Joy acts like a stripper

My hubby set it up with a local bar so they would let me act out the part of a stripper. I have often fantasized what it was like to strip in front of a crowd of people [male and female]. Things started off fine and as I removed more and more clothes, I got hotter and hotter. It wasn’t one of the clubs where you strip to pasties and a bikini bottom this place you went all the way nude. I knew this before hand and was ready and willing. By the time I finished my number I was so hot I couldn’t stand it.

On the way to the dressing room Tom, who is my friends hubby, asked if I would be interested in going to a party with him and Gina ( my friend). Like I said I was so hot I was ready for anything so off we went. When we got there I was greeted by a lot of guys. When I looked back at Tom and Gina, Gina smiled and said it is a surprise from Frank (my hubby) you are the guest at a stag party. I was elated and it wasn’t long before they had on a bed and were taking my clothes off.

Two guys lay beside me and pulled at my strippers bra and it just fell off my breasts and they started to suck on my nipples. That really felt nice and I was really enjoying it. I was being the whore that I was supposed to be acting. The part had taken me over and I was a slut. Letting these guys have me. Even Tom climbed on to get a little of my pussy.

‘I’d better not take too long. You’ve got a lot of cocks to satisfy. Don’t want you getting sore before they’ve all fucked you.’ said Tom as
he started to shoot his spunk into me. No sooner had he finished than Stuart (My hubby’s best friend) was between my legs and fucking me for all he was all he was worth. He was cumming into my pussy, he shouted out ‘Oh Joy you fucking lovely slut.’

I felt his hot spunk shooting into my pussy. He was roughly pulled off me and another guy was fucking me, a few thrusts and more spunk was shot into my pussy. As they took turns fucking me, I got more and more excited and I was moaning and screaming and shouting things that I have never before even whispered. ‘Fuck me! Shag me! More spunk! Got to have more hot spunk.’

The guys were going around for seconds and thirds when I noticed Tom bringing in some middle-aged men. I found out later that they were from the wife swapping parties that Tom & Gina go to. I felt a little frightened but this just accelerated my passion, it made me feel more
sexy! More slutty! I wanted these strange older men to ‘have me’ to ‘use me’ to ‘take me’ to ‘fuck me’. Yes to FUCK ME while my hubby watched me.

They fucked me rotten. I had 20 men that night shagging me at the party. I say at the party because when everyone was exhausted, Gina dressed me in a mini skirt and very small top and 4 of the middle-aged men took me to a club that was full of black men. They sat me in a booth with a drink and the 4 of them just stood at the bar watching me. It wasn’t long before 2 black guys sat down either side of me. They didn’t say anything, just started rubbing my thighs. They lifted a leg each and draped it over their leg. They started to finger my pussy and had me climaxing in seconds. I closed my eyes as I ‘came’. I tried as best as I could to stifle the deep sexy moan that was coming from deep within me. But I couldn’t completely stop it. It was loud enough to attract a lot of attention. Black men where gathering around to watch this white slut getting used.

‘Let’s see the slut’s tits.’ someone said. They pulled the poppers on my top and it just fell open revealing my firm tits. Just then I noticed Tom & Gina walk in and stand with their friends at the bar watching the show I was putting on. Then I noticed that Frank my hubby was with them and had seen everything. I was going to go to him and give him a big kiss for allowing me to be the slut I am. I started to get up but was pushed back down onto the seat by a pair of large black hands. ‘Not yet sweet tits, you’s gonna be fucked.’ said the large black guy who had been fingering my pussy.

‘I was just going to say hello to my hubby, he’s here.’ I said.

‘Then he’ll get an eyeful, won’t he.’ he said laughing. My top was pulled off and my mini skirt was bunched up around my waist and I was
laid down on the bench seat of the booth. The guy got between my legs and wasted no time in sticking his big black dick into me.

He fucked me very quickly and had no sooner finished filling me with spunk when another guy took his place and fucked me. I was looking over their shoulders and saw Frank smiling watching me. I strained my head a little higher and saw Gina on her knees sucking Frank’s dick. My hubby’s dick. The cheeky bitch, she was going to gobble up his cum. She helped set me up for this gang bang and now she’s sucking off my hubby while he watches me.

I lost count of how many black guys fucked me. I was lost in a haze of climaxes, cocks and hot spunk. When I sort of ‘came to’ feeling sore
and drowning in spunk, Frank was cradling my head on his lap. He bent down and kissed my spunk covered lips. ‘I love you.’ he said. ‘You’ve are more lovely and more precious than ever my Darling. I do hope that you won’t change. Don’t ever change! Stay as slutty as you are tonight, forever.’

And we are still living happy ever after. I have found my true vocation, a slut for spunk and big dicks. Though I do have a liking for black

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