Spin The Bottle

Too much tequila for an unlucky girl having a horny tail
wanting to sperm her. The game leads to other sinister
things and she foolishly pays the ultimate young girls

Strange things happen in youth, you don’t realize it
until you’re older and wiser, then you wish you could
relive it again, but that’s another tale. Sit down, my
friend, while I tell you a fable…

A bet gone terribly wrong, after playing spin the bottle
for a few minutes when we all decided that we ought to
drink some tequila after a friend found some in the in

It was just the 4 of us, 2 girls, a friend and I, the
girls drank the most tequila, I didn’t mind, since I
wanted one of them, who is Rachel to get drunk in the
hope that I could fuck her later on, as the night went
on, I managed to win the game, after it got boring, to
make it interesting we decided to play for money, $5 a
spin, since I had won the last few games, I knew this was
going to be easy…

Rachel was losing money and fast, so much that she
started taking pieces of her clothes to pay because she
still wanted to play some more and win some money back,
she was down to her underwear when she stopped playing, I
told her that if she drank what was left of the bottle of
tequila, which wasn’t much anyways, she could play one
last round, with a bit of hesitation she drank it till
the last drop.

One last spin and she was completely out, I really wanted
Rachel, so I told her that she still had one more article
of clothing, her under wear, she sneered at me and said,
“Only in your dreams.”

Then I gave her something to think about, I told her that
I would return all her money if she would let me go down
on her, she told me to fuck off, so I told her that she
couldn’t play anymore since she had no more money to
continue playing.

Reluctantly she said that she would let me but only for a
little while, so we got up and headed upstairs.

I told her to wait for me upstairs first, since I was
going to talk to Mark and Sarah who were still playing, I
told them that if they heard anything, that it was just
us fooling around and not to go up and see what is going
on, then I turned on the stereo in the hallway and headed

Mark and Sarah weren’t really a couple officially, they
were like sexual rendezvous, mixed in a cloud of smoke
and mirrors, they would always fool around but admitted
solely to being really good friends, Mark knew how badly
I wanted to get into Rachel’s pants, but was surprised
that Sarah was being overly naive about the entire night,
there was something sinister about her that I could not
get about her.

No time to waste pondering about something else, all I
needed was to think about Rachel’s sex to easily forget
about the mysterious Sarah.

Once inside the room, I tried to kiss her Rachel but was
met with resistance, she told me to hurry up, so I told
her not to be shy and kissed her forcefully, she
surrendered to my anxious tongue as it entered her mouth,
my lips crushing her down into the bed.

I reached down and began to stroke Rachel’s firm tummy in
little circles that grew progressively bigger, reaching
her panties and slowly moving my hand over her Venus
mound, feeling the thick hair bristle underneath my
fingers, I felt her stiffen and moan in protest but I
continued my assault.

I reached over and grasped her panties from either side
pulling them down slowly down her legs, she struggled a
bit but then unwillingly opened her legs just a bit to
let me continue my stimulation on her moist area, getting
my face in between Rachel was easy, but stimulating her
was another, she was sort of new to all this since she
was a virgin, but it didn’t take too long for my tongue
to moisten her love canal.

After what seemed hours of me licking her clit, she began
making small moaning noises, I knew then that she was
getting pretty aroused, my dick was hard as a rock and it
stuck out like a rocket, I couldn’t take the pressure of
my balls aching and heavy with cum.

I laid fully on top of Rachel, she struggled to move some
more to get free, she knew she was in a vulnerable
position with me on top of her and desperately tried to
push me off, but I wasn’t going anywhere until I felt
release in that moist canal of hers, with my dick being
buried to the hilt.

I placed my knee against her tightly held legs and
applied a steady pressure to open them up a bit, “come on
Rachel” I told her, I could tell that the tequila was
finally kicking in, felling her nice round breasts
pressing onto my chest.

After the constant pressure to her legs, she finally gave
way a little, she slowly spread them wider while the
alcohol began to inhibit her mind and her thinking, my
knee working its way towards her pussy, her legs finally
gave out and she spread her legs even wider, making my
knee stop at her pussy where I slowly ground my knee into
her wet slit and felt her cunt lips, warm and wet as I
made contact with them.

I continued the assault on her, wearing her down, bit by
bit, with my other hand I reached down to my dick and
guided its swollen head into her wet hole and thrust
forward, but missed and only brushed my dick across her
wet pussy lips, lubricating the glands of the corona. I
tried once again and I felt my dick enter her stargate.

