A flight in a hot day

I was on a flight last week that wound up being fun. I was leaving Vegas which is a little cooler than being on the sun. I was wearing short shorts and a skimpy halter top. Under those two pieces of clothing all I had on was a g-string style thong.

As I was boarding the plane I looked at my seat and saw a man – it was a two seat configuration on that side. The man wasn’t bad looking but at least twice my age- I am 26.

As I was struggling with my bag and putting it in the overhead, I noticed that the guy was staring first at my shorts and then at my boobs and bare belly. I had a magazine for the trip and figured I would have some fun so I went to put it on my seat and deliberately missed and it fell on the floor. I was still in the aisle and leaned over him my boobs pressing into his legs. I stood up slowly and pressed my shoulders forward so that he could get a view from the side of top, knowing damn well the guy now had a great view of my boobs and probably part of my nipples. I stood back up and searched the overheads for a blanket. Again I caught the guy checking me out. I started to move into my seat and he asked if I wanted him to get up. I told him “no” and I moved across him with my ass almost in his face.

I sat down and settled in, with the blanket tucked in the pocket in front of me, “in case it gets cold” I told him.

He made some small talk and I looked down at his dress pants and I was sure I saw the tent effect. We took off and boy did the air get cold. I let my nipples get hard before I grabbed the blanket. I spread it wide open and when I put it around me I made sure that part of the blanket was covering his left arm. I pretended to go to sleep and a moment later felt his leg brush up against mine (mine were spread open hoping he would might try this.)

I did not move my leg and soon felt his leg not rub, but press up against my leg, again I didn’t move it. His knee started to move up and down my leg and I was starting to get turned on. My hands were under the blanket and I used one of them to start squeezing and pulling on my nipple. It only took another minute or so till I felt his fingers on my bare leg, above my knee.

Again I didn’t move. His fingers traveled slowly up my bare thigh and I could feel my labia swelling inside my very tight shorts. His fingers then got to the start of my shorts. He ran his fingers along the seam down, so his fingers were in the inside of my thigh. He then tried to get under the material and I knew this would be hard. I moved my other leg in so that it would try to relieve some of the tightness of my shorts. This gave him enough slack so that one of his fingers slid under the leg of my shorts.

I was biting down on my tongue in anticipation. Because of the lack of material on my undies and the fact that he was now coming in a little from the side, he moved right to my labia without hitting material. A second later his finger was sliding into my now very wet pussy. He could only get into the knuckle of his finger and I wanted to move to help him, but there was no where to go, I even thought of just grabbing him by the back of the head and pulling onto my pussy, but it was just a thought.

He didn’t give up and got a second finger into me, but again not far. He suddenly moved one finger out of me and started to rub my clit. That was all it took and I started to cream in a climax. I was doing everything I could not to scream (I am not a quiet cummer). This went on for a few more minutes till I leaned my head over to him and said “thanks luv- you can have your fingers back now.”

He turned back and said “any shot at you returning the favor?” He had a cute smile and I just couldn’t resist. I said in a normal tone and volume; “oh, you look cold yourself, here why don’t you share my blanket. The man couldn’t help but smile, I almost laughed.

As I started to put half of the blanket over him, I quietly said, “help me out and take it out, OK?” The man did as I asked and we now had half the small blanket covering from his mid section to mine, both with a leg exposed.

I reached under the blanket and was pleasantly surprised that the guy had a nice thick cock. He grabbed a magazine and covered the view as best he could from the other passengers. I, meanwhile, started to stroke his shaft. It was fun as he had a very pronounced head at the top of his shaft, and my hand stopped at the base of his crown and then went back towards his balls.

I looked over at him and his eyes were closed. The man on the other aisle seat got up and went to the bathroom. I realized that at that point no-one could see us. I was trying to figure if I had the guts to try what I was thinking. At that moment I felt the man’s cock swell a little more and I knew it was then or never- I used my other hand and move the blanket and leaned my head down. The guy must have opened his eyes at that point as I felt his hand move on top of my head and push me the rest of the way (not that I needed that).

I saw the great looking fat cock a second before I took his head into my mouth. It was a beautiful cock and I was sucking it. It didn’t take more than a few seconds and my mouth started to fill with his hot seed.

I had no other choice but to swallow and got to swallow two big loads.

He fixed himself, I took back the blanket and went to sleep, smiling the entire time.

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