A Nurses Self Discovery

“That’s it Bitch suck that dick!” Leon said harshly.

This is what I heard every morning before classes
started at Jensen High School. The group of black
seniors would walk into my office and close the door
behind them. I would know that would be my cue to take
out the small blanket and kneel upon it. I always wore
stockings to work, easier access for my man and his
boys; Leon unzips his fly and takes out his massive 14
inch black snake and, as if it were instinct, I would
open my mouth and take his black masterpiece, taking it
down my throat slowly savoring every dark inch. I would
slide my hand to cup his heavy sack; my other hand
would stroke the length and girth.

“God Damn baby you must’ve really wanted your sausage.”
Leon said with arrogance.

His friends all chuckled and smiled as they stroked
their cocks.

I would just moan and swirl my tongue around the plum
sized head and tease the whole, he loved it when I did
that. I slowly slide the cock off my mouth, lick the
thick veiny shaft and deep throat his tool again. He
would begin to fuck my mouth slowly at first but
quickly pick up speed, making me gag slightly; I
reached down now and lifted my dress exposing my
soaking pussy. The boys all gasped as they saw how wet
I was, I plunged two fingers into my kitty and moaned
loudly around the invading member.

“Ah Shit Ahhh Shit!” Leon said groaning, he grabbed the
back of my head and I was given my healthy dose of

After he finished his friends knew it was their turn to
get their favor from their wanting school nurse, I
would repeat the drill but a bit faster with the
others, I always took my time with Leon because he was
my man and I was his slut. But I suppose you’re
wondering who this slut is? My name is Amanda Giffen
and as you know already I’m a school nurse, and I’m
happily married with 1 child. Now I wasn’t always a
black-cock-slut but if you want to listen I will tell
you how I spiraled into this world black lust.

I was raised in a rather conservative family. My
parents are religious so I was raised that way, though
I never practiced it as much as I should. I grew up in
a white middle class neighborhood and went to a private
school until I went to college. Up until then I had
only fooled around with one boy and broke up with him
when he wanted to go farther. I was determined to save
myself for marriage. When I went off to college I met
my future husband within the first year! We had
everything in common! He enjoyed watching movies,
bowling, wanted a dog and a couple kids when we got out
of college and started work. He had a very similar
upbringing and wanted the same things in life I wanted.

We got married 10 months later and finally had sex! I’m
glad I waited to have that special moment with the man
that I was going to spend the rest of my life with. It
was such a pleasure to give him my virginity, and it
didn’t hurt at all like I had heard it would! I didn’t
see what the big deal sex was once I had had it though.
At times it seemed like it was building to something
but I couldn’t be sure. He seemed to enjoy himself
immensely though so when we did do it, my real
enjoyment was seeing him have so much fun. Luckily it
was never more than a few minutes out of my sleeping
schedule and only a few times a month at most.

College life was a blast. The classes were interesting
and my fellow classmates were all very special to me.
There were a few of the athletes though that made me a
little uncomfortable in a few of my first year classes.
The athletes were the only black people on the campus.
I had never really spent any time around blacks before
and they seemed very primitive and strange with their
overly large hands and bodies, the strange animal way
they conducted themselves and sometimes looked at me.
It seemed like they could see right through my cloths,
and when he smiled at my obvious disapproval and
discomfort, my stomach would clench and I’d get a
queasy feeling in my stomach. I found myself squirming
in my seat and looking forward to the end of class so I
could relax again.

But then I saw something that made me so confused, it
made uneasy…yet it made my panties soak. After a long
evening the library I made my way back to the my
apartment, the door was unlocked and at first I was a
bit frightened but I entered, I heard loud rap music
coming from my roommates room. It wasn’t like her to
listen to rap or at least not that I knew of, I was
about to call out to her when I heard. “Fuck me Fuck

My eyes widened and I made my way slowly to her room,
as I inched closer I could here the bed creaking and
squealing. My heart began to race as I saw a sliver of
light, I peered through and my mouth dropped, it was
the black student from our class. He was on top of her,
her long slender legs spread as far as they could. I
couldn’t move I just stared as his muscular body
hammered into her with raw power. I looked at her face
and her expression were that of a woman in pure

“You like that black dick do you slut?”

“Fuck fuck Yes I love it.” my roommate answered.

“I knew that you would, all you stuck up white girls
do.” He stopped his pumping and pulled out and began to
rub his cock on her pussy. She gave a moan of
dissatisfaction and then he spoke in confident voice.

“Beg for it slut, tell me what you need!”

“Oh I need your dick!” My roommate squirmed on the bed.

“My what?”

“Your di…Your black cock!” She moaned and groped her
ample breast.

Now I hadn’t looked at his cock until this moment and
what I saw was inhuman, it had to be more than 12
inches long and as thick as a water bottle. My hands
began to move to down my body as if they were
possessed. I slid my fingers under my panties and into
my soaking feverish pussy.

