Pat Gets Her Licks In

Curlers laid on the floor, mewing plaintively, feline eyes gazing at Pat
begging (if that was possible for a cat) her not to leave him.

For a moment Pat stared down at him, before–with an exasperated sigh–she
bent down and picked him up.

“You know you’re not supposed to come with me to the salon,” Pat scolded
her pet, but the only reply she received was more mournful meowing. “Well,
alright, the salon is closed today anyway, so I guess you can come
with…but just this once, buster,” she admonished, wagging a finger for

As she left her apartment, Curlers purred contentedly in Pat’s arms.
Taking the elevator to the parking garage, Pat loaded herself and her furry
companion into her sedan. The vehicle was on loan from her cousin, who had
deemed it dangerous for Pat to be tooling around New York City in a normal
car. Of course, as the Man of Bronze had commented after experiencing her
driving for the first time, it was dangerous for Pat to drive, period. To
say she had an aggressive style would be an understatement, though her
superb reflexes had–to this point–managed to prevent her from having any

Today was no exception. With the weather warm and sunny, Pat reached the
modernistic building on Park Avenue which housed her beauty establishment
in only a few minutes and, pulling around back, parked the blue sedan at
the mouth of the tunnel behind the building. She fumbled at the rear
entrance for a moment for the proper key then, finding it, opened the door
and stepped inside. Behind her, the door clicked shut. Turning on the
lights, Pat bent down to release her now struggling burden.

“There you go, you pesky cat,” she laughed. “Explore all you like, but
stay out of trouble!” As she wandered further into her salon, she mused to
herself, “Stay out of trouble? Jeesh–I’d better watch it or I’ll be
sounding like Doc!” Curlers followed her with his eyes as she walked away,
meowed once, and wandered off to investigate things.

The Park Avenue Beautician–for that was the name of the lovely lady
Savage’s salon–was nearly as impressive looking as its owner. Chromium,
enamel and plush, colored rugs created an air of modern opulence which Pat
tried hard to cultivate. Normally, the place would be bustling in the
morning, with stately, striking attendants taking care of all her
fashionable clientele’s beauty needs. In keeping with the atmosphere she
was trying to create, Pat’s female employees were invariably stunning in
appearance. Pat did have some male clients, but as she had once told Doc,
“I don’t know whether they come to have their looks improved, or to flirt
with my snappy assistants.” However, the beauty of those assistants was
overshadowed by the radiance of their boss.

Today, however, the place was deserted. Pat was expanding the gymnasium
which occupied the second story of her establishment, and Pat had closed
the salon for a week until the work was completed, deeming it too noisy for
her hoity toity customers. However, the workmen had not yet arrived this
morning; out getting some supplies, Pat didn’t expect them to show up for a
couple more hours.

Pat ambled through the main room of the salon to her private office, where
she figured on putting in some time going through the books. Pat charged
through the roof and, even better, got most of her money upfront, as her
customers purchased exclusive memberships to the Park Avenue Beautician.
Though she had a team of crack accountants, she liked to look through the
figures herself once in a while, though she rarely had the opportunity when
the place was jumping. This would be a good chance for her to catch up.

Slipping her high-heeled shoes off her stocking feet, Pat swivelled in her
chair and, putting her shapely feet up on the credenza behind her desk,
began flipping through files. Though her demeanor might have seemed casual
to an onlooker, her sharp eyes and keen mind were focused intently on her
work, totally absorbed in her task in the empty salon.

When the hand touched her shoulder, Pat nearly hit the roof.

Exclaiming loudly, Pat shot out of the chair as if propelled and whipped
around. The sight that met her golden eyes was a petite young woman,
convulsed in laughter.

“Gee, I’m so sorry Pat,” the newcomer managed to choke out between her
hysterics. “But if you could only see the way you jumped…” Another
burst of mirth prevented her from continuing, as she clutched her sides.

“Yea, very funny,” shot Pat, though the corners of her delectable mouth
had begun to turn upwards in a smile. “Honestly Melissa–you nearly
startled me back to Canada!”

