for
long seconds, and he knew the man was spending himself
deep inside the girl’s pussy.

The couple started to disengage, and Bill knew he had to
make himself scarce. Up to this point, they’d not been
conscious of anything other than themselves and their
fucking. They’d spot him now, straight away. As softly as
he could, he retreated down the corridor. After a couple
of minutes that seemed like forever, he returned, banging
the doors to let them know he was moving towards them.
He’d already made up his mind what he was going to say.

But it was nothing. When he marched into the room, it was
empty. They’d left very quickly, leaving no evidence
other than that slight but unmistakable aroma of pussy
juice and spent sperm. Slightly sickly but not
unpleasant, thought Bill. He smiled. The girl had even
remembered to recover her knickers. But then, they’d
obviously done this before, so they knew what to do.

It took until they were in bed before Alex voiced her
thoughts. They’d just made love, with Bill having been
particularly vigorous and imaginative. She’d not been
taken so firmly from behind for quite a while. She’d
liked it. He ought to give it her like that more often.
But, then again, she’d never been very good at asking for
it, so how was he to know?

“Did something happen at work?” she said.
“Why do you ask?”
“Well, you were quiet and a bit . well . strange when you
came home, but all over me. That was nice, but unusual.
And then, just now . well! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not

So, bit-by-bit, Bill told her what he’d seen. It took
some getting out of him because he was convinced that
Alex would be shocked. She wasn’t, but she was certainly

“Do you know them? You’ve got a lot of people working
“Yes, I do. The girl leads one of our IT teams. Mid
twenties, quite attractive. The man works in marketing
somewhere. In his thirties. They’re married.”
“Oh well, it’s okay, then, in a way.”
“But not to each other.”
“And his wife works for me. That could make it a problem.
I always thought they were happy together. They look it”
“Oh. I see.” Alex paused, thinking. “You know, they could
have just been fucking for pleasure.”
Bill blinked. Alex hardly ever said ‘fuck’.
“They were doing that alright.”
“You know what I mean. If neither of them is getting
enough decent sex, it could just a meeting of bodies
rather than minds. It happens.”
“To whom? Do you know anyone?”

Alex had to admit that she didn’t. At forty-four, she had
a year’s more experience of life than Bill, but she’d
never witnessed anything like that. She was fascinated
and not a little envious. Not only that, experience of
their two sons, now at university, had taught her when
she wasn’t being told everything. She just had a feeling
that Bill might be holding something back.

“What was it really like?” she asked. “What did you feel
Bill told her again, but she teased out of him that he’d
been aroused, very much so.
“So would I have been,” she told him.
“What?” Bill was surprised.
“Well if his cock was as impressive as you say it was,
what woman wouldn’t be? And the girl. What about her?”

Bill didn’t want to say what had been a recurring vision
ever since it had first happened. Recent activity had
only reinforced the image, vividly so.

“Did you want to fuck her, too? I shan’t be embarrassed.
It would be quite natural. If I’d been there, I should
think I’d have ended up with very wet knickers.”

But it wasn’t quite like that. Alex had always looked
after her body very well, even after the children. She
wasn’t stunningly beautiful, but her breasts, at 36C,
didn’t sag, she’d kept her waist, and her bum carried no
excess at all.

And that had been his problem. When the girl had bent
over, her delicious behind had been the very image of his
wife’s, confusingly so. Then, the man had moved forward
to fuck her, his cock close to her pussy. It was this
picture that Bill had found repeatedly coming into his

Bill tried to explain. The girl had looked like Alex,
very like her, so he’d got even more aroused than he had
been at first.
“And so?” asked Alex quietly.
Tentatively, Bill told her that when the man had started
to fuck the girl like that, he couldn’t get out of his
head the idea that it was Alex he was fucking, not the
“And was that arousing?” she asked.
“Yes,” he said. “Very. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have told
“Yes, you should.” She laughed to break the tension. “You
never know, I might have done so. But only if you’d been
there, of course.”
“Naturally.” Bill felt relieved. She’d got it out of him,
he knew she would, but she’d not been offended. If
anything, she looked excited.
“But I’d have expected you to fuck the girl. Like you
wanted to, yes?”
“It goes without saying.” And if Alex had fucked the man,
he’d certainly have fucked the girl. But this was
fantasyland, and they both knew it.

However, out of this one brief coincidence arose a new
game. It started almost by accident one night a week
later. They were in a bar after an evening out at the
movies. Neither of them could remember how it had started
– there’d been a man with a pair of tight trousers and a
girl with a dramatically short skirt – but after an hour
or so, they were talent-spotting for each other.

“What about him?” Bill would say. “I bet you’d fuck him.”

