It All Started at the Gym

The gym was packed for a Saturday evening; I belong to one of those twenty four hour gym. I like Saturday evening work outs because it usually not many people working out. I guess everyone wanted a little swell before hitting the clubs.

I was just getting ready to do some curls when I felt like I was being watched. I looked around to see a sexy, hot woman doing squats. She had a look of lust in her eyes as she squatted. I moved into position to curl, so, I could flex a little for her.

We definitely made a connection as we both did our sets. With beads of sweat dripping down my face I finished my last set. I grabbed my towel and went over to the squat bench as she was just doing her last squat.

On the way over I eyed her booming body, her legs and hips firm. Her ass was shapely and tight, this girl got junk. Her waist small and her breast were like melons. She has a long neck, made just right for kissing, her lips full and inviting. Her eyes hazel, which made them, sparkled when the light hit them. This woman was the total package.

Upon reaching her I had a semi-hard on. Her skin was glistening from the sweat she worked up.

“Hey, I said in my best suave voice.”

She didn’t say anything at first; she just looked me up and down.

“You want to work in, she finally spoke.”

“Sure,” was my response as she changed the weight.

“What’s your name,” I asked her while I eyed her sweet ass.

“I’m Peaches,” she told me.

“I’m Rafel,” I told her as I offer her my hand.

She took and firmly shook my hand. We began to work out together, I spotted her and she spotted me. At times her breast and that sweet ass was inches from my face and cock.

Peaches were serious about her work out as I was lusting after her body. Her stretchy Capri work out pants didn’t leave much to the imagination. At times I got a glimpse of her camel toe. My cock became ridged as she worked out.

Peaches didn’t even notice so I thought. She went to squat and she seem to become stuck and as I went to help her. She poked her ass out and right into my hard dick. When she felt that long, stiff penis between her butt cheeks, it caused her to squeal.

We got the weight back on the rack and Peaches attitude did a one eighty. Her smile became bright and her eyes widen as she looked at my cock. Then she got back into position and waited for me to get behind her. She squatted and her as was all on my hard dick.

It was sooooooo…..soft and firm as she grinded and moved her ass. The best feeling was when she maneuvered her ass and my dick slipped between her cheeks. The feeling was real nice and it wasn’t skin on skin.

We moved to do flies and this position made me brush against her soft breast, her melons were ripe. I could see her nipples in the mirror become erect. The way her nipples strained against the material of her sports bra. Made my long hard cock throb and my lust for Peaches became insatiable.

It was hard for me to move when it was her time to spot me. Her eyes went straight to my penis. Her lips parted and she slowly ran her tongue across them. I did my flies half heartily; my mind was on her soft ass and big nipples.

Her turn I missed my spot on purpose and I grabbed a hand full of breast. I waited to be reprimanded. But, she just smiled at me through the mirror. We were connected in such a way, that although we were in a semi-crowded gym, it was like we were the only two there.

That was erotic in it’s self, we were flirting around with being caught, as grazed her hard nipples. Her moan was soft, yet, amorous which made me want her even more. My desire made me bold and I tweaked both her thick nipples.

Peaches squealed and put down the weights, she turned and faced me.

“That really turned me on, she told me, haven’t had that done in awhile, she said with desire in her eyes.”

“I have never felt nipples so thick and long, I told her.”

“Is that a good thing, she ask?”

“Yesssssssssss, the word rolled off my tongue with lust.”

“Well we should take this else where, she told me. We are drawing attention, as she looked around the gym.”

Dropping my hands from her erect nipples, I looked around to see a few raised eye brows and a few looks of acceptance. Peaches were already packing her gym bag, I hurried to catch. We walked out together, getting the stares of a few who were paying attention to my hard cock and her erect nipples.

As soon as we were out the door, Peaches went left and waved me over. She walked up to a silver range rover and popped the back. She was tossing her gym bag in when I walked up.

“You have my pussy super wet. No one has stroked my nipples in public before. I’m ready and I want your cock now,” she informed me.

I started to say we could go to my place, but, she lip locked me before I could get the words out. She guided me into the back of her SUV, when she broke the kiss, she told me to get in. Her smile told me I had no choice.

Once I was in she instructed me to fold down the middle seat as she closed the back hatch. The windows were darkly tinted shielding us from the outside. Peaches began to strip; my mouth fell open when she exposed those thick nipples and firm breast.

My trance was broken when she asked me, if she was the only one going to strip. My cloths flew off and my cock was fully erect, it swayed and defied gravity. It was Peaches turn to become transfixed.

