Three Way Fun

“So Chuck, what do you want for your birthday?”

“Pussy,” he answered without hesitation.

We were lying in bed a couple of days before his birthday recovering from a good hard pounding; though it’s more accurate to say that he was recovering. Personally, I’m always ready. Little Ayrie can’t get enough and I never will.”

“Well duh.” I said, sticking out my tongue. “You already get all you can handle. What else would you like?”

“Two pussies?” he asked, then: “Ouch!” When I punched his arm.

“Be serious Chuck.”

“Whoa…” He cupped my fist in his hand to stop me from whapping him again. “I am serious, but you’ve gotta have an open mind.”


“One word. Brandy.”

“Brandy. What? You want to fuck her? Of course you do; you big jerk, just like every other dickhead. She’d love it to, but fat chance. I’m not helping you fuck that little cum-slut.

“Open mind Ayrie, open mind. The question you’ve got to ask yourself is what‘s in it for me?”

“Alright.” I said with a huff. “You tell me what I get out of letting you fuck my oldest friend—the biggest slut in town. Tell me that huh? She’s got the hots for you anyway, and it’s all I can do keep the bitches paws off you as it is.”

“Simple,” he said. “You get Brandy.”

I stared at him blankly.

When he realized I wasn’t mad; that I just didn’t get it, he continued. “You get to hook-up with Brandy to.”

“Chuck you idiot, you really have lost whatever brain you had. I must be giving you too much. Maybe I “have” fucked you’re brains out—Brandy is a cock-whore, get it. She doesn’t swing both ways.”

“Unlike you, you mean.”

I blushed despite myself. “Come on Chuck. You know that was before we hooked-up.”

“Alright, then tell me you’ve never thought about getting it on with your slutty friend.”

“Well…but she wouldn’t go for it. It‘s not like I’ve never tried.” I admitted.

He grinned and asked. “What if she didn’t have a choice?”



So I met Brandy for lunch the next day and told her the deal.

“See, tomorrow is Chuck’s 21st birthday. I asked him what he would like and of course he said ‘pussy’. What else does a guy ever think of?”

Sipping her diet coke, Brandy nodded and grinned.

“Then I thought; well, he fucks me all the time, so what else do guys dream about?”

“Strange pussy.” she laughed, taking the bait.

“So what if “you…” I started.

“Me?” She squealed, cutting me off, and then hastily looked around. She continued in hushed tones. “Ayrie you’ve always said you would kill me. I mean, like I may be a slut but I know whose off limits. Chuck is, like totally off limits.”

She waved her cup dismissively then slurped more soda. “Not that I wouldn’t like to or anything. He’s a hunk; you lucky bitch. Just how big did you say he is…?”

“Well, now’s your chance to find out girl friend. It may be your only one—Ever.”

Brandy grinned broadly, flashing her perfectly white teeth. “Well…If you’re like sure—I guess. So what do we do?”

Maybe it was jealously, but I thought she answered a just tad bit too eagerly. I shook it off and continued. “Easy, just show up about 8 o’clock. Wear something sexy. That shouldn’t be hard for you since you don’t own anything else.” I laughed. “We’ll tease him for awhile then I’ll make an excuse to leave you two alone. You can take it from there. Chuck likes you so I don’t think he’ll play hard to get.”

“He does?”

“Oh stop it…”


God what a dummy. Apparently blonds really are dumber. Being a brunette, I was equipped with bigger boobs, and a bigger brain too, I guess. I’d have suspected a trap right
off—But then she was pretty much a nympho who’d been hot for Chuck for ages. I grinned. Well the greedy little slut was about to learn some new tricks from Ayrie.

Birthday boy awoke with his usual hard-on. To his surprise, I wouldn’t give him any which came as a real shock. He’s pretty much used to pussy on demand. He whined a lot, but it did him no good.

“Oh no you don’t.” I said. “No pussy, no BJ, no hand job, no nothing. I want you super horny for tonight.”

He moaned as my fingernails lightly teased his bare cock. “That doesn’t mean you can’t watch though.” I playfully spread my legs and fingered myself on, what he calls, “his” pussy.

“Damn woman you’re killing me.” He slapped my butt hard enough to sting. “No fair. If I don’t get any then neither do you bitch.”