“Nope,” Alex would reply. “But the guy at the corner
table. A lovely butt, something to get hold of. He’d be a
‘definite’. Like the woman next to him, the one you’ve
got a hard-on for.”

“I have not, then. Try the one in the blue, two tables
left, though. She’s worth getting erect for.”

And so it went on. The next time they went out, it was
the same, until they were doing it fairly regularly. It
was a game, they knew it was, because neither of them
would challenge the other about how real it was.

About three months later, they came home after a night
out at a party. They’d got a taxi home as they’d been
drinking, and so were in a far more relaxed mood than
usual once they got into bed.

Alex giggled, starting the game. “The woman in the tight
green dress . Celia was it?. I’m sure she had no knickers
on.” She knew this was an idea that turned Bill on.
“Would you have fucked her?”

“Yes, I might have done, knickers or not.” He paused,
unsure whether to say it. “What about the younger man .

Alex giggled again. “Yeah, I might have done. Yeah, I’d
have fucked him.” She giggled again, the result of three
too many bacardis.

“He certainly wanted to fuck you.”

“Did he?” Another giggle.

“You know he did, you could see his hard-on. And you even
pressed against it at one point.”

“An accident.” More giggles. “Nice, though. Just like you
were nearly between Celia’s boobs. And you got to touch
her bum.”

“Jealous?” Bill asked quietly.

“Not really. You didn’t seem to mind me and Jim.” She
laughed. “Only joking – I think.”

Bill paused.

“What if he had?”

“Had what?”

“Tried to fuck you. He wanted to, we both know that.”

“I’m not sure. Yes, I wanted to. But you were there,

“Does that make a difference?”

“Yes, actually. It’s like I can almost do anything if
you’re there.”

“So you might have done?”

Alex laughed out loud. “Well, he’s hardly likely to fuck
me in the middle of the lounge at a party, is he?”

“But somewhere else? If I was there?” Bill could hardly
believe he was saying it, but it had been the image in
his mind ever since That Evening.

“Oh, if you were there, yes.” Alex’s voice only just made
it still sound like a game. “Like if you’d wanted to fuck
Celia. She wasn’t far behind Jim, you know, when it comes
to being keen. What knickers she had were as much wet for
you as mine were for Jim.”

Bill didn’t speak for a good half minute.

“So you would fuck him? Under the right circumstances?”

“Are we serious or is this the game?”

“Whatever you like. I’m not sure.”

Alex giggled and yawned. “In the game, yeah, sure.”

“And seriously?”

“Maybe. Yes, definitely maybe. Just for sex, nothing
else, like your two at work. And with you there. Like you
could with Celia. If I was there.”

Another half minute went by.

“Still awake?” he said.


“Was all that for real?”

“Definitely. Maybe.”

But mornings after follow nights before. Alex woke first
with a head feeling the effect of those bacardis. What
the hell had she agreed to last night? Or had she? The
edge of the game had become very blurred. Would she
really have fucked Jim, given the chance? He was
certainly fanciable enough, but so were a lot of men. And
she knew him slightly and it would never be kept a secret
amongst their mutual friends.

She’d never wanted an affair and she didn’t now. She
certainly didn’t want to break up what she had with Bill.
He was good fun to be with, almost better since the boys
had gone to university. And he was good in bed, very good
at times. But, ever since That Evening, she’d had this
little bit of tape that had kept playing in her head. It
did so with nagging frequency.

It wasn’t the same as Bill’s – being laid across the
table while the man fucked her from behind. No, she
wanted the first part, to be sitting on the table edge
with her legs up and wide. And a man of more than
generous proportions would stand before her to stretch
and thoroughly ravish a pussy that would be pulsating for
him. She’d fuck him alright, oh God how she’d fuck him!

She thought about it again. The tape played and Alex felt
her pussy get significantly juicy. If they were with
someone they didn’t know, if she knew he really wanted
her body, if he knew it was just sex and nothing more,
then maybe.? Definitely? And could she stand the thought
of Bill with a Celia look-alike? If the same rules of
anonymity applied, then maybe.? It was all so deliciously
naughty, seductively, aggravatingly so. Alex realised
with a shock how much she wanted it.

Bill hadn’t been asleep. He’d been going through a
similar thought process to reach the same conclusions.
Alex might kill him if he voiced them, he knew that, so
he’d better defuse the bomb first.

“Awake?” he asked.


“Last night. We said some things. They can be unsaid.”

“Do you want to unsay them?”

“Not necessarily, but . you?”

“The same.”

In an instant, Bill grasped that she wasn’t saying ‘no’.
He asked her, she dodged the issue, he pressed her, then
she agreed. She wasn’t saying ‘no’. What about him? No,
said Bill, he wasn’t either.

“So is it still a game?” he asked.

Alex didn’t answer at once.

