Back and forth, back and forth

I began these stories while on business trips years ago, using
a laptop on planes and in the hotel at night to fill time. I
have no real idea why I suddenly started writing erotic stories,
since at the time I had been writing a series of Sherlock
Holmes stories, which are as chaste as you can get. There
is now quite a bit of “Heather” and her activities, but I wrote
most of them in several very long narratives, so I am breaking them
down into smaller chunks for the A.S.S. gang, hopefully
choosing logical break points. To my knowledge, they are
primarily [F/F], always consenting, with occasional light
bondage, dom, anal, and lots of good healthy masturbation. Being
a guy, I hope I’ve gotten the sex reasonable close. If not,
any constructive comments should be posted to or sent to my id. I will respond.

For the women readers, if you enjoy these, or could enjoy them
more with certain changes, let me know what I should put in to help
you along. Heather is unlikely to turn into a
Dominatrix, or become a serious submissive, yet such changes
in erotic and sexual tastes do occur in people as they mature,
so Heather might surprise us some day.

Yes, I know I’ve given Heather a body that borders of the absurd,
but, heck, all these things do exist in nature, so I just loaded
her up to make things interesting. It IS a guy’s fantasies
here. I hope my women readers will allow for that. And
finally, yes, I know you aren’t going to find any lectures on
safe sex, VD, AID’s, etc within the text. These characters live
in a world where those things aren’t a problem, people take
baths, showers, and are clean in their habits. We should be
so lucky. So, PRACTICE SAFE SEX! There. Now get out your
toys, get your sticky fingers off the keyboard and mouse,
and enjoy… (I hope)


Well, it wouldn’t be long now, Heather thought. She
pulled the towel out from around her and stood in front of
the long mirror on the wall. To say she was stunning was an
understatement. Long dark hair with a body perm spilled
over her shoulders and half way down her back. Thick and
full, as it brushed her skin, she could feel her arousal
starting just from its feel on her back.
She had one of those body types that some would argue
was too skinny, but slight was a better word. Her thinness
did all the more to show off her very large, full breasts.
High breasted, with nipples that stood out even when not
aroused, tonight, they were beginning to extend at the mere
thought of Janet coming over for the night. Her breasts
were even more remarkable in that there was still not the
slightest hint of sag, in spite of their size. Usually she
dressed to tone down her shape, but tonight, she wanted
Janet to notice her tits. God, did she ever want Janet.
She scanned down over a flat, hard belly to the dark,
thick pubic hair that covered her cunt. It lay in a mat and
she idly ran her fingers through it to pull it out to it’s
fullest. It was as thick as her hair and continued between
her legs and when she walked without panties on, she could
feel it brush between her legs and it always excited her.
God, everything excited her. Since she was fifteen
years old, she found out that practically anything touching
her skin was enough arouse her. The first time she had an
orgasm was walking to high school with her first pair of
pantyhose on. The friction between her legs as she walked
on that cold winter day set her clit tingling. It rose, as
it always did, and tried to poke out between her cunt lips
but was stopped by the nylon fabric. Already wet, it rubbed
gently against the fabric, giving her what felt like tiny
electric shocks each time a leg swung forward. At the end
of three blocks, she was breathing hard and could feel her
nipples tight against the bra strapping down her now swollen
breasts. In the middle of the street, it hit her and she
almost passed out as the orgasm started between her legs and
passed up her body. She grabbed the light pole next to her
just in time as a second orgasm ripped through
her, more powerful than the first. Out of breath, she let
her head clear and realized what had just happened. And
frankly, loved it! By the time she got to school, she had
three more and had to go to the girls room to dry herself.
From that moment on, she had found that many things
could bring her to orgasm. She experimented over every part
of her body and spent many a night in her room while
studying, rubbing this or that to see what effect it had.
One night, as she wrote out a homework assignment, her thumb
and index finger on the other hand had idly slipped inside
her blouse and began rubbing her nipple. Since her breasts
had begun to swell, her nipples always felt as though they
were connected to her clit with an electric wire. A couple
of good squeezes and she got wet. A few more and her clit
extended. A few more and she was breathing hard and within a
minute, she came. That night, she wasn’t really aware that she
was feeling herself up until she stopped writing for a moment and
realized she was hot and getting more worked up by the moment.