The young woman Pat had addressed as Melissa wiped the tears from her
eyes, fought to regain her breath. She was a diminutive vision, scarcely
topping five feet, with long, lustrous black hair which fell nearly to her
slim waist. Her matching eyes glistened with her tears. She was attired
in a blue blouse and skirt outfit which showed off her svelte figure to
tremendous advantage, revealing her shapely calves and accentuating her
small but perky bosom.

“I’m so sorry, you just seemed so intent, I couldn’t resist.”

“I’ll show you sorry, you little minx,” Pat retorted. “You owe me big
time for that, and I’ll pay you back, just wait!”

Feigning fright at the mock severity of Pat’s tone, Melissa put a tiny
hand to her mouth. “Oh please, Miss Savage, don’t be too hard on me! I’ll
make it worth your while to forgive me, honest I will!”

And so saying, she stepped forward. One of her slender arms snaked around
Pat’s waist, while the other reached up around Pat’s neck.

“Very much worth your while,” Melissa muttered, as she turned her bright
face up and pulled Pat’s unresisting head down. Her ruby lips met Pat’s in
a kiss that went on for some time, slowly growing in passion. The pink tip
of Melissa’s tongue poked out, seeking entrance to Pat’s mouth. The
bronzed Venus willingly parted her lips, welcoming the intruder, as her own
tongue crept forth to meet and play with the newcomer.

One of Pat’s “snappy assistants”, Melissa Stone had developed a crush on
the female Savage from the moment she’d first laid eyes on her. Determined
to seduce her, she still wasn’t sure if she hadn’t been seduced herself, so
quickly had their relationship moved beyond that of employer- employee or
mere friendship. Though Pat hadn’t yet told Monk about Melissa, she
thought that he probably suspected something of the truth, based on
comments he had made on more than one occasion about her “perfume” when she
would return from the salon fresh from eating her young lover’s delicious

Breaking the lingering kiss, one of Pat’s hands lazily stroked Melissa’s
soft cheek, while the two gorgeous women caressed each other’s backs.

“Not that I’m complaining, love, but what are you doing here?” Pat asked.
One of Melissa’s hands moved around to Pat’s front, where it decided that
Pat’s blouse being buttoned was a condition that was totally unacceptable
which must be remedied. As her hand began its self-appointed task, Melissa
replied, “Since things were closed down today and there wasn’t going to be
any noise from the work crew for awhile, I thought I’d take inventory.”

“I can see that you’re taking inventory,” Pat responded dryly, looking
down at her blouse, which by this point had been entirely unbuttoned and
pushed open, revealing her twin bronzed globes, temptingly encased in a
lacy white brassiere.

“Yes,” murmured Melissa, as her hands slid along Pat’s back to the clasp
of her bra, unhooking it, before softly moving forward again and pushing
the white lace over the top of Pat’s breasts, cupping them in her tiny
hands and gently kneading them. “And I’m happy to report, boss, that
everything appears to be present and accounted for.”

“Well, I’d say you were a model employee, but I don’t think you’ve made a
thorough enough inspection yet…” teased Pat, her words cut off by a sigh
as Melissa’s fingers began tweaking her nipples, hardening the red tips.
The bronzed knockout loved the sensations coursing through her vibrant body
as her pretty lover’s fingers teased her twin peaks into rockhard

“Then I guess I’ll just have to inspect things even more thoroughly,”
replied Melissa, bending her head forward only slightly to bring her lips
close to Pat’s breasts. With their height difference, Melissa’s face was
nearly level with her lover’s tits. Her warm breath washed over them,
causing Pat to tingle even more. Melissa licked her lips sensually,
wetting them while glancing up at Pat, before bending forward the final few
inches and taking Pat’s right nipple into her mouth.