“If it is, it’s serious one . but fun at the same time.”

“So we need some rules, unbreakable ones. It’s a new
game, I think.”

In the next few minutes, this happily married couple in
their forties decided how they would permit themselves to
have sex with other people. The thought of it alone
became very exciting, so despite two heavy hangovers,
there was no alternative but to fuck enthusiastically for
a while.

Making rules for the new game was fine. Playing the game
was something else. Alex, at parties, found herself
getting far more horny than she’d ever got before, but
just knew that to go with any of the men she fancied
would be disaster in the long term. After a couple of
months, the rules appeared to be for a game they’d never

The decision to go away for a week was taken on impulse.
Bill had to go up north on business, Alex had some leave
owing, so she took a week off and went with him. They
gave themselves plenty of time, travelling on the Sunday,
and were comfortably settled into the hotel by the middle
of the evening.

“It’s a change to have a new set of characters to play
with,” said Bill, smiling. They hadn’t even talked about
the game up to that point.

Alex knew what he meant. They were a couple of hundred
miles from home and highly unlikely to bump into anyone
they knew. Game on?

For that evening, at least, they played to their original
rules – nothing serious. But by early on Wednesday
evening, almost imperceptibly, it had become much more
like real life. They identified far fewer people, but
with much more meaningfully. Questions such as ‘What
about him?’ or ‘You’d like to fuck her?’ began to have an
edge to them. Helped by a good meal and a fair amount of
wine, Bill and Alex were loosening up. They relaxed in
the hotel lounge.

“Him,” said Bill quietly. “In the blue shirt.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Do you still want to fuck that
waitress we saw in the dining-room?”

“Yes. No chance, though. Newly-engaged. Did you see the
rock on her finger?”

“There’s always the receptionist. Married, but you never

“Hmm. no. A bit too well-upholstered.”

“You’re getting choosy,” laughed Alex. “I bet you
wouldn’t say no if she got her knickers off and said
‘take me’.”

“And that’s likely?”

“Like I said, you never know.”

The shifting population in the lounge changed again.

“Him?” said Bill.

“Possibly,” said Alex. “But him, to the left, on his


“Oh yes.” There was a sharpness in her voice. Bill
glanced at her. For real this time?

“I’ve seen him around the hotel, haven’t I?” he asked.
The man was in his late twenties, quite well-built and,
too his male eye, attractive to women.

“Yes. I’ve even spoken with him a couple of times.” Alex
could feel herself becoming aroused, as she had done
yesterday as she’d chatted with the man. He’d seemed
interested in her, but for sex? She’d known that their
new rules did permit her to think about going the whole
way and having sex with him. It had made it very
exciting. It made it exciting now. Her pussy was juicy,
she could feel it was. Soon, her knickers would be wet

“You really fancy him, don’t you?” said Bill quietly.

She smiled, still a little embarrassed.

“Yes,” she murmured. “Yes,” she said, more confidently,
“I do.”

“You’d like to fuck him?”

Alex swallowed. If she said ‘yes’ the game could become
reality. She hesitated.

“Yes, I’d like to fuck him.”

“So I’d better ask him, hadn’t I?”

“No!” Alex exclaimed. She hesitated again. “You would?”

Bill knew he could be about to make one huge big mistake
or open their marriage up to some very exciting times.
Could he really sit by and watch another man fuck his
wife? Ever since That Evening, he’d hankered after it. It
was decision time.

“Yes, I would.”

She giggled. For the next few minutes, they sparred and
bantered, both of them knowing the decision had already
been made. They were merely arguing over putting it into

Alex was now feeling on a high of nervous tension. In a
very short while, if she went along with what her body
wanted and Bill appeared to be willing to bring about,
she could be fucking with an almost total stranger. The
idea was intoxicatingly exciting, gradually taking her
over, systematically removing all the objections of
upbringing and scruples. Her husband approved, for
goodness sake!

“What about it?” Bill asked again.

“Yes,” she said, quietly but definitely. “If it’s alright
with you, and you’re there, I want to fuck him.”

Bill smiled, conscious that the knot of nerves that
occupied his stomach was unravelling quite quickly. Alex
fucking with someone else! Yes!

“Then I’ll go and talk with him.”

Unsteadily, he got to his feet, but promptly sat down
again. They had become so absorbed in their coming to
terms with a real game that they’d failed to notice that
the chair across the lounge was now empty.

Alex burst out laughing, relieving the tension. Bill
followed suit.

“Would you have?” he asked.

“Oh yes. I meant it.” Alex did, and would do so if the
chance arose again.

They bantered some more, but only reinforcing their
mutual view that sex with the stranger had most
definitely been on.

“I need a drink,” said Bill.

