Five Strokes and Switch

This is one of my favorite games with my wife Susie or
when we have a willing male partner to play with. It
revolves around oral sex, plain and simple. The object
of the game is to be the recipient of a sweet hot
mouthful of gooey sperm.

Men and women both fight over it. It is the most
powerful delectable substance on this earth and once
you learn to love it, you’re hooked. I’m hooked. My
wife, Susie, is hooked. Over 90 percent of our sex life
revolves around cum, what we do with it, where it will
go and who will be the lucky one to get it.

So we invented a game to take the chance out of the
equation. It’s called, “Five Strokes and Switch.” The
game can be played with a man and woman, two men and a
woman, two women and a guy, or two men or even four or
five men. One guy has to be the strokee in any size
group. That, in itself is a fun process; choosing the
provider of the sweet cream.

The other two will be the strokers. In a man on woman
scenario, the man will be both the stroker and strokee
because most guys can’t use there mouths on their own
cocks. Those lucky few, well, they’re just lucky. The
woman sucks five strokes and if the guy hasn’t cum yet,
the man gets five fist strokes. If he still doesn’t
cum, back to the girl. This goes on until someone gets
a surprise.

The guy in this scenario or in any other permutation
absolutely can’t let on that he is about to cum. In a
man on man, the same applies. If the guy shoots any
time during the five strokes, well the mouth or hand
attached is the winner. If by mouth, just swallow. If
by hand, just lick it clean. The trick then, is to make
those five strokes the best you can.

You all know what I mean. All blow jobs are not equal.
Some people just lightly mouth you and others seem to
have magic mouths and drive you over the edge in no
time. The same goes for a hand. Five strokes can be but
a small fraction of what it takes to cum and other
times five strokes can do the job.

On this one wild evening, Susie invited a gay friend of
hers over for dinner with no intention of anything
else. After dinner, we started drinking and the fact
that I was bi came up. Susie admitted that we had men
visit for my pleasure and hers sometimes and it was
really hot. Jay just asked what our plans were tonight
and Susie and I smiled at each other. We had played the
game many times and it solved the problem of who would
get my nectar.

We both love it and got in real arguments about who
would eat it. We did often share, but there is so
little. Well, we told Jay of the twist to our sex and
he loved it. Jay and I flipped coins to see who would
provide the evenings treat. Jay won. Of course, I could
do it next. That is the magic of the game. It stretches
out the sex, the arousal, the tease and makes for a
more powerful and much larger load. Susie and I would
compete for Jays sperm.

This was our first time competing against each other. I
loved the idea of using my skills against my wife. For
the first time in any competition, we were equals. When
we play the game ourselves, I use my fist and she uses
her mouth. She makes sure I let go after the fifth
stroke. One time I knew I was going to cum and before
my hand was two inches away, she bobbed her little head
down on my slimy cock and it exploded in her sweet
little mouth.

Damn, she won that one. She just smiled like a cat at
me as she deliberately let some drip out of her mouth
to drive me crazy. One other time though, I began to
involuntarily shove my hips up into her on her fourth
wonderful stroke. I almost forgot about the game, she
knew I was close and went really slow on her fifth. She
gave me a mean stare on that final upstroke. I took
over and YES, arghhhh, all over my hand on my second
stroke. I just laughed at her and licked every precious
drop. She said I cheated. Jay did a nice little strip
show for us. He had a nice body and I was definitely
attracted to him for a later session.

He sat down on the sofa with his cock raging. Susie and
I pulled the coffee table back and took our clothes
off. I kissed her and said, “Good luck.”

We flipped a coin to see who would go first. She won.
Susie was a talented cock sucker. While I had far less
experience, I did, after all, know what a cock needed.
I’d say we were even. We got down on our knees and
studied our prize. We made our private plans and Susie
struck first. This wasn’t your average blow job. Each
and every stroke was planned and executed with skill
and lust.

No head bobbing here. Slow, methodical, delicious
strokes like a piston in a Ferrari. I watched as my
little sweet wife pushed her wet mouth down over Jay’s
beautiful cock. Under the rules, you couldn’t stop and
no hands, but the slower you went, the more you could
work some tongue magic on the up and down stroke. Susie
was beautiful to watch, like a master sucker.

If cock sucking is an art, Susie is Michael Angelo.
Susie considers cock sucking a religious experience.
She worships every inch and is deadly serious. I have
watched her so many times, but tonight, with me as her
rival, she put on a sweet show. Jay and my eyes were
glued to her as her lips popped off with the upstroke
of the fifth. Now it was my turn.

I took her place and she watched to see my own special
technique. He was so warm and hard as I made my way
down. I really wanted to grab his balls, but not
allowed. It tried to use my tongue to drag over his
glans as I pushed down. He obviously loved this and let
out a sigh. No luck. Susie started again and changed
her method. She stuck her tongue out between her lips
as she sucked him. She’s done this to me and it’s wild.
It always sends me over the edge.

Again, no luck. Damn this was so much fun. We all
laughed. Jay wasn’t allowed to give any clue to his
orgasm. After my second five, we were up to twenty and
I knew from experience it couldn’t last much longer.
During Susie’s third set, I looked at Jays hairy balls
and they were moving north, nearly half way up. A good
sign. They hadn’t yet disappeared when Susie lifted her

This was my chance and I was determined to win. If Jay
didn’t cum for me, he wouldn’t last through Susie’s
next turn. Down my tightly drawn lips went over his
glistening shaft. Susie saw his balls as she pulled off
and knew he was close. I heard her say, “bastard” under
her breath. On my third stroke, Jays breathing became
quick. I tried to slow down but I didn’t have much
time. Up on my fourth stroke and back down, I sucked
him hard and swirled my tongue over his helmet.

I used every technique in my arsenal. All the ones I
love Susie to perform on me. I looked up as I went down
for my final stroke and saw Jay sweating and breathing
faster still. I prayed for his cum. I wanted it bad and
I needed it. I almost cried as I was forced to release
my sweet grip and turn his ticking sperm bomb over to
my waiting wife. She had watched in disbelief thinking
she had lost, but when I pulled away and she saw that
his ball sac was so tight, she knew she had won.

She looked like a gold medal winner. Hot gold that is.
She took her place and pounced on her treasure. Now
Susie sucked him like a sweet whore. She slurped and
sucked two delicious strokes. She was deliberately
teasing me and flaunting her impending victory.

On the third upstroke, Jay growled and his hips bucked
into my wife’s mouth. His face grimaced as my baby was
receiving his creamy hot juice. Like the little cock
sucker tease she was, she looked at me and allowed some
sperm to dribble down his shaft, giving it a sweet

On her final stroke, she sucked it all back in and
gulped it down. She popped off of him, threw her hair
back as I saw some sweet strands dripping off her chin
and said, “your turn to be the provider” I had nearly
forgotten. If I couldn’t eat some, at least I would
enjoy hers and Jay’s sweet mouths on my raging meat.

Second place ain’t bad. Another story though.

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