Low moans escaped Pat as Melissa slowly sucked more of Pat’s bronzed globe
in, her wet little tongue flicking hungrily at Pat’s growing bud. With a
soft “pop!” Melissa’s mouth slid off of Pat’s right breast, and she slowly
trailed her tongue across Pat’s chest, which was heaving slightly, until
she reached her left breast. Melissa slowly teased Pat’s left tit,
nuzzling it, circling the nipple with her pink tongue, all the while the
fingers of one of her hands caressed and pinched Pat’s turgid right peak.
Moaning from the exquisite sensations, Pat reached around and put a strong
hand behind her sapphic friend’s head, entwining her fingers in her glossy
black hair as she pulled Melissa’s mouth down firmer on her breast, causing
her to suck more of it, glistening with Melissa’s saliva, into the warm
wetness of her mouth. “That’s it, baby,” she muttered, partly to herself,
partly to her lover. “Suck my tits, ‘Lissa, suck them into that wonderful

As she eagerly complied with this directive–Pat was her boss, after
all!–Melissa’s other hand was not idle. By this time it had pulled Pat’s
blue skirt up, bunching it around her waist, revealing her lacy garter belt
and panties. As Pat’s breath quickened, Melissa’s fingers slid slowly
across her muscular thighs, caressing the smooth flesh. Leaning against
the back of her chair, Pat parted her legs slightly, eagerly awaiting
Melissa’s touch on that most private part of her body. As Melissa
continued to suckle and knead Pat’s tits, her hand slowly continued its
tantalizing journey, finally reaching its goal and cupping Pat’s scantily
covered mons venus. She pressed her fingers into the soft, yielding flesh,
feeling with pleasure the dampness which was soaking through Pat’s sky-blue
panties, a dampness which was matched by the growing wetness between her
own thighs. Pat shuddered and pushed her hips forward, trying to increase
the stimulation.

Melissa’s demanding mouth slowly slid off Pat’s gleaming breast. Smiling
at Pat’s whimpers of disappointment, she shyly glanced up at her lithe
lover. “Why don’t you sit down, my oh so pretty Patty, and I can do this
the way it should be done.”

“Your wish is my command, ‘Lissa dear,” said Pat, as she spun the chair
around and sat down. Seated, Pat was a vision to make a man’s eyes water.
Her face was flushed, bronze hair dishevelled from the fingers that Melissa
had run through it, breath coming in short, rapid gasps, red lips slightly
parted. Her white blouse was hanging entirely open, no longer tucked in
her skirt, while her lacy white bra rested on top of her breasts–perfect
bronzed globes which glistened from the oral ministrations of Melissa’s wet
mouth, their twin coral peaks standing at attention, just waiting to salute
her talented tongue again. Her blue skirt was pulled up around her waist,
revealing the tops of her stockings and the expanse of young thigh laying
between them and Pat’s garter belt and panties, which were wet with the
juices flowing from her hot twat. Lustfully, Pat gazed down at the petite
young woman kneeling submissively before her, trembling in anticipation of
the erotic delights which were to come.
Many were the times that Melissa had brought Pat to a crashing climax by
orally pleasuring her pussy. She loved it when, at the moment of orgasm,
Pat’s muscular, glistening thighs gripped her head, demanding that her
skillful lips and tongue satisfy Pat’s desires. Today, however, Melissa
had something a little different in mind for her lustful companion.

Kneeling on the floor before her lover, staring up at her, Melissa slowly
ran both of her hands up Pat’s stocking clad calves, stroking them
sensually through the fabric, before continuing their erotic journey along
the inside of Pat’s thighs, the muscles of which twitched slightly as her
fingers lightly caressed them. Reaching Pat’s panties, she grasped them
and, motioning with her head for Pat to lift her ass slightly from the
chair, pulled them away from her steaming pussy, revealing the trimmed
thatch of bronze hair topping her pretty pink slit. Melissa could smell
Pat’s arousal, turning her on even more as she played with her lover.
Rolling the panties down Pat’s legs, Melissa pressed them against her nose
and inhaled deeply the intoxicating scent of Pat’s juices, before
discarding them on the floor of Pat’s office. Melissa’s hands crept
forward again, grasping Pat’s knees and forcing them open, wide open,
causing each leg to hang off an arm of the chair, spreadeagling Pat’s
thighs and giving her a perfect view of her favorite pussy in the world.

