Husband watches wife with brother-in-law then joins in


We were all setting around the kitchen table enjoying
some cocktails and laughing when the conversation
turned to sex. Not too surprising when you think about
the four of us. My wife’s sister and her husband were
really close friends and no topic was out of reach, so
sex was normally one that came up soon or later when
the four of us were together.

We had gotten together for a weekend at the beach but
as luck would have it the weather decided not to
cooperate so we started to cocktail early at a local
beach bar and then headed back to the condo to eat
dinner. After dinner we got back into cocktailing some
more as we played a board game of some type. Well I got
the idea to start injecting sexual stuff into the game
and it just grew from there.

As the night wore on my brother-in-law was getting more
and more familiar with my wife and soon it was pretty
obvious that he had more then just a passing fancy with
sex and my wife.

Soon the game ended and we just sat and talked about
the individual sexual experiences we’ve all had. Moving
to the living room, John sat next to my wife Sally on
the sofa while he was telling of the time that Sue, his
wife, was giving him a blowjob coming home from work
and how he almost crashed the car in the rush hour
traffic. Sally reached out and touched his thigh as she
asked him if he still came even though he had to drive.
Watching her touching him, I noticed that John had a
hard on. I found that interesting as I already thought
that he would like to get into her pants.

Well the evening soon got late and we all retired to
our rooms. Normally my wife and I sleep nude but
because we were with company I wore a pair of sweat
shorts and Sally wore just a t-shirt and her thong

My wife was a small girl with long auburn hair. She
worked out regularly and was in really good shape. Even
at forty she easily turned heads. Her sister was two
years older, just a bit smaller with flaming red hair
and a real knock out. Even though we talked about sex
when we were together, none of us ever took it

I was just about to fall asleep when I felt Sally get
out of bed to go the bathroom. Laying there half asleep
waiting for her to return, I heard a movement outside
the bedroom door. Thinking it was Sally returning I
looked out the half open door to see John walk by.
Moments later I heard their voices from a distant room.

Not knowing why, I got up and quietly crept out of my
room to see what was up. Looking into the kitchen I saw
John and Sally hugging and kissing. Sally had her arms
around John’s neck and he was rubbing my wife’s ass
with both hands. I stayed in the shadows and watched
silently, finding this sexually exciting.

When their passionate kiss ended Sally was the first to
speak. “Whoa there John, that was a little more then a
casual kiss. I felt the physical reaction on my

“I’m sorry Sal, I guess the evening has made me a
little stupid. You know I would never do anything that
would hurt us,” John said as looked into her eyes. I
noticed he did not pull back from the embrace with my

While after a moment of staring deeply into John’s eyes
Sally spoke. “Well I have to tell you, the story that
Sue told about how you got drunk and fucked her for
hours was kind of exciting.”

“Yeah, well when your husband told us about videoing
taping you two I have to tell you I found myself really
wanting to see that tape.” John then bent down and
kissed Sally again pulling her more tightly to him.

To my surprise I saw my wife returning his passion. As
they kissed I watched Sally reach between them, grasp
John’s cock through his jockeys and start to rub it.
Pulling apart they looked at each other briefly, then
returned to kissing and fondling each other.

Not knowing exactly who lead the way I watched as the
couple petted their way to the living room where John
sat my wife down on the sofa. He knelt to one side of
her and again kissed her lips lustfully.

I quietly slipped from my hiding place to get a better
view just outside of the living room. I watched as John
kissed my wife, and smoothly sliding his hand up her
thigh to her panty covered pussy. He slowly eased his
hand under top of her panties to fondle her bald cunt.
My wife had told me she liked keeping her pussy shaved
because it made her feel like a little girl when she
had sex.

Soon Sally started to gyrate up into John’s hand as he
messaged her clit. From my vantage point I could
clearly see his hand in my wife’s panties as he fondled
her sex. Sally was really starting to react to his
manipulations now. It wasn’t long before I saw the tell
tale signs of my wife’s orgasm approaching.

She started to shake as the electricity of her climax
hit her. She was pushing her pussy hard up into John’s
hand as he continued to rub her clit with
determination. As she was raked in orgasm, I watched as
John cupped her cunt and deeply insert his middle
finger into her wet, willing hole. This drew a deep
sigh from Sally.

Watching John as he finger fucked my wife had me
gripping my own hard cock inside my shorts. Jesus this
was really making me hot watching my wife and my

Back at the sofa I watched as John pushed his jockey
shorts down his thighs letting his cock stick straight
out in from of him. He then smoothly positioned himself
between Sally’s wide, open thighs. As she was still
cumming, John effortlessly pulled his hand from inside
of her panties, snagged the leg band pulling it aside
and exposed her pussy completely. With the ease and
confidence of a man on a mission, he guided his cock
head to the lips of her pussy.

I thought I was going to cum in my shorts as I watched
him getting ready to enter my wife.

Just as he flexed to enter her, Sally put her hands on
his chest to push him away.

“No John, we can’t.” she pleaded. But it was too late.
Her resent orgasm had made her so wet that John had
already buried half of his seven inch cock in her hot

“Ohhhh please John no. This is going to far.” She was
still pushing on his chest and looking pleadingly up
into his face. But John just continued to push his meat
into her sucking cunt.