I was just beginning to tease. By tonight he would be out of his gourd. I rolled over and offered him my rear view. “Oooo,” I said, “you want to give ‘me’ the ‘birthday’ spanking.”

He slapped my ass again, leaving a nice red handprint as a souvenir. “I aught to give you a strapping you little witch but right now I’ve gotta piss.”

“Excuses, excuses.” I taunted. “Take a cold shower.” I hollered after him. “And I don’t want to catch you jerking off either. I want all the cum your balls can brew up just for tonight.”

I noticed that he had conveniently left his mark low enough that it would be displayed all day below the short shorts he would insist I wear. A little payback. A reminder of just who’s the dom and who’s the sub. Smooth move Chuck. I rubbed the red spot, smiled, and decided my branded ass looked pretty good. I was his after all.


At eight, things were going as planned. I’d teased Chuck so much all day that he was getting grouchy so I had to back off. I neither wanted to ruin his day nor get him so horny he just threw me down and fucked me.

Chuck can be just that dominant. It would have been lots of fun to. I was really horny myself but the long term goal would be better served if we stayed horny.

The bedroom was prepared. We sat on the couch watching a porn DVD, waiting for Brandy. It was a bondage scene to set the mood when Brandy showed. Not really heavy though because we didn’t want to scare off too soon. This had become the opening move in a larger scheme.

We didn’t wear much. It wasn’t a dress up party.

As I predicted, Chuck made me wear short-shorts. A cropped Tee and flip flops finished me off. He went really minimal, just sweat pants—No shoes, shirt, or boxers.

Chuck was dressed for action.

The beginnings of a tent pole showed through the thin sweats. My teasing and the porn flick were having the desired effect.

My pussy tingled from just being close. I thought he looked good enough to eat. Chuck’s all man. A real hunk.

Brandy showed up wearing a hot pink thing, I guess you would call a micro-dress. The skirt barely covered her ass, and the top nearly showed her belly button.

Her tit’s were barely held in place by a bra she out-grew when she was thirteen. The poor thing strained hard to carry the load. Lots of slutty black eye makeup, and pink, four-inch, fuck-me sandals, rounded out the picture.

Brandy was dressed for action to.

God, I almost felt overdressed.

“Oooo, that looks kinky,” she stared at the TV, acknowledging the buxom blond tied spread eagle, getting a sever pounding from a monster black cock. “Will you look at that thing. It must be about a foot long.” She was mesmerized by the action.

“Here,” I handed her a drink. “It’s okay to sit down.”

“Oh I’m sorry.” she broke the trance, and turned her attention to Chuck. “Well, happy birthday Chuck.” Then glanced my way and asked. “Do I get to kiss the birthday boy?”

I shrugged and motioned for her to go for it.

Brandy was neither subtle nor shy. She straddled Chuck’s legs and laid a full lip-lock on him with no hesitation.

When she sat down my suspicion was confirmed. She hadn’t bothered with panties. Chuck’s hands explored her curves, and she shamelessly humped her naked pussy on his cock, which made a serious growth spurt under this sweats.

Well, so much for “us” teasing him, I thought.

A brief flash of jealousy crossed my mind, but I quickly recovered when I remembered the rest of the plan. I grabbed the keys off the coffee table, and announced that I was going to get some beer or something.

Lost in mutual heat, they paid no attention to me. I got out quickly before they ended up fucking on the floor.

Instead of going to the store, I headed around back and slipped into the bedroom, then hid in the closet. I heard Chuck and Brandy making out in the living room, and hoped they would at least make it to the bed.

Meanwhile, I stripped off my clothes then cracked the door open to check out the view. We had moved the dressing mirror so I could watch the bed from the closet.

I was relieved a couple of minutes later when Chuck dumped a giggling, fake protesting, Brandy on the bed, and dropped his sweats. I thought is big boner looked mighty fine sticking out ninety degrees from his well toned body. Lucky fucking bitch.

The show was on.

Ever the fast worker Chuck had gotten her dress off and her overburdened bra was resting somewhere in the other room.

We were all naked.

I hadn’t seen Brandy naked in a couple of years, and was impressed how much she had developed since the last time I’d tried to make out with her. We were what? Sixteen then?