Breath coming faster and faster, Pat loved watching her lover slowly,
tantalizingly moving her hands along her taut body, inching and closer and
closer to her womanhood. Pat’s own hands went out to caress her breasts,
tweaking her hard nipples as she watched the young woman staring intently
at her cunt, feeling the wetness dripping out of her and beginning to pool
on the seat of the chair.

“Aaahhh…” came Pat’s trembling whimpers, escaping from moistened lips,
as Melissa’s fingers reached Pat’s pussy. A hand resting on each of Pat’s
strong thighs, Melissa’s fingertips toyed idly for a moment with the bronze
pubic hair, then moved on to gently play with Pat’s labia, before finally
spreading her cuntlips wide, exposing her eagerly waiting clit, stretching
Pat’s moist cavern open. Melissa bent far forward, placing her face scant
inches from the bronze muff, inhaling Pat’s musk and staring avidly at the
sopping cunt, taking in every luscious detail.

“Why you naughty little girl,” scolded Melissa as one of her fingers began
to slosh around in Pat’s wetness. “Whatever are you thinking?”

Her only reply from Pat was more groans, which increased in tempo when
Melissa suddenly drove a finger deep into the young girl’s trembling body,
encasing it in a satiny oven. Staring intently, Melissa hungrily watched
her finger disappearing into Pat’s lovehole, while Pat continued to pinch
her nipples, gazing raptly at the erotic display before her, loving the
sight and feel of the twisting finger plunging into her.

“That’s it ‘Lissa,” Pat moaned. “Use your fingers on me baby…fuck me
with your fingers…”

Pat’s love juice was flowing freely as Melissa reluctantly moved her face
away from the pussy whose depths she was plumbing with her digit.
Continuing to slide a finger, now joined by a second, in and out of Pat’s
hot cunt, while other fingers danced across Pat’s slippery clit, Melissa
slid her slim body up Pat’s until her mouth was once again at breast level.
Sticking out her pretty pink tongue, the young brunette’s mouth lovingly
laved the statuesque adventuress’ breasts, moving from one to the other,
all the while her fingers played in Pat’s wet grotto.

“Oh god,” groaned Pat. “What…aaahhh…what are you doing?” Pat cried
out, as her diminutive lover slipped a third finger into her pussy.

“If you don’t like it you can stop me,” grinned Melissa wickedly, slowly
withdrawing her trio of fingers from Pat’s slick cavern.

“No, no…” Pat pleaded. Panting, dishevelled, she begged, “Don’t stop,
don’t stop, you evil little wench! Use your fingers some more…fuck me

Pressing her three fingers together, Melissa had driven them back, hard,
into Pat’s pussy. Though her fingers were petite like the rest of her,
three of them filled Pat nicely as she squirmed on the chair, welcoming the
intruders deeper and deeper into her hot core.

Melissa began moving her mouth back and forth between her lover’s firm
breasts, sucking briefly on an eager nipple before moving on to flick her
talented tongue across its crimson twin. Pat’s fingers were loosely
entwined in Melissa’s hair, feeling her lover move from tit to tit, but her
grip tightened spasmodically as she felt her young assistant slip a fourth
finger in with her other three, sliding slickly back and forth in her
honeyed cunt, while the fingers of Melissa’s other hand spread Pat’s
wetness all around her clit, mercilessly teasing the hard little nub.

Pat’s moans grew in intensity as she climbed towards orgasm, feeling
herself being filled up by Melissa’s fingers, loving the young woman’s
tongue twirling around her nipples, her love juices flowing freely as she
humped her pelvis against those wonderful fingers, lifting her ass off the
wet chair to force them in deeper.