He walked towards the bar in the far corner. As he did
so, coming through the door was the object of their
attentions. A miracle! The man was putting his mobile
phone in his pocket. He’d merely gone somewhere quieter
to make a phone call.

Bill knew the moment was now. He stopped the man and
introduced himself, by his first name only. He explained
that his wife – You know her? Over there? Yes, said the
man – she wanted to see him. Very much so. The man was
curious, but looked as though he was beginning to get the

Bill took the plunge. Perhaps, he said, we could have
something of a party in our room? The man asked if it
meant what he thought it meant.

“We have an open kind of marriage,” Bill confirmed to
him, as off-handedly as he could. He hoped he meant it.

The man smiled, embarrassed and unsure at first, but then
more confident. The woman might be older but was
definitely attractive. And if she wanted to fuck him and
her husband was willing, well.

Alex felt a thrill shock her as the two men moved over to
her. There was no going back now, but she was certain as
she could be that she didn’t want to go back. It was
Bill’s involvement that had done it. It was quite safe to
allow her sexual impulses to career unrestricted.
Appreciating the real strength of her sex-drive had come
as a surprising revelation.

The two men sat down, the object of her lust opposite
her. Some small talk developed, but all of them knew it
was merely filling the gap between introduction and
coition. They stuck to first names, and so they came to
know, slightly, Neil.

After only a few minutes, Alex, she hoped seductively,
parted her legs. She wanted Neil to be able to see up
between her thighs. He took a long, appreciative look.
Surprised at herself – Alex had never been this brazen,
particularly in public – she parted her legs wider so,
she intended, he could see her knickers. They were just
about concealing an open, juicy pussy that was his for
the taking. Silently, she urged Neil on, and was excited
to see a pronounced bulge develop in his trousers,
swelling up as they spoke.

“I think we ought to go to our room, don’t you?” said

They moved apparently languidly through the hotel, with
Alex desperately eager to get to their destination. They
entered and closed the door, and all pretence ceased.
Bill moved quietly out of the action to a seat by the
window, intent on watching the long-cherished dream
become reality.

Alex stood near the bed, holding Neil’s gaze but saying
nothing. There was no need now. She knew she was finally
free from all restraint on her sexual behaviour.
Unbuttoning her blouse slowly, she slipped it from her
shoulders. Unhurriedly, she moved to the zip of her skirt
and pulled it down. The light garment dropped to form a
pool at her feet. Bill could see, fortuitously, that she
had on her pale blue underwear, so light and lacy. If it
had the same effect on Neil that it had on him, then Neil
would become significantly more aroused.

The bra and finally the knickers seemed to melt from her
body. Alex had no qualms now, only excitement and
anticipation. She was almost exultant at becoming naked
before him. She sat down on the edge of the bed, then
moved to its centre, spreading her legs and lifting her
knees. She wanted him to see her pussy, open ready and
waiting for his cock.

“Now you,” she whispered.

Neil, suddenly galvanised from awe-struck observer to
eager participant, was out of his clothes far quicker.
Alex looked at his erection as he lowered his boxers and
was not disappointed. Neil, at over six feet tall, was
bigger than Bill in every way, including his phallus. It
was longer and thicker than she’d dared to hope, and it
was going to be all hers, at least for a while.

Neil’s eyes consumed her body. For forty-plus, she was
fantastic. Who said older women couldn’t look great?
Curbing his eagerness to jump straight onto her, he
lowered his head to the woman’s stomach to feel the warm,
smooth skin for the first time. He felt Alex twitch as if
he’d given her an electric shock. It was precisely what
she had felt, but she was looking for more, a great deal

Neil’s hands flowed up to her nipples that had become
had, ripe cherries of arousal. His fingers brushed them
repeatedly. Alex moaned and closed her eyes, abandoning
herself to being totally possessed by this wonderful
stranger. Neil’s mouth delivered little kisses to her
stomach, then went on down, down, down past her waist,
her abdomen, the soft down of her bush.

It found the sweetness between her thighs. Alex rocked in
a constant, gentle motion, opening her legs wider, yet
wider, and pushing up her hips. Neil’s tongue grazed
across the exposed, juice-laden sensitivity of her
clitoris. Just once was enough. Alex twitched again,
powerfully so, curling her back and letting out a gasp of
delight. Neil knew he’d struck pure gold. His tongue
continued to very delicately thrash the hardening
swelling. For the next few minutes, Alex was exquisitely
tortured, being gradually elevated to a continuing plane
of soft delirium.

Neil’s cock was producing a steady, increasing flow of
pre-cum. His foreskin had been pulled back long ago and
his exposed knob was liberally coated. Trying to control
himself and to move smoothly, Neil lifted himself from
between Alex’s legs to kneel before her.