Rachel was only 15 years old and a virgin, but did I
didn’t care, no, all I wanted was to come in her pussy,
to feel the release that I wanted from her so bad.
Watching my swollen prick spread the plump lips of
Rachel’s gate was probably the most beautiful sight I’ve
ever seen, then the corona made it inside. I could feel
her pussy lips clinging tight around my penis head, but I
wanted more inside her, so I pushed some more and managed
to put a few more inches until I felt her cherry, her
hymen, she was mine, and no one could take that away from
me at this very moment.

She knew what I was going to do and tried desperately to
get free, and moved even more, but that didn’t help her
since she was really wet, my dick just got pushed in a
little deeper, grabbing her arms and placing them above
her head, I tried once more to push my dick in some more,
and with that I broke her hymen, she screamed out loud
and moved wildly as the pain began to settle in her mind.

She began to quiet down. Rachel felt the cock inside her
and to her horror; she began to get aroused, her cunt
muscles eagerly started to suck on the dick inside of
her, urging it to move back and forth. She could feel my
heavy balls on the red, puffed up lips of her vagina and
imagined how swollen they must be. The amount of cum that
was inside them.

I felt my dick, completely buried in her hot pussy, she
was beginning to get into it as I could feel her getting
really moist and my dick was slowly moving from the
lubrication that she was freely giving to me, this was a
good thing for I was about to start fucking her real

Tears flared anew as the sides of my cock slid across the
slick and narrow passageway.

I was dimly aware of the lewd, wet squelching noises as
my cockhead mashed again and again into the very end of
her pussy, twisting my hips in a corkscrew motion as I
strove to drill deeper into her loins.

Groaning, I started to move faster, sliding the length of
my cock until it almost slid out of Rachel’s tight pussy
and then pushing it slowly forward again, the sensitive
underside rubbing repeatedly against the tightness of her
virginal walls. My balls began slapping on her nice round
ass as I kept of fucking her vagina and repeatedly
drilled my dick faster and harder because she was getting
even more wet from the fucking that I was giving her

“Ohhh! Ohh! Ohhh,” I heard Rachel moaning. Her pussy
stuffed, full with my maleness.

Minutes ticked by. I closed my eyes; my movements became
steady, my hot thick flesh sliding smoothly against her
wet, stretched pubic lips as I pumped my organ back and
forth inside her body. Opening my eyes, I looked behind
me, towards the dresser mirror. The sight I saw in the
reflection excited me. I could see behind me, as I bent
over Rachel’s helplessly mounted body, my hips rising and
falling as I rutted into her. I wasn’t able to see
Rachel’s face; all I saw were her thighs, upright and to
each side of my waist. “I was really was fucking her” I
thought, watching the reflection as I pistoned my
thickness in and out of her with renewed force.

The tequila was working well because her eyes were now
half open, lidded, and she was no longer struggling, her
breathing rapid and shallow. The sexual and emotional
torture was too much for her and she finally broke. She
felt the dick inside her, hard and throbbing, in and out,
in and out, she looked at me with half closed eyes and
then all of a sudden screamed at the top of her lungs,
“Wait, please wait, don’t… don’t come inside of me.
pull out… It’s dangerous… I might… get pregnant.”

The fact that Rachel struggled under me as I fucked her
only served to heighten my pleasure. The feeling that I
was overpowering her, and the wonderful sensation of
slipping in and out of her tight little cunt made me
squirm in agony but I was focusing more on the climax
that was to come from all this, when I could fill her
inner walls with my cum, but the fear in her voice,
caused me to pause in mid stroke, making my cock ache.

My logical mind told me to pull out, and shoot my load
onto her stomach but once again I continued to pump into
Rachel harder, now, building up speed. “I can’t I groaned
through clenched teeth, “I can’t… stop!”

I could see Rachel’s eyes filled with fear and disbelief,
the thought of getting pregnant paralyzing her.

She furtively pleaded with me again “Please… Richard…

“OK. OK.” I groaned, I slowed down slightly, trying to
maintain control…

“Oh no you don’t” I heard a female voice say. I looked up
and saw Sarah, Rachel says “Thank God, you’re here Sarah,
please help me,” her voice strained with fear.

Sarah looked back at her with cold eyes. Neither of us
could finally registered what she just said, I couldn’t
believe it, “Go ahead Richard. Don’t hold back. Let
yourself go” Sarah said sitting on the bed next to us.
“It’s going to feel so good…. when you shoot. Look at
how she’s got her legs so spread out for you, come on

I looked and saw a perfect set of smooth legs forced
open, perfectly spread out, with me lewdly stuck in
Rachel’s beautiful sex, I felt my cock inside Rachel’s
tight hole, twitching uncontrollably. Sarah pressed on in
a low, sexy voice “Come inside her Richard. go ahead…
do it!”