Sliding her fingers out of Pat’s pussy for a moment, Melissa carefully
folded her thumb against her other fingers and slowly began to push all
five fingers into the bronze knockout’s heated cunt. Pat’s mouth opened
wide, but all that came out were mewling noises at first, before she
managed to choke out between her gasps, “God…’Lissa…that feels
fantastic!” Melissa pulled away briefly from licking Pat’s tits, to watch
as her whole hand began to disappear into the steaming twat. Pat watched
as well, her body racked with spasms as she watched the petite woman’s hand
sliding into her. She screamed in ecstasy as she felt Melissa’s knuckles
slide in past her opening, as the dripping slit swallowed her entire hand.
“Oh god…oh god…aaaggghhh!”

Slowly, so as not to hurt her–her hand was tiny, but the fit was
extraordinarily tight!–Melissa began pumping her fist in and out of Pat’s
pussy, watching it vanish inside her satiny walls, going deeper and deeper
until her wrist was inside the heated cunt on each downstroke.

Pat was going crazy as Melissa resumed sucking on her tits, feeling
herself being fucked by Melissa’s fist. Her half naked body quivering,
covered in a sheen of perspiration, Pat’s moans grew louder and louder,
interspersed with her cries of, “Fuck me, fuck me!”, which she began
repeating nearly incoherently like a mantra, building up to a plateau.

Finally her overworked body could take no more. Pat screamed, “Make me
cum!”, a demand that was cut off by staccato moans as the intense
sensations caused by Melissa’s fist being rammed up her twat pushed her
over the edge.

Pat exploded. Her lithe form stiffened involuntarily, straightening up,
driving her ass off the chair, forcing that wonderful hand full inside her.
With a shout of, “Aaagghhh! I’m cumming!”, Pat came hard, her body
shaking uncontrollably like a palm tree in a hurricane.

Melissa redoubled her efforts, sucking Pat’s engorged nipples into her
moist mouth, frantically rubbing her lover’s clit with her fingers, while
pistoning her fist in and out of the spasming cunt, making wet, sloshing
sounds, filling the air with Pat’s musky scent. Pat stuffed one hand into
her mouth, stifling her cries of ecstasy, as she convulsed wildly, cumming
and cumming again, her throes of passion nearly forcing her off the chair
as her peaks followed on top of each other. Shining eyes open and staring
as she brought her lover off, Melissa loved watching Pat’s beautiful face
contort with the pleasure of her orgasms, bronze hair whipping to and fro,
loved hearing the inarticulate cries she was wringing from her lover’s
body, loved the fragrence of Pat’s honey which filled the air.

Finally Pat slumped back in the chair, her body drained from her climaxes.

“God ‘Lissa, that was incredible, just incredible. I just couldn’t stop
cumming and cumming…my whole body felt like it was going to burst.”

Moving back into a kneeling position, smiling, Melissa carefully withdrew
her hand from its velvety enclosure, all wet and covered in Pat’s honey to
past her wrist. “I’m glad you approved, love,” she replied as she brought
her hand to her face and inhaled Pat’s scent deeply before extending her
little pink tongue to begin lapping off the juices.

“Ummm,” Melissa murmured as she cleaned her lover’s wetness off her hand,
“This almost makes me sorry I didn’t dine on your snatch. Care for some?”
she asked, extending her arm towards Pat’s face.

“Why you naughty girl!” laughed Pat. “Whatever do you take me for?”

“I take you for my horny, sexy boss!”

Grabbing the offered hand, Pat began to slowly suck each of Melissa’s
fingers–still slick with Pat’s juices– into her hungry mouth, teasing
Melissa with her tongue flicking across the sensitive skin. Pat loved the
taste of her own pussy. “Well I guess you’re right about that,” Pat
admitted. “And I bet you’ll never guess what this appetizer I’m tasting
right now has put me in the mood for…”

Her own pussy juices gushing from having just made her lover cum, Melissa
eagerly replied, “I was kind of hoping you’d feel that way!”
As both young women rose to their feet, Pat glanced at the clock in her


“What’s the matter, love?”

“The time! The workmen will be showing up in a few minutes, and they’ll
be looking for me in this office–I need to tell them about some additional
work I want them to do.”