Bill was more intensely excited than he could remember,
ever, as he saw their new acquaintance lower his fullness
towards Alex’s pussy. His wife’s pussy. But it was what
he’d had visions of all these months and he certainly
wasn’t going to stop it now. And it was obvious that Alex
would not have thanked him!

“Fuck me,” she croaked, moving her previously limp hands
to Neil’s waist. Her orgasmic stupor was evaporating
slowly. She needed that wonderful cock inside her to
restore it again. “Please fuck me.” Her hands slid down
to his hips. “Fuck me.” The words were slurred. Bill saw
her fingers tighten, pulling Neil’s body towards her.

Alex gasped as the knob pressed against her slippery
petals. Neil, unable to resist, thrust forwards firmly.
Alex bucked her hips upwards, thrilled by the feel of the
warm shaft. Her hands went to her knees, pulling them
wide apart. Neil thrust once more, and then again, and
felt his balls come up against her butt.

“Oh, God, yes!” wailed Alex, once more in a fever of
sheer delight. “God, you’re so big! Oh, fuck me! Fuck

But Neil was already doing so. For a woman of her age,
her pussy was incredibly tight. And could she fuck! As
his cock pistoned powerfully in and out of Alex’s
slippery vagina, her whole body writhed beneath him,
grinding, thrashing, screwing against him. She was
gloriously out of control and she knew it. Her true
sexual genie had finally, irrevocably, exploded from the

Their coupling rapidly developed into the most intense
fucking that Neil could ever remember. It can’t go on, he
thought fuzzily, but I want it to. He fucked her
strongly, as firmly as he could, but incredibly Alex
seemed to want it that way and matched him. He couldn’t
stop himself, and the thrusting got firmer and quicker.
In a flash, Alex knew what was coming next – literally!

“Yes!” she yelled. “Yes, yes, give it me!”

Her hands leapt round to Neil’s arse and gripped the
cheeks tightly, holding his cock deep inside her. Neil
arched his back and groaned, and felt the familiar
explosion detonate in his brain. Alex, once more at the
delirium level, felt a jet of warmth spurt into her, a
long way into her. She was exultant as it was followed by
gush after gush of semen. Neil emptied his balls into
her. He was sure he’d never come so much, but then he’d
rarely been so aroused. And at the same time, unable to
control himself either, Bill squirted a massive load of
his own cum into his pants.

Neil felt drained in every way and started to relax, sure
that Alex would feel the same. He could not have been
more wrong.

“Now it’s my turn,” she panted, eyes gleaming.

She eased Neil over onto his back. His cock, Bill could
see, was glistening with their mutual juices. There were
flecks of white, Neil’s spent sperm, on the knob and all
down its length. He must have come heavily! And he was
still erect, hardly wilting at all.

Lithely, Alex straddled her partner. She grinned at him.
Taking the slippery shaft in her right hand, she
manoeuvred herself into position and then sank her highly
over-saturated pussy down onto it. There was a squelching
sound as Alex completed their union once more.

She’d fucked in this position many times before, but
never like this. Savouring it, she started to screw her
hips, slowly at first but with increasing pace and
vigour. It took a few minutes, but gradually Neil’s cock,
which never went really soft, resumed its earlier
stiffness. It also restored its girth, for Alex an
intense pleasure. God, could he stretch her!

As soon as he was aroused again, Neil fucked Alex, too,
with increasing enthusiasm. Alex leaned forward to ensure
her clitoris rubbed on the writhing body beneath her and
was amply rewarded with a succession of powerful orgasms,
the feel of his magnificence deep within her pushing up
their sensation to new heights.

Eventually, as she tired, Neil gently levered her off.

“Now turn round,” he croaked thickly. He’d wanted to fuck
her this way from the start.

And so it was that Bill, at last, fulfilled the fantasy
he’d been carrying since That Evening. There was the
beautifully-shaped rear, only this time it really was
that of his wife. He watched as Neil guided his purple
coloured knob to her oozing pussy and then slid his whole
cock into her pussy, gently, in one motion, all the way
in. Alex yelped sheer delight, and continued to do so for
the next few minutes as Neil continued to fuck her.
Rapidly, she ascended to orgasm once more, and stayed
there, crying her pleasure as Neil’s amazing fullness
stretched her and penetrated her as deeply as she had
ever wished. On and on he fucked her, faster, slower,
faster, slower. She thought she was going to die with

They changed position again, at Neil’s request, as his
knees found the strain difficult. On her back once more,
Alex gleefully accepted his cock again. Letting go
completely, Neil fucked her faster and stronger, until
they both exploded in a quivering, shaking, orgasmic
frenzy. Through it, Alex thought to rejoice that his
balls had been so well replenished with semen. Neil
simply flooded her inner recesses with it.

