Babysitting for a swinging couple

I have been babysitting for a couple of years and have had two experiences with the sons of the family I have been sitting. At first I was apprehensive due to the age difference and in both cases they were years younger than me but well endowed and both had previous sexual experiences and were quite capable of satisfying me. One boy was involved in incest and I had to draw the line at his sister being involved when I was there. I had to give them a little training as far as making sure they satisfied the girl (me) rather than just satisfy themselves. I enjoyed and looked forward to the times I sat them which was more fucking than sitting. We were never found out by their parents but as the siblings grew older I think the boys were considered capable of looking after themselves – I felt sorry for the incestuous sister as I felt she was going to get more than she bargained for.

It was a few months later that I again became involved with sex again through babysitting.
This family was younger and there was no chance I would become involved with the siblings in this family, they were far to young. I used the opportunity to have one of my boyfriends come over a little later after the kids were asleep and we would enjoy an evening of sex together. It became good fun having sex in somebody else’s home.

One night we really got involved as we were both randy and it was a hot evening. We really let our hair down and got into some amazing sex. We really fucked our hearts out.
The next time I was asked to sit it was pouring rain and the husband picked me up and told me before they left that he would drive me home later. I couldn’t say my boyfriend would as I was not supposed to have friends visit while I was sitting. He said they would not be late so I let my boyfriend know he would be missing out that night.

When they arrived home the wife offered me a coffee and during the period we were all having supper the wife made a comment that I took to understand she was aware I had been having sex in their house on previous occasions. The husband left no doubts as he said when they arrived home the last time there was a scent in the house which they recognized as what he referred to a bedroom scent. She saw me blush and said you know what we say the” scent of sex”. She said we all know what that smells like and it was pretty strong that night. You must have been having a wild time together. Is he good at it? She added to her comment by saying I hope you or your boyfriend take precautions against getting pregnant. I nearly fell through the floor but after a few more comments about having sex I had to admit my boyfriend and I were lovers. I assured them it would not happen again.

No No he said – we don’t mind – we have all done it and we have realized it wasn’t the first time here either for you. After the last time, Jane and I had a talk about it and we both consider you to be an attractive and obviously experienced young girl. Your boyfriend is lucky. (I was 18). He went on to say the both of us discussed it and thought that you might be interested in joining us one evening and engaging in some group therapy as he called it.

I could not believe it and said – do I believe that you are asking us to have sex together, like an orgy.

He said in a word yes but we would not describe it as an orgy. It would be more like three adults engaging in consensual sex – you with the two of us – have you ever had another experience with another woman?

I said no way – to both. Oh god what do you think I am. I have not had sex with another woman nor would it be right for me to have sex with the both of you – that’s weird.

He said would you have sex with me – I believe I could make you happy after all you are not what I would say inexperienced.

I said no – what about your wife – how about her.

She said you may not realize it but we are already in a swingers group and you would be surprised who else in this town is involved. We share sex between a number of us and it is a wonderful experience. That’s where we go occasionally when you sit for us – there is a group of us who all meet and enjoy sharing ourselves with others – it is quite interesting enjoying sex with another person while your wife or husband is watching.

Shit I said – you are all sex mad.

Not quite sex mad – but enjoy sex with other people apart from your own partner. How many boys have you slept with – three or four. It’s the same thing really but we all do it together, there are no secrets. Once you have done it in those circumstances it is easy to adapt to it. We have talked about you and we both believe you would fit into the group well. If you had a boyfriend about your age or older I am pretty sure we could see if he might be offered the same experience as well. That is if you are happy with it, and I am sure you will be once you realize how good it is. Could you imagine watching him and Jane together – it would be most erotic and after a minute or so. You would really enjoy watching them.

No way – I said watching my boyfriend and your wife fucking each other – that’s weird.

Don’t you think he would enjoy it?

I am sure he would – what man wouldn’t want to fuck her, but I don’t know about me watching. I don’t know. Maybe I would get jealous.

That is the last thing that happens unless somebody breaks the rules and gets together alone somewhere – we frown on that. That’s when problems occur and we have never had a problem in our group. It can be fun watching your partner with somebody else. I know we have learned a few tricks by doing it.

How many are there in it – I asked.

