Flasher Wife

Catching an offered glimpse of the forbidden sometimes
leads to a shared smile. A smile can lead to a flirtation,
which can possibly lead to an invitation… which can go
as far as you want!

She was with her husband. I heard them bickering before
I actually saw her. She wore the sexiest little skirt I
had seen in a long while; simple, black, about ten
inches long. It showed off her thighs which she had
kept up so that at a few furlongs past 30 she still
caught men looking away quickly as they held their
wives hands. Her strapped tank top was of black cotton
as well, but covered with a short white crocheted
sweater, which accentuated what we couldn’t see and
carried the illusion that we could see more if we dared
look deep enough.

Their argument was tinged with good natured laughter
and mild annoyance on both parts. Twice I heard a lilt
of laughter bubble up from deep inside her. Being a
consummate admirer of powerful women, she caught my
attention immediately! I stared longingly at those
muscular thighs she was displaying so casually. I felt
my cock jumping to attention deep within my Levis. Her
husband was talking business books and he sat down on
the dirty floor to quickly browse the stacks he had
pulled out.

She looked bored and fed up, but she stood close by

I noticed we three were the only ones in the shop at
the time, so I wandered past and smiled. She looked at
me without reaction. She was leaning against a shelf,
her hip jutting out and one shoulder bunched up higher
than the other. As she looked away my gaze fell to her
skirt. Smooth black cotton. It hugged the swell of her
tummy, which was just large enough to catch the eye and
promise warm fleshy delights.

As I slowly circled them I took the slow visual tour of
her body. Her ass was firm, high and round; the type
that makes my knees weak. My heart rate jumped as I
realized I would do anything to touch it, bite it, and
plunge my cock into it! The skirt gripped her hips and
ass like a second skin. No perceivable zipper or
buttons. Not even a seam! This was a thin cotton sheath
which held her full firm hips in a loving embrace.

She crouched down to look at some books on the lower
shelves and as I watched she scratched her thigh. She
pulled her skirt high to inspect a small red scratch on
her upper thigh near her hip. I realized I was holding
a few books that were shelved right where she was
sitting, so I maneuvered around in front of her and
bent down myself. Her knees were bent, but together. I
crouched down next to her and cleared my throat.
Startled, she looked up and looked a bit scared. She
quickly tugged her skirt back down as I excused myself,
“Pardon me, I have to slip something in… down there.”
I held her gaze to judge her reaction.

She smiled slyly and gave me a look that said, ‘you
naughty boy.’ She slowly swiveled one leg out of my
way, holding her other in place. With her legs spread
wide she looked up coyly and whispered, “Is that
better? Do you think you have enough room to slip it in
down there?”

My breath went away. She had opened the gates to
paradise. My gaze caressed two beautiful expansive
thighs. My focus was burning on a small pink patch of
sheer fabric pulled taught against pussy lips in full
pout. Her labia resembled a puckered kiss as it
strained against her tiny panties. My mouth was
watering. I stopped breathing altogether.

She looked up and caught my eyes, she was grinning. She
had nice teeth. Leaning towards me she spoke in hushed
tones, “Oh… I see!” She reached down into the shelf.
“If I spread these apart for you, you can easily slip
what you’ve got right inside.”

I shelved the books as slowly as possible, my gaze
never leaving her crotch. She rocked back on her heels,
her thighs still spread wide. As I stared and smiled
with my mouth hanging open she sucked in a ragged
breath and let it out slowly. “Yeah, that is better. We
make a good team!” I stood with some discomfort,
thanked her sincerely and moved on. My heart was

Moving on around the store I circled back and took up a
position directly behind her. She stood balanced on one
hip letting the other jut out provocatively. Those legs
were so nice to look at! Those thighs curved up
smoothly to the short skirt which framed a perfectly
round little heart shaped ass.

