A Stepmother’s Seduction

Jackie shut the bedroom door behind her and dropped the laundry basket abruptly, her hands flying to her mouth in shock, a load of her husband’s clean underwear tumbling to the floor around her feet.

She couldn’t believe what she just saw as she was walking down the hall, yet she was sure she saw it clear as day – her teenage stepson Brett was in his bedroom totally jacking his dick to a family vacation photo of her in a bikini on the beach!

She recognized herself instantly when she saw the picture on his computer screen. His back was to her while he pumped his arm up and down, the pixels on his screen shaping an image of her taut belly and thighs, her dirty blonde hair falling over full ripe breasts covered to what she thought was a modest enough degree in the green bikini she wore during their last family beach trip…

Shit, she didn’t know what to do! Her heart pounded manically in her chest. While her husband was still at work it was just her and Brett in the house together, alone. She knew down the hall her stepson was touching himself thinking of her, staring at her bikini photo!!

Her heart began to slow its beat, her initial shock and revulsion gradually becoming curiosity — and then she cocked an eyebrow and started to feel a little glimmer of pride for herself knowing she could still turn on young men! She knew surely he had his choice of porn, and felt flattered he chose her over any random internet bimbo!

Brett had always just seemed like an awkward young boy to her — but she realized he had begun growing into an awkward young man, almost overnight!

Jackie sat on the edge of her bed, contemplating what was happening down the hall. Was her stepson still jacking his dick thinking of her? Had he finished by now? Was he jacking off to her regularly or was this some kind of one-off thing?

She glanced at herself in the mirror across the room, her ample breasts still quivering a little under her wrap dress from her erratic breaths. A slow smile started to creep over her face. She still got it. After all these years, a second marriage, a kid of her own who was grown and out of the nest — she could still turn the young men on!

Her hands cupped her breasts and squeezed, examining the volume of them almost scientifically. They were still perky enough that she felt confident in her bikini. Her eyes fell down to her thighs parted under her wrap dress… Knowing she’d been keeping her bikini zone waxed bald that summer for that little green swimsuit.

She shuddered, feeling a moistening between those bald pussy lips. An image of her stepson’s rippled bicep flashed in her mind, grasping his cock meat, his hand sliding steadily, deliberately, up and down his shaft while he stared at her body in the photo.

Ultimately the feelings of flattered curiosity began winning out over any embarrassment or fear. Her heart was pounding now from arousal instead of shock!

Jackie laid back on the bed and spread her legs, her hands reaching between her thighs to dip inside her lacy black panties. She felt her juices, her pussy feeling as slippery as silk. Her lips parted, a soft moan coming from them. It felt as if her skin was electrified with sensation at her own touch.

Her fingers began circling around her clit, making more juices flow and her heartbeat quicken. Her mental image flashed back to her stepson, his muscular back flexing while gripping his steel shaft.

She moaned a little louder as her fingers dipped deeper inside her pussy hole, delving further in and out of that velvety softness. Her other hand reached into her dress, pulling her tits free so she could stroke and squeeze her nipples to hardness.

Down the hall, was he still jacking his dick to her? She shuddered at the thought. Her fingers plunged rapidly in and out, in and out of her moist hole, her thumb hitting her clit just right in the process. Her toes curled and she groaned, her orgasm exploding and then rippling through her, limb by limb.

She lay on the bed gasping until her breathing slowed, her legs quivering, feeling like a puddle of flesh. Pussy juices leaked down the crack of her ass while her bewildered mind kept spinning.

When her husband got home she fucked him so hard that night… But the whole time she was thinking of her stepson Brett!

Part II

Since that night she caught him masturbating to her picture, things between Jackie and Brett seemed a little weird but not exactly uncomfortable. She splashed him with some dishwater playfully one night and made him laugh. He played a song for her he thought she would like and despite the awkwardness she did find it very sweet.

Days turned to weeks and the playfulness definitely became more touchy, more flirty, more smiley… She was getting more bold and she knew it. Her husband Matt was just happy his wife was getting along so well with his awkward teen son!

In the past Brett had tried to get involved with some girls his own age but found each to be too immature for him. It was really his stepmother’s beautiful hourglass shape and warm, loving smile that he always kept coming back to… At first introduction he was skeptical of her, but found himself quickly becoming enamored instead.

On Jackie’s end she resolved that if she ever saw such a thing again she would take action… Action of some kind, but what action that may be depended on her mood at any given moment. Sometimes she told herself she would tell Matt if it happened again… But many other times, more times than she’d ever admit, she found herself fantasizing about her stepson and what she *could* do with him — as long as nobody found out nobody could get hurt, right?