There are ten couples in our group but we never have more than four couples together in one night. It gets out of hand if there are more – we do it to enjoy sex not to have a marathon fuck fest. I know you would enjoy it.

By now I was getting a little excited with me just listening and talking to them and I said I would like to think about it. How many times in a night would you get fucked.
Probably four times, maybe more, maybe less – it depends on a few things and we do other things as well.

Like what I asked.

Jane said – look after you two have been together I will talk to you and answer any question you have – believe me there will be a few, I am sure. Come on let him do it with you and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed – he is very, very good.
Look she said – go into the spare bedroom together and see how you go just the two of you- I wont watch unless you agree. I am sure he will make you cum – he is really good.

I said this is madness –

Be mad and enjoy life he said – I am sure you will never regret it – what form of protection do you prefer.

I am on the pill.

Well that’s great – now unless you want me to I won’t ejaculate inside you – I can withdraw and finish myself off outside. That’s quite common with many of the girls. Also I am vasectomised so I can’t get you pregnant. Do you know what that means?


Well it means I can ejaculate semen into you, but it does not have sperm in it – the tube has been cut and no sperm is ejaculated it just goes into my ball sac and not you. It looks and feels like real cum but it doesnt make babies. We have decided no more kids. I had it done after we had the two girls. Jane still uses the pill though because of some of the other guys who fuck her. Most of the guys in the club are like me – they fire blanks as we say, but not all.

When he said what if I don’t like you fucking me –so I asked him if I want to stop will you?

He said I will stop the moment you tell me – there is no sense in doing it if you are not enjoying it. You are not a conquest to me – you are somebody I want to enjoy having sex with. I have plenty of women who are happy to have sex with me – ask Jane. Then there is nothing lost – you can add me to your list of guys you have had sex with. I promise if you say stop – I will right then. Jane will let me finish myself off with her.

Jane asked me how many boys had fucked me. I said by the time I was 18 I had let two boys fuck me and 2 men. I let a cab driver do it to me to work off the fare one night and he was fantastic – the biggest cock I had ever had up till then. The other guy was a one night stand – It was raining and I got soaked and I was waiting in a bus shelter and he came along in his car and I got in. I was freezing and he said get the wet clothes off and wrap yourself in the blanket in the back. I did. You know how things happen and somehow things got a bit steamed up and before I knew it we were on the back seat and we were going at it like rabbits. I went home naked beneath the blanket, with my soaking wet clothes in my hand feeling well fucked. The next day when I looked at the blanket I could not believe the cum satins on it and a couple of bloody patches. I realized when we fucked he pulled out before he came and it went down between my legs and all over my ass. Obviously he had done the same thing before either with other women or his girlfriend – I have no idea. I threw it out – it looked disgusting. Fortunately I never saw him again.

I masturbated a lot too and when Mike and I did it together the first time he could not believe how good I was at enjoying sex and having orgasms. I knew how to use my clit when I masturbated and soon worked out the best way to work on it when he fucked me. I wanted it as much as him. Shit I said this is crazy – I can’t believe I am even discussing this, but I am tempted to go along with it.

Don’t be tempted – do it – she said.

I said I am crazy…….. but ok. Where do we do it.

He led me to a spare bedroom close by and said I will leave you to undress and I will come back in a minute. You don’t get embarrassed undressing in front of me that way.

I though getting embarrassed undressing – shit I am going to let him fuck me – and that’s not embarrassing? with his wife watching us fuck.

He left me and I undressed and sat on the edge of the bed. Jane came to the door and said are you ready.

I said yes and no – I am not sure I am doing the right thing.

In ten minutes time you will wonder why you ever doubted yourself she said. Would you mind if I watched or wait outside.

I said I am mad to do this anyhow so why not go all the way – if you want to I am happy.

He came in completely nude and he looked magnificent naked – he has a beautiful body and a great looking cock. It was not completely hard and firm and hanging down but it looked longer than any I have had up me, but not that big it might hurt.

He saw me looking and said don’t worry it will perform perfectly for you. I see you don’t shave your hair yet. It looks good though, not many girls stay like that these days but don’t change it until after your first night with us – the other guys will enjoy seeing you natural the first time.

I said if there is a first night.

I don’t think there will be any doubt after this. I would put money on it that you will want to after this. It may even be probable even this weekend.