Alex, at last, appeared spent. Neil, after a few moments
of heavily-breathed recovery, rose unsteadily. He stood,
surveying Alex’s copiously leaking pussy. Her bush, even
her hips, but especially her thighs, glistened with her
juices and his sperm. God, what a fucking that had been!
He’d never believe what they said about being past it at
forty ever again. Alex had been fantastic!

So had her husband, he thought. How often does she do
this? Obviously he approves. He set it up for goodness
sake. And she needs it, I would say. It’s a good
arrangement that clearly works. He searched for his
clothes and climbed unsteadily into them.

“Thank you,” he said. “You’re something else.” He meant

And then he was gone. Rapidly, Bill was out of his
clothes and moving towards the bed. Already, Alex was up
on one elbow, admiring him. His cock was very hard, and
she wanted it, very much.

“Now me,” said Bill.

“Yes!” she uttered gutturally. “Thank you,” she said,
meaning it. “Was it all you imagined?”

“And more. And you needed it, yes?”

“Yes,” she admitted. “God, he was good!”

“I want to fuck you!”

“Then do it.”

Bill climbed onto the bed and Alex gratefully received
his swollen manhood inside her. He expected to feel
strange, fucking her through Neil’s cum, and so it proved
for a minute or so, but then the feel and encouragement
of his wife kicked in. Fucking her with a vigour he’d
rarely ever achieved, Bill rose rapidly to an orgasm that
surprised even him in its sustained strength. After that,
collapse and sleep was all that was left to either of

Alex was woken next morning by Bill departing for work.
What day was it, she asked him? And what time? Thursday,
8.15. He bent over her, gave her a kiss and said he hoped
to be back by six, the job done. They were due to check
out tomorrow anyway, so he’d work until it was finished.

When he’d gone, Alex came round more fully. She’d slept
all night, not common these days, and felt very relaxed
and content. Flashes of the previous evening began
zipping through her mind. Her pussy, she could feel, was
a little sore, but was still tingling with remembered
pleasure. That had been one fantastic experience!

She smiled to herself, realising that she was now a fully
paid-up, bona fide, adulteress, but that she didn’t care.
The one thing she didn’t feel was guilt. She’d wanted sex
with Neil, she’d had it and it had been fabulous. She’d
do it again, too, without a second thought under similar
circumstances. Her husband had been present throughout,
she recalled. It had been that had made everything,
anything she could have wished to do, possible.

Alex showered and dressed, and then drifted down for a
leisurely breakfast. Processing her mental jumblings was
not easy. One thought kept recurring, however. There had
to be a way of thanking Bill. Repaying him wasn’t the
right idea, it made her sound like a prostitute, which
she didn’t feel, but a positive appreciation was
definitely necessary. Alex resolved to find something on
her shopping excursion today that would express what she

She returned to the room to pick up her coat, to find the
chamber-maid there. Alex had seen her before, on previous
three mornings, a bright, feisty girl in her late teens.
They’d even chatted for a while.

Alex moved round her while the girl did what she had to.
Idly, she observed her. Hardly stunning but just about
acceptably good-looking. A figure with sufficient shape.
Her boobs and bum were not bad, and she did have a waist.
And long legs, shapely. Well, they looked long, but with
a skirt that short, they were bound to.

The girl, humming to herself, bent over to adjust the bed
covers. Alex smiled as the hem of her skirt moved up
alarmingly, displaying a naked bum beneath. Surely not?
No, she had some very brief, thin knickers on. Bright
turquoise, Alex noted. Now if that isn’t a fair degree of
advertising, I don’t know what is. She’s trading sex for
looks, that’s for sure, and probably successfully.

Alex smiled, outwardly this time. These days, she
supposed, a girl’s got to do what she can. Anyway, I’ll
bet she gets a reasonable number of propositions in a
day, and I’ll bet she accepts some of them every now and

Alex had actually moved towards the door to leave before
the obvious finally became apparent. How stupid! Her
appreciation to Bill wouldn’t be a thing, it would be a
‘her’. This ‘her’. She knew the girl came to turn down
the beds in the evening at about seven-thirty. All it
needed was some persuasive talk now, an arranged co-
incidence of timing, and Bill could enjoy his

Alex looked pointedly at the girl’s skirt and then at her
face. She smiled, she hoped confidentially.

“I should think that draws some comments, doesn’t it?”

The girl laughed.

“Yes, a few.”

“And some propositions? It would if I’d worn it at your

“Yes, a few,” she repeated, laughing again. Alex knew she
was on a winner. Sex was on the agenda, definitely, if
the girl was approached correctly.

“And I’ll bet you accept a few of them. I used to,” she
added. Alex hoped it looked like ‘just between

The girl giggled. “Did you?”

“Yes, of course. It’s still exciting now.”