She masturbated often while thinking about him, while he was right down the hall… Brett was certainly growing into a strong young man, with rippled muscles now from being on the school wrestling team.

He was shy and awkward but also smart and athletic. So often her mind flashed back to those biceps bulging and back muscles flexing when she caught him jacking his cock. The memory would catch her at any given moment throughout her day and make her shiver.

It seemed like forever but finally, one evening she caught him doing it again. She was softly walking down the hallway when she peeked beyond the cracked door. His body was lit up by the glow of the computer screen, his back muscles moving rhythmically under his thin t-shirt, arm raising up and down in his lap.

Her breath left her body and she silently backed up against the wall next to his bedroom doorway. She had mentally prepared for this a million times… Now the time had really come!

She peeked into the room again and it was another green bikini pic from that same trip — this one where she had an undeniably huge camel toe coming out of the waves! In the silence of the room she could hear his soft panting breaths and the slapping sounds of skin as he jerked his cock.

She turned away and flattened against the wall again, face flushing crimson. With embarrassment, arousal… She was not totally sure what, actually.

Steadying herself, she closed her eyes, her heart pounding in her breathless chest. When she opened them she let out a small shriek to see Brett standing there in front of her in the hallway!

Jackie swallowed and her eyes couldn’t help but travel down at the obvious bulge tucked away in his grey sweatpants! Her mouth hung open while she stared wide-eyed, unable to speak. It was as if time was frozen in place.

He reached his hand out and pressed it flat against the wall next to her, and stepped closer, positioning himself inches away from her. Leaning in towards her, she saw his forearm muscles ripple, could smell his body wash or cologne…The bulge was inches from her body!

“Is everything okay, Jackie?” he said after what seemed like an eternity. His eyes locked to hers, displaying a look of outward concern, but beneath it she could see something more, something deeper, something intense.

Brett had fantasized about this moment too.

Now that it was happening he was determined to see how far he could take the opportunity. He leaned in closer to her, his hips angled toward her, forcing her to take in the bulge coming from his sweatpants.

Jackie looked up at him, his young face, becoming more chiseled and manly these days, accented with a trace of dark stubble on the jawline…Then she looked down and gulped, eyes glued to his package.

She let out another gasp as he then grabbed her hand and placed it onto his bulging erection. Her eyes popped — it felt so hard!

“You like what you feel?” He spoke quietly, yet with smoldering intensity, staring into her eyes as he held her hand firmly to his crotch. “I can take it out for you…”

Her skin erupted in goosebumps, a dark arousal igniting deep inside her, jaw dropping even further than she thought possible.

Brett then released her hand from his crotch and she let out a small cry as he suddenly leaned his body forward, effectively pinning her back against the wall. Now his erection pressed firmly into her pubic mound above her little cotton nightgown!

He took both her wrists in his, pinning her hands up against the wall by her head. Her chest heaved against him with excited breaths and she stared back at him, waiting to see what he would do next — to his delight she wasn’t resisting him at all!

He looked down at her in a heated gaze, a couple decades younger than her but almost a foot taller than her already, forcing her to appreciate how much of a man he’d become.

In the next instant his lips were hungrily on hers and she found herself kissing him back passionately. His hands left her wrists to grab fistfuls of her blonde hair while his tongue wrestled hers.

Jackie moaned as he broke the kiss to move down to her neck and collarbone. Then his hands were eagerly freeing her breasts from her bra and nightgown! She finally closed her eyes, they’d been so wide open in shock this whole time, losing herself to the feeling of his tongue twirling around each nipple. He took an almost maddengly luxuriant amount of time on each one, growing them into diamond-hard nubs in his mouth.

Brett savored each little pink nipple — he’d been fantasizing so long about what they looked like that he had to admire them now that he had them in his mouth. They were smaller than he expected, pinker, very sensitive, on beautifully pert tits that quivered in his hands.

Jackie opened her eyes and locked them on his as he stared up at her while sucking her tits. A small moan fell from her lips. His hands went to her hips, cradled her ass, then felt down her thighs, then crept back up under her nightgown.

Suddenly he was bending to his knees before her, still flicking a nipple with his tongue but his hands moving further along the inside of her thighs now… She was nearly panting, feeling his fingers delicately stroking her sex through the fabric! A finger dipped inside to caress her pussy slit and she moaned aloud.

His eyes locked to hers as he pulled out and then tasted his fingers. Her mouth dropped open — when did her stepson get so fucking hot?

In an instant he pushed her dress up and pulled the panties down and his face was in her crotch! She cried out, her head falling back against the wall, letting her eyes shut, instinctively opening her legs wide to give him access.