I was staring hard trying like the devil to strip her
naked with my eyes when she turned and caught me. Her
eyes were wide with shock. Mine smiled back at her with
loving appreciation. Her mouth twitched, and then
curled into a smile of its own. A quick bow of my head
and she forgave me with a truly warm smile, the sign of
a woman who knows and respects the power she holds over

She turned to her husband. He never looked up from his
book as she leaned over his shoulder to see what he was

She looked over her shoulder at me, smiled, and then
scanned the room. No one else in the store… She put
her hands on her hips, planted her feet about a yard
apart and bent slowly at the waist. She was leaning
forward to read over her husband’s shoulder. As she did
so she pushed her ass up and out, her short black skirt
rode slowly up. It lovingly caressed the musculature
along the back of her thighs, then, ever so subtly,
slid higher along the curve of her ass. My cock was
throbbing and straining against the button fly of my

At 45 degrees she stopped. Just the curve of both ass
cheeks lay visible. She straightened up and turned to
look at me. Her face was flush red and her hair was
hanging loose. She tossed it back in place with a flip
of her head. My eyes must have been saucers, lapping up
the gifts she presented! I placed my hand across my
heart and thumped simulating an appreciative heartbeat.
The Cheshire grin on my face showed my thanks and the
slow shake of my head in amazement showed how much I
admired her nerve.

I let out an exaggerated sigh and she threw me the
hottest open mouthed Marilyn Monroe smile I’ve ever
seen. Then all serious again she turned to her husband
and arched her back once more. As she bent down again
the skirt rode up that glorious path as I slowly saw
the promise of paradise opening before me. Full thighs
were bared for my approval, the firm curve of her ass
became visible, then to my continued astonishment she
put her thumbs under the edge of her skirt and bent
down, further; legs spread wide.

Her skirt was silently popped over her hips and both
ass cheeks completely exposed for my heart stopping
enjoyment. Only a very thin pink strip of cloth, a
thong, stood between me and heaven! I could clearly see
the small brown pucker of her ass peeking around the
offending garment. The bright pink set off against the
jet black material of the skirt lit up her sexy little
snatch like neon.

My cock was demanding attention at an awkward angle.
‘Pitching a tent’ is the term! So, I quickly pantomimed
a faint for her charms and made my way to the men’s
room where I took up a position at the first stall.
Freeing my cock from its difficulty I placed it at
magnetic north and tucked my shirt back in place.

Then something hit me. I felt I had to return the gift
she had given me. I reached back into my pants and
pulled my cock up in front of my tucked in shirt so it
rested just behind my buttoned fly. My heart raced with
what I proposed to do! I looked down, the vision of her
lovely ass, those swollen, pouting pussy lips still
foremost in my mind. As I left the men’s room I could
see down the front of my jeans where my swollen cock
pushed them away from my stomach. As I thought about my
plan my cock grew longer and fuller. The full purple
head stuck out like some sort of creature trying to
escape from my jeans!

She was still there. I pulled a book off the shelf to
cover my growing dick and moved towards her. Every step
closer was making my heart beat faster and my cock grow
longer. She had wandered away from hubby and was all
alone looking through some erotica. (I love seeing sexy
women reading smut! It makes me think all’s right with
the world!) I held the book in front of my bulging
erection, which was growing as I approached.

She was very interested in the story she was reading,
she inhaled deeply raising those full tits beneath her
top. Her eyes were saucers and she clutched her hand in
a fist between her tits. My heart was pounding out of
control as I watched this sexy angel and I moved in
close and touched her bare arm. Her skin was like warm
satin. I ran my fingers up her arm enjoying the

“What?” she said. Then turning she saw it was me and
her guard went down.

“Oooooh! It’s you…” she quietly stated.

Her face was even lovelier up close. When I saw her
walk in I thought perhaps she was in her early 30s. Now
I placed her at mid forties. Age had etched subtle,
remarkable lines around her eyes and experience had
sculpted an unmatched beauty to her features. I now
felt way out of my league, but still, on I pressed.
“Hello.” I swallowed hard and continued quietly, “I
wanted to talk to you. I’m very concerned about
something you just did.” I was poker faced and stern.

