Fun With The New Showerhead

I drove home early from work because I wasn’t feeling
well… had a wicked stomach ache. My intestines were
growling. I was afraid that I wouldn’t make it home in
time. I needed to get to the bathroom in a hurry,
suffering painful cramps. I made it home just in time,
I thought, and made a mad dash to the side door of the

Strangely, the door was unlocked. I ran up the stairs
and tried to hurry, seems like the zipper is always
stuck when you’re in a hurry and the darn thing won’t
zip down and you end up doing a little dance while
trying to get it down. Finally I lowered my jeans and
boxers and sat down. With a sigh of relief I just sat
there and I was starting to feel better and my stomach
ache was slowly going away

I looked down, ‘DAMN!’ I thought I had made it in time,
but I didn’t – now I need a shower and a change of
clothes. I was glad this didn’t happen at work; it
would have been very embarrassing. I removed my work
shoes and socks, and my jeans and shorts, then pulled
my tee shirt over my head.

I ran the shower and let the water get warm, then got
in and slid the shower door closed. I didn’t bother to
close the bathroom door – after all I was alone. My
girlfriend had gone to visit her folks for a week. I
soaped up and pulled the shower head down and pointed
the spray up between my legs to wash away anything left
from my accident.

The showerhead has different settings and I had put it
on the strongest spray setting, put my foot on the side
of the tub and worked the spray back and forth between
the cheeks of my ass. I could feel the spray hit my
balls and it felt really nice, I moved it forward and
felt the spray hit my cock. My cock twitched, hey this
feels good and my cock slowly filled with blood and got
very hard the longer I held the spray on it.

I started to move the spray up and down the length of
my cock. Man, this felt great, like getting a hand job
without touching yourself! My cock was throbbing from
my new-found way of masturbating.

If I held the spray on that little spot right under
head of my cock it would swell and I could feel that
pulling sensation you get just before you start to cum,
but it was more intense because I wasn’t using my hand.

I was thinking about my girlfriend, and the first hand-
and blow-job she gave me in this shower – especially
the things she said while stroking my cock. She had put
liquid soap in her hand and was kneeing in front of me
and started stroking my cock; she looked up at me with
lust-filled eyes as she stroked my cock saying, “You
going to cum for me? Shoot all your nice white hot cum
all over my tits?” She then licked the head of my cock
and made it jump. Just day dreaming.

I could feel my cock start to really throb and jerk all
by itself. I held the spray right on the under side of
the head and watch as my cock jerked and swelled and
the head turned a bright purple and was all tingly. I
could feel that pulling sensation again; it got so much
stronger and stronger, until my cock started to jerk
itself off. It was bouncing all over the place and I
chased it with the spray.

I watched as it swelled and the first spurt of cum
erupted from my piss hole. “Oooooooh,” I groaned and
watched as I spurted more cum each time. I could feel
my cock strain as cum erupted from my cock, I was
breathing really heavy and moaning. The feeling was so
incredible I was temped to start stroking, but I wanted
to prolong this wonderful feeling. I groaned again very
loudly as I shot another load.

I then heard a women’s voice saying, “That is so
incredibility hot watching you!” I froze and looked
through the shower doors and there stood my girl
friend’s daughter. She had her hand down the front of
her slacks. It looked like she was rubbing her pussy.

I said, “How did you get in?”

“With the key you gave me.”

“Oh!” I said, and watched as she played with her pussy
– not even thinking about covering up.

She pushed her slacks and panties down to her knees as
she finger fucked her pussy and rubbed her clit with
the other. Then she said, “Can you stroke your cock for

I started stroking and my cock; it was already hard
from watching Lisa play with her pussy. I shut the
water off and then started using my hand. I asked, “How
long have you been watching me?”

Lisa said, “When I heard the shower. I was going to
just come to the bathroom door, knock and tell you I
was here, and ask where Mom was.”

I said, “She’s gone for the week.”

“I’m sorry but when I saw the bathroom door was wide
open, and then saw you in the shower, I wanted to watch
you,” she said, “You’ve got a really nice cock and when
you started using the shower head on your cock, my
pussy got so wet. So I crawled up the stair and watched
you play with the water, I couldn’t believe my eyes
when you came using the shower head.

Playfully I said, “You little peeping Tom!”

“Sorry, but I not built like a Tom, so I’m no Tom.”

I was looking where her hand was, and I said “No,
you’re not – are you?”

Lisa pushed her finger in deeper and started to quiver,
and her knees buckled just a little, and she started
whimpering and panting. Her face was beet red and her
belly popped out as she climaxed. I felt my balls
tighten and cum spurt out the head of my cock.