I wanted to say no way – but half an hour ago I would not be considering what I was about to do right now.

Jane left and I got onto the bed and positioned myself .

He said I gather you want to start missionary – we do it dozens of ways but I think it will be better for you if we start like that. It’s more natural. I opened my legs and pulled my knees up for him.

By now his cock was bone hard and sticking straight out and it looked fascinating. He was the first man I had seen with a circumcised cock. It looked beautiful like that.

I was lying back with my head on the pillow and I could see my pubic patch clearly, my breasts were really firm they seemed to be firmer than normal and my nipples hard. He was just about to enter me when Jane came back and she was naked and looked absolutely wonderful – her body is magnificent – nice firm breasts with a lovely uplift and bright pink nipples, and then I noticed she had shaved and shaped her pubic hair and it looked nice too. Her bum was perfectly shaped too – she had the body of a model. I said shit Mike would die to do it with you – that won’t be a problem with him I am sure.

Do you like doing it with him.


After Dan we will see who you like best.

Then he moved forward between my legs with his hard cock in his hand as I lifted my legs up and pulled them back to expose my vagina for him. As I did so he looked at me and said that is one damn nice looking pussy – Jane came over and looked at me and said I can’t wait to wet my lips on that one.

I thought what is she talking about? I had never experienced oral sex so I wondered if that is what she was suggesting –Mike suggested we try oral one night but he had cum in me and this turned him off as it was leaking out of me and my vagina had a smell. We have only fucked once since and he didn’t mention it again – I have seen girls suck on a man’s penis and I want to try that too. I said nothing as I was waiting for him to enter me. I looked down over my breasts and my pubic patch and saw the wonderful helmet of his cock about to go into me. He put the top against my lips and just rested it there and said are you ready.

I nodded.

Dan pushed the head of his cock just between my lips and spread them open and I could feel the hardness of it pressing against my vagina and then he pushed it further into me slowly and I was concentrating on the sensation of him going in. I watched as it slowly disappeared into me. I shivered with excitement. I had never worried before – with Mike we just got down and did it – there was no finesse until he was into me and we began to fuck. Dan was taking his time and allowing me to enjoy the fullness of his cock as he slid it into me.

Jane said is she wet enough.

Dan said she is perfect – she is going to be a big hit at our parties.

I am so happy Jane said. Is she as good as you imagined.

In every way! Her boyfriend is a lucky man.

By now he had his cock more than half way into me and as watched as he pushed the entire length of it into me, it was reasonably tight going in and I could feel it going deeper and deeper into me. I guess its about 8 inches long and quite thick. Mike is 7 inches but not as thick as Dan’s . It really felt good and I thought I am glad I said yes now.

I could feel his entire cock now right up inside me – it felt awesome and I moaned softly with delight. I had enjoyed being fucked before but even this early I could tell there was going to be a difference the way he was doing it. I have never felt full of cock like I did with him. It was a new and exciting feeling.

Jane said – how is it – do you like him.

I said I have to admit it feels nice and perhaps it feels better than any time before – his cock feel like it is really filling me up its tighter inside me than Mikes. Mikes is just over 6 inches long but I don’t think it’s a thick as Dan’s – it really feels good.

Jane said it is the thickness – it was the first thing I noticed when he fucked me for the first time. I fell in love with it even before he had cum with me. I still love the feel of him inside me. Also he has made two beautiful babies for me.

I said what happened wh you were pregnant – did you still fuck like you are telling me about.

Jane laughed and said I was even more popular then – everybody wanted to fuck me and the bigger my tummy got the more they wanted to. Dan asked me one night how many guys had been into me. – I lost count a couple of times about how many cocks I had devoured – Not all of them came they just liked fucking me in the weird positions I had to adopt to get them in – my tummy was huge and my breasts were enormous.

By now I had to admit it’s the nicest feeling I have ever had and somehow I think I am going to enjoy this.