My eleven inch cock had her mesmerized with its movement, its thickness and its length. The more she gazed, the more my cock jumped. She finally cupped my tight nut sack. The feeling was sweet as she softly squeezed, a few drops of pre-cumm seeped out.
This broke her trance, she hissed in delight while she lowered her lips to my pumped up dick head. Her first taste of my man juice drew a series of mmmmmmm’s from her sucking mouth. The taste of my semen caused her lips to part even more to allow my penis into her hot mouth.

I was in heaven as the sensation grew, before I knew it three fourth of my penis was in her mouth. My cock throbbed and my nut sack became tight. My hand found the back of her head and gently pushed her head further down on my penis.

I thought she would gag, but, she dropped her jaw and my dick slipped into her throat. I almost came! My dick never had the pleasure of being deep throat. I had to do something to take my mind off the pleasure. I was not about to cumm now.

That’s when I remember those thick erect nipples and those soft firm melons. My fingers found one; I grasped hold of her firm member. I rolled it between my thumb and fore finger. Even with my cock down her throat, Peaches manage to moan erotically.

Her body shook and her suction became intense as I throbbed in her mouth. I didn’t know what was more pleasurable, her long thick nipples or her hot wet mouth. I just enjoyed them both as my balls boil and my fingers roamed.

Peaches wanted some mouth action as she swung into position. Her wet sopping pussy was inches from my face. It was one of the sweetest pussy I’ve ever saw. Hair neatly trimmed, pussy lips phat, tight little asshole and round firm ass cheeks.

What really caught my eye was the moist pink clit, parting her phat pussy lips. I couldn’t wait to suck, massage and swirl my tongue over her love button. When she lowered her kat onto my face and I got my first taste of her nectar.
Sweet was the taste that danced on my tongue and her pussy lips parted like rose peddles. The wetness flowed over my lips as her flesh opened up to her swollen clit. My tongue darted over the plump love button. Moans of pleasure hummed around my cock head.

Her juices really began to flow as I massaged and encircled her clit with the tip of my hot tongue. When I applied just the right amount of suction her, her thighs began to tremble. Her mouth fell away from my penis as sweet moans rang out, that’s when I heard.

“Suck my pussy….mmmm….suck my sweet pussy,” Peaches demanded!

The more she demanded, the more suction and activity I provided to her clit. Peaches really began to ride my face while she stroke my cock and between moans she would suck on the head.

She was driving me near to orgasm when I pumped two fingers into her tight, wet pussy. She squealed….panted and moaned out in ecstasy. Her pussy wrapped around my fingers and began to suck them in. The sensation engulfed her to speak again.

“Dayummmmmm…..your working that pussy….yes…..yessss…yessssssss… suck my sweet hot pussy,” she instructed.

Wet sounds were heard as her quivered around my probing fingers. I couldn’t wait to slide my long hard dick into her tight, wet coochie. I could tell she was nearing climax as her love button jumped in my mouth.

With one deep plunge of my fingers a deep suction and swirl of her clit. My mouth was reward with sweet, hot pussy cream. I lapped feverishly at the cream; my tongue was all over her pussy, sending Peaches into another orgasm.

Her body quivered, her squeal approached glass shattering level. Her thighs locked around my head. As her clit throbbed and her cream flowed out onto my tongue, lips and face. The taste was soooo…… erotic my tongue went into over drive. Causing Peaches to buck her hips and grind my face until she couldn’t take any more.

She rolled off of me, panting and patting her pussy to regain her self. She pushed her breast together and tweaked those long thick nipples. Her fingers found her clit and teased it; she did all she could to get her orgasm to subside.

It took her a moment, but, she finally took a deep breathe and looked for me.

“That was AWESOME,” Peaches told me!

“You like the way I worked you clit,” I inquired?

Breathing very deeply, “Yes….yes….you worked my love button like a bee after honey. I thought I was going to pass out from all the bliss. Give me a minute, so, my head can stop spinning.”

But, I couldn’t wait, watching those long thick nipples heave up and down as she tried to catch her breathe. Was driving my crazy, all I wanted to do was suck them and tease them with my fingers and tongue.

I moved in next to her, with my finger and thumb I began to manipulate her erect nipple. Her breathing became intense again. The erection was so tender and firm; tender enough not to be hard and firm enough as not to let my finger and thumb close.