This was something he fantasized about too — he was amazed by the beautiful bald pussy mound in front of him, it was totally unexpected.

He lapped up and down her slit, lathering her pussy flesh intently with his tongue until slurping sounds lewdly filled the hallway. He’d never done this before but had seen plenty of porn movies giving him a good idea of what to do — based on her moans it seemed he was doing it right!

She more than moaned, she clawed his hair in her hand, putting a foot against the wall behind her for support, losing herself to his mouth. He had no idea she would be so receptive. It felt at any moment his cock was going to explode in his pants, it had been oozing pre-cum for quite awhile now.

He had to see how receptive she really was… How far he could take this encounter… He got to his feet, tugging his sweatpants down to free his raging erection in the process. Jackie’s eyes widened again, glued to it.

“See how hard it is for you, Jackie?”

Then his mouth was on hers again, kissing her passionately. She could taste her pussy juice on his tongue, salty and tangy. He pinned her back against the wall again, this time her hands freely explored his muscles, from his strong biceps to his shoulders and back to his ass…

He stopped for a moment to lock eyes with her, his cock straining to unload, pushing centimeters from the inside of her thighs now. She wiggled against him but didn’t resist him. His mouth found hers again and nearly simultaneously she felt the head of his cock start to part her pussy lips. There could be no turning back now. She found herself rearing her hips back at him, encouraging his prick meat to delve further!

This time he moaned, feeling her exquisite cunt walls begin to envelop his raging muscle and all its bulging veins. He had never been so hard in all his life. The two other girls he fucked previously were nowhere near as hot as his stepmother!

Since she was barely 5ft and 100lbs he was easily able to lift her and impale her on his cock up against the wall in the hallway. She closed her eyes and screamed out as she felt her stepson’s virile cock pound into her hard until he was balls deep.

Her legs wrapped around him, encouraging him to fill her deeply with his hard thrusts. Her hands clawed his back, down to his ass, grabbing his ass cheeks while he pounded her. He kissed her neck, trying not to bite hard to leave marks for his dad to find. His thrusts penetrated her hard and deep, his 8″ length filling her fully with an almost punishing rhythm.

To her surprise an orgasm was building inside her, her body so aroused from his oral attentions. He slammed into her manically as she clutched him to her hard, losing herself in climax, becoming a quaking mess of flesh in her teenage stepson’s arms.

He couldn’t tell she orgasmed but knew his own wasn’t going to last much longer at their frenetic pace. With one final hard slam he bucked his hips into her, cock as deep as it could go, and then he stilled. She gasped and opened her eyes, locking them with his, feeling his cock throb and unload jets of cum inside her while smashing her back against the wall.

A final moan fell from her lips. He kissed her neck and she shuddered, feeling his cock start slipping from her oozing hole.

Part III

The next evening Brett left his bedroom door open wider. He kept his shirt off so the contours of his bare chest and back muscles could glisten in the soft light of the computer. He pulled up the folder of vacation family photos saved on his computer and chose one of his favorites, of Jackie laying on the beach grinning, hair wet after a swim, nipples obviously hard through her wet bikini fabric. His erection began stirring immediately.

Jackie finished her glass of wine and put down the lighthearted romance novel she was reading, glancing down the hall. She could see Brett’s door ajar and a cascade of soft light coming from it. Rising to her feet, she felt her heartbeat flutter thinking about yesterday — about his cock erupting inside of her womb, throbbing, flooding her with seed.

As if in a trance she smoothed her dress and then sauntered to the teen’s room. Peeking in, first she saw his bare back to her while he sat in his chair facing the computer. The screen showed her in the green bikini laid out on the beach blanket, grinning free and happy.

She smiled at the sight of his perfect skin marred by faint red scratches from her fingernails yesterday. His back muscles were moving in a slow rhythm. Her eyes moved from his back to take in his bicep muscles also rippling in tandem, and her heart skipped a beat again knowing his cock was in his hand. A shiver ran down her back straight to her pussy.

Brett jacked his dick slowly, methodically, looking at the bikini picture but mentally fucking her up against the wall in the hallway again. He stroked his prick to its full 8″ until he felt her presence shadowing the bedroom door behind him.

But when he turned she wasn’t standing there.

Brett got to his feet, erection still hanging out of his boxer shorts and now bobbing up and down as he walked to the doorway.

There she was again, up against the wall next to his door, this time smiling devilishly at him instead of staring in shock. She always wore dresses, this one was a little black kimono looking thing with a sash around the middle. He instinctively wanted to pull the ribbon to release it from her waist. And after staring back expectantly at her for a few moments he did just that.

