Big dilemma

I had already decided that my cousin, Patrick, would be the best choice for Suzi’s first threesome… for a number of reasons.

The first practical reason being because he was our age of course, and I also thought that since Suzi knew Patrick already; it would make her first time with another guy easier for her to get into.

Pat and I had actually both met Suzi on the same day , while at a friend’s wedding. If poor Suzi only knew then how within three years the two of us cousins would turn her into such a slut.

My second reason was probably the most important… Patrick had fucked a lot of girls! Pat sort of had a reputation among all our friends as quite a stud, and in fact it was a well-deserved fame. My cousin pretty much fucked every girl we knew and hung out with. Every time a new girl joined our group to hang out, or moved into the neighborhood – Patrick almost for sure got into her panties within just a few days!

The third reason I chose him was because Pat also had a lot of experiences with group sex. There were a couple of girls that my cousin had gotten into doing gangbangs every weekend with him and a few of his close friends. So I knew it wouldn’t be a problem for my cousin to smooth things along with Suzi, or for him to fuck her right in front of me.

However, there were a few obstacles with choosing Pat that had to be overcome first. One major drawback with Patrick was that he wasn’t very discreet about his sexual adventures… he liked to boast about his conquests, and all the girls including Suzi, knew this.
What my girlfriend and the other girls didn’t know, but all of us guys in the group did, was that Patrick keep a binder notebook that he called his “SLUT LIST”.
In this old notebook, Patrick kept fine details about all his sexual encounters… including times, places, sex acts they performed, positions they did them in, his opinions on their bodies… and he’d even had a system for rating the girls on their performance for every sex act they did.

He’d also keep any photos of his conquests in the book as well if they gave him pictures, or were dumb enough to let him take nudes photos of them. Pat would also sometimes let his male friends read the notebook when there were no females around. Of course, none of us guys told the girls anything about Pat’s record keeping hobby… not if we wanted to keep up to date on “the book”, as we simply called it amongst ourselves.

That was also my own personal and secret reason that Patrick was my first choice… because I was very interested in seeing how my girlfriend would stack up compared to all the other girls my cousin had fucked in the past.
I was very turned on by the idea of ‘innocent’ Suzi getting a few pages in Pat’s infamous notebook.

I knew my cousin wouldn’t cut Suzi any slack just because she was my girlfriend. Suzi would be just another piece of ass to him, and Patrick would grade her according to his judgment of her skills and performance.
I loved the idea of most of my cousin’s buddies eventually reading Pat’s review of Suzi… and I couldn’t wait to read it myself once it was done.

Until I thought the time was right to reveal the news, I only just hinted to Suzi for a few weeks that I had picked someone out I thought would fit the bill perfectly for her threesome. And the more the suspense began to get to her, the more I refused to reveal whom it was. I thought waiting in anticipation would make her more receptive to the idea once it finally came out

After making her wait, I finally decided the time was as right as it would ever get, and I revealed to her exactly whom it was that I chosen to be her guest cock.

Suzi was stunned beyond belief!

I could tell right away that my girlfriend had wildly mixed feelings; she was torn between being wickedly interested in what it be like fucking Patrick, and being more than just a little bit hesitated over my choice of sex partners for her because of his reputation for bragging to anyone who would listen. As expected, a huge part of why Suzi was so concerned and uncertain was that my cousin wasn’t exactly known for being very discreet about the girls he fucked. She knew Patrick in fact had no problem telling all his buddies all about his conquests.
There was no doubt in Suzi’s or my minds that within a day, all of Pat’s male friends would know she had let him fuck her, and that they would know everything down to the last fine detail of the encounter!

Suzi admitted right away that she was very apprehensive about the damage Patrick’s boasting would do to her reputation.
As they both were essentially from the same neighborhood, Suzi wasn’t too keen on having her integrity ruined… especially if word somehow got back to her close friends and family!
I did my best not to let on that privately, I loved the idea of my cousin bragging to all the guys about screwing my girlfriend – and hopefully – telling them what a great piece of ass she was.

At this time, Patrick had been involved on and off for a while with a girl we knew named Charity… though that didn’t stop my cousin at all from getting laid on the side.
Suzi and I both also knew Charity, and Pat made it no secret to me that there were some troubles in their relationship, as they seem to bicker constantly most of the time.

Charity as it happened, had also worked with Suzi at her one part-time job, and they became sort of friends because of that.
Charity had been telling Suzi for sometime how good the sex with my cousin was… when she and Patrick weren’t fighting.