“Oh my,” she whispered a little hoarsely. “What have I

“Well, you created a situation here today.” I lowered
the book exposing my cock. It stood proudly up above
the waistband of my jeans even harder than it was when
I began talking with her. Its swollen purple head
throbbed with my heartbeat. My brain ached from all the
blood rushing in and out of it. This could get me
arrested and possibly even slapped! But it didn’t
matter! The ride had begun.

She looked at me as lovingly as if I had just presented
her with a bouquet of roses! Her fingertips went to her
mouth in coquettish delight. “Did I really do THAT to
you?” she whispered. Her hand reached out as if to take
what I offered. As her hand approached, my cock
strained out to greet it. Before she could actually
make contact she giggled and looked around the shop.

“Oh God yes… you sexy thing!” I hissed, “You’re quite
wonderful to look at, but you know that don’t you?”

“oh, you’re very sweet to say that.” Her hand still
hovered towards my dick head as if she didn’t quite
know what to do. Truthfully I didn’t know what I wanted
to do either! Pushing down my pockets with my thumbs
allowed my cock to stretch free a bit more. It was a
glorious feeling to expose my stiff and hungry cock to
this wonderful, sexy lady.

I inhaled and felt my heartbeat pound “Mmmmm,” I
glanced over at her husband who was a dozen yards away.
“Just watching the way you move in that outfit made me
hard! Standing this close and letting you see what
you’ve done to me is making harder. Making me want to
touch you… to taste you…”

I glanced into her eyes, “…to fuck you.” I gripped a
bookshelf on each side of me to steady myself. My Cock
hung there in midair slightly growing towards her
outstretched hand. “You must know what you’re doing to
all us poor men dressing up that sexy body like that?
Showing all that sexy skin? Those legs that rise up to
your magnificent ass! You’re making our cocks want to
crow!” I joked quietly. My teeth were grinding and my
hips were pulsing towards her, wishing she would reach
out a little further and grab hold of my straining

He eyes were glued to my cock head, when suddenly my
own fingers took on some initiative. I reached down and
popped one of the buttons on my jeans. The thick veined
shaft lurched towards her. She jumped a little in
excitement and her smile grew ear to ear. Seeing her
reaction I popped more of the buttons leaving my fly
open and my cock hanging obscenely out of my pants.
With each beat of my heart my cock danced and grew.

Her face flushed red and goose bumps rose all along her
arms. As she reached out and lightly wrapped her
fingers around my growing shaft! I saw her nipples
straining against the cotton, trying to force through
the mesh sweater. Her soft thin fingers felt
electrified as she touched me, held me and squeezed. My
ears were filled with the rush of blood coursing
through my system.

“ohhhh, shiiiit!” she whispered barely audible. “Fuck!
What are you doing!” she said quietly staring down at
my dick still growing in her slowly moving hand. “What
a nice piece of meat…” Her eyes locked on mine
looking for instruction.

Seeing her husband at some distance, his head buried in
the works of a financial Pop-Guru, I popped the rest of
the buttons open and pulled my balls out. Then I
quickly buttoned the top two fly buttons. My cock was
snuggly secured outside of my jeans. It had never been
so hard or so fully exposed like this in the store! It
jumped in her hand as she began pumping it slowly back
and forth between us. I reached behind her and cupped
her ass, that wonderful ass. It was supple and I wanted
to bite it. My fingers began to explore the crevices
and curves between her ass cheeks. I barely heard her
words, “…oh gawd, he’s right over THERE! …you
sssssluuut…” Was she talking to herself or to me?

She circled around behind me and reached around,
continuing to pump my shaft. Her knees buckled a bit
and her body bent forward collapsing onto my back. She
whispered into my ear “it fits my hand so nicely, like
my favorite pistol!” She raked her full red fingernails
lightly along the surface of my cock and I felt my cum
boiling down deep inside. She let go and moved around
in front of me. Standing a few feet in front of me she
gave me a sideways look then dropped to a crouch, as if
to find a book on the lower shelves. Her devilish smile
cracked into a grin as she curled a finger for me to
step closer.