“That a girl, you want my black cock.” And soon as he
spoke those words he slammed all of it back into her.
“Here take that shit.”

She let out scream but wrapped her legs around his
waist and locked him into place, he laid his body atop
of hers and fucked her deep. I stood there and I bit my
lips as an orgasm ripped through my body. I stayed and
watched a few more moments which seem like an eternity
of bliss. After taking her missionary he flipped her to
her hands and knees and took her roughly from behind.
Then he grabbed her and yanked back and spanked her
firm little ass.

That was several years ago, now I find myself behind a
desk at Jensen High tending to the sick students. It
happened the first time around mid-day.

“Hello Mrs. Giffin…” A voice said in agony.

I looked up there were two boys holding up a black
student. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I saw an
almost mirror image of the black student from so many
years ago

“Hi…hi what happened?”

They boys helped him around to other side of my desk,
slowly limping he was in his gym uniform and I looked
down and saw that his leg that was badly bruised and

“Oh god, that looks horrible, let me help you to the
back and get cleaned and patched up.”

He nodded and I slid my body next to his and he put his
arm around me. I placed my hand on his stomach and felt
his ripped abs and then my mind began playing tricks on
me. I began to flash back to the sound fucking that my
roommate had received that night, her scream for the
black stallion to take her. The first and last time
that I had had an orgasm.

I sat him down softly on a chair and pulled out my
things to fix him up. I looked in the reflection of the
glass cabinet and saw him looking me up and down. This
wasn’t a quick glance by him, he was ‘Eye fucking’ me.
I’m not an ugly woman, I’ve stayed in shape, that day I
had worn a black tank top with a tight red skirt and I
always wore stockings and thong.

I turned around slowly and kneeled before and he looked
at me with his dark eyes and I began to clean his
wound. I placed my hand on his upper thigh for support
as I continued working. I had noticed that I was
rubbing his muscular leg and slowly I noticed the rim
of his shorts rising.

He had on those shorts that hang loose all the way to
the knee. In this case all the way down to where his
cut was. My eyes were glued to the growing python that
looked to be working its way down his leg. Longer and
longer it grew, inching its way down his thigh toward
his knee, pulsing his shorts higher into the air as it
moved its way down. I didn’t realize I’d been holding
my breath until I realized I was running out of air! I
gasped for breath and held on to his leg even tighter.
It was like I was under attack and about to be bitten
by this snake moving toward me. How on earth could
anyone’s penis be that big?

When I first made love with my husband I though all of
them must be like his, about the size of a tampon or
so, but then after seeing my roommate getting nailed by
that stud I realized I had no idea what sex was really
about. As I had more relations with my husband after
that I became more and more curious about how much she
seemed to be enjoying herself. I couldn’t stop thinking
about how that massive black cock would feel inside.
And now, right in front of me, moving toward my hand
was the king of cocks. One that could answer all the
questions I had about truly being taken, being filled
by a real cock.

All those thoughts flashed through my head in a split
second and made me flush with embarrassment at how
lustful they were. My roommate had been a perverted
slut; surely I was a better person than that. I was
married for crying out loud. I quickly finished with
his wound and stood up and turned away from him,
avoiding his eyes, before his cock worked its way free
of his shorts. Acting like I was putting things away, I
faced the cabinets while I talked, “Looks like you’re
all patched up. If there is nothing else I _”

“Actually Mrs. Griffin, I do have a question for you
since I’m here and all. I learned in health class the
other day that I’m prime age for getting’ testicular
cancer and I think my uncle had it so I’m even more at
risk. This is a little awkward but I’m really worried
’bout it and was wonderin’ if you could check me out
for it.”

I still hadn’t turned around to face him. Trying to
control my shaking voice I said, “Um. Well. Usually you
see your family doctor about that. He would be the best
person to help you.”

“Shit, you think I even have a family doctor? You’re as
close as I’ve come to seeing a doctor Mrs. Griffin.
Don’t be hangin’ me out. I gots concerns Mrs. Griffin.
You got to check me out and make sure I’m ok. Ain’t
there some sorta code or oath or somethin’ you swore

What the hell was I thinking… I should have just up
and walked out of the room, but my brain was going in
different directions. At the moment he made sense and
all I could do was agree with him. I leaned forward and
I began to pull down his shorts.

“Why don’t you stand up a little so I could take these
down so I can check?” I said weakly to him.

He slowly sat up and I like a kid finding at Christmas
I just yanked and ripped at his shorts and I was
pleasantly greeted by the biggest cock I’ve seen. It
just wobbled back and forth slightly as it stood erect.
My husbands cock in comparison looked like a pencil
next to this monstrous tub of cookie dough. I couldn’t
look away I was like a deer in caught in the head
lights. I reached and grabbed his plum sized balls and
began to massage them, my breathing became heavy and I
felt my pussy begin to drip.

