Broken In – At The Stable

My wife works at a riding stable. She’s loved horses for
years and has worked in several stables. Over time she’s
became good friends with a horseshoer that travels a
circuit visiting many stables in the area to shoe the
horses in each, as a freelancer. He’s a bit older than
her and married but they have similar personalities and
senses of humor and have gotten along well, albeit non-
sexually, for some 20 years now.

My wife is a long legged 5′ 10″ tall and really trim and
fit. A few years ago to make her figure more symmetrical
after hitting the big “4-0″ mark she got breast
augmentation. She was a smaller C and now she’s a very
full and perky 36D. She has a VERY tiny 25″ waist and
her hips are 35”. Stable work keeps ya fit!

I’ll call the shoer “Don”. Don had hit on my wife —
some kiddingly — some not so much so, since they met,
but he’s never been allowed to get past GO or collect
the $200. But… I’m a man like most of you reading this
who don’t mind if men would get further with our wives.
I am the one in fact that did the lion’s share of
encouraging my wife to get bigger boobs because I liked
the way men drooled over her when we got married and I
wanted those boobs and those looks from guys back. They
still looked before the augmentation, much more so now!

As you have noticed when a woman gets new set of boobs
she “opens up” — “blooms” on her own if you will. They
start buying and wearing new tops that show a LOT more
of her tits than she EVER did before the surgery, on
their own. My wife was no exception. Suddenly newer,
sheerer, lower cut tops began to appear in the dresser.
So I decided to build on that new openness and pride in
her boobs by suggesting she wear some of her new, most
revealing tops, to work sometimes.

Those “sometimes” days were the days I knew Don would be
there. When she’d get home I’d bring Don up, asking what
he thought of her and her new boobs in that particular
top that day? Little things, nothing overt or pushy.
Just things like, did he notice them more in that top?
What did he say when he was around you today? Primarily
innocent questions like that.

Mostly the question sessions were done while making love
— a good time to add to the turn-on anyway by talking
about naughty things. As first she was not very open
about Don’s advances when she’d gone out of her way to
show them off to him. But eventually when she felt more
comfortable that I was just interested — not
challenging, she began to share his comments and
interest in her boobs — and how now a GREAT deal more
lately than ever before — how he was much more focused
in his efforts to get her to fuck him sometime.

When these comments came up she’d look at me for
reactions. I’d show pride in her, confidence in our
love, but NEVER anything negative so she’d think, TIME

While lovemaking I’d get into scenarios about stepping
it up some — maybe letting him just feel them — until
she’s get into that — and then stepping up the scenario
a bit more yet until he was ending up fucking her on a
bale of straw. That would excite my wife, but she made
it REALLY obvious she was not gonna let him get in her
pants. Begging — a million bucks — nothing was gonna
change her mind. So I decided to change gears and start
much slower. I asked if he could just be given the
chance to feel them — ONCE? Then she could tell me
about that. Just once — ONLY once — but just let it
happen ONCE to see what she’d think of it.

I’d start out asking, what if you bent over in front of
him and he just reached for them?? What would you do?
Let him? Do you ever wonder if he’s a gentle guy playing
with women I’d ask — to put it on her mind. I’d say
things like being a horseshoer I’ll bet his hands are
rough. Do you think rough hands would feel good against
your nipples? I knew I was working on her curiosity. She
was skeptical that letting him feel them was all I
wanted but I stuck to my guns — it was.

This went on for weeks and weeks, and though my wife
finally agreed to tease Don by literally putting them in
his face whenever the chance came up — he just didn’t
do anything on his own. I wondered what was wrong with
HIM?? LOL She was offering. Oh he’d look and drool and
comment on how lovely and big and firm they looked, but
he never just took that step of reaching to see if he
could. She said he was a gentleman, but this was absurd
I thought. I wondered if I was gonna have to take him
aside and explain how much fun it was to play with
boobs. LOL

Finally one day my wife came home and told me Don had
asked her at work how augmented boobs felt? Were they
any different feeeling than real ones? She had told him
I loved feeling them and she guessed how they felt
compared to real ones were up to the guy feeling them. I
was elated. Now he was on the right track!!! My wife
told me he had asked if he could feel them — just for a
second — to see for himself? After making sure no one
was around that area of the stables — and well sure by
now I was Ok with it — she told him sure, go ahead and
find out on his own. Pretending they were working, my
wife bent over like she was helping him do something and
in doing so she made sure they were right in his face.

With hearing she as gonna let him feel them — my wife
told me he reached first one hand down her low neckline
as she bent over — and slid it right into her low-cut
bra cup at the same time. In a second his other hand had
a hold of the other one. As he felt and tugged against
them slightly they came out of both the bra and her top
and he was looking at both of my wife’s big, firm D’s —
bare for the first time since they had met.

My wife has EXTREMELY sensitive nipples — even after
the surgery. I knew if he got his hands on them — she’d
move fast into getting very hot. And she admitted she
did. Much faster than she expected.

Don didn’t go slowly from then on. LOL He immediately
started sucking her nipples as she looked around for
anyone coming. My wife said she felt so bad because she
was so hot and I wasn’t the man making her get that way,
but I was behind this and she knew I’d be disappointed
if she stopped him now — so she said she let him have
all the fun he wanted.

After 5 minutes or so of them being in his mouth and
playing with them, they heard a truck drive up outside
and they both stopped before being caught. But going
slow had paid off. If you want my advice on how to get
your wife into this guys — GO SLOWLY!