Lisa came over on wobbly legs, reached down and put my
wet cock to her lips and sucked. I couldn’t believe she
was sucking me off. I had fantasized about her before;
she is a beautiful woman, with her long dark brown
hair, she has a great figure but the way she walks it’s
like she’s got a cock buried in her pussy.

I’ve had dreams where I was fucking her from behind and
slamming into the beautiful ass, I could just imagine
that her pussy lips would be sucking at my cock as I
plowed into her hot snatch. I would be holding onto her
hips, watching as her ass cheeks would ripple from my
pounding. I groaned, now with my cock buried in her

I could feel another tingle as a small amount of cum
erupted into her mouth. Three times in a row! This was
a record for me. She milked my cock until it was a
useless wet noodle hanging from my body. I helped her
up and looked into her eyes.

She said, “I’ve always wanted to do that! Really! Yeah,
you got a nice body, and I’ve seen the ways you look at
me – you like my ass, don’t you?”

Then she stood back up and took her slacks and panties
off, and pulled the blouse she was wearing over her
head. She was not wearing a bra, and her tits are not
big – but just right for her frame; nice ski slope
titties with perky nipples, a nice coral color. Her
pubic hair was really thick.

Lisa said, “Well are you going to let me get into the
shower, or are you just going to stare at me?”

“Oh, sorry!” I said, and stepped back.

Lisa said, “I like you looking at me just the same.”

“Well, you’re so beautiful.”

“Thanks, you’re not bad yourself.”

She stepped past me and, as her beautiful ass came into
view, I moaned, “Oh that is very nice!”

Lisa looked over her shoulder and said, “Mom said you
liked my butt.”

I said, “She said that?”

“Sure! Plus, I’ve seen you looking.”

I told Lisa that I had even dreamed about her.

“Oh really, tell me about your dream.”

“I don’t know much, other than you were in front of me,
and I was plowing into your pussy from behind and
watching the cheeks of your ass ripple as I plowed into
you, and I could feel your pussy – it was like it was
sucking me into you.”

Lisa looked over her shoulder as she washed herself
under the spray.

“Look at you � you’re all hard again!”

I looked down and my cock was throbbing.

Lisa said, “Very nice. Know of anyplace you’d like to
put that?” and arched her back and pushed her ass back
at me. I stepped forward and rubbed my cock up and down
her slippery slit. She moaned “Oh yeah, that really
feels good.”

I felt the opening to her pussy, and slowly pushed my
cock into her
Lisa said, “Oh that really feels nice, I can feel your
heart beating. You’re really hard, and you’re so hot!”

I said, “I’ve never been so hard before.”

“Does this look like your dream now?”

“Oh, yeah, even better! This is real.” And I started to
saw in and out of her. We both moaned.

Lisa said, “I’m going to try the shower head on my
pussy, let me know if it bothers you.” I heard her
moan, That is a nice feeling.” Then she said “Grab my
hip and fuck me hard – I want to feel you pound my
pussy and slam into my ass!” I started thrusting into
her and watched as her ass rippled.

“Oh, that looks great. You have such a sexy ass!”

Lisa said, “Slide your hot cock into my ass. It’s been
a long time, and I’m really horny.”

I pulled out, and she reached back and spread her ass
cheeks. I pushed against her little puckering hole and
felt it relax and the head of my cock popped in. Her
insides were so hot it was like she was on fire.

“More! I want more I want it all!”

I pushed in and she groaned really loud, “Oh yeah, fuck
my ass! Fuck me hard! That feels incredible!” She put
her hands on the shower wall and push back at me and
said, “Faster, faster!” then she lowered one hand to
her pussy.

I could feel her as she ran her finger over her clit in
a blur.

“Oh! Oh!” she moaned, as I pumped into her as fast as I
could. You could hear our skin slapping together as I
pumped into her tight ass.

I could feel my balls tighten and I groaned, “I’m going
to cum again!” I erupted; I couldn’t believe I had cum
again – not a big load – but it felt good.

I could feel Lisa tighten and squeeze my cock; then she
was moaning as well. We both slowed; I couldn’t keep
that fast pace up. I was panting like a dog, plus my
cock was really sensitive. I pulled out of her tight
ass, and lifted Lisa up tight against my chest, and
cupped her breasts. Her nipples were very hard and

Lisa moaned, “My asshole is tingling! Wow! That was
some dream you had!”

I said, “Lets dry off and go to bed – I could use a
little rest.”

“Yeah, me too,” Lisa said.

We both crawled into bed, and I pulled her close to me,
and we both fell fast asleep.

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