I was encouraged at the beginning of our talks on the topic that Suzi never outright disqualified Patrick as a choice to join us for her threesome… like I had first thought she possibly might.
Even with her serious reservations about Pat’s past lack of discretion concerning his sex conquests, I got the impression Suzi was also kind of turned-on by the thought of fucking her friend’s “boyfriend”.

With all that was at stake, Suzi said she still needed a day or two to really think over the idea of inviting my cousin in on the venture. I was sure her interest was peaked, so I agreed to give her the time she needed to decide, and waited to see what would happen.

After a few days to herself for some serious contemplation, Suzi finally came clean and admitted that she had heard all the stories from the other girls we hung around with – talking about what a stud Patrick was in the bedroom, and that she was deeply curious to find out for herself if what they were all saying about him and his skills were really true.

Another girl we all hung out with named Theresa lived right next door to my cousin, and was the first girl he dated when he first moved into the area.
Even though they were no longer together as a couple, it was common knowledge to everyone that Theresa was hooked on Patrick’s cock, and that she shamelessly fucked and sucked my cousin every chance she got… even when he was dating someone else.

Outside of her discussions with Charity at work, Theresa was probably the next best source for stories concerning my cousin’s prowess in the sack for Suzi.

Suzi actually blushed when she finally confessed to me she’d been wondering and daydreaming over the last couple of days what fucking my cousin would be like.

However, poor Suzi had a totally new concern now after having all that time to think the matter over.
She was a bit insecure about her over-all experience in the bedroom, because she’d only ever had sex with me.

She was also apprehensive about her body, because her tits were so small, and she thought all the other girls she knew Patrick had been with before had much better figures than she did. Plus, she was sure they all had a lot more sexual experience under their belts than her.

Suzi was very worried that with all his vast experience, Patrick would think she was bad in bed in comparison to all those other girls before her.

Suzi also really didn’t think Patrick would be very interested in having a threesome with us anyway, as he’d never showed any type of sexual attraction for her before… which she further contributed to the fact that she was my girlfriend, thinking that Pat probably wouldn’t want to cross that line.

Despite her negative thoughts, she finally gave me the go-ahead to ask him about trying a threesome… if I really wanted to. Even with her doubts, I could tell by her demeanor that she hadn’t made the decision lightly to even go this far with the idea.

I could almost plainly see that Suzi was holding onto the self-deceiving hope that if by some chance the threesome did happen, my cousin wouldn’t brag about banging her afterwards, because she was my girlfriend and that factor alone would buy her some rare discretion from him.
I positively knew that there would be no chance of that happening if Patrick fucked her, but I let her keep the misleading notion if it meant she’d be willing to do it.

Still, I was more than happy with the response, even if it lacked much enthusiasm with Suzi’s growing doubts about herself, and I knew that it was only a matter of time now before I got my desire and saw Suzi fucking another guy.
08-14-2014, 10:41 PM

Shortly after we made our final decision to go ahead and try having a threesome with my cousin, the day came when Patrick showed up for a visit at the place I worked. I worked afternoon or nights alone with no one around to bother us, so I started to feel him out on the subject.

We talked for a while about everyday mundane things; and then without fail, he started complaining once more about Charity, their fighting, and their now almost non-existent sex-life.
I used that opportunity to casually slip in some comments on how good Suzi and I were doing together, and how great the sex was I had been getting.

Patrick was interested, and asked for some details. He listened to a few my stories, and at first he wasn’t inclined to believe them much, because Suzi just looked too innocent to be that wild in his opinion.
I assured him that Suzi wasn’t quite as innocent as he thought she was, and continued to tell him what a hot tight pussy Suzi had, and how she’d love to fuck for hours if she could.

My cousin wasn’t shy about asking more direct questions about other personal things he wanted to know. And I soon revealed to him how skilled Suzi was at giving blowjobs, and that she swallowed my cum each and every time.
He was also very astonished to hear that Suzi liked anal sex, because he personally never had a girl who would try it. .

Patrick was very intrigued now with my little girlfriend, and then started to gripe harshly about how boring Charity was even when she did put out… in comparison to Suzi.

It was pretty obvious by then that my cousin was hooked on hearing about our sexual exploits, so I put out some bait and offhandedly mentioned that Suzi and I were even thinking about trying a few threesomes to spice things up even more.
That put Patrick’s interest in my girlfriend over the top, and with wide eyes he asked me if I was serious about that. I assured him we were, and that we in fact been talking about it for a few months at that point.
Pat seemed impressed at the revelation, and said I had to tell him all bout it after they happened. I told him I would if he really wanted to hear about it.

After he left that first night, with his head full of Suzi sex stories; I thought I had laid the foundation for Suzi’s first threesome pretty well.

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