The sash loosened the silky dress from her body and in an instant his hands were inside of it, feeling her warm, smooth skin and the lace of her bra. His mouth found hers at the same moment and she breathlessly received his tongue, arching her back against the wall, feeling his fingers trail from her belly down to the lace of her panties. His fingers slipped inside and began penetrating her gently.

“You’re so wet, Jackie… you must like what you see,” he whispered with a grin, pulling his fingers out and licking them clean like he did yesterday. She grabbed him again in a passionate kiss, tasting herself on his tongue. His fingers went back inside her panties, teasing her slit. She moaned into his mouth and grinded her hips at him, forcing his finger to part her slit further. He softly chuckled, his lips still against hers, never imagining his fantasies could come so true.

She broke the kiss.

“What’s funny?” she said, almost looking hurt.

“Nothing, really, I was just thinking how this is better than anything I’ve ever fantasized… I had no idea it could ever be like this,” he said shyly, looking down.

She raised her eyebrows, grabbed him and resumed kissing him, letting the dress fall off her shoulders to reveal matching black bra and panties of lace. He kissed from her throat down to her breasts, freeing them from her bra so he could lick her little pink nipples again, then kept trailing kisses down her firm belly.

He locked eyes with her in a heated gaze, staring up at her from his knees, and planted a kiss on her pubic mound through the panties. Then he continued to her thighs, kissing them delicately, then to her knees, then he picked up a foot and kissed her shiny red toes.

Jackie shivered. He was so attentive!

She sank to the floor with him and he gently laid her down atop the silky dress that had preceded them down to the hallway carpet. She undid her bra and tossed it down the hall, then peeled her panties off slowly while staring at him, licking her lips. This time her legs fell open willingly, inviting his face in between them.

The sight of her splayed out naked in front of him was all-around incredible, but he couldn’t help but laser-focus on that pink and puffy mound, engorged from her arousal, perfectly hairless, a hit of moisture glistening from her slit. It was there for him, being offered up as if a platter of the most forbidden fruit. He swallowed hard, trying not to lose his load.

Jackie watched him, laying spread-eagle atop the silky black fabric. She began slowly caressing her breasts, taking them in her hands, rubbing and squeezing, fingers grazing her hard little nipples. Brett fought hard to control himself.

Staring back at her he moved himself between her legs, bending down to kiss her belly, then he closed his eyes as he breathed in the intoxicating musky scent of her sex. She was so hot and ready for him. He caught himself wondering if this was some kind of amazing wet dream!

His lips found her pussy, gently at first, exploring every centimeter of her, prolonging the pleasure. He never wanted this moment to end! Gently his tongue parted her lips and delved deeper into her sex until his nose rubbed against her mound.

Jackie squirmed beneath him, pulling on her nipples while he lapped her up, sometimes tapping and rubbing around her clit with his fingers, sometimes dipping them inside her. All the while he stared up into her eyes, holding a heated gaze with his mouth on her cunt.

She humped back at his face, forcing his tongue deeper in and around and all over her… Her cunt meat was glistening with her juices and his saliva.

“I want you to fuck me, Brett,” she moaned. He had to stop and ask her to say it again to make sure he heard it and wasn’t just dreaming it up in his head.

“What did you say, Jackie?”

“I said I want you to fuck me, Brett!” she exclaimed.

“You are so fucking hot, Jackie…” he said through clenched teeth, now taking the base of his rock hard cock in hand.

He gave her mound a final kiss before working his way up to her belly button, making her squirm as he kissed it, and then he continued north to begin licking and gently biting her nipples.

Her hands clawed his back, her eyes closed in ecstasy, her legs wrapping around him. She realized his boxer shorts disappeared at some point and now his hard cock stabbed into her hip, ready to plunge inside her, inches from her sex!

His lips found hers again and she kissed him back greedily, grinding her pussy towards his erection. Her lithe body felt so small under him, so petite.. It made him feel even more manly and strong — it was just so easy to possess her, to wrap her up completely in his arms.

Then he felt her push her pussy against his shaft, her hot wetness rubbing against him.

He hoped he wouldn’t explode the minute he entered her.

He closed his eyes because the sight of her was so fucking sexy coupled with the feeling of her body under his that he almost couldn’t handle it. The fact that she was so ready, so willing, so eager — she wanted him! An involuntary shiver rippled down his spine, forcing his cock harder against her.

She arched her back and forced her hips up at him, encouraging the steel hard prick to split her open. Her eyes shut now too, mouth open with soft moans falling out. He gasped and thrust into her almost instinctively, almost animalistically, and began moving his hips in a firm, steady rhythm, fucking her hard against the floor. She cried out beneath him and was soon moaning, panting, screaming, clawing wildly at his back.