The girl straightened up, goggled-eyed. Women over forty
hardly thought about sex, did they?

In the next few minutes, Alex had it out of her that she
was used to getting propositions from men in the hotel.
It was exciting, she said, and they were better at sex
than her boyfriend. It just needed, she told her, the
right suggestion on the right day when she was in the
right mood. And, yes, today might be the right day.

“Some men can be persistent,” she grinned.

“Like my husband,” said Alex, off-handedly.


“Oh yes. And he can be very persuasive.”

The girl laughed with just sufficient fascination.

“And he delivers, too. Or that’s what it looks like to

More laughter. You’ve got an appointment to keep, thought
Alex, scanning her for a last time, but you don’t know

That evening, Alex was excited and confident. She
intercepted Bill in the hotel lounge before he could go
upstairs and persuaded him into a large drink. Gently,
Alex mentally unpackaged her present for him. Bill took
some convincing that this was for real, but another
substantial rum helped enormously. She told him what he
had to do and when to do it.

At seven-thirty, the girl came in to turn down the bed.
As she bent over the bed, legs spread, her bum, if she’d
known it, very nicely on display, Bill emerged casually
from the shower room. He had a towel wrapped round his
waist that showed he already had a good-sized erection.

The girl looked over her shoulder but didn’t get up.

“That’s nice,” he said, looking pointedly under her
skirt. He wasn’t lying. The thought of fucking a
teenager, even if she wasn’t the most ravishing thing on
two legs, was very exciting. Thoughts of a tight, young
pussy and sweet young tits had been flooding his mind
ever since Alex had unfolded her plan to him. He knew she
was watching him from the shower-room, too.

The girl laughed but still didn’t move. She certainly
hadn’t forgotten what Alex had told her that morning.
After all, she might not have been having her on. The
girl still didn’t move as she felt his hands move over
her hips, caressing her. He was gentle at least, not one
of these rough merchants you then had to fight off under
the ‘mistaken intentions’ banner. This could be a very
acceptable experience.

After no more than thirty seconds, Bill dropped all
pretence as well as his towel. His cock was hard and felt
as big as he’d ever felt it. He reached down, lifted the
hem of the girl’s skirt and lifted it above her waist. To
slip his fingers inside the waistband of the turquoise
knickers and then ease their stretchiness round her arse
took no time at all. The girl closed her legs so he could
remove them, as well as her shoes.

He started to stroke her smooth nakedness. The girl
shifted again, opening her legs, and Bill slowly ran his
hand right up to her pussy. She gave a little jump and a
cry of delight as his fingers stroked over the soft lips.
However, she herself was aroused, making her pussy lips
juicy, so his fingertips moved smoothly into the sweet
slipperiness. Despite his extreme arousal – his cock was
already freely dribbling pre-cum – Bill sought to be
gentle in churning his fingers inside her pussy. He
merely wanted to ensure he opened up her tightness enough
to take his cock.

He placed his cock head against her pussy lips and pushed
forwards. Mentally in a flash, he thanked Alex for
setting this up. I can’t believe I’m doing this. What a
woman! I’m going to enjoy this just for her!

The girl’s pussy was certainly tight, deliciously so, but
well capable of receiving a fully stiff male member. Bill
pushed inwards and the girl bent over even more, pushing
up her arse so she could take his cock fully. Bill felt
his balls resting against her bush. Then he started to
fuck her.

The strokes were slow and full at first, making Bill
tingle with pleasure. Her pussy felt just fantastic, so
tight on his cock shaft, the entire length. He soon
became conscious that the girl was getting excited, too,
so he fucked her a little more firmly, while not pulling
out so much. At the same time, he reached round to undo
her blouse, got her to take it off, and then unclipped
and disposed of her bra.

The freedom of nakedness acted like a strong stimulant on
the girl. She began fucking Bill every bit as vigorously
as he was fucking her. Before long, he felt her judder
and quiver, inverting her back. Guttural incoherence,
lengthy and gasped, accompanied her drawn-out orgasm,
which only seemed served to push her sexual desire to
even greater heights.

Bill’s cock had slipped from her pussy at the end of the
orgasm. Quickly, she turned, and Bill saw an impish grin
on her face. This was a seriously aroused girl looking
for a lot more sex and in double-quick time. She’d take
some keeping up with, but it would be terrific fun

Her movement took him by surprise and he over-balanced
forwards onto the bed. The girl laughed playfully and
pushed him over onto his back. Bill looked down at his
throbbing cock, shimmering with her juices and sticking
up strongly. Swiftly, the girl straddled him, reached
down to hold his shaft near the balls and guided the knob
to her gaping pussy. With a sigh of satisfaction and
delight, she sank onto him, completely filling her void
once more.