Trying to hide the crestfallen look that had entered her eyes, Melissa
glanced down. “It’s alright,” she said. “Really it is. I loved making
you come–I’ll get my turn later!”

Stepping forward, Pat–her shirt still open, lace bra resting on top of
her still glistening bronze breasts, bronze hair in disarray–put her hands
on the petite woman’s waist.

“I promise I’ll thank you thoroughly later, my darling little ‘Lissa. But
for now…” With a jerk, Pat lifted her young lover completely off the
floor, dropping her ass down on her desk, an impressive feat of strength.
“…I’ll just have to give you a sample of your reward.”

Melissa loved it when her lover showed off her brawn. “Just what did you
have in mind?” she asked coyly, batting her long black eyelashes.

“Just watch,” came the reply. Pat pushed Melissa back on the desk, then,
grabbing her legs, pulled her forward so that her shapely ass, clad in dark
blue panties which were drenched with Melissa’s juices, rested on the edge
of the desk. Pat pushed Melissa’s skirt up over her waist.

Her hands wrapped around the elastic in Melissa’s panties. “I’ll buy you
another pair later,” she promised, and with a sudden wrench, ripped the
soaked panties from her lover’s body, revealing the pretty young muff
underneath. Topped by a thatch of black fur, Melissa’s delectable quim was

“I love it when you’re rough, boss,” commented Melissa, her nubile body
squirming slightly at what she knew was coming up, loving the thought of
Pat taking her, pleasuring her.

“Just shut up and cum on my tongue,” commanded Pat as, kneeling on the
floor, she placed a tanned leg over each shoulder and bent down, planting
her mouth firmly over Melissa’s hot cunt, causing Melissa to gasp loudly.
“Oh yes, Pat!” she cried as she felt the wet mouth upon her pussy.

Pat loved to eat Melissa’s cunt–almost as much as Melissa loved it.
Normally, Pat would pursue her task leisurely, licking Melissa’s thighs,
teasing her with her tongue, sliding it up and down the delicious slit,
moving it all around her pretty cuntlips, lapping up her love juices, until
her sapphic lover begged her to go faster. Today, however, she had no
time. Pat settled down to with singlemindedness to the task of bringing
her lover off as quick as she could.

Warm mouth pressed against the young woman’s snatch, Pat’s moist pink
tongue flicked out, finding Melissa’s waiting clit, twirling around it.
Uttering an inarticulate cry, Melissa’s hands reached down and fondled
Pat’s head, fingers entwining themselves in the dishevelled bronze hair,
pulling Pat’s mouth tighter against her steaming womanhood as her muscular
thighs closed and trapped Pat in place. Pat’s own hands assisted, grabbing
Melissa’s thighs and forcing her mouth more firmly down on the waiting

“Oh god,” Melissa cried out, as she felt Pat’s tongue alternately sliding
in and out of her and licking her clitoris, demanding that she come on her
mouth. “That’s it baby…eat me…eat my pussy…aaagghh!” she moaned,
thrusting her hips against Pat’s busy lips and tongue, feeling her climax
rapidly approaching through the oral ministrations of the bronzed beauty.

Pat sucked Melissa’s clit into her hot wet mouth, sucking it in and out,
lashing her tongue across it rapidly, driving sharp stabs of pleasure
throughout the young woman’s quivering body, inhaling the sweet aroma of
her lover’s dampness. The swift assault was too much for the pretty young

“I’m cumming!” Melissa screamed, locking her fingers in Pat’s hair, taut
thighs and hands holding that wonderful tongue and lips and mouth in place
as Pat ate her out. Her hips jerked wildly, shudder after shudder passing
through her, as her orgasm rippled through her vibrant body, revelling in
the intense sensations Pat was creating in her. Finally, giving a final
quivering moan, her tense body collapsed, her chest heaving as she tried to
catch her breath. Her hands fell away from Pat’s head, as the salon owner
gently pushed Melissa’s thighs apart and stood up, her lips and cheeks
glistening from her assistant’s love juices. Pat moved around the desk
then bent down to kiss Melissa, running her tongue into the reclining
girl’s mouth, feeding her her own juices, as Pat had tasted her own before.