Her tits bounced wildly. Brett opened his eyes, raised himself up and grabbed her ankles, forcing her thighs to split open even wider.

“Take it, take it all Jackie,” he said between gritted teeth.

“Oh fuck, oh, fuck, yeah Brett, fuck me!” she cried out.

He maintained his steady rhythm, hammering her little pussy with his cock.

“I’m gonna fucking cum, don’t stop…” she moaned out. He kept his rhythm hard and steady, feeling her body tense up under him.

Her fingernails clawed into his ass but he barely noticed. The sensations of her pussy walls squeezing around his cock with her orgasm made him shudder and he knew he couldn’t hold back much longer.

He continued thrusting into her deeply, as deep as he could until his balls smashed against her, her ankles in his hands and her legs splayed open wide so he could see her bald mound beneath him stuffed and swollen and split open with his meat.

Then it was his turn to moan loudly, feeling his prick pulse and finally unload deep in her womb. Jackie gasped, feeling the hot jets of semen flood her hole. She shuddered at the feeling of insemination — she loved being full of cum!

He kept his cock inside her, becoming still for a moment after releasing his load, until she started grinding at him again. Before he lost his erection he continued thrusting back at her and she grabbed him hard to keep him inside her, her legs squeezing him tightly.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming again!” she screamed.

He gave her all he could, feeling her wet pussy spasming around his cock until she stilled and he finally slipped out of her, bringing along rivulets of bright white cum that splattered all over the black dress under them.

He kissed her and helped her up, and she quickly grabbed the cum-covered dress to throw in the wash before Matt found it!

Part IV

On the third night when Brett heard a noise in the hallway this time she was standing there in the green bikini, staring up at him expectantly.

His jaw dropped and then before he knew it he really did cream in his sweatpants. Shit — he hoped she wouldn’t notice!

She must’ve put on the swimsuit and then stepped into the shower to get it and her blonde hair all wet. The green bikini bottoms were hiked up high to show off the cleft of her pubic mound through the fabric. The bikini top stuck to her hard nipples, accentuating them clearly. Little beads of water still clung to her toned abdomen. Matt stood frozen as if in a dream.

“Maybe you should invite me into your room?” she said, raising an eyebrow.

“Sorry, where are my manners,” he shook his head, playing along. “Jackie, would you like to come… in?”

She grinned and suddenly she was breezing by him and into his room. He realized she was holding the beach blanket they took on the family vacation. She spread it out on his bed with a flourish and laid down on it, still smiling up at him. He stood watching as if in a daze, staring and smiling back.

“You seemed to really like my green swimsuit,” she said. “I figured I would wear it for you!”

His eyes widened — this was like winning the lottery, like getting first pick at the college of his choice, like a dream come true!

He grabbed his own bathing suit from a drawer and quickly ducked into his bathroom to kick off the cum-filled sweatpants and slip on his swimsuit to join in whatever wet fun she had in mind!

When he came out she was modeling her bikini for him on the bed, throwing her hair around, grabbing her tits and bouncing them, stroking nipples through the fabric, flipping from her back to her belly to kick her legs playfully and smack her asscheeks.

He grinned and got on the bed next to her and took her hair in his hand so he could hold it out of the way to kiss her neck. She shivered. His hand went to her ass, feeling a cheek fill the palm of his hand. Then her face was in his hands and he was kissing her intensely on his bed.

She rolled on top of him, straddling him, and continued to squeeze her tits and show off in the bikini. He didn’t think she could possibly be any sexier, his erection growing to full mast again already.

Her hands went from her tits to his shorts, reaching inside to first tease and then free his steel hard prick. The feeling of her small hands around his shaft was like no other — he had to contain his breath to make sure he didn’t explode again yet.

He watched as her manicured red fingernails gently teased up and down his length, tracing the bulging veins, tickling around the rim of his cockhead — then stroking to the base and back to the tip and down again with a slight twist. He groaned, clutching the blanket underneath him. Then her tongue was all over his balls and then licking up and down his engorged cock meat. He gasped, his heart skipping numerous beats, so glad he blew a load already because he definitely would’ve lost it by now if he hadn’t.

His cock could get no harder, it was an impressive shade of purple he never even saw before. She slapped it against her tongue and smiled, releasing it and straddling him again.

He tried to catch his breath but couldn’t before she was kissing him again, now grinding her cunt against his raging prick. She pulled her bikini bottom to the side a little to reveal that bald mound and then he watched in amazement as she sank herself down onto his cock, burying it inside her pussy while keeping the bikini on!