I stepped forward, my cock bouncing, straining for her
as it throbbed a few inches in front of her mouth.

One hand wrapped around the length of me and held me
tightly as the other went beneath her skirt and began
rubbing in a frenzy. “God this is so …erotic!” She
looked me in the eye. She whispered low and deep, her
teeth nearly clenched shut, “I want to …suck on it!
Can I do that? Can I suck on it?” Her face was beet red
as she hissed these words at me. “Would you like that?
These lips wrapped around your meat?”

She brought her open mouth closer and closer to the
head of my cock. I could feel her hot breath and I
nearly came right there all over her pretty face, but I
shook it off like a bad pitching suggestion.

I was staring down at this lovely creature before me as
she panted for breath, her chest heaving. “Oh god yes!
Suck me off!” I whispered. My eyes searched for her

Her soft little tongue darted out and licked a drop of
clear fluid off the tip of my cock.

That’s when I noticed the wedding ring on her hand, the
same hand jacking my cock to heaven.

She saw it too and suddenly her eyes grew wide with
fear as she stood up and released my cock. Her head
shaking no, she pulled her skirt back in place and
moved away with her whole body shaking.

I quickly stuffed as much of my leaking, throbbing,
frustrated cock back in my jeans and scurried off to
the bathroom to straighten up my clothes to a
presentable state.

As I left the men’s room again I saw her staring at me
with an “I’m so sorry” look on her face. Sure it was
fucked up, but I held no resentment, hell she flashed
me, gave me a fantastic hand job and licked the tip of
my drooling cock. All the while we were standing a
short distance away from her husband! So how could I be
mad that she couldn’t take that final step? I was
frustrated, but I couldn’t stop smiling!

They moved towards the cash register to pay and I rang
the man up quickly, my eyes never leaving his luscious
wife. As her husband gathered the few books he bought
and sat down to read them she drew closer. I moved to a
remote part of the shop and she followed.

I stood shelving books and she curled up behind me her
hands on my stomach. Her voice was a desperate whisper.
“I’m so sorry sweet man! Please don’t hate me for being
a tease. It was too much for me to deal with today.”

“Sweet thing, you don’t have to do anything you don’t
want to! You come back anytime! You’re already my
favorite customer.” I gave her a quick peck on the
cheek, “You are such a sexy little sweetie!”

She stared at her feet and then smiled up at me. “I’d
like to come back. Maybe if… if I left something
here, I’d HAVE to come back, just to… well, to talk,
or …something …maybe?” She was squirming.

“Leave something huh? Well what might you be likely to
leave here that you might want back?”

She bent down. Her fingers slowly pulled her skirt to
her waist. I watched as her smooth fabric covered slit
came back into view. Long smooth legs stretched beneath
her, away from her beautiful pussy. Dexterous fingers
snagged her pink thong panties and slid them around her
ass, that perfect ass… and down her firm thighs. She
stood and let them fall to her feet leaving her smooth
shaved slit exposed to my view. She quickly
straightened her skirt when suddenly her husband was at
her side.

“Honey, ya ready to go?” he mumbled, his face buried in
a business book.

She stared at me wide eyed in alarm. Her pink thong was
down around her ankles. “Sure am!” She casually stepped
quickly out of them and miraculously they didn’t catch
on her heels.

He walked ahead of her towards the door while she
lagged behind to say a few words, “Sir you truly have
such a… lovely…place. So hard… So much to chew
through! Oh, all the great… items here. I’m sure I’ll
be back. I saw a few things I really… really want
to… get my hands on. Thank you… again!”

Her husband gave her a quizzical look, “What’s that all
about?” he asked.

“Oh, I was just thinking it would be fun to come back
and do some, some… shopping around!” -and with that
she was gone.

“Amazing… I don’t even know her name. But I think the
pair of damp panties is enough to hold me over ’til I
can track her down through her husband’s sales ticket!”

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