As she screwed on him exuberantly, Bill looked at her
body. Well, it wasn’t the finest in the universe for that
age – small tits that sagged more than they should, more
dumpy round the waist than she ought to be, thick in the
thighs, a slightly disappointing bush – but her
enthusiasm far outweighed all of that. Did she did want
to fuck! What a hell of a sex-drive!

After a two more orgasms in next to no time, the girl
moved to rise from him again. Bill realised what the girl
appeared to like was fairly frequent changes of position.
Well, if that’s what she wants.

For the next fifteen minutes that felt like hours, Bill
did his best to oblige. It helped him, too. His orgasm
never quite arrived before they moved to couple
differently. He mounted her, she rode him, he tried to
impale her to the bed, she rode her him facing his feet,
they fucked kneeling, and fucked standing, and fucked
lying down.

And she licked him, God, how she licked him, all the way
from balls to slit! And she did so repeatedly, so he
pulled her round so he could suck avidly on her profusely
leaking pussy. Finding her clit was not difficult.
Generating successive orgasms was easy before she decided
she wanted to be fucked again.

And it was while Bill was fucking her as he’d started,
with the girl leaning across the bed, her arse pushed up
high to him, squirming her delight, that he at least felt
the tide rise uncontrollably. Oh, God, yes! Bill’s senses
exploded as they’d rarely done, and far longer than he
was used to. He pumped the girl majestically full of, for
him, a massive load of his cream.

It took time for him to return to earth, but the girl did
so much more quickly. She was more used to high-octane
but fairly rapid sexual encounters than he was. But he’d
been worth the giving-in to, she thought, even if she’d
had decided second thoughts to start with. Men of forty
could flatter to deceive, but not this man.

Bill sat on the edge of the bed, spent. The girl grinned
at him, lithely moved across to the dressing table and
pulled out some tissues from the box. Opening her legs
wide, she mopped up the surge of cum flowing freely onto
her thighs. He had come a lot! Still, she liked that, it
showed how aroused she’d made the man she was with. This
would be a good story for her girlfriends – a very good
fucking indeed.

“Thanks,” she said.

“No, thank you,” croaked Bill, smiling in turn.

The girl scooped up her clothes.

“I’d better wash my face,” she smirked, and disappeared
into the bathroom. She failed to spot Alex, who’d slipped
behind the shower-curtain because she wasn’t expecting to
see her. In less than two minutes, she emerged, dressed
more or less appropriately, but with her skirt hem still
halfway up her thighs. Bill, still naked on the bed,
wanted to fuck her all over again, but realised, with
disappointment, that she was actually supposed to be
working, not fucking the guests.

The door closed and she was gone. Bill lay back, a
mixture of high exhilaration and slight frustration.
Moments afterwards, however, he was joined by another
naked, very aroused female. Alex been intensely turned on
by what she’d seen. Hurriedly, they were fucking, and
frantically so until Alex’s third, or was it fourth,
orgasm and Bill’s second brought a lull. But it was only
temporary, and more frenetic fucking followed.

At dinner that night, they surveyed the new landscape
they had now moved to. It was very different from the one
of a week ago.

“Any regrets?” asked Alex, whose pussy was just as sore
as this morning, but even more tingly.

“Not if you don’t,” said her partner. “We just need to go
on sharing.”

“I went into the cyber caf‚ over the road today,” said
Alex, taking some folded papers from her handbag, “and
there was this site I found.”

She pushed the opened-out papers across the table. Bill
scanned them quickly, then more slowly. They were a dozen
or so entries, couples from a ‘swingers’ site.

“It was idle curiosity at first, I must admit,” said
Alex. “But then. Anything catch your eye?”

To his astonishment, but great satisfaction, Bill felt
his third erection of the evening burgeoning upwards and

“Well,” he said, “if you’re asking. there’s those. or
maybe those. How about you?”

Alex looked at him, that twinkle in her eyes.

“What about those?” she pointed. “Late thirties,
newcomers like us.”

“Agreed. And they do look possible,” he said gravely.
“Would you be serious?”

“Maybe. Yes, I think I could be.” She grinned. “After
all, one of your fantasies is fucking a black woman,

Bill laughed.

“And anyway,” she said, “I want to see if it’s true.
About black men, or this black man, anyway. They say he’s
all of nine inches,” Alex added dreamily, “and thick with

She looked up. They gazed into each other’s eyes. This
would be more new territory. Dangerous, but such fun to

“That’s a game I’d love to see you play,” murmured Bill,
“as long as I can play mine.”

The next day, an email was sent. The following day, a
positive reply came. And a month later, the games had
been played out – very successfully. Bill majestically
fucked his black woman, and Alex got her nine inches –
all of it. They had learned to play the game for real.

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