In no time Jackie was riding his cock enthusiastically, bouncing up and down on it making his little twin bed squeak loudly. He pulled her tits free from her top and squeezed them while she rode his cock with all her might. They both moaned together loudly. Something about his perfect cock really hit her in all the right places! She screamed out that she was climaxing, head thrown back while riding him wildly, slamming his cock into her womb.

Since he spilled his load earlier his magnificent cock persisted — he was really getting impressed with himself! As her orgasm subsided she bent down and kissed him with his prick still buried deep in her. He grabbed her and rolled on top and started fucking her hard while splaying her legs out wide, watching his cock slide in and out around the green bikini bottom! Her tits bounced with each thrust.

Suddenly he realized they made it to the very edge of the bed and the blanket began sliding off with them on it!

They both yelped but he managed to keep his hard cock inside her pussy while they tumbled to the floor. He kept fucking her hard for a moment while they laughed. Then he pulled out and helped her get up.

She got back onto his bed on her hands and knees this time and waved her ass at him, peeking over her shoulder invitingly. Brett got behind her and took her hips in his hands, pushing the swimsuit bottom aside and in an instant was back inside her, hammering her pussy from behind.

Jackie moaned loudly, feeling him slam into her. The bed started creaking noisily. She started screaming into his pillow, feeling a massive orgasm erupt from the tips of her toes to her pussy like an earthquake. Her knees started going weak under her but Brett didn’t slow down. He held onto her hard, feeling his own orgasm building, his cock desperate to unload in her!

Finally he bucked his hips into her one last time as deep as he could and moaned out her name, his prick pulsing inside her. Jackie felt the spurts of semen wash over her and moaned with him. It was probably his most intense climax ever. When he pulled out he left her bikini bottom full of cream, this load of cum had to be the biggest yet!

She finally stripped off the little green swimsuit.

“I’m going to do some laundry before your dad gets home.”

“Here, can you wash these too?” he said, grabbing his sweatpants from earlier.

She smiled, noticing a copious load of dried cum all over the inside of them.

“Sure will, honey,” she said, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I need to talk to your dad about getting you a bigger bed,” she said, winking.

Part V

Brett was obsessed with his stepmother, everything from her beautiful tits to her waxed pussy (that she let him fill with cream) to her easy and natural white smile to the sweet little moans she made when he pleasured her.

Jackie hadn’t been getting fucked this good in years. Not to say she had any complaints with her husband, she just had no idea things could be so… intense! She was often still ready and willing for Matt, too, when he got home from work.

Matt was pleasantly surprised to see his wife so frequently wet and horny in bed for him when he got home — he had no idea she was so wet due to a fresh load of his teenage son’s cum inside her pussy!

It certainly took Brett by surprise when his dad took him aside to have “The Talk” with him.

“Son, I’m not sure how best to say this so I’m just going to come out and say it… I noticed some scratches on your back when we went swimming the other day… I just wanted to say if you have a new girlfriend, or whatever, I just hope you are being safe and using protection.”

“Dad!” Brett rolled his eyes, reacting with exaggerated embarrassment to get his dad to drop the subject.

“Look if it’s from something else I should also say don’t be so damn clumsy, or if it’s from some exciting new sport let me know and I will come watch and cheer you on!”

Brett forced himself to laugh and got up to walk away. His dad shook his head, mildly impressed by whatever – or whoever – his son was getting into! He was becoming a young man after all.

Brett wondered what Jackie was doing for birth control now that his dad mentioned it. But ultimately he trusted her, it was her body, she knew what to do.

In the meantime he would take every opportunity possible to sperm inside of her!

It was all he looked forward to doing from the moment he got home from school until his dad got home from work.

Brett even told Matt that Jackie was taking him out of town to a weekend wrestling event. Matt was delighted Jackie was stepping up to help out and devote herself to their family. In reality she and Brett got a motel room and fucked for 36 hours straight.

Jackie had picked the sleaziest motel she could find in another city a few hours away. When she checked in she brought Brett along as her hot young boyfriend instead of as her stepson. She made sure to pack her sexiest lingerie to model for him. There was no wrestling event whatsoever.

She began unbuttoning her long black peacoat and he dropped the suitcase to the floor when she opened the coat to show an extremely low cut satin bra with matching satin panties and a garter belt that led to her sheer black stockings. She kept her black high heels on.

The coat found its way to the floor and Brett got to his knees on the floor with it to worship that beautiful pussy in front of him. She always had on a matching set of bra and panties. On closer inspection inches from her crotch he could see a tiny crystal hanging from a black satin ribbon in the middle of the panties that matched a crystal hanging from the middle of the bra.

He kissed the inside of her thighs and then had to dive in and taste her pussy with his mouth.