As her fingers tightened on her tit, the sparks began to fly and
she began to grunt slightly as the waves of pleasure began
to hit her full force. A moment later her back straightened
and then curved back and she pulled the blouse from her
shoulders to expose her breasts to the coolness of the room.
The other nipple hardened immediately and she traded hands
and began pulling on both of the nipples, teasing them up to
even greater lengths. This night they never stood any
taller and were extended almost two inches, like small
penises. She pulled them straight out and twisted them back
and forth. Her orgasm hit in a wave and passed through her cunt
and belly. She slumped forward on the desk. As usual, the
next day she got an A on the test. It never hurts to be
fully relaxed! And was she ever.
Boys, well, they never noticed her much, amazingly. She
was not a good dresser at this point in her life, not having
any sisters for an example, and would never quite mastered makeup
until college when a friend, Betty, who was a genus at it,
showed her how to select what was right for her and how to
put it on.
Betty, was quiet girl from a nice town
somewhere in the mid-west who came to college to find a
husband. Basically a plain person with a nice face and very
slim figure, she was inexperienced, to say the least. While
putting on makeup, they started talking about boys and sex
and soon Heather discovered that Betty never masturbated. It
was amazing to her. They worked on the makeup and soon
Heather had to admit that the effect was pretty impressive.
They were having such a good time that she suggested they
share the room that night, since Heather’s roommate had
flunked out. Betty was enthusiastic and went to get some
things. Heather left the makeup on and slipped on a French
cut nighty that she had bought on a bet before she left
home. It lifted her already jutting breasts even more and
held them on a platform of sensuous lace. The nipples were
just barely covered and were pushing at the material.
Heather could feel her breath tighten as the door opened and
Betty came back in.
She stood looking at Heather and said “God, you’re
beautiful. Stunning is the word.”
Heather blushed at the compliment and went over to lock
the door. Betty couldn’t take her eyes off her.
A bottle of wine appeared and they began to take up
where they had left off, talking about boys and sex.
Particularly about sex. Betty changed into a two piece
nighty with a G-string bottom. Her own slight figure had
trouble filling the top.
Her bottom was tight and when she leaned over to pick up
her clothes, a pink asshole presented itself to Heather, who
had a sudden urge to lick it. She had never touched another
girl there, but the urge was strong and surprised her.
Betty kept looking at Heather’s breasts and finally
said. “You’ve got the best boobs I’ve ever seen. The
nipples are so red and long. The guys must be all over you
on dates.” She wet her lips as she said this.
“I rarely date. Most guys never notice me. I have
trouble getting their attention and keep to myself pretty
much.” And beside, she thought, it’s always the girls who
get me hot and bothered anyway. I guess I’m bi, maybe even
a lesbian. The thought wasn’t disturbing to her. She just
accepted that it was who she was. Her Mom and Dad had never
said anything to her, other than she ought to get out more.
She wondered if they knew. Of course they knew. Parents
are either completely blind, or they don’t miss a trick.
Her’s never missed anything, as she knew. Yes, they knew.
God, Betty’s ass looks good in that outfit.
The wine was disappearing and now Heather suddenly said.
“I can’t believe you’ve never masturbated.”
“It’s always scared me. I get all hot and start
feeling like I need to make noises and then I get afraid
that someone will hear and I just lay there until the
feeling goes away. I just think about something else.” Her
eyes were on Heather’s bushy cunt.
“Well, we’re here alone and everyone else on the floor
all around me either flunked out or is home for the weekend.
Want to give it a try, I mean, just between friends? You
can moan all you want!”
She moved over to Betty and sat next to her on the bunk.
Betty just looked at her and finally her eyes fell to
Heather’s breasts.
“You can touch them if you want.” Heather said softly.
Betty looked up, startled. “I..”
“It’s OK. I’ve watched you looking at them all night.
I wanted you to. You don’t think its weird or anything to
want to touch other people, do you? I certainly don’t think
it’s wrong to get hot for someone once in a while.”
Betty drank her wine, her eyes on Heathers protruding
nipples, finally putting it down. “Would you show me how
you masturbate?”