Slowly I stroked it, teased it and squeezed it. Then I began to twist it and
pinch her stiff nipple. Each touch aroused her more until I felt her hand grasp my hard cock. She gently stroked my cock as I got rough with her nipples. I moved my hand over to her other nipple and replaced my hand with my mouth.

Peaches tried to sit when the sensation grabbed her, but, I held her down while I sucked and tweaked her sensitive nipples. Peaches was opening and closing her legs, a reaction from the pleasure.

I could tell she was very wet, her pussy lips were smacking as she opened and close them sexy thighs. The sound of those wet pussy lips drove me wild and I sucked her nipple like I was trying to get milk from it.

Her moans became erotic as she began to speak in tongues, panting and squealing. My cock jumped in her hand as I was beginning to boil over. My nut sack was tight as she rolled my jewels in between her fingers.

We were both primed, ready to explode, sensing this, we both backed off, wanting the sensation and the pleasure to last as long as it could. My hand left her nipple and travel over her six packs. Down into a closely shaven valley that was flooded with pussy cream.

I couldn’t believe how wet she was, cream all in her asshole. My finger slipped right in, then a second. I began to pump her drenched hole, matching the stroke she was giving my cock. The pleasure began to build again.

I pull my mouth from her nipple to moan softly in her ear.

“Mmmmmm…..your pussy is soooooo….wet and creamy. My long hard cock is going to slide right into this wet pussy,” I told her.

“Peaches purred and hissed, yesssssss…it will. I can’t wait to be fucked by this long, thick monster,” she moaned back.

“You want this dick,” I questioned?

“Yes….Big Daddy…give me that long cock,” she demanded!

I moved into position between her shapely thighs, her wetness was like none I have ever felt. I took the head of my penis and ran it along the length of her pussy lips. Coating my dick head in her warm cream and enjoying the softness of her phat pussy lips.

Peaches shuttered every time my dick head stroked her clit. I was in amazement as my cock parted her soft pussy lips. I throbbed as the warm juices helped my dick slide over her clit. She moaned softly as the sensation ran through her body.

I couldn’t believe how hard I was and the fixed look of pleasure on her face. I slowly stroked her clit with my purple head. The sensual massage drove the two of us closer to climax.

Peaches couldn’t take it any longer and grasped my hips. Pulling me forward, wanting me to drive my hard long cock deep into her sopping pussy.

“Please, please, give me that dick”, she whispered.

Not wanting to loose the intensity, I shook my head no. At that moment the head of my cock was at the opening of her quivering twat. The heat and the suction were pulling me in. But, I fought off the sensation.

I did the only thing I could think of; I pinched and twisted her long thick nipples. It was the most erotic high pitched squeal I ever heard. My cock throbbed and bounced up and down on her swollen clit.

Peaches exploded and held onto me like life it self depended on it. The head of my dick slipped into her tight opening and I felt her orgasm grasp the head. The convulsions from the climax caused her pussy to tighten and release around my dick head.

The sensation was nothing like I ever experience, a sweet pull of my cock into her quivering tight hot sweet pussy. The wetness engulfed my throbbing cock and her wall massaged every inch of my dick all the way in.

It was the first running orgasm I ever experience with a woman. Peaches moans fell and rose with every wave of pleasure that rocked her soul. Her head tossed back and fourth and she flung her hips up to meet mine.

There we stay locked as her pussy shuttered around my cock. I never throbbed and fought so hard not to cumm in my life. Her pussy was trying very hard to milk me of my man juice.

The throbbing of my cock pulsed against her quivering pussy walls. My hips went to work with out me telling them to. I moaned as I pulled my prick out of her unyielding pussy.

With only the tip remaining in her I slammed my dick back into her soft wetness. I grunted as our parts pounded into one another. Her pussy was very juicy and hot, I was beside myself in pleasure. One of my greatest joys in life is a hot wet pussy.

Peaches pulled back her sexy thighs allowing me to slip even deeper into her lush cunt. Following her lead I placed her legs on my shoulders as I began to pump my cock in and out that sweet pussy.
Peaches must of got off on my groans of pleasure. Every time I grunted or groan I felt her pussy grasp my cock. This was so special for me , because, no pussy ever had me groaning like this before.

Every stroke, every slam into that good pussy made my heart race, my prick throb and my voice groan. I could feel my self nearing orgasm. But , I was not done with this wet good pussy.

I put my mind in workout mode, that mode when you’re on the stair master for thirty minutes and you got fifteen fifty nine to go. Yeah, that mode, well I put myself there and instead of her working my dick with that good pussy. I began to work that good pussy with my hard penis.

