Our boobs are hot for each other

Jean came by a week later and they chatted for a while
and went to a movie. At the end of the evening, she
finally broached the subject she had really come over to
talk about.
“Listen, my younger sister Betty is here at the
college this year, a freshman. She’s pledging one of the
sororities and they have to go through hell night in a
week. It’s one of those things they do to scare and
embarrass them. In this case, they are a pretty straight
house, but hire a bunch of local lesbian housewives to come
in for the evening and, well, they blindfold the girls in
motel rooms and these women come in and make love to them.
Most of the time the girls are OK afterwards and everyone
has a good laugh, but as far as I know, my sister is pretty
straight and I think it’s going to freak her out. I
thought, maybe we could take some of the shock out of it if
you were to, well, take her out and show her it’s not so
bad and make her more at ease about it.”
“Well, I can at least meet her and see if she wants to
talk about it. She could always not pledge the place.”
“She feels she has to go through with it or Mom would
be mad at her.”
Two nights later, Traci waited in the student union
and soon spotted Betty looking around for her. She waved
and Betty headed over toward her table. Betty was a blond
and very pretty. In spite of being in jeans and a
sweatshirt, it was obvious she was at least as well built
as her sister, with even bigger tits and just as tight an
They introduced themselves and chatted about school
for a while.
“My sister said you might be able to give me some tips
to help me get through hell night.”
“Well, it depends. What is it that bothers you about
“I heard. Well, I heard that they do perverted things
and make you feel like you want to die afterwards. I’m not
sure I want to do this.”
“Well, I think it all depends on what you consider
perverted, I guess. Why don’t we go somewhere else more
private and talk.”
They went over to an apartment rented by a friend of
Heather’s, who had gone out for the night. Heather opened
a bottle of wine, poured two glasses and handed one to
Betty got right to the point. “I’ve never had another
woman touching me, you know, I mean sexually. I just never
did anything like that before. I’m not sure how I’d react
to someone, I mean a woman, doing things like that to
“Have you ever touched another woman in a sexual way?”
“No, never. I mean, Several of my girl friends have
fooled around a little at sleep overs, but I never got
involved.” She drained her glass and poured another one.
Heather said. “If you want to go through hell night,
you have to be at ease with being touched a little.”
“I don’t know what to do. I just don’t think women
are supposed to be like that with each other.”
“Look, I think I know a way to get you more at ease.
Do you trust me?”
“I think so. I mean, I don’t think you’d hurt me. My
sister said she considered you very close and I respect her
opinion of people.”
Heather started going around the room, turning off the
lights. Finally, she turned off the last one. It was very
dim in the room, but she could see Betty sitting on the
side of the sofa. She came over and sat next to her.
“I want you to undress me.”
“Take my clothes off. It’ll help you be at more at
Betty hesitated, but finally, fortified a bit by the wine,
she put her glass down and started to unbutton Heather’s blouse.
She eased it out of Heather’s jeans and slid it down off her
shoulder and off her arms. Heather had on a blue lace teddy and
her big tits were straining at the top. Betty was a bit
surprised at the large tits in front of her and even more
surprised at her sudden arousal from seeing them, but tore her
eyes away.
Her jeans came next and Heather stood up to help her,
her flat stomach and pussy right in Betty’s face as she
worked at the snap and zipper. Easing them off her hips,
she slid them down to the floor.
She hesitated.
“Now the teddy.” Heather whispered.
Betty slowly reached in between Heather’s legs and
found the snap. The heat from Heather’s pussy was hot on
her fingers as she fumbled and released the bottom of the
teddy. Standing up, she eased the straps off Heathers
shoulders, then, her hands shaking a little, slid her
fingers alongside Heathers breasts and pulled them free.
Now she really stared. They were almost as big as her own,
but rode even higher on her smaller frame, making them seem
even larger. They had large, swollen nipples, uplifted on
the ends. Her face flushed, but she eased the teddy down
off Heather and then she was naked. Now they stood, Betty
finding it hard to take her eyes off Heather’s tits.
“You have a great shape.”
“You mean I have great tits and you wonder what it’d
be like to touch them.”
“I don’t..”. It was true, she did want to touch them, and
felt very confused.
“Yes you do. It’s perfectly OK. I don’t mind. Play all you
want. I think it’s healthy to like someone else to think you’re
sexy and want to play with your body. My tits just love being
rubbed and I do it to myself all the time. Don’t you?”