“That’s just a sample of what I owe you, ‘Lissa–and I intend to pay in

“I’m not sure I’ll survive,” grinned Melissa. “But I’m willing to give it
a shot!”

Getting to their feet, the two young women rapidly rearranged their
clothes into some semblance of respectability, with Melissa’s damp panties
getting tucked into Pat’s purse, so that, in Pat’s words, “Some night when
I’m horny and all alone, I can take them out. I’ll inhale your scent while
I’m playing with my pussy and imagine that it’s your fingers, not mine,
that are making me cum!”

They then wandered hand and hand into the washroom to freshen up. While
in there, they could hear the rear door of the salon open.

“The workmen must be here,” commented Pat. “I’ve got to go talk to
them–there’s some additional work I want them to do in the gym. See you
in a few.” Giving her lover one last lingering kiss, Pat left the
washroom, her flowing bronze tresses once more fashionably in place.
Finishing cleaning up, Melissa could hear muffled voices, as Pat apparently
spoke with the workmen, which faded away as they walked upstairs to the

In a lazy mood after the delicious orgasm Pat’s lips and tongue had coaxed
out of her, Melissa strolled out of the ladies room and plopped herself
down in one of the beauty chairs, picking up a magazine through which she
idly flipped while waiting for Pat to come back downstairs. After a few
moments, Pat’s long legs could be seen descending the stairs. A startled
gasp from Pat caused Melissa to look up, seeing Pat standing on the stairs
looking towards the open rear door of the salon, which had been propped
open by the workmen in order to bring in supplies.

“Curlers!” cried Pat. “I brought him with me to the salon…where is

Jumping out of the chair, Melissa joined Pat in frantically looking for
and calling the cat, but after a few minutes’ search he was nowhere to be

“He must have wandered outside!” anguished Pat. “I’ll kick myself if
anything happens to him! ‘Lissa, go out front and see if he’s on Park
Avenue. I’ll go check the tunnel in back and the sidestreet. If he’s not
there, I’ll swing ’round with the car and pick you up and we’ll drive
around looking for him.”

Shouting out encouragement that they would find Pat’s pet, the pretty
young brunette raced out the front door, while Pat made for the rear.
Halfway there, she cursed, “My keys!” and rushed back into her office,
grabbing her purse, before flying back out. Rushing outside, Pat glanced
out the tunnel mouth by her car. No cat. She could hear Melissa calling
for Curlers out front. Looking down the tunnel, away from the sidestreet,
Pat couldn’t see Curlers either…but she heard a noise. She ran down the
tunnel and cried with relief, “Curlers!” as she saw her cat investigating a
garbage can.

Scooping him up, she scolded him. “Bad cat! Bad! You gave mommy a big
scare. Shame on you!” Cradling her feline friend to her chest, she
continued, “Don’t you know you’re not supposed to go outside? Come on,
let’s go tell Auntie ‘Lissa that we found you.”

Pat had nearly reached the mouth of the tunnel when she heard a commotion
on the street. People were yelling. Came the sound of gunfire. Pat raced
up the tunnel the final few yards to see a group of men piling out of the
building across the street into two sedans, firing back into the building
as they fled. One of the men was handcuffed and was thrown into a car by
two others. With a squeal of rubber, the two cars shot away from the curb.

Pat’s face broke into a wide grin. “All right! Action!” she enthused, as
she fairly flew to her parked sedan, tossing Curlers in the passenger seat
and hopping in. Gunning the engine, she tore away from the curb into
traffic, wrenching her car around in a u-turn to follow the other two

A massive explosion rocked the car. An invisible hand seemed to come down
and smash into the pavement, lifting Pat’s sedan from the road. The
bronzed adventuress fought to maintain control.

Across the street, a titanic blast had rocked the building that the men
had fled from. Windows shattered outward, bricks flew through the air with
lethal force. The whole facade of the structure seemed to disintegrate
before Pat’s eyes as, with a mighty roar, the building collapsed in an
enormous, billowing cloud of dust.
Debris struck Pat’s car, bricks slamming into the sedan’s side and
windows, pounding it like an artillery barrage.