Dan slowly worked himself in and out up and down over me – he had his arms each side of my body and he bent down a couple of times and kissed my nipples which sent shudders right through my body – I looked up intio his eyes and this guy is the most erotic man I have known. Just the sight of his body working himself over me was erotic – quite apart from the feeling his cock was giving me. I have never looked at a man like that before – my main concern has always been just the fucking bit – how it was feeling in my vagina. This felt completely different, the feeling of him working his cock inside me was going through my entire body it felt amazing. Mike is good but Dan leaves Mike for dead. He made sure my vagina and clitoris were worked on gently and that I reacted when he did certain things with his cock in me and I responded by moaning softly or shaking my head with the erotic pleasure he was giving me and I moved my legs about a bit to get the feeling better which he seemed to enjoy. I wrapped my ankles around his waist pulling his now sweating body down to mine. The feeling of his hot sweaty body against mine and his cock deep inside me was awesome. He knew what I wanted and he kissed me lightly on the lips – God I nearly came when he did that. If I weren’t doing that I worked together with him meeting his thrusts with mine. After a while I wanted to change positions and asked him if I could put my legs over his shoulders. This let me work my butt up to meet his thrusts at the same time. He said you seemed to be quite experienced – how many positions do you know.
I said three really – this way – dog fashion and me on top.

Jane who had been there saying nothing and just watching said well you will know the entire Karma Sutra by the time you and Mike have been with us for a few months – we often have show sessions where we demonstrate one.

I said what’s that.

Jane said it’s the sex lovers’ bible – every position known to man is in it.

God I said how many are there.

Hundreds – just wait and see – it will take you months to work through them all. We have and you have so much fun doing them.

Mike was still working on me and even talking to Jane while he fucked me still didn’t stop me feeling him fucking me and it felt good – just the motion of him going up and down on me and his cock just giving me wonderful feelings all through my body.

Jane said you are obviously enjoying it – I gather you wouldn’t mind joining us again one night.

I have never enjoyed having sex as much as I am now – ever before. I think if I asked Mike to come around we might be able to work something out between us.

Dan just kept fucking me and I lay there and let it happen – I have never enjoyed it as much or been as relaxed as I am just letting it happen.

Jane said ok that’s great – I can’t wait to meet him or be together with him – if he can make you happy I am sure he will do something for me too. Maybe we can set up a babysit and you get him around and we can all discuss it and see if he will be interested. Instead of a babysit it will be an introduction to our fabulous sex life together – just the four of us to start with and then see if you are both willing to share it with another couple, your first foursome. That’s also something you and I need to talk about – the women enjoy oral sex with both the men and the women – are you experienced in that too.

I said – sadly no – we have talked about it and we were going to try it one night but he had fucked me and I was a bit smelly so we didn’t. I have been tempted to suck his cock but again we have not gone that far yet.

Right Jane said – well next time with Mike we can all discuss it and perhaps I can do something for you that will send you over the moon. Oral orgasms are so much better than those when you cum being fucked – they are amazing.

Oh shit I said – you are blowing my mind – I never realized that sex could be so involved and so much fun.

While we were talking I noticed Dan had been working on me, occasionally kissing my nipples or my belly button which made me tighten my vagina muscles sort of involuntarily – another trick of his evidently. I could feel my clit sending messages to me it was enjoying what he was doing. Then he raised my arm and kissed and licked me under the armpit which was quite damp with sweat and wow that did it for me – my orgasm came on with a rush.

Oh GGGGGOOOOOOODDDDDD I said as the first spasm hit me – I bucked my ass off the bed and hard onto his cock which sent me even higher…

FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK I screamed …my clit was so sensitive……..FFUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK again my body shook with another spasm HOLY…uhhhh…… FUCKING…….Ugh ugh….. HELL I screamed
…..aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh. Each grunt coincided with an intense spasm in my clit. Never before have I orgasmed as hard as I was….. not even when I masturbated or when had Mike fingered me off. My body was bucking and shaking and I was squirming about under him and the sweat was running down off him and mixing with mine and down between my breasts, my belly button hole was full of our sweat. By now I could hardly breath I was gasping for breath and I could feel my heart beating in my neck. I could not even grunt any more – I just moaned very softly – the sounds of absolute contentment. My hair was soaking wet too. Then he worked on me and his cock was going like a piston inside me – hard and fast and what with him pumping his cock into me hard and me cumming I could not control myself – I thought I was going to pee everywhere. He lay full length on me and I could feel the warmth of his body and then he hugged me hard while his body jerked and he made little grunts I knew – he was cumming too – I was so happy – never before had I made love or been fucked so brilliantly. I knew then this would not be the one and only time I let him do that to me.
We both lay together and Jane came over to us and she said well done -well done – I have not seen a woman cum that hard for a long time. I would never have believed that you would be so animated when you came – I gather it was good. Now you know what it is like for me when we do it – I will never get tired of him doing that to me.

