Annie’s Pictures

“Let’s look at those pictures again,” John said

“What pictures?” Annie asked.

“Of you and Phillip. You know, your honeymoon pictures.”

“Of us fucking?” Annie smiled impishly.


“I can’t believe you like to look at those,” Annie shook
her head. “You’d think after marrying me you wouldn’t
want those things around.”

“You’re so beautiful and you look so hot when you’re
having sex,’ John told her.

“So have sex with me.”

“After we look at those pics again.”

Annie laughed and stood up to retrieve her collection,
“Maybe you should put one in your wallet so you can jack
off to it at work.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” John kidded back. “Help me pick

Annie returned with a shoebox of pictures and dropped it
on the table, “There they are.”

“Tell me about them again,” John said leaning back and
watching his wife pull out the top picture.

“Ok,” Annie said a little reluctantly. “Here’s me giving
him head in the back of the limo right after the

“It looks like you can barely get your mouth around it,”
John smiled rubbing his crotch.

“Phillip was a big boy,” Annie smiled. “But that’s what
you like about him isn’t it?”

“Didn’t you like it?”

“I loved it,” Annie smirked, “but this isn’t normally
the kind of thing you share with your new husband.”

“So how long did you give him head that time?”

“All the way to the airport,” Annie reflected. “Here’s
another picture. See, he’s got his pants around his
knees there.”

“And you’re licking his balls.”

“He loved it when I licked his balls,” Annie smiled.
“One time I made him cum just by licking his balls.”

“Wow,” John groaned unzipping his pants. “Tell me more.”

“Well there isn’t much more,” Annie admitted. “Here are
the pictures of him cumming in my mouth. We had to have
the driver wait till he was ready. We almost missed the

“I see he likes to make a mess on your face,” John
smiled as he pulled out his hard dick and stroked it

“ALL you guys like to make a mess on my face,” Annie

“ALL US GUYS?” John scoffed. “Just how many guys have
cum on your face Annie?”

“I’ve sucked my fair share of cocks,” Annie admitted. “I
wasn’t always the sweet little angel you see before you
now. How do you think I got so good at it?”

“And you ARE good at it,” John praised her. “Where’s
that picture where he squirts on your chin?”

“Here,” Annie said pulling it out. “He got some in my
hair too. I didn’t realize it till we were on the plane.
It was so embarrassing.”

“Oh and look at this one, it’s running down your neck!”
John gasped.

“And that was AFTER I swallowed three gulps. “Phillip
always did cum a truck load.”

“But you love making a guy cum,” John stroked himself.
“Don’t you? You had to like that.”

“Yes I like making a man cum,” Annie admitted. “It’s my
way of knowing I did a good job.”

“You certainly must have done a good job for Phillip.”

“Mmm,” Annie reflected. “Yes I did.”

“So then you got to the hotel.” John prompted.

“Yeah, here we are undressing.”

“Look at your face,” John smiled. “You want it bad!”

“Hell yes,” Annie laughed. “Phillip had 12 inches of
hard cock that wouldn’t go down. I knew after sucking
him off earlier he was going to last a long time.”

“How long?” John asked.

“If I hadn’t sucked him off first? About an hour, maybe
more. But I knew that since I had sucked him off he was
going to last at least 2 hours maybe more before his
first cum.”

“Before the FIRST time?” John exclaimed.

“Oh yeah,” Phillip is a real quick reloader. “He usually
fucked me dry before he’d cum a third time.”

“He has a 12 inch cock, can keep it up for hours and
hours on end and you divorced him?”

“It was all our relationship was, fucking. He’d come
home from work, fuck me till dinner, we’d eat, go back
and fuck till bedtime and start it all over again after
we were ready to sleep.”

“And you complained?”

“I love sex don’t get me wrong,” Annie smiled. “Problem
is I loved his cock more than I loved him. When he got
in that car wreck and couldn’t have sex anymore I
realized that was the whole basis of our relationship so
I divorced him.”