She closed her eyes, struggling to maintain balance in the heels while he began to eat her out as she stood, the panties around her knees and then her ankles. One of the things she loved most about him was he almost always went down on her first — it made it easier for her to climax when the time for actual penetration came.

She pulled him to his feet and threw him down on the bed, then crawled on top of him facing away from him to undo his jeans. His heart pounded, her bald pussy inches above his face, and he realized she was about to give him his first sixty-nine experience.

Eager as always, he lapped up the cunt meat in his face. She moaned from his oral attentions, bringing his erection free from his jeans so she could return the favor. He groaned into her pussy when he felt her small mouth close around the head of his cock. Then she took his length into her throat while gently rubbing his balls. He continued eating her cunt enthusiastically, moaning louder, trying to hold back his load from her mouth.

Jackie was impressed with that rigid purple shaft, so engorged, veins popping all over it, pre-cum oozing from the tip. She crawled down his body so she could mount herself on his cock facing away from him and his first sixty-nine turned into his first reverse cowgirl just like that.

He undid her bra while she sank down onto his pole and made herself comfortable rubbing her clit. In seconds the bra ended up on the floor with the panties and coat. He held onto her hips firmly while she rode his cock, now only wearing the garter belt, pantyhose, and heels.

From this position she was able to rub her clit to a powerful orgasm, her petite body tensing on his, throwing her head back until her whole body collapsed on his.

He kept fucking her, steadily but slowly, knowing he was about to unload himself inside her womb. She gasped atop him, a hot melted puddle of flesh again, and let him keep fucking her limp body until he groaned and she could feel that familiar delicious throb. Spurts of cum jetted into her hole and then because of their angle and her juicy pussy he slid out, bringing a copious river of cum out with him.

Jackie grinned, laying on top of him, legs splayed out, cunt full of cum, cum oozing all over his balls now and to the bed. They lay together, catching their breath, until he started fondling her tits again and another erection began to stir.

Later, after a few more orgasms and some glasses of wine, she sat at the small table in their hotel room and he asked what she was thinking.

“Oh… I was just thinking about you fucking my ass…” she said. Brett almost spit out his wine. He definitely never fucked anyone in the ass before! He never even really considered it… But hey, if that’s what Jackie wanted he would certainly give it to her!

He had brought some weed with him for the trip and now he grabbed it, suddenly feeling like he needed it to relax a little more.

As he smoked his joint she got on the bed and pulled out a dildo she’d brought with her, a big flesh colored one with veins and balls to make it look realistic.

She got on her hands and knees to straddle it, with her ass facing him so he could watch her sink down onto it while he smoked his joint. Then she grinded up and down on the dildo while glancing over her shoulder at him.

He could hear her slick pussy juices swallowing it up, the toy sliding in and out of her wet hole. She teased just the head of the dildo into her pussy and looked back at him. His cock twinged.

“Go ahead, use that lube on the dresser to lube yourself up…” she said, gesturing to the bottle she’d set out.

Brett took his raging prick in one hand, using the other to take a few last puffs from the joint. Then he picked up the bottle and squeezed some lube into his hand, then transferred it slowly to his steel hard cock. His eyes were transfixed on Jackie — it was so hot watching her play with the toy!

He got behind her on the bed, base of his cock in hand. Her tiny puckered asshole presented before him like a treasured jewel. There was no possible way he would fit inside that!

“Fuck my ass, Brett, I want you to…I’ve wanted it for awhile now,” she said, wiggling her hips at him. “See if you can fit that big cock inside my ass, baby!”

He pressed his cockhead against the little puckered entrance, feeling resistance immediately. There was no way this could work.

She groaned, steadying herself, rising almost off the toy but keeping the head of it inside her. The cockhead pushed ever so slightly into the pucker, daring it to swallow him up.

He thrust a little deeper, testing the resistance, feeling her hole start opening around his big purple mushroom cockhead.

The feeling of her ass splitting open made Jackie shriek, then she muffled herself into a pillow, keeping herself still with her ass in the air to let him get inside. Her cries increased — Brett started to withdraw but she shook her head and encouraged him to keep going.

His balls swinging wildly, he gripped the base of his shaft and directed his prick further inside her with another thrust. Jackie screamed into the pillow, trying to will herself to relax. Matt never fucked her ass — it had been many lovers ago since she last had a big dick up there!

Brett groaned at the tightness around him. How could he not be hurting her? She seemed to want it though, so he pushed deeper, now impaling half of his cock inside her. She was crying out wildly beneath him, the toy starting to sink further into her cunt as he simultaneously sunk further into her bowels. She loved feeling this full!

He couldn’t hold back anymore — the intense constriction of her ass sucked the cum right out of him! He held her hips hard and groaned loudly. Jackie felt him dumping his cum into her ass. He’d only made it halfway inside.

