Curvy Cathy fucked hard


Hi. My name is Cat – Cathy, actually, but my lover says that
the way I move reminds him of a leopard or something feline, so…
Anyway, this is a story about my fabulous birthday present. But first
a little bit about me.

I’m five foot six, about 115 pounds, have long blond hair and
a body I’m proud of – 38-24-36 and a soft but firm D cup with large,
pink nipples that get very hard and erect very fast when I’m excited.
I love to fuck. My lover Steve says I’m insatiable. Sometimes I’ll sit
in his lap with his prick inside me while we watch some adult tape – I
especially like the videos with more than one man for a woman – and
not let him move, just squeeze him again and again with my cunt until
he cums if a don’t stop. Sometimes I give in and let him pound into me
until we both cum, or I like to push him down on the couch and ride
him, plunging up and down on his hard cock, or flexing my hips back
and forth, totally into it. I love being on top, because I can lean
forward and let my full, soft breasts sway above Steve’s lips while he
licks and sucks and bites my nipples. That turns me on sooo much, my
juices soak both of us and sometimes the couch. I love to shake and
rub my tits in his face. When our fucking is really great, I go into
an absolute frenzy, writhing and moaning, my big tits jiggling and
bouncing, rubbing my cunt against his crotch or face, or against his
thigh and sucking his tongue into my mouth while I climax repeatedly.
Most times, I really just can’t get enough.

I gues you can tell that I am really into sex. And that is how
the really great birthday present came about.

Steve asked me, when my twenty-fourth birthday was coming up,
if there was anything special that I would like. I didn’t know what to
say, we’re both pretty well off and he knows my main interests are
erotic. When the my birthday arrived, Steve told me that we would be
going out and that I should wear something nice – but accessable for
him. He likes to fondle me while he drives. It’s dangerous because he
can loose track, but I enjoy the thrill of being exposed and the
possibility of being seen (I’ll save that for another time). We went
downtown to one of the better hotels, where it turns out Steve had
reserved a room. When he took a suitcase from the trunk of the care, I
simply expected some champaigne in the room, a little pate’ and fruit,
and a lot of loving in a different place. It was sort of like that,
but what a surprise! When we got up to the room and Steve opened the
door, there was another man. And a very good looking one! He was
sitting on the king-size bed, wearing a red blindfold and a pair of
red Calvin Klein briefs. I love Steve and wouldn’t trade him for
anything, but for tonight this man was a dream come true. A 26 year
old blond, about six feet tall and 170 pounds, with the beautiful
lean, well-muscled body of someone who works out regularly. Wow!

The story is that this man is my birthday present and I can do
what I want with him – and have Steve too! Steve knew that I wanted to
have two men fuck me together, but that I wouldn’t take on a stranger
or have one of our friends, for fear that word would get around. The
answer Steve came up with was to get know a guy at his health club who
had a great body, a big cock and seemed like a nice guy. The club is
on the other side of town near Steve’s office, so there was little
chance that the guy would know me. The blindfold was to take care of
any later, chance encounters. Steve told me the next day that he’d had
some difficulty approaching the guy (Jim) with his idea, but that he’d
finally clicked. He showed Jim one of our polaroids, a picture of me
sitting naked on the sofa, legs up and spread really wide, with my
head thrown back to point my breasts up high – and you couldn’t see my
face. I remembered we had taken that one only recently. Turns out the
photo sold Jim on the idea of being my birthday present.

Well! I was unbelievably turned on, my juices were running
down my upper thighs almost instantly. I could smell the odor of my
cunt oozing, like a bitch in heat. I guess I was. I walked across the
room and just looked him over, like something I was considering
buying. I was a little shy at first, but since he couldn’t see me…
He was great! I stroked his chest with just the tips of my finger
nails, like a cat, felt his arms and ran my fingers through his hair.
While I pulled my dress over my head and removed my black half-cup
bra, Steve took our video camera and tripod out of the suitcase and
set it up in one corner to tape my birthday.

Naked except for my black garter belt and stockings, I sat
down beside Jim, put my arm aroun his shoulders and very softly cupped
my right hand around the large bulge in his Calvins. He tensed a bit
and I gently pushed him back on the bed and pulled hid shorts down to
let his cock spring free. Steve had chosen well! About nine thick
inches of very hard circumsized cock. Fascinated to have complete
freedom with this man, I put my hand around his penis and bent down
and licked up the drops of clear fluid that were coming from the tip.
Meanwhile, Steve stripped and sat on the other side of me and cupped
my breasts as they swayed over Jim’s crotch. I wanted more and more,
so I knelt on the floor, pushing Jim’s legs apart with my shoulders. I
lifted my tits up and together around his cock and rubbed up and down
on his penis, pulling on my nipples and licking the head of his cock.
Steve reached behind me under my ass and rubbed two or three fingers
into my cunt. It was soaking and wide open, I could hear his fingers
squishing in and out in my juices.