Brandy is shorter than me, and is perfectly proportioned to her size. The nipples on her large brown aureoles were puffy from Chuck’s efforts, and see that she had shaved a cute arrow pointing the way to her small, but inviting, pussy slit. An oriental dragon Tat on her left ass cheek was a sexy addition, as were small gold nipple rings.

My, my Brandy had been a busy girl.

The girl was hot. She oozed sex and looked edibility good. My fingers itched to toy with those golden charms. My mouth watered, anticipating the sweet, pink flesh, just beginning to show. After Chuck used his “pussy-opener” on her it would be especially yummy.

Chuck sweet-talked and teased his naked birthday present. He’s a smooth worker; his immediate goal was to get her relaxed, and past the up-coming critical event.

Safe in my spider hole, my hand wandered to my own slit as he made his play.

“Let’s play a little game Brandy. You like games don’t you? Nice kinky games Brandy.” He talked soothingly, using her name often.

He palmed the concealed blindfold as he spoke and without giving her a chance to think, covered her eyes.

“Chuck what are…?”

“Shush…Just relax. It’s only a game,” he said.

I was really turned on watching Chucky toy with her. He’d picked up one of the soft ropes we sometimes play with and was quickly tying her wrists together.

“Ayrie and I play games all the time,” he said.

Once her wrists were tied, he gently stroked her arm and nibbled her neck, soothing; reassuring her.

“You know I would never hurt you Brandy; you’re much to pretty for that.” He whispered pretty, sexy, words, as he tied her arms to the headboard.

The first part completed, he caressed her breasts, and tongue teased her heaving nipple rings. Turning up the heat, he distracted her from the next potential deal breaker.

She shuddered with pleasure when he found her slit massaged her clitoris as feather softly as a French tickler.

“You like that, little one?” He cooed. “Chuck wants his little slut to feel wonderful.”

I knew he really wanted her to stay compliant.

“Ummm” she moaned. Her hips rose to meet his ministering hand.

Viewing the live porn show, my body was close to exploding.

Watching my partner use the girl at will was deliriously exciting. I sure wished that I had thought to bring Tabby, my favorite vibrator, in the closet with me. Tabby would feel awful good in my hot twat. A couple of fingers would have to do for now.

Even tied, blind, and vulnerable, the girl was amazingly
relaxed. She appeared to be entranced. Way to go Chuck.

Brandy was unaware that he had take out additional ropes.

“Okay Brandy just a little more fun.” he said. You’re such a good little slut I’ll make sure you have a mind blowing cum.” He tickled her clit a little more. “I think my little cum-slut wants a cock. I really think she does. A good hard cock to make her pretty pink pussy cum like dynamite. A hard Cock to fuck her brain to mush. I think that’s just what my slut girl wants.”

She moaned and mumbled incoherent noises, but offered no resistance.

As he pattered on, he spread her legs obscenely wide, and tied each shapely ankle to the a footboard slat. Then she was spread eagled and couldn’t resist. Brandy was as helpless any slave.

“Good girl.” he said and rewarded her with a passionate kiss. He slid two fingers into her pussy and probed for her G-Spot. She moaned and wiggled her ass while he rubbed her from the inside. “Feels good doesn’t it my sweet little slut-girl?”

“Mmmm” she purred.

I could have left the closet and watched close up, but watching in the mirror, I felt the voyeur’s thrill there in the close darkness of my hiding place. It seemed kinkier, naughtier even.

Chuck was just playing with her, working her up. He wasn’t about to give the girl an orgasm. Tension yes. Release no. Not yet. She’d have to work for that. Beg for it even. It’s how Chuck likes it. She was getting her first lesson. He was in control of her sex.

Her need rose rapidly but Chuck played with her as he does with me from time to time. He keeps me going forever and when I scream and beg to cum he laughs and makes me wait even longer.

I was so attuned to her gasped and moaned desire, I wanted to scream, for her. Unlike Brandy though, I didn’t have to suffer. Not this time.

I held my breath, not making any noise, and frigged my clit like mad. I quickly shuddered, giving a little squeak despite myself. It was my first orgasm of the night. I had lots more planned.