Betty bit her lip as she tentatively reached out and ran a
finger over the swell of Heather’s right breast. It was as firm
as it looked. When she reached the nipple, Heather sighed and
Betty looked up. Heather’s eyes were closed and she had a dreamy
look on her face. Betty began running her fingers and then her
palm over the wonderful breasts. Heather’s breathing was getting
ragged. Betty was surprised to find herself even more turned on.
Finally she stopped and Heather opened her eyes.
“Now it’s my turn.”
Betty trembled, but did not stop Heather as a finger
began tracing the heavy fullness of each breast through the
fabric, finally circling each nipple until it began to
tighten and stand up. Betty’s breathing began to tighten.
Heather said, “Now, let’s get rid of the sweatshirt.” She
reached down and peeled it off over her head, then sat back
down. Her fingers now traced the same curves on the bare
skin and Betty felt her chest beginning to tingle and the
nipples ache. After several minutes, Heather began to
lightly pinch and pull on each nipple and Betty gave out
little moans, in spite of herself. Her eyes were still
closed. Heather stopped and Betty finally opened her eyes.
Heather handed her her wine.
“I did like that, I must admit.” She laughed softly.
“If that’s all they do, the worst is that I might get
turned on. Hell, I can handle that.”
“Well, they probably will go a little further than
that. And you should be prepared. Let me show you.”
She leaned forward slowly and pulled one of the still
swollen nipples deep into her hot mouth and sucked gently
on it, running her tongue around it and over the sensitive
tip. The warm wetness of her mouth and the pulling and
rubbing hit Betty in little shocks between her legs. In
seconds, she was lubricating again. Her hand came up to
move Heather’s head away, but the sucking continued and
instead, she found herself pulling Heather into her swollen
boob and closing her eyes. God, this felt sooooo good.
Heather was leaning her head back, pulling the heavy breast
up and away from Betty by the swollen nipple, now trapped
in the wet suction of her mouth. Betty could feel her twat
tingle and she shocked herself by beginning to moan loudly.
Heather then moved over to the other tit and then
began giving each equal time. Betty got more and more
turned on. After a few minutes and with a great effort of
personal control, she pulled back. Betty was trembling and
had a dreamy look on her face. She opened her eyes.
She whispered, “That was VERY nice. Gosh, I wish boys
knew how to do me like that. All they do is rub them a few
times and then want to screw. Well, is there anything else
they could do? I mean, I don’t want to be surprised and
grossed out.”
She pulled Betty’s head down and said, “Suck on me.”
Betty didn’t hesitate, but pulled a nipple into her
mouth and pulled. She wasn’t sure how to do this right,
but was gentle and used her tongue like Heather had on her.
Every since she had exposed Heather’s chest, she had
surprised herself by wanting to suck on these nipples. She
was surprised and fascinated at the nipple growing longer
and longer in her mouth.
“MMmmmmmm. Goood. Ohhhh, suck it a little harder.
Thhaaatt’ss reallll gooooood. Mmmmmmmm. Ohhhhh…”
Heather was beginning to babble a little as Betty’s now
very eager mouth pulled her nipple out to full length and
then washed it over and over with a hot raspy tongue.
Betty could hear Heather beginning to gasp a little and
finally stopped, staring at the two inch long nipples
pointed out at her. She eased forward and her own tight
nipples rubbed against Heather’s. She rocked back and
forth and from side to side and they rubbed against each
“Our boobs are hot for each other. Our nipples look
like little cocks. Mine have never stood out like this.
They hurt a little, but this feels good.”
Heather found this sudden eagerness not exactly what
she had expected.
“Is there anything else they might do to me? I mean,
as long as we’ve gone this far, we might as well be sure
there isn’t anything else.”
Heather stood her up and unsnapped Betty’s jeans and
pulled them down. Betty stepped out of them. Heather slid
her finger around the top of her panties and slid them off,
brushing her pussy with a finger. Betty stiffened. Boob
sucking was one thing, put fooling with her twat was a
little beyond the point she suddenly thought she was willing…
“Sit down” She sat.
Heather began rubbing the inside of her thighs while
looking straight into her eyes. Each rub brought her
closer to Betty’s crotch and Betty began to anticipate what
was going to happen next. And it did. Heather let her
finger lightly touch the twat and then began to trace the
lips, already slightly wet from Betty’s arousal.