Anyway while telling me all this in the kitchen I ran my
hand up under her top and I began to feel them, and we
both got hot. As we were getting into bed I peeled off
her bra and noticed she had several large dark colored
hickies on both boobs — so I knew she wasn’t just
turning me on with a story. Seeing those hickies — as
much as the story of how they got there — was the turn-
on for me. We talked about every detail of it as we made
love and she became really convinced — for the first
time — that what I was telling her about not being
jealous once it happened — was really true. THAT opened
the door to more happening — and soon.

The rest of that week he was at other stables, but she
brought home a schedule and showed me that he was to be
back at her stable shoeing the following Monday. When
Monday morning came we picked out the perfect top
together — and that day instead of jeans — I insisted
— demanded — that she wear sweat pants — with an
elastic waistband.

My wife protested that even if she wore those — nothing
south of the Mason-Dixon line was gonna happen. I told
her I’d love to see a hickey right next to her pussy and
she just laughed at me. Not happening she said and went
out the door. But — and if I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’ — when
she got home that night she asked me if I’d help her get
undressed for her shower as we talked about her day. I
was VERY eager to pull down her sweat pants and look —
but I didn’t expect anything. When they came down just
past her butt as we was still standing up — the first
thing I saw was that her panties were not on her. They
were on her that morning — I picked them out!!! She sat
down on the edge of the bed and I pulled her sweat pants
the rest of the way down and off. As I did — she spread
her legs. There on the inside of her right thigh was a
dark, purplish hickey on her pure white skin — about 2″
from the opening of her vagina.

I asked her how that got there and she said I told Don
that was where you wanted to see one when I got home. So
he obliged you. I just looked at it — not quite
believing she had gone from “no way” to “way” so fast —
but indeed she did.

The first things I asked was probably weird looking back
at it now but the first thing I asked was — did he cum
in you? Then — how big was his cock? Now how did he do
this at work? Or with people around how did this get

My wife looked at me surprised and said I told you he
wasn’t gonna get any. It turned out that virtually no
one came today to the barn to ride. The whole day no one
was there. So finding the time unseen was no problem. He
just asked if he could play with my boobs again and then
a hand was in my pants next thing I knew — and I let
him. One thing led to the next and the hickey ended up
being there — as a surprise for you.

And no he did not cum in me!! He got this far to put
that hickey there as a joke for you — but not in there
where you think he did. And since you asked… yes he’s
got a big dick, that he got out and though he showed it
to me and asked me to hold it, I refused — and he
didn’t end up getting any.

Well, I got some, and I fucked her half to death as she
told me the whole thing at least twice more.

I guess I’d better make this shorter. Since then —
that’s been over 5 months ago now since the sweats pants
incident — he has been “in there” several times. The
following week he kidded her about “freshening” the
hickey on her thigh — for me. While down there giving
her a newer one — unlike the first time — this time he
moved 2″ to the left and licked my wife. She said it was
being hit with a lightning bolt. She said she tried to
say no to that, but he had VERY strong arms and he had
held her legs apart and licked her anyway. After the
first few laps of his tongue she relaxed her legs and
let him have it. She got hot and hotter and hotter —
and the rest is history.

When she got home that night she was almost crying as
she told me what happened. I took her jeans down and
looked at her pussy and he had fucked it alright. I know
she had cleaned up at work, but apparently it had kept
slowly coming out of her since, because her lips were
bright red and swollen and her hair was matted with his
cum. I went and got a warm wash cloth and gently cleaned
her of his cum as she laid back on the bed and we talked
about how it happened. Afterwards when I started to
mount her she wouldn’t let me. She said she was ashamed
I had to see her like that — with another man’s cum on
her and she was too embarrassed to let me fuck her with
more of his cum probably still inside of her. To ease
her mind about how I felt about her and that happening I
too went down her — holding her legs open against her
will until I had made her hot again by eating her. Then
I fucked her.

That one moment made us closer than any other one thing
I can ever remember.

My wife has fucked him several times now and tells me
about every stroke and squirt — and when she does —
I’m in heaven. After he had fucked her that first time I
got into telling her under that kind of circumstance if
he ate her again — or if in the heat of the moment if
he asked her to suck his cock that was a natural thing
to do at such a moment so it was Ok with me that it
happened. The very next day at work — despite the fact
she said she’d make sure they didn’t have intercourse
again so soon, she did suck his cock. To pay him back
for eating her, she said. I’m not sure about that for a
reason, nut I’m not going to be negative and stop this
now. Took too long to get it rolling.

Don was asked over for a BBQ and baseball game party 3
weeks ago. My wife and I had EVERY detail worked out.
When he got invited he was told a few more folks were
coming over, but that was just to get him to show up.
From hand signals to outfits to you name it — my wife
had it worked out!

The day went well — nothing nastier than my wife
showing off her body to him in front of me — including
flashing him once in a big-legged pair of shorts while I
watched. She made it look accidental. LOL The beer had
flowed like water all day — for all three of us. About
nine that evening I finally said told him I knew about
everything. He looked at me like I had just hit in the
head with a hammer but being buzzed like he was — he
didn’t jump and run. Instead we talked about it and
finally he sat back a bit deeper in the chair and filled
in details my wife hadn’t, from his perspective. It’s
VERY cool to hear a man talk about how hot your wife is!

Since then we’ve done a threesome or two. My wife don’t
do him alone at all anymore. That I trust in. Finally we
stopped him altogether. Not because it wasn’t fun, but
because we had proven all we wanted too to each other —
experienced everything we wanted to do. If it’s fun —
do it. When the new wears off, why continue?

But none of this took place overnight. If I can give you
guys wanting this to happen any advice at all, be
patient. Start slowly and for goodness sake, when she
does take that first step don’t show A-N-Y sign of
disapproval or jealousy, or it’s done right there. Be
supportive and encouraging and let her know there is NO
downside for you two if she does this. You won’t be

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