“Oh baby. Just let me feel you on me for a second, I’ve
wanted this for so long.” He moaned down to her. When
she seemed to relax a little, he flexed his ass hard,
driving every inch of his cock into my wife’s hole, not
stopping until his balls were resting on her upturned

“Oh god John, what are we doing?” She asked as she
suddenly reached up and pulled him to her. “Just for a
second John, Sue and Jake are in the other rooms and
Jesus, ohhhhh.”

John began to slowly worm his cock around deeply in her
cunt. They were soon kissing again only this time with
sex filled lust. As I watched John soon began work his
cock slowly in and out of Sally’s sex. He began pulling
out slowly and inch or so then would slam back into
her. Each powerful thrust brought a grunt from deep
inside of her.

Pulling away from their kiss, John grabbed each of her
legs under the knees and forced them up to her tits. He
then began to fuck her with long, hard, steady in and
out strokes with the full length of his cock. It didn’t
take much of this hosing before all of my wife’s
inhibitions waned away.

“Oh fuck, give it to me John,” she moaned. “Shove all
that fucking cock in my pussy. Fuck me! Fuck me!” Sally
hissed with each thrust John earnestly gave her.

It was like I was in some kind of unbelievable wet
dream as I hide there watching my wife getting balled.
I wanted to cum so bad. The scene before my eyes was so
damn hot. I was afraid to blow my wad, losing the turn
on and then being ravaged by quilt or jealousy. So I
forced myself to stay right on the edge as I watched my
wife and brother-in-law fuck.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I’m cumming again,” Sally
hissed as she tossed her head from side to side.

“Oh fuck yes girl,” John grunted. “Your pussy is so
fucking tight. Cum for me. I’m gonna fucking cum.” John
growled as he started to really slam into her deep and

“Oh fuck. Cum. Cum in me. I want to feel you cumming in
me. OH FUCK I’m CUMMING! AHHHH!” Sally whaled damn near
load enough to wake her sister.

John took three more powerful strokes and buried his
cock deep in my wife’s upturned pussy.

“OH FUCK YES.” He grunted as his first wad of sperm hit
my wife’s cervix.

“Oh yes! Oh yes, I feel it! I feel it,” she cried.

John pulled out about two inches and slammed back into
her firing another stream of hot semen. Then on then
on, the third stroke into her buried his cock as deep
as he could, collapsing on top of Sally shooting the
last of his load into her. Sally was whimpering with
pleasure beneath him.

I watched the couple slowly recovered from their
orgasms. John pulled his cock out of Sally’s well-
fucked cunt and a glob of his cum oozed out of my
wife’s hole as the head of his dick popped out. Then
her panties slid into place covering her sex.

Why I didn’t cum I’ll never know. I just stood there
and stared at my wife’s crotch as the semen recently
deposited in her cunt began to slowly seep out of her,
staining and oozing out around the edges of her thong

“Oh John what did we do?” Sally somberly said, as she
cautiously reached down and touched her panty covered

“Sally, I’m sorry I just couldn’t stop,” John husked
between breaths as he lie back against the chair across
from the couch.

“I know, I Know. It’s just, well, what about our
spouses? What will they think? My God look at me,” she
said looking at her crotch and moving her hand aside.
“I am full of your cum.”

For whatever the reason the next move I made shocked
both of them. I stepped out of the shadows, stepping
out of my shorts and walked to the couple.

“I don’t know what Sue will think but as for me? I
really want to stick my cock into your pussy,” I
throatily said to my wife.

They were both too shocked to say anything as I dropped
to my knees between my wife’s legs, spreading them
wider with my hands. They just stared as I placed my
cock at the entrance to Sally’s pussy.

“Pull your panties aside baby, I need to fuck you. I
want to feel my cock in your pussy that’s full of
John’s cum.” Sally blindly did as I asked and pulled
her panties aside. I placed my cock at the mouth of her
quim and eased my manhood into her overflowing cunt. As
I slid easily into her, I forced John’s cum to oozed
out of her around my cock and run down her ass crack.

After I hit bottom I pulled back out until just the
head of my cock was in her hole then drove it home
again. Needless to say it only took me about four pumps
before I started adding my sperm to my brother-in-laws.
I plowed as deep into my wife’s sloppy pussy as I could
and blew my nuts into her.

“Oh Jesus Sally this is so fucking hot. Fucking you in
anther guys’ sperm. Fuck, take my cum baby, I FUCKING
LOVE IT!” I growled as I shot five huge ropes of juice
into her.

When I was finished I pulled my cock from her mushy
pussy and looked at her and then to John. “I don’t know
about you two, but this was one hell of an awesome
fuck,” I said as I bent and kissed my wife.

The rest of the weekend was rather un-eventful. I think
that John and Sally are still a little mixed up from
it. As for me, nothing I have ever done was as hot as
watching my wife fuck another guy then fuck her in his
cum. Now I just need to figure out how I am going to
get into my hot little red headed sister-in-law.