After a few minutes of this, the end of Jim’s cock was so
purple I thought it could burst, and I knew he was going to squirt if
I didn’t stop, so I stood up and got on the bed, straddling him in the
sixty-nine position so he would eat my pussy, lick my clit, anything.
I had to cum and did almost immediately, shuddering and moaning, my
breasts bouncing and jiggling frantically. When my cunt stopped
contracting, I moved down the bed and, on all fours with my ass in the
air, I slid my cunt ever so slowly down and around Jim’s cock. Steve
stuck his lovely member into my mouth and out again, in and out,
fucking my face, while I licked the head, rubbed it into the back of
my throat and massaged his balls with my hands. Both men groaned
almost at once and began pumping into me, taking some control. You
can’t imagine the feeling, two big hard cocks, one in my mouth and one
up my cunt. Never enough.

As I began to feel Jim and Steve approach orgasm, I stopped
them. If the were going to cum, I wanted them to fuck me HARD, pound
into me from each end. I wanted to be the meat in a good, hard fuck
sandwich. So I got them both to kneel on the bed, Steve still behind
me and Jim in front so I could taste and swallow all of him when he
came. “I want you to fuck me,” I said, “as hard as you can. Bounce me
around, use me hard.” They did and it was GREAT! Jim was humping my
mouth, fucking his cock into the back of my throat and Steve put his
left hand around and under my hips to pull me back against him as he
slammed into me – and then he began to spank me with his right,
lightly at first and then harder and harder. My big soft breasts were
swinging and jiggling back and forth so hard. I closed my eyes ti was
so good and Jim caught myu tits and began to pinch and pull my
nipples. Oh God, I would have screamed with pleasure if I could have.
Still, the noise level was outrageous! Steve and Jim grunting and
groaning with pleasure, me panting and slurping as Jim’s cock fucked
into my face, the sounds of the spanking and my sopping pussy
squishing in and out as Steve hammered me with his cock. Steve came
first and I could feel him shaking and jetting warm come deep into me.
Jim reached the edge and held my head tightly as he fucked hard into
my face and spurted jism into my mouth and down the back of my throat,
while I eagerly tried swallow it all. Heaven.

Spent, Jim slid back on the bed and I followed his cock,
licking and sucking to get everything he had. When Steve’s dick
plopped out of me, I reached down between my legs and scooped my
fingers into my pussy to get all the cum that I could, and licked it
off my fingers and the palm of my hand, along with my own juices. I
was really randy, still squirming and hot, so I took Steve’s cock into
my mouth and licked sucked that too, getting every drop of cum and my
fluids, working it around in my mouth like ice cream. Then I gave Jim
a deep kiss with a lot of Steve’s cum still in my mouth and Steve ate
my pussy while I writhed around and came two more times – And that was
just the beginning.

That night I was pummled and pounded and fucked in every hole
in my body! Steve had a half mask for me, a party mask with feathers
that left my mouth open and available. Jim took off the blindfold and
together they really worked me over hard. Steve strapped a dildo
around one of the pillows and made me stick it in my twat and bounce
up and down fucking it, breasts bouncing madly, while Jim fucked my
ass and Steve hammered into my face. When Jim reached around and
begant to rub my clit hard, I came madly. They tied me spread eagle on
the bed and did what they wanted to me, sticking their hands in my
cunt, a vibrator up my ass while Jim fucked my cunt. It all became a
blur. I remember being rolled on my side and fucked in the ass and
cunt at the same time. God! I never felt so filled up! At one point, I
had my hands tied behind my back and and sucked Jim off while Steve
spanked me and jammed his fingers repeatedly into my sopping pussy.
And I was panting, begging for more, I couldn’t get enough. Once I
wanted to call room service and fuck the bellhop – but Steve wouldn’t
allow that. I have never been so satisfied and still so horney!

My ass hurt inside and out, my cunt stayed wide open for days,
and my tits were sore with little bite and pinch bruises, and I wanted
it to happen all over again right away! Steve and I watch the tape of
that night and fuck our brains out all the time. And we talk about
what we will do for New Year’s…

Got to go now, talk to you later, maybe after the beginning of
the year, although I’m not sure what else is left to do but just more.
Who knows, maybe we’ll get a pet. Bye.