I was only a few strokes away from coming, my dick red,
swollen and impossibly hard. Rachel bucked savagely, but
was firmly impaled between the bed and me. Since I wasn’t
doing much Sarah pressed more forcefully, urging me on.
“It’s going to feel so great Richard, pumping your load
into her.

Picture it Richard, Picture it!” She added, her voice an
octave lower, “Don’t worry Richard, she won’t get
pregnant… it’s OK. Richard…it’s OK… to cum, to
shoot all of that hot sperm into that tight little virgin
pussy, YOUR hot sperm, you have gone this far, all you
need now is to claim her your own, you deserve to cum
inside her.”

“Now that we know that she’s not a virgin anymore, why
not give Rachel a taste of things to cum, how it feels to
have a man like you empty his balls into a girls
unwilling vagina, Rachel shaking her head with disbelief,
desperately pleading, “Richard, please don’t do this to
me,” she began to sob softly.
The logical part of me, knew that what I was doing was
wrong. I knew that I should pull out, but… it felt so
good… the incredible sensation I was feeling between
Rachel’s spread legs.

My mind was cloudy, confused… “Shit… but what if I
did get her pregnant what then?”

Sensing this, Sarah suddenly reached over and cupped my
swollen, cum filled balls in her hand, squeezing hard.
The effect was immediate, the sudden stimulation to my
testes pushing me over the edge, causing my cock to
ejaculate uncontrollably. Sarah timed the manipulation of
my sack on my down stroke so that my cum shot out of my
cock deep into Rachel’s vagina. Rachel felt the initial
spurt and shuddered, totally helpless.

After the first powerful discharge of sperm I tried
feebly to pull out, but Sarah pressed me down, applying
more pressure while continuing to stroke and squeeze my
sack, causing me to unconsciously bury the entire length
of my cock, balls deep into Rachel’s swollen pussy.

Once my dick was at the hilt, Rachel sensed this and
foolishly, I clenched her ass muscles in a senseless
gesture of defense, but it was no use because with that I
just gave another push.

I could feel my cockhead expanding and contracting
rapidly, shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into
Rachel’s defenseless womb. I groaned loudly, feeling the
quick contractions, the incredible pleasure. Lying down
her head in a complete state of shock, I think that
Rachel felt my cock, buried to the hilt in her pussy, as
it released a torrent of warm sperm into her, flooding
her insides, where it belonged, making her shiver in
revulsion and fear.

As my cock twitched, releasing the last few globs of my
sperm into her Rachel clamped her ass again trying
anything to stop this violation but managed only to pump
more sperm from my balls and into her already sperm
filled pussy like a vacuum, I continued to pump into her
while a few more spurts continued to be released into her

“Noo! Oh, God, no, no, nooooooo!” Rachel was sobbing

Finally, I collapsed in exhaustion over her. Rachel laid
there, sobbing softly, my weight on her. Rachel could
still feel me deeply inside her, my cock twitching in the
aftereffects of cumming; I could feel the warmth hotness
of my sperm, a fiery pool deep within her insides.

As I pulled away, my now shrunken prick pulled out of her
body, and slapped wetly against my leg. Rachel looked
down at the tiny drop of white leaking from my wilted
penis, and then down to the matching mess I had made of
her formerly neat and tight little vagina. The hole was
slowly closing after I pulled out; her tightness
challenged, but surprisingly not defeated. As Rachel’s
tiny little hole closed, a bubble of white was slowly
forced out, making an obscene puddle in the middle of her
tiny little slit.

Lost in my her own misery, Rachel lay there, prone on her
back, legs spread vulgarly in the position I had taken
me, sobbing softly.

“How’d it feel getting the ‘in and out’ for the first
time?” I chuckled. “Guess you ain’t so high and mighty
now, huh? Heh!” I laughed, I reached my hand forward,
slipping between her damp thighs, to cup Rachel’s tender
mound, even if she did sob aloud in renewed despair. My
fingers rudely probing into the folds of the swollen
pussy. Ignoring her sobs, I inserted two fingers and
spanned them out, rudely spreading apart her tender lips.
Fascinated, watching as thick gulps of my creamy sperm
began to oozed out.

“Damn! I really creamed BIG TIME inside of you, didn’t
I?” I chuckled.

“Your pretty little pussy must be just FULL of my slick
baby making sperm.

Christ, but I’d be damned if we don’t knock you up after
tonight!” I gloated.

Her face renewed with fright, pulling my pants back on I
just gave her a quick once over, to check the so called,
no longer to be called virgin of Rachel, opened the
bedroom door and shouted out, “NEXT!”

In came running Mark, already naked and he jumped
straight on top, Sarah still spread out, never had a
chance to fight back. Closing the door I felt a hand pull
me into the next room…

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