I lay there and Dan was getting up on his arms and said – sorry I came inside you – I didn’t give you the option.

I said never ever be sorry for THAT – I have NEVER been so well fucked in my life – that was awesome – I could not have cared less if you filled me up till it ran out my mouth. I loved it. We came together – that’s a bonus for me – I often cum first and Mike goes on for ages before he cums and by then I am tired and just want him to cum. God I want more of that.

Jane said and you shall – the other guys who you will meet and go with are not bad either – I don’t think as good as Dan but then I am biased.
Shit I said if they are all like him they will kill me – I don’t know if I could do that all night.

Jane laughed and said neither could I – you don’t have to worry if there are four couples then you may have sex five or six times depending upon your boy and who is there. It may only be one an hour and it last 10 or 20 minutes, and in that time it may be oral and sex as well all together.

Shit she said I have never done oral on Mike or anybody else do ,the women do it as well.

Sally – come around tomorrow night after 8 and I will show you what it is all about between two women. Mike will be out and before you are introduced to the others you will be a wonderful cock sucker as well. Dan can show you how and then you can practice on Mike. I know he will not refuse you once he has tried it.

Mike climbed up and his cock slipped out of me and it felt like my body had lost something vital – the feeling of him inside me was wonderful and my body felt empty now his cock was hanging down covered in my cunt juice and his cum. It was actually dripping off the tip of it.

Jane said come her lover boy and without a moment’s hesitation she took his soft cock into her mouth and sucked and licked it clean. I could not believe it. His cock had been inside me for about 20 minutes and it was covered in cum and cunt juice, and she never hesitated and took it straight in and after a minute she took it out and said – not only do you fuck well – but you taste good too.

Tomorrow night will make me even happier. Somehow I think I am becoming a sex fiend. Now to get Mike the same way.

I sat on the edge of the bed and we talked about what I had done and I was honest in saying I loved every moment of the sex although at first I was sit scarred. I would certainly join their group.

Mike stood up and said come on let’s have a shower and the two of us went to their bathroom and we showered together. Never have I shared a shower with anybody but they had two showers in the same bathroom so I had one to myself but we still managed to have a feel of each other and a kiss. I could easily have fallen in love with him, even though he is 7 years older than me.

Jane came in with a towel for me and she offered to towel me off – and I said yes – tonight I was saying yes too many things I had never agreed to before. When she dried me off she made sure the sensitive parts were very dry and well rubbed. My breasts and nipples and the hair around my pubic region were bone dry.She made sure most of Dans cum had come away too so it wouldn’t leak down my legs. She said tomorrow we may try and shape you up a bit down there – think about how you might like it to look.

I shivered with delight and anticipation.

Dan offered to drive me home and as we were leaving Jane said when is your period due again – I want to set up a meeting with a few others for you but we don’t want the rags on.

Two weeks away I said.

Good – if your Mike is ready – then Saturday night might be the one for you to learn about life.

Mike drove me home and we kissed passionately at the front of my home and he said you were magnificent – I hope the other guys enjoy you as much as I have – thank you for a wonderful evening. Jane is extremely happy.

When I got inside I rang Mike and said can you come over.

He said it’s almost midnight –

I said I know but this is really important and I am sure you will not be unhappy.

He said you don’t want sex do you.

I laughed and said wait until you get here but the answer will be NO.

Mike and I sat together and we talked until 2 am – at first he wasn’t really happy that another man had fucked me. After I had explained what it was all about he was a bit like me and said he wasn’t sure – it sounded too good to be true – at first. He was surprised that I thought it might be a good experience for us – I knew I wanted to be fucked by Dan again – for sure. He was concerned about the other people and I did not know who they were. I assured him if they were anything like Jane and Dan then they would be all right. He was curious about Jane.

I said I would ring Jane the next day and see if she could entertain him as well.

There is a lot to be written yet – keep watching.

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