Fun at camp

The cabin was set back on the shore of the lake, secluded from the view of the other cabins. The main level of the cabin had a wraparound deck, that had steps leading down to the to the front to the back of the cabin on the lake side and to the driveway in the front of the cabin. The lower level of the cabin came out onto a concrete patio and out to the yard. The upper level of the cabin at a private deck accessible to the only from the master bedroom. The yard outside the cabin was being below and have a stone barbecue pit. The other part of the the cabin had a quaint shed outside the little bridge to walk over small stream that emptied into the lake.

Inside the main part of the cabin the great room at a stone hearts taking up most of the wall at one end of the room and the rest of the room opened up into a dining and living room area and joined the kitchen. Large sliding glass doors-that opened onto the deck. The lower level of the cabin had three bedrooms and a large game room. The game room had a pool table and a ping-pong table and a large screen TV. Outside on the patio was a large hot tub.

The upper level of the cabin consisted of the master bedroom suite. The suite had a its own private bathroom, a king size bed and sitting area. The bed was situated so that it was facing the doors that open onto the onto the private deck.

The entire property was surrounded by trees, so that no matter where you were on the property you could not be seen. The trees in front of the cabin were trimmed so that if you were on the up two upper levels of the cabin you can see the lake. The cabin was designed and maintained so that it was always private.

Jack and Amelia unloaded the car after the long drive to the cabin. Amelia put away the groceries and other food items while Jack unloaded all the luggage and put it away. After Jack was done putting away all the luggage and other gear that he brought, Jack opened up to the rest of the cabin turning on the water and other utilities.

Amelia had unpacked all the clothes and put them away. Amelia got into the shower she stood there with a hot water running over her head for a long time. Amelia turned in the shower and let the spray the front of her body. She could feel the hot water rolling down her body and on her nipples. Amelia was enjoying the shower and after a few more minutes began to realize her nerve ending must be on overtime. She felt like she could feel every drop of water spray he body and then roll down. There were several drops that rolled down her breast and to the nipple before falling to the floor or continuing to roll down her belly.

Amelia stood there for another moment and got some more soap and lathered her pussy and working the lather in and around the folds of flesh until she caught herself working the lather more and more around her clit and then working a couple of fingers into her pussy. It only took a few seconds and then she was cumming and finally she finished her shower.

Amelia was not satisfied and dressed in a sheer robe that tied at the top and was open the rest of the way. She tied it rather loosely so she was very exposed, not that it really covered anything anyway. Then she went to look for Jack. Jack did not appear to be in the cabin, so she went out on the balcony to look in the yard. Jack had already started working on getting things done outside. Amelia called and said she had finished her shower and he could take one if he was ready.

Jack looked up at Amelia standing on the deck and asked her to come down and help him. Amelia replied that she was not dressed to the outside. Jack replied it was okay and there weren’t any people around and to come out and help him. Amelia smiled at Jack and said she would be right down.

Amelia came out to the yard where Jack was working and asked how much help she would be dressed the way she was, twirling around so her robe blew open in the wind. Jack smiled and said it was a lot of help motivating him to finish up before Fred and Joe came over to help with the boat.

Amelia smiled and asked what if they see me out here like this? Jack replied they would think the same thing he was thinking that she was really hot and how much he would like to eat her pussy and pound his hard cock into her pussy. Amelia asked if he had that planned? Jack said no! But with a hot wife like you I can always be ready for a good time and you can handle more than I can give you and besides it has been a while since we have had a good time with the guys.

Amelia could already feel herself getting wet just thinking about what was going to happen. Amelia was daydreaming about the last time they were together out on the lake last year. She had been on the top deck working on a tan when Joe and Fred came over in their bass boat. Jack was cooking burgers on the grill and invited the guys to have something to eat. Amelia had looked down to see who was there and Jack said to sit down as they were ready to eat.

Amelia put her string bikini back on and went down to have lunch. Joe could not take his eyes off her and it was very obvious that Fred was more than a little interested from the tent in the front of his shorts. Amelia was sitting having lunch with three guys who all looked like they were ready for a good time.

Amelia was having fun and a little of the ketchup and mustard Jack put on her burger dropped on the side of on breast and the rest of it went between them. Jack said it was a good thing she did not get it on the bikini top as it would stain it and maybe she should take it off before she cleaned it up so it would not ruin the top. Amelia smiled and said what about the guys? Jack replied they had seen a woman’s breast before and that it was an expensive bikini.

Fred was quick and said he would be happy to get it off without making a mess on her bikini top. Joe jumped up and said he would help to make sure it was done right. Amelia did not have time to respond as both of them were standing next to her. Fred had his face in between her breast and Joe was reaching in by Fred’s face telling him to wait for him to hold the material out of the way so he did not get slobber on it as he was already drooling.

Fred smiled at Joe and said what you think you can do it better? Joe said yes and said look you missed some and there is a slobber stain on the edge that will probably stain. Amelia looked at Jack and asked if he would do it correctly. Jack came over and examined the top where the slobber was supposed to be and said it should be soaked right away so it would not get stained and in one quick move he pulled the ties undone and handed Fred the top and told him to put it in the sink and fill it with some water so it would not stain. Jack told Joe to get a warm wash cloth so they could remove the stickiness.