Heather was already doing it. A finger was slowly
moving over her nipple, teasing it. It already was up three
quarters of an inch and rising. Betty stared, her eyes
round with amazement. A gently squeeze and pull and it was
out past an inch.
“God, that’s beautiful, and amazing. Mine are so
small.” She breathed, her eyes hard on the tit.
She moved a little closer and Heather began to stroke
Betty’s hair with her free hand. The nipple stretched
further and poked out past the finger and thumb that were
rolling it back and forth slowly. Her breathing was
deepening and her lips were open. Her eyes were closing has
the sensations washed over her. Betty moved her head down a
little closer and Heather moved her head back and moaned
Betty said, “I want to touch it.”
A hand moved up slowly and touched the tip of the still
extending nipple. Now almost full length, it extended
almost two inches. Heather shivered and moaned again.
Betty looked in her face and stroked the tip of the nipple
again. Heather sighed and her hand began to move down
Betty’s neck and across the shoulder, brushing the nighty
strap off the shoulder. Betty’s skin felt hot and her own
small pink nipples hardened like pebbles. Heather’s fingers
traced the outline of her shoulder and the nighty fell away,
exposing a small breast the size of a half orange with a
turgid nipple. Her finger went lower and Betty shuddered
and closed her eyes. At the touch of the first finger nail,
she groaned and the finger tightened around the nipple and
she felt an almost electric spark between her legs. The
fingers were rolling the nipple back and forth and pulling
on it gently. Betty always stopped at this point when she
did this to herself, so from this point on, she was in
uncharted territory. Her body was talking a language of
pleasure she had never experienced and she felt herself
sliding down into a warm pool of tingles and fire. So this
is lust, she thought.
In spite of the massive reaction her body was having to
this excitement, she continued to touch Heather’s nipple and
finally reached over and began to stroke the other breast,
bringing it’s nipple to life with her fingers. It seemed so
natural as she leaned over and took the now long nipple into
her mouth and ran her tongue over it. It extended right out
into the top of her mouth and she felt a wave of heat in her
mouth. Her own nipples were hard and now Heather was
beginning the pant.
“I’m going to come. Oh, God, that’s good. Oh, Oh,
Ungh, Unch, Unnnnnnnnnnnn.” She started to shake and came
hard. Betty pulled her head away and watched. Her own body
was shaking and Heather’s hand pulled away as she came.
Betty had never heard of anyone being able to come simply
from having their nipples sucked and she was surprised and
very, very excited by it.
Heather put her head down and said, “Let’s do you,
babe.” And starting sucking on Betty’s tit. Betty groaned
and groaned.
“Shit. Crap. Oh, shit. Suck it. Oh, suck it.”
She was on fire. Heather pushed her on her back and
kept sucking, moving from one tit to the other. Her own
excitement grew again. Betty began tossing her hips and
moving her head from side to side. Heather slipped a finger
under Betty’s G-string and began to stroke the pubic hair.
The smell of hot cunt filled the room and Betty began to cry
out. A finger slipped inside the inner fold and found the
turgid clit. As soon as it brushed by, Betty arched up off
the bed and came, groaning loudly and grunting as the waves
of pleasure gripped her stomach and interrupted her
breathing. Heather slipped a finger inside her own cunt and
came again as well.
They lay in each other’s arms for a long time and
finally Betty said. “So that’s what an orgasm feels like.
I’ve wanted it for a long time. But I always assumed it
would be with a boy.”
“Are you disappointed?”
“I don’t think so. It felt great. Really great.”
Her hand was slowing tracing Heather’s breasts again and
she closed her eyes, feeling the long nipple come up in her
hand. “You get so incredibly long, isn’t that
“Sometimes, but other times, I cut holes in my bra and
let them rub on a particularly sexy fabric and it feels
They stood up. Heather had another surprise for Betty.
“If you think they get long, you should see my clit. I
could probably fuck you with it if we tried hard enough!”
Betty sat up. “Let me see.” Heather smiled and sat up.
“Sit on the floor.”
Betty pulled a throw rug over and put a pillow under her
ass and stared between Heather’s legs. She was wet from her
orgasms and the outer lips were still swollen, exposing the
inner lips.