It wasn’t long before Peaches was moaning and her pussy gushing with nectar. I arched my back causing my cock to bend in her twat, applying pressure on her swollen clit.

“Oh, oh, oh that is soooooooo……good,” Peaches stammered.

“You are working that pussy,” she continued.

Her words dripped with honey and they were very erotic, but, I couldn’t loose focus. I wanted to dick her down; cause her to have a mind blowing climax. As I thought this her body began to shake and she forced her legs off my shoulders.

She wrapped them around my waist and dug her heels into my ass. She began to deeply ride my dick, fucking me like a cheap stud. Moving her hips in a semi-circle, she picked up the intensity. I couldn’t believe she wanted to regain control.

I was up for the task, deepening the arch in my back. I applied more stimulation to her budding clit. She began to tremble and weaken, but, she came back strong with full circle instead of the semi-circles.
I was in trouble and nearing orgasm fast. That’s when I pried one of her legs from around my waist, pushed it over my head which put her in the scissor position. My cock never came out of her drenched pussy.

Placing my hand and weight on her knee, kept her from opening her legs. I had a clear, wet shot at that sweet pussy. My other hand found her thick nipple; I twisted and pinched it until she squealed in delight.

My hips went into beat it up mode and I slammed my dick in and out… and out of her sweet pussy. The slapping sounds filled the jeep like erotic music. The slaps was the base line her moans were the melody and my grunts were the hook.

The range rover rocked like it was going over rail road tracks. The windows began to steam up as I was long dicking her tight cunt. To my surprise Peaches didn’t try and get out of this position.

She was taking this dick down like a pro and watching my penis pump in and out of her really turned me on. I became ten men strong as I pounded her dripping tabby.

The sensation was like no other I felt before, my cock was beyond hard. The control I had over this sexy, hot lady added to my desire. It was like I could feel every inch of my dick stroking her sugar walls. The slamming of my hips into her soft ass was amazing and the tweaking of her nipple was like having the volume control in my hand.

She squeals and moaned on command according to the intensity I applied to her nipple. The experience was off the hook and I fucked her pussy like a porn star. Judging by her moans and sexual sounds, Peaches was receiving a fuck she would not quickly forget.

The pleasure was quickly overwhelming me and I felt the tightness in my nuts. That’s when Peaches sensed that I was about to erupted. She begged me to cumm in her mouth.

“Please…..please…..shoot that load in my mouth,” she begged between moans.

“You want this man juice flowing down your throat, you want this hard dick slamming your face,” I asked between groans

Peaches shook her head yes as I continued slapping her ass with my tight nut sack. I wanted to hear her squeal so I tweaked her nipple real hard. She squealed, shuttered and came all over my cock. It took all I had not to let go in her delicious twat.

Once her orgasm subsided and I let her up. Peaches quickly got into position to suck my wet, throbbing cock. Her mouth wide open as she fingered her pussy, shoving two to three up her twat.

I placed my sweaty nuts on her quivering lips first as I stroke my long shaft. Peaches quickly licked my nut sack clean and demanded my man juice. She grasped my shaft with both hands and the head of my penis disappeared behind her lips.

One inch, then another before I knew it, half of my cock was down my throat. That’s when she turned on the suction, man, could she suck a dick. I grabbed her by her head and shoved the rest of my cock down her throat’

She gagged for a sec, but, quickly recovers to resume the fantastic suction of my dick. She began to caress my balls and I felt the beginning of a powerful eruption. Peaches sensed the eruption and began to hum.

The vibration was like no sensation I ever felt before. I shot straight to my balls and triggered my long awaited eruption. The first taste of my man juice drove Peaches to climax. She shook and shuttered as she feverishly pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy.

The pleasure gripped me and I face fucked her sucking, hot mouth. I could feel wave after wave of cumm hit the back of her throat. I herd the gulping sounds as she drank my man juice down her hungry throat. I thought I would never stop shooting cumm down her throat.

Just when I thought I was dry, Peaches threw the suction into over drive sparking another climax into her hot mouth. She came once again her self. I felt like she was draining me dry as she gulped down another load,

I had to pry her off my shrinking cock that was still twitching from the sensation. I was panting like a deer that was in need of water. The windows were completely steamed, in fact the sweated.

Peaches wanted more….she told me she had need tasted cum so pungent and mannish before. It was a nectar she couldn’t get enough of as she took my limp cock back into her mouth…..but, that’s part two.

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