“I think…I think everything is ok.” I said softly and
I continued to massage his balls.

He smiled and then he reached forward and slid his hand
on though my hair and pulled me toward his cock. Now I
normally would’ve screamed or tried to pull away but
this magnificent cock had me mesmerized.

“Suck it baby, just suck that dick.” He said in a low

I opened my mouth and let the thick head slip past my
lips, I swirled my tongue around the head and I leaned
forward so my breast were hanging over his leg.

“God damn…you sure know how suck a dick.” He said
confidently. “Your husband was a lucky man.”

I continued to take his cock into my throat, taking as
much as I could before I began to gag on it. I slid my
hand away from his massive ball and slid up my hand up
the shaft of his cock. I couldn’t even close my hand
around it…I pulled my mouth off his cock and began to
run my lips across the length of his shaft.

“Motherfucker…you really know how to please that
dick.” He said as his head fell back.

I took him into my throat a few more times trying my
best to take it all, but after a few moments he asked
me stop, I wined like a little girl as if someone stole
my lollipop.

“You ready for me to please that pussy.” He looked at
me and his dark eyes sent shivers up my spine.


“Get up and take off your clothes slowly.” He leaned
back and began to stroke his cock slowly.

I stepped back and slowly pulled my tank top off and
tossed it to the counter; he smiled at me as I began to
unzip my skirt. I turned and let it fall to the floor
and there I stood in my tight see through black bra and
matching thong, along with my garter belt and black
thigh stockings. I began to unhook my stocking.

“No leave that shit on baby, you so god damn fine.” He
said with enthusiasm.

“I’m glad you like it… I bought this for my
anniversary.” I gave a sheepish smile and walked toward

He reached forward with two hands pulling my body to
him, he kissed my stomach and slid his hands up to undo
my bra. I moaned and I felt like putty in his hands, I
slid my hands over his bald head and he slowly slid his
hands down to my and ripped my thong off. I yelped and
he smacked my ass. He looked up at me and gave me a
serious look.

“Now Mrs. Giffin, there is only one way I’m gonna give
this cock and if you don’t agree I just gonna up and

“Oh no, tell what’s your condition hun.” I must’ve
sounded like a scared little girl after being scold by
her father.

“This pussy will belong to me, anytime I want anywhere
I want.” He said in stern voice and he smacks my ass.

My heart was pounding and I wasn’t sure how to answer,
the words wanted to escape my lips but, I loved my
husband, my family.

“It looks like, I holla’d at the wrong white girl.” He
began to stand up.

“Yes Leon, you can have my pussy anytime,
anywhere…please give it to me.”

He smiled at me and as if he wasn’t injured at all, he
picked up by my ass and slid his cock into my pussy
fast; he sat down causing my body to slide on it hard.

“MOTHER FUCKER OH SHIT!” I screamed as he began to work
in and out of me.

“See Mrs. Giffen! Your not used to real dick, but you
gonna be.”

He began to fuck me harder pushing his massive tool
right up to my cervix; I just gripped him tightly and
screamed over and over again as he forced his cock into

“There we go, all of it’s inside you now.” He smirked
“How’s it feel?”

“OH Jesus I feel so full! It feels fucking fantastic.”

“I’m better than your husband then huh?”

“Yes you are Leon, OH! OH don’t ever stop.” I slid
gripped his shoulders as I began to bounce on his
beautiful ebony rod.

“Yeah yeah, you’re my slut now, this white pussy is
mine. Right Mrs. Giffen”

“Yes baby yes yes. Yours forever I love it”
He fucked my relentlessly, each thrust claim his
property, his woman. He held to me tightly and he
lifted me and walked me over to the table in the room
and laid me across it, his face looked in pain as he
placed me down, but it faded as he began to fuck me
faster than before. He placed my stocking clad legs
onto his shoulders and leaned in hard. He grabbed my
hips and fucked my furiously.


“FUCK bitch, you’re so fuckin tight.” He groaned.

He let my legs down and I leaned up and held onto him,
he placed his hand onto my back and one hand on my hip.
We fucked like this for few moments and we began to
kiss and explore each others bodies.

“I’m gonna cum Mrs. Giffin, I’m gonna cum.” He groaned.

“Do it, Do it…Cum I want to cum all over your black

He thrust a few more times hard and vicious and he
began to explode inside my pussy, torrent after torrent
flushed deep inside my being. It felt like a hose was
unleashed inside my pussy.

“Oh god damn baby…Mrs. Giffin…I see you later,
thanks for the help.”

He pulled out with a pop and he wiped his cum covered
cock on my pussy. He pulled up his shorts and he
hobbled out of the room, leaving me sweaty and spent on
my table.