As Heather began to run her hands lightly around her
nipples and the top of her cunt, her clitoris began to
extend and poke out. Betty leaned closer. It came out,
finally, almost three quite incredible inches of it.
Heather ran a finger slowly over it’s length and felt a
massive orgasm building. She was having difficulty
breathing or concentrating. “I’m going to come,” she
mumbled, groaning deep in her throat.
“No, wait, I’m going to suck you off.” Betty moved
Heather’s hand away, amazed at herself even as she said it.
It was true. She felt she NEEDED to feel that unusual and
erotic member deep in her throat at that moment, more than
anything she had ever wanted.
She leaned forward and took the tip in her mouth.
Heather jerked and gasped. Betty leaned further forward and
slowly took the length into her mouth. The taste of another
woman was exciting and she finally had her nose buried
inside her cunt. She ran her tongue over its length
and began to suck. Heather shuddered and climaxed. Her
hips were thrusting off the bed as she leaned back and
grunted, over and over. The clit grew slightly more firm
and was poking Betty in the back of the throat. Heather
yelled out as she climaxed again. A flood of cunt juice was
pouring out of Heather and down Betty’s throat. Finally,
with a last gentle lick, she pulled back and licked her
lips. She had just gone down on another woman and found the
experience delightful. Even as she thought it, she was
amazed at herself the more.
Heather fell back on the bed and whispered, “I have to
Betty stroked her own small clitoris and within seconds,
her back started to arch and she came, her butt bouncing off
the floor and she ended up on her side, breathless.
They lay like that a long time and finally, Heather
reached down and offered her some more wine. They sat and
stoked each other for a while and suddenly Betty said.
“Fuck me with it. It certainly is long enough. Let’s try.”
Heather said, “I’ve never done that, I mean with anybody.”
“We can figure it out. Sit up with your legs apart and
your knees up.” Betty swung around and stuck her legs past
Heather’s sides and inched forward. Heather’s wonderful
breasts pushed against the inside of her thighs and as Betty
moved forward, their wet pussies slowly pushed together.
Both were still swollen and slick from the night’s earlier
activities and suddenly, the lips were sliding over each
other. Betty’s cunt was low between her legs and Heather’s
was high, almost in front of her. They fit together as
Betty leaned back on her elbows and Heather began to lift
her butt up and down. The lips continued to slide over each
other and fresh cum began to flow from both of them.
Suddenly, Betty felt something hard between her lips and it
kept growing.
“That’s it. That’s it. It’s growing. Fuck me,
Heather, with your wonderful clit. Oh, it’s so long.” It
was now up in her good, a slim penis. Heather’s hips were
moving with a life of their own and her head was back again.
Their cunts pushed together and suddenly, Betty bucked
too hard and the clit pulled free and ran back into her ass
crack and poked at her sphincter. She shuddered and
trembled. It was so wet back there that Heather felt no
discomfort, just an even stronger need to thrust.
“Oh, shit, babe, you give good pussy. Oh, fuck it, fuck
Betty pushed forward again and the clit slipped back
inside. She pulled back and it slid up her crack again.
Back and forth, back and forth, from the bottom of her pussy
to her asshole. Her own hips were lunging and twisting.
On one of the stokes, they got out of sync and suddenly,
the narrow, long clit slid up inside Betty’s ass.
Her eyes popped open and she gasped. “I don’t think…”
But Heather was beyond listening or caring. “Oh, god,
you are so tight, I’m coming……”
Heather’s butt was banging away relentlessly on Betty’s
and the clit was reaming out her tight asshole. Betty
struggled to gain some clearance and even felt another
orgasm building in spite of the surprise sensations. Or
maybe because of them? All she knew was that her clit was
on fire and the friction on her pussy and the deep probing
of her ass was getting her hotter than she had ever
experienced. Her ass tightened even more and she came with
Heather, both crying out loudly.
After cleaning up a bit, they hugged and stroked each
other long into the night, finally, forming a sixty-nine
and giving each other several more powerful orgasms before
they drifted off to sleep.
They never made love again after that night of excess,
but did share stories. Betty found a great guy and drifted
off into another social world.
But now Heather’s thoughts turned back to Janet, who
would be along soon. She was already wet with anticipation.

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