While Fred and Joe were gone Jack rubbed Amelia’s crotch and said I guess we will have to remove this too so it will not get stained as wet as you are getting. Amelia said that if he did that then she would be naked in front of their guest. Jack smiled and asked if she was embarrassed about how she looked? Jack interjected that he thought she had a great body. Amelia had not had a chance to respond when Jack called out and asked if they thought Amelia had a good body.

Fred and Joe were there in a flash as Jack pulled the side strings on Amelia’s bikini bottom and pulled it away, leaving Amelia standing naked in front of them. Joe was the bold one and asked for a closer inspection before he passed judgment, stating he only briefly caught a closeup of her breast. Joe said from a distance she was definitely hot. Fred said she was hot not matter what and would love to have a close inspection.

Jack laughed and said he had closely inspected her on many occasions and there were one or two very minor flaws, which he said were not visible unless very close. Jack pointed out her one areola and then to the other and said if you look closely they are a little different sized and the one is not as round as the other. Fred was the first and said it was not a flaw unless they tasted different. Joe quickly chimed in and said lets have a taste test to find out.

Jack said we should not be having taste testing in the yard. Amelia made a comment that she was not sure if this was a good idea. Jack said we all need to go in the cabin as it is getting dark and colder. They all went over to the one bedroom on the lower level and had Amelia lay back on the bed. Amelia was commenting on being the patient for a few doctors. Jack smiled and said maybe they should have an examination at the same time.

Jack told Amelia to lay spread eagle on the bed. Joe was on Amelia’s left and her nipple in his mouth, and Fred was on the right and had her other nipple in his mouth, while Jack was between her legs was eating her pussy. Amelia was complaining that it was not fair and that they were driving her crazy.

Amelia reached out with both of her hands and began stroking both Fred’s and Joe’s cocks. Jack was busy eating her pussy and working his finger in and out of her pussy. Finally after a while Amelia told Jack to do something or let one of the other guys do something that she was going crazy waiting for a hard cock.

Joe looked at Jack and said well? Jack said give it to her if she wants it. Joe stuck his hard cock up by her mouth and she said that was not what she was waiting for but began to lick and suck Joe’s cock. Fred on the other hand looked down to Jack and said well? Jack said he had an idea and told Fred to come between her legs and pull her to the edge so he could keep standing and keep her partly on the bed. Jack explained that he was going to keep eating her pussy while Fred stroked away at her pussy.

Amelia was really excited and not really listening to Jack tell Fred what he wanted to do. Fred changed places with Jack and slipped his cock into Amelia’s hot wet pussy. When Fred was situated and after a couple of strokes Jack began licking Amelia’s clit and sucking on it as Fred pounded away.

Amelia was going wild and was really having a hard time concentrating on Joe’s cock in her mouth and she was cumming again. Amelia felt Joe getting harder in her mouth and knew he was getting ready to cum, which made her more excited and starting to cum again. Joe began to cum as she was cumming and was having a hard time with the amount of cum Joe was squirting into her mouth.

Joe pulled out and she was gasping for breath as she was beginning to cum again as she felt Fred’s cock stiffen more as he was about ready to cum. Jack could tell by the way Fred was moving that he was going to cum and sucked hard on her clit and flicked his tongue back and forth as fast as he could over her clit as she began to shudder as both Fred and her came together.

Amelia told Jack to leave her alone for a while as her clit was so sensitive and she could not take any more. Jack smiled and said – “guys I think we did a good job – thanks for helping to make her first day back at the cabin memorable.” Fred and Joe got dressed and Jack put on some shorts and they left Amelia laying on the bed exhausted and went outside. They guys said how great it was and it would be a night to remember.

After the guys left Jack got two glasses of wine and went to check on Amelia. Amelia smiled at Jack and took the wine and after she took a sip she smiled at him and asked what she was going to do with him. I do not think I can handle that all the time. Amelia said she knew Jack had not been satisfied yet and asked if he would make due with a blow job.

Jack said he could wait until she was ready again and did not want to pressure her. Amelia smiled and rolled over and said I want to pleasure you. Amelia’s bare breast pressed against his chest as she covered his lips with a deep passionate kiss. His hand dropped to the curve of her hips and then ran his hands caressing her along her sides, over her ribs to the back of her neck and held her tight in their embrace.

Amelia could not believe her body was responding to the kiss like she was feeling like she was not worn out. Amelia worked her way down Jacks chest kissing him along the way teasing his nipples and down to his hard cock. Amelia could smell his familiar scent as she took him into her mouth. She could taste the salty pre-cum as it mingled with her own saliva as she drew him more into her mouth until she had her nose buried in his pubic hair.

Jack reached down and caressed the back of her head as she began to work him back and forth deep into her mouth, while she gently caressed his balls until she felt his balls tighten and his cock harden as he prepared to cum. Amelia was tempted to let him cum in her mouth and was trying to decide if she wanted to feel him inside of her and if he would be able to continue to make love to her after he came in her mouth.

Jack could sense her indecision and pulled out of her mouth and helped to roll her over and he slipped between her legs. Jack slowly penetrated her wet pussy and immediately stopped as he was fully inside her. Jack wanted it to last and knew he would cum quickly if he continued. After a couple of minutes Jack began his slow rhythm and continued to pick up his tempo as he neared his climax again.

Amelia could tell that it would be only a matter of time and began rolling her hips and milking his cock with her pussy as he was beginning to cum. Amelia could not believe that after all she had cum before that this was going to be as intense as it was and came at the same time as Jack. Then fell asleep and were only awoken by the bright sunlight shining thru the windows.

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