In his own good time, Chuck slid his big cock into the girls eager pussy. She at least had the relief of being filled up.

My excited pussy gushed at the sexy sight of his swollen member slipping and sliding in and out of her tight cunt-box. Watching him fuck his pet slut, I knew exactly how good those long strokes felt.

I wanted to suck his balls and lap her juice from the shaft every time he pulled out. I wanted to stuff my fingers in her ass and double fuck the bitch. I wanted to take her for mine and use her in ways she didn’t even know existed.

And—I wanted to yank his cock out of the slutty bitch and slam it into myself. How dare she enjoy “my cock.“ But I shoved two fingers deep in my cunt, and found my own hot spot instead. My turn was coming.

Nothing’s free. Oh there would be a fee, a duty. It would cost Brandy to use Chuck’s cock. She could be his pet if she wanted but she would also service me as well. It would be strange for her at first. Maybe even uncomfortable, but she was such as magnificent slut she would adapt. As kinky as she already was I was sure she would even come to like some good female action. Rough female action, even.

I came the second time, gleefully watching my man powerfully use my best friends cunt. Brandy might enjoy it but I knew that was secondary to Chuck, as it would be to me. Brandy’s body had but one purpose, pleasure. She was his fucking machine, his cum-dumpster.

God it was exciting.

“Oh god that feels good. Fuck me harder Chuck. Pound me. Oh please, I need to cum.” Brandy cried.

Chuck kissed her again. “I know you do. You’re such a good slut. Such a good fuck.” He didn’t speed up though. He wasn’t ready to let her cum yet. She would wait.

“Chuck, Chuck, Chuck…” she babbled.

He laughed, and roughly sucked her hard nipples. Catching a gold ring with his teeth he stretched each nip like a rubber band. Then he applied more teeth to the extended, sensitive, flesh. She cried out and bucked like a wild bronco.

From my perch I giggled. A little pain was good for her. Her skin glowed a rosy red. She needed to cum bad now. When she did, it was going to be a good one. Well, that was the idea wasn’t it.

Brandy gasped and grunted with every breath. Her bound body, twitched, and jerked and shook. She babbled and moaned for release.

Despite his desire to continue to torture the girl, passion finally got the best of Chuck‘s control. He bellowed his orgasm and hit overdrive, hammering her slutty, gaping, cunt.

She came in a total fit of ecstasy . Without being tied down, she would have flopped off the bed. Chuck grabbed her hips, held her in place, and let her have it all.

Again, he bellowed, “Cumming”, and slammed her cunt full of cum he’d saved all day. Their noise masked the my own cry of delight. I had the biggest orgasm so far, and for me the fun was just beginning.

After giving them a few of minutes to get it together. I tiptoed from the closet. Chuck stood waiting by the bed. We quietly kissed. Then with a huge grin, he waved me to my target.

For years I had the fantasy of watching my man fuck another woman. Then I would eat his cum from her cunt without her knowing it was me. Chuck knows that I really am Bi, so this was as much a gift for me, as it was a birthday present to him. His eyes said he enjoyed the festivities as much as me.

My hair was tied up so she wouldn’t feel it brush her thighs and give me away too soon. When she found out; I wanted it to be a complete surprise, and way too late do anything.

“Oh Chuck that feels so good.” Brandy said, when my tongue went to work.

Chuck was watching with his arm folded, with a shit eating grin on his face. He stroked her arm, reinforcing her mistaken belief that it was his tongue “down there”.

I knelt between her legs and began by licking all around her open pink, my tongue dipped deeper, sliding upwards, digging into her labia, finding her clit. I lapped at her clit, holding her as I worked my tongue expertly, driving her shivering and shaking into a tremendous mind shattering cum.

Engaged in my own brand of fun, I hadn’t notice Chuck move behind me until he spread my ass cheeks. I looked around and grinned as he rubbed his semi-rigid dick in my wet slit. I’d soon feel that huge cock in my own fuck hole. God, this was too good to be true.

My attention returned to Brand, whose pussy tasted intoxicatingly of male cream and female juice. Chuck entered me. His cock, a comfortable old friend riding my opened pussy. It felt just right, so I was in no hurry for this to end. Pussy in front, cock in back, what could be better.