Betty’s hips jerked and began to try to thrust at
Heather’s finger. Her pussy was on fire from the first
touch and Heather began to push a finger between the lips
and was met with hot come, soaking her fingers. Betty
moaned and gasped. She was always a little horny, and now
she was being finger fucked by an expert.
“Oh, my. Oh, my. I need to …Ohhh… Mmmmmmm. ”
Heather’s finger slid up into a very tight twat to the
second knuckle and began working in and out. “Yesssss.
OH. YESSSSS. Fuck it, Fuck it.” She had her hands on
Heather’s shoulders and got hotter and hotter. She had
leaned back on the sofa and now Heather was leaning over
her, two heavy breasts hanging in her face. She added
another finger and Betty groaned loudly.
“Oh, Heather, please make me come. I need to come.
Pleeeeease. Oh. Oh. ” Heather went to her knees and
replaced her finger with her tongue. Betty was shocked to
see Heather go down and start to eat her, but the first
rasp of her tongue on her aroused clit drove her even
deeper into her passion and her back stiffened. Heather
grasped her hips and drove her tongue deep into her,
flipping the tip in circles as she went in and out. Betty
was humping and shaking, falling back against the rear of
the sofa, her head back, back arched and ass coming off the
“Gunnnnnnnn. Suck…. Oh, shit. Fuck.. fuck..FUCK
I’M COMING….!” She humped and came into Heather’s mouth.
It was followed by a second orgasm. Finally, they stopped
and Heather sat by her side, sipping on her wine and
stroking Betty’s arm.
Betty sat up. “I. I guess I got carried away.” She
couldn’t look at Heather.
“Did you enjoy that?”
“Yes. No one’s ever made me come like that, ever.”
“Well, that’s the worst they will do, as far as anyone
“You mean, make me come like that?”
“I won’t have to, well, do that to them in return?”
“I doubt it, you’d have to cooperate too much for that
to happen. They can do you, but you don’t have to do them,
if you know what I mean.”
“But, I mean, maybe they could make me. I think I
should be prepared to do it.”
“Well, like I said, I don’t…”
“I’m not taking any chances.” She pushed Heather back
and went to her knees. “They could make it a test or
something.” With only a moments hesitation, she parted her
legs and went up between them. She stared at the damp twat
in front of her, closed her eyes and eased forward, tongue
out. The sensation was both pleasing and wetter than she
expected. But she worked at it eagerly and soon Heather
was gasping and humping against her mouth and tongue.
“God, Betty, you are sooooo goooood .. at….thissss.
Oh. Mmmmm. Mmmmmmm. MMMMMMMM.” She humped harder and
harder and came, waves passing up from her cunt to belly.
Betty, her unusually long tongue deep in Heather’s twat,
felt the muscles tighten around her tongue and try to pull
it inside. She was barely able to keep up with Heather’s
uncontrollable humping and thrusting against the passion in
her cunt. The sudden large flood of come was unexpected,
but she swallowed it all. She finally pulled out and
looked down at her tits and found herself very aroused
again from getting Heather off.
“Look at my tits, shit, I’m horny again.”
“I know, it always gets to me too. And with girls,
there’s no waiting.” Heather leaned her back and ate her
again, very slowly. This time Betty started to whimper and
moan, legs wrapped eagerly around Heather’s head, holding
her in position. Then, finally coming with grunts and a
shriek, a copious discharge shooting into Heather’s mouth,
eagerly awaiting it.
The rest of the evening went quickly as they drank
more wine and played with each other some more.
They parted with a kiss and Betty made it into the
sorority with ease. She complained and bitterly denounced
her experience to all the other pledges and sorority
sisters, but then snuck over to Heather’s dorm room and
told Heather she had gotten the other woman off six times
in two hours and came four times herself. She still had
the woman’s come stained panties as a prize, pulling them
out of her jeans. Heather laughed, locked the door and
stripped her pants off and they ate each other for two
hours until Betty had to stop from shear exhaustion. From
then on, her sex life took a decided turn upward. She had
never anticipated her Freshman year would be quite so
active, or different. Heather bought her some Ben-Wa balls and
taught her how to use them. Jean commented that Betty had never
smiled so much and that she was glad that the talking to
that Heather had given Betty had helped her so much.
Yeah, Heather thought, I gave her a real tongue lashing.

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