“More pictures.”

“Oh yes, here is where we started. He laid me on my back
on the bed and put that monster right were it belonged.”

“God you look so good,” John smiled.

“It felt so good John,” Annie rubbed her legs
remembering. “After 3 hours on the plane my pussy needed
it so bad. God I loved his cock!”

“Tell me about it!” John panted stroking his cock as he
stared at the picture of his wife with her long legs
wrapped around another man, a giant fat cock stuffed
deep inside her cunt.

“Oh God, even the camera man we hired to photograph us
all week was jerking off watching us.”

“I can imagine!”

“I’d never felt that full in my life John,” Annie pulled
her skirt up as she worked her hand between her legs. “I
felt my tight pussy stretched out around his massive
shaft and I just held on as he pounded me over and

“Oh baby, yes. More!”

“I was cumming!” Annie panted. “I was cumming right away
and I asked the camera man to take pictures of me
cumming. Here!”

“Look at you!” John groaned. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Look at this one,” Annie panted heavily. “You can see
my cum on his balls, see this one? My cum running down

“But he kept on going?” John asked.

“Phillip drilled me into that fucking bed honey. I was
screaming, clawing his back. Look see the marks? God the
neighbors hated us.”

“You’re so beautiful.”

“Phillip fucked me hard for over an hour like that
banging the headboard of our bed into the wall in a
fantastic rhythm. Then when he got tired he asked me to
take over for a while.”

“Oh yes, get the pictures. I love it when you’re on

“The camera man had already blown his wad all over our
rug but we reminded him that we were paying him to keep
taking pictures. He got a great picture of me about to
put that big cock back inside me. See?”

“It’s so big looking!” John gawked.

“Biggest fucking cock I’ve ever had honey. Look at this
one. I’m spreading my ass so you can see his big cock
sliding inside me. The camera man loved it!”

“I love it too,” John smiled.

“I wish you could have been there to watch.”

“Look, Phillips, grabbing you’re hips.”

“Oh God yes! He couldn’t wait to get it all inside me
again, so he just pulled me down on it. I started riding
his big cock up and down, you know, real quick like. I
could feel his big balls slapping my ass and I started
cumming again.”

“I love this picture,” John said. “He’s got his finger
in your ass.”

“Oh he used to tease me about putting his cock up my ass
but I would never let him do that. Not with something
that big so he settled for fingering me every now and

“You let me fuck you in the ass,” John said.

“Ya but you’re only 8 inches, not 12. Eight inches up my
ass hurts as it is, twelve would kill me. And then after
about an hour more of me riding his big cock and cumming
two more times Phillip came.”

“Jesus look at that! Right up your back!”

“Shot it clear up into my hair again.”

“It’s all over your back and God look at this, all over
your ass.”

“Phillip held me tight against him and just jerked off
all over my ass. Look at this one. The camera man loved
this one.”

“His cum’s running between your cheeks and dripping off
your pussy.

“He said it was a beautiful shot.”

“It is.”

“God I miss his cock.”

“Look,” John said in all seriousness. “You deserve more
than my measly 8 inches. You deserve a 12 inch giant
like Phillip.”

“What are you saying?” Annie asked.

“I’m saying I want you to find a man who can fuck you
like Phillip used to.”

“But I promised I would be faithful to you.”

“Fuck faithful!” John snapped. “You love giant cock.
You’re only going to be happy if you’re so stuffed full
of cock you can hardly breath and you know it.”

“But it’s not fair to you.”

“What’s not fair is not letting me take those pictures
the first time. What’s not fair is you living with a 8
inch prick when you could have so much more.”


“But nothing,” John insisted. “I want you to do it. I
want to watch.”

“But.” Annie tried to say again.

“I wont hear anymore about it. I want this as much as
you do.”

“BUT JOHN!” Annie snapped.


“Where am I going to find a guy with a 12 inch cock

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