Maybe a little ass?

I leisurely raised the girls butt and rimmed her ass hole; then screwed my tongue in as deeply as possible. As I tongue fucked her anus I pictured how great Chuck’s cock would look pounding her tight little brownie. I took my time pleasuring her ass and enjoying all the sensations and fantasies my stimulated nerve endings offered up.

“Oh Chuck that feels so weird,” Brandy giggled.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked from behind me, keeping up the pretense.

“No don’t stop. It’s a good kind of weird.”

When I finished tongue washing her ass, Brandy’s clit had settled down enough so I could give it a real tongue lashing. She was about to have another orgasm, maybe two—maybe more.

Brandy gave a mighty gasp when I attacked. She flopped and twitched. Her head twisted back and forth as her body poured out energy. My tongue bussed her clit, then slowly worked it’s way down her open slit. Up and down it moved, as my fingers rubbed over her clitoris, then dipped in and out of her cunt-hole. Deeper and deeper I went; two, then three fingers, fucking her cunt-box, stabbing into her up to the knuckles, raping her with my fingers and tongue at the same time.

She came again even more intensely than the first time. A massive tidal rush of ecstatic sexual power rushed forth enveloping her body from top to bottom in an electrifying roar of sensations. She squealed and shook. Her fists pounded. Her body totally out of control.

A fountain of delicious female cum squirted into my mouth as her pussy erupted like an overheated volcano I felt a wave of incredible power rush through me. Using her bound and helpless body was better than any drug could ever be.

I glanced at Chuck and motioned what I wanted. He grinned and nodded, then pulled out of my pussy. He crawled up and straddled Brandy’s face.

“Open up slut girl. I’ve got a nice cock treat for you.” He rubbed his slimy dick over her lips. She reflexively opened, he fed her dick. “Now suck bitch. Suck my cock. Swallow cum like the slut you are.” Chuck used a commanding, take charge, tone. He fed cock and hectored her as a distraction.

As she nursed his cock I licked her cunt, going for the real prize. My tongue dipped into her vagina again, vacuuming the remains of Chucks cum from her hole. He was my man, and I wanted all his cum. This time I didn’t care about making her feel good. I just wanted my creamy prize.

I sucked hard while Chuck crammed cock in her mouth, keeping her attention. We used the girl hard, top and bottom.

Having worked up another load doggying me. Chuck stuffed his cock further and further in his sluts mouth, eager for a satisfying cum dump. “Here it comes slut! Swallow my cum. Swallow every drop you cum-dumpster.” He shuddered and slammed into her. “Oh what a bitch!” he cried.

His spurting dick jammed into her throat and pumped cum directly down the gullet. She choked and gagged, but he held her down while his balls empted every drop of heavy creamy goo.

When his cock finally stopped twitching, he climbed off, and jerked the blindfold free. She just thought she was finished. I slammed my vibrator Tabby into her sopping cunt hole, and flicked the switch to high.

Tabby filled her vaginal canal like a swarm of angry bees, and her already over used pussy blew like a light bulb. The unsuspecting girl’s hips bucked like she’d been electrocuted.

She screamed, “NO! AHH!” Her body continued to vibrate with electric convulsion. “NO! PLEASE! AHHHH!” As Chuck and I laughed or asses off at her antics.

She squealed and begged, but I held my ground and let her own bucking body work old Tabby in and out, taking her to the hilt on each upstroke. Five minute or more, I made her cum over and over.

Finally I switched the vibrator off, but continued to stroke her pussy slowly, letting her come down from the most awesome orgasm I’d ever seen. Then she collapse in a damp puddle of her own cum.

We lay on either side of the physically and emotionally exhausted girl. We gently kissed, cuddled, and whispered sweet words, until she slept.


Brandy was hooked. She didn‘t realize it, but she was. This was only the first step in making her our personal pet fuck-slut. We were off to a great start.

Chuck would enjoy owning his own private cum-dumpster pet to use at will and share with his buddies. She would be a real hit with the guys.

Personally, I planned to use the slutty bitch hard while Chuck was at work. With some training, she’d make a great trolling lure for other women to play fun games with too. Brandy would to be a fun fuck slave.

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