It was fortunate for Pat that Doc had loaned her one of his cars.
Armored, with bulletproof windows, the sedan was a veritable tank. While
other cars on the street were being totally demolished from the force of
the blast and the flying wreckage, the sedan shielded Pat.

Slamming back down on the torn pavement, Pat ripped the wheel to avoid
flipping the car over, barely steering clear of the larger chunks of
falling debris.

Face grim, she made it past the destruction zone and punched the
accelerator. The sedan leapt forward, like a giant hunting cat. Passing
Park Avenue, Pat glanced over and was relieved to see Melissa standing
unharmed, though with a startled expression on her face.

There was no telling how many people had died, how many others had been
hurt, in that blast, but Pat would bet that those men in the cars she was
following were responsible.

Like a bronzed avenger, Pat weaved through traffic, slowly closing the
distance between herself and her quarry. Racing through intersections, all
three vehicles broke every traffic law on the books. Pat had narrowed the
gap to a couple of car lengths when the roar of a machinegun broke out and
hot lead caromed off her windshield. Spotting their pursuer, the occupants
of the fleeing cars had opened fire on Pat. The Man of Bronze’s armor was
up to the test, deflecting round after round. Bullets bounced harmlessly
off solid rubber tires as Pat inched ever closer to her prey.

Though she was furious at the wanton disregard for human life which the
men she was chasing had shown, inside, Pat was ecstatic. The Savage love
for adventure had come to the fore and she was caught up in the thrill of
the moment, red blood coursing through her veins.

“So you want to play rough?” she snarled, reaching down on the floor to
grab her purse where it had fallen. Reaching in, Pat withdrew an enormous,
much-worn single- action six-shooter. Rolling down a window, Pat began to
bang away at the thugs ahead, seemingly not caring about the disparity in

With the speed of the three vehicles as they wove through traffic, Pat
wasn’t sure if she’d hit them, but there was no indication she was doing
any serious damage.

Ahead of her, the rear car raced through an intersection against the
light, barely avoiding hitting a truck coming through the cross-street.
Passing the truck, the machinegunner turned his weapon on the truck,
blowing out its tires. The driver lost control of his truck. The vehicle
flipped over on its side. Crashing into a lightpole, it blocked the

Pat slammed on the brakes, saw she was going too fast to stop, and
wrenched the wheel to the left. The car spun around, tires squealing. The
side of her car smashed into the truck, bringing it to a sudden halt. No
sooner had the vehicle stopped moving than Pat was out of the car. In her
hand she gripped a gun she had taken from the glove compartment of the
sedan, a supermachine pistol invented by her cousin.

Using her car as a stepping stone, Pat leapt on top of the side of the
truck. The two sedans she had been chasing were rapidly receding in the
distance. Aiming with both hands, she let loose with a volley at the rear
car. The bullfiddle roar of the supermachine pistol filled the air. The
noise was nearly deafening. Even though carrying a 66 bullet magazine, the
rapidfirer’s ammo was exhausted in a matter of seconds. Although the
gunfire appeared to have no effect on the rear car, as both vehicles
continued to race away, Pat smiled as if satisfied.

With a groan, the truck driver crawled out of the wreckage of his vehicle,
bleeding from some cuts but seemingly not seriously injured.

In the distance Pat could hear the roar of police sirens. Although the
Man of Bronze was known to all law enforcement officials–and indeed held
an honorary commission in the New York Police Department–his beautiful
cousin did not have his credentials. Deeming it prudent to be far away
from her current location when the constabulary arrived there, Pat dropped
back down to pavement, climbed back in the car and proceeded to make
herself scarce.

As the sedan sped away from the scene, from the backseat–where he’d been
thrown when the car was tossed by the blast–Curlers meowed mournfully. It
was a meow which seemed to say that it was unlikely he would ever want to
accompany his mistress outside of her apartment ever again.

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