Brett pulled out and laid down next to her to catch his breath.

Jackie settled onto the dildo, feeling her ass swimming with cum now. She gyrated against it and moaned. She loved being full of cum in any hole!

Brett smiled, feeling his cock twitch. He knew he just needed a couple minutes to catch his breath and would be ready to go again in no time.

Jackie rode the toy hard, bucking it animalistically, her climax starting to creep up. The cum still stayed sealed up inside her tight asshole.

Brett gritted his teeth and got behind her again, his 8″ cock ready to go again after a few minutes watching her play with herself.

Jackie screamed as she felt it press against her asshole again. This time it met with less resistance. He began to thrust inside her, the toy still buried in her pussy. Jackie moaned loudly, feeling the big cock sink inside her little shitter. First the big purple head of his dick was swallowed up, then he groaned while forcing more inches inside her, filling her with veins and bulging steel.

His dick began to squelch around the cum that was already inside her asshole. He continued pumping faster, harder, splitting her chute to fit his whole prick inside.

“Fuck, Jackie, you are so fuckin’ hot,” he said, and slapped her ass cheek hard.

Jackie cried out into the pillow, feeling overloaded with the toy inside her pussy and her stepson’s cock deep in her cum-filled ass!

She could feel her orgasm continuing to build and surrendered herself, lost to her sensory overload. Brett’s fingers dug into her hips to maintain his steady pace, balls slapping against her skin.

“Fuck yeah, baby, I’m gonna cum, keep fucking me, oh my God, your fucking cock…yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck my ass, oh my God, yes!! ” Jackie cried out.

Anyone in the surrounding rooms would have to hear them at this point, they were so loud.

Brett didn’t care about the neighbors; he fucked her wildly through her orgasm. Now his cock felt snug and glued inside her tight ass, like a perfect fit! His previous load of cum lubricated her hole nicely.

Manic squelching noises filled the room. Brett was lasting way longer than Jackie expected — her ass was taking a beating! Finally he went still behind her and cried out loudly and she knew he was dumping his load deep inside her bowels.

She screamed as his cock pulled from her guts with a lewd sucking sound. His cum was so deep inside her she knew it would be awhile before it leaked out!

Jackie grabbed her bag of toys and pulled out a butt plug. Brett watched as she reached behind and shoved it inside her ass, plugging up his cum inside her!

“Maybe you can add to the load later…” she said with a wink.

“Jackie, you hot fuckin’ cum slut…” Brett replied. She giggled.

The rest of the weekend was a continued frenzy of skin, cum, and fun, culminating in Jackie getting a sunrise fuck on the balcony from behind on the day they checked out. When Brett came inside her he yanked her robe down to bite her shoulder, exposing her bare tits to the city below them. She squealed. He quickly put his hands on her breasts to cover them.

“It’s okay, I got you,” he said into her ear while pounding her from behind. Sunlight flooded their faces and he unloaded yet another deposit of semen directly into her womb that dripped out onto the balcony floor in obscene globs after he pulled out.


It had been such a great long weekend! But Jackie had recently been taking her birth control pills a little haphazardly… and she had been enjoying numerous inseminations, letting both her husband and her stepson sperm inside her daily, sometimes multiple times a day for quite awhile now, no birth control could beat those odds!

Unbeknownst to her she would be returning home to her husband pregnant with his son’s baby.

When they got home Matt was out with a note that he’d be back from golfing after lunchtime.

Jackie couldn’t get enough of her virile teen stepson. She figured why not go for one more while Matt was out! She grabbed Brett in the kitchen and began kissing him passionately, rubbing his cock through his jeans. She laid on her back on the kitchen table and he pulled his engorged meat from his jeans to fuck her juicy hole one more time on the family dinner table before his dad came home.

He spermed inside her mere moments before they heard the car door shut. Pulling out of her, he smoothed his shirt and zipped up his pants. Jackie pulled up her panties, a large load of sticky cum filling them up.

She grabbed two root beer bottles from the fridge and they sat down at the table to look nonchalant. Matt stowed his gear in the garage, giving them time to slow their breathing after their hard fucking.

“Oh, honey,” said Matt as he came into the house and saw his beloved wife sharing a root beer with his son. “I’m so glad you and Brett are getting along so well.”

“Oh, yes dear, he’s grown into such a fine young man!” she said, with a wink in Brett’s direction.

“I love you two so much,” Matt said, beaming.

Jackie giggled, causing more cum to ooze from her hole into her panties and down her ass crack. “I really love you guys, too!” she said, smiling and clinking root beer bottles with Brett.

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