I laid there for a few minutes basking in the glow of
my first orgasm ever. I never knew sex could be so
good, so satisfying. I thought back to that slutty
roommate from my college days. She knew, and now so did
I. Why did I fall in love with a man with such a small
penis? I would never be the same again after this. Leon
had truly claimed me as his; I would do anything to
have more sex like this. That thought almost brought
down my mood but I was too deep into my after glow to
let it get me down.

I closed my eyes thought again of having more sex with
Leon and his massive black tool. My fingers started
teasing my clit, exploring the new sensations he had
created down there. Before I knew it I was arching my
back and convulsing in my second orgasm I had ever
given myself thinking about being invaded by that ebony
monster. My god. What had he awakened inside of me?

I sat up and a torrent of seamen ran out of me. I
couldn’t believe the amount! I had a massive spreading
puddle of it under my bottom. Looking at it all my eyes
glazed over, I dipped my fingers into it, bringing them
to my mouth, tasting the seamen that had come out of
me. My nipples hardened painfully, goose bumps breaking
out over my body. I had never been so turned on then I
was right then playing with Leon’s cum after it spilled
out of my pussy.

I couldn’t believe what I had done but I couldn’t bring
myself to feel guilty about it. If anything I felt more
empowered than ever. I had finally been used and fucked
they way my body had been made to be, a way my husband
couldn’t hope to accomplish.

I dipped my whole hand in the puddle and rubbed his
seamen all over my tits, tummy and again on my mostly
shaved pussy, marveling in the feel of being covered by
him. I felt so sexy and possessed by him, like knowing
he would be pleased by this so therefore I should be
doing it. After it dried to my skin I got up and
cleaned up the rest of the mess on the table and put on
my cloths. The rest of the day I felt so sexy and
naughty with all the dried cum on me and the sore pussy
I had a hard time not keeping the secret smile off my

I got off work, picked up my precious child from day
care, came home and made dinner, put on my night shirt
and went to bed exhausted after tucking the little one
into bed. What a day! My husband got home at ten (he
works odd shifts at his work), and I was fast asleep
before he made it home.

I woke up to him nuzzling my neck and lifting up my
shirt, groping my breasts and getting frisky. I hadn’t
showered before bed so I was still covered in Leon’s
cum. I wondered if he would notice, smell it or taste
it. The thought filled me with fear yet at the same
time it really turned me on to think of him licking up
Leon’s cum.

The man with the small penis licking up the cum from a
massive black monster cock seemed so appropriate
somehow! My nipples hardened at the thought of it and
he took it as a sign that they wanted to be sucked on.
He pushed my shirt up exposing them as he moved down to
suck on them. I tensed in fear and excitement at the
moment of truth about to happen.

His tongue made contact and he preceded to lick and
suck all the dried come off my breasts, first the one
closest to him before moving to my other breast. I was
so turned on by him licking the come off me I almost
orgasmed from his licking. By the time he was through
there couldn’t have been any seamen left anywhere on
them. “You taste so salty but really good all over…
you must not have showered before bed! I love licking
your breasts like this baby. You should always not
shower before bed. Can we do it tonight; I’m really
worked up after all that…?”

His tongue had felt really good and I was really turned
on too. Normally I would have said yes to this but two
things kept me from it. I couldn’t imagine the thought
of his small pecker in me after having Leon earlier.
And secondly, Leon had made me swear to save it for
him, that it belonged to him. I was thinking that he
wouldn’t mind if it was licked though and I thought
this might finally be a way to get my husband to
finally go down on me. He had always resisted in the
past but after his enjoyment of my breasts…

“Well honey, you seemed to really enjoy my breasts, why
don’t you keep licking my body and well see… lick my
tummy and see if you can get me motivated enough for
sex.” He looked at me with some confusion as I pushed
his head down to my tummy and had him lick me more, but
he followed my lead. He licked around there with
enthusiasm, finding that it tasted similar to my
breasts, clearly excited by everything, grinding his
little guy against the bed as he got more and more
worked up.

I pushed his head farther down to my pelvic bone, his
tongue finding more of the tasty treat he enjoyed. He
licked along the insides of my thighs and where they
met my groin, sending teasing shivers up my spine as I
held his head tightly, my fingers gripping his hair. My
excitement was obvious and he fed off that too,
grinding his body faster against the bed. Before he
knew it he was licking the top part of my clit as I
started to moan in pleasure, my orgasm building.

His friends had always told him pussy was nasty to lick
and he had stupidly believed them. I took the final
plunge and pushed his head farther down, dipping his
tongue into my wet folds. He went nuts, lapping and
sucking my pussy, never having believed it could be
this good.

My mind with filled with the thought of feeding my
loving husband the seaman from the black 18 year old
hung stud that had filled me up earlier that day and
turned me into his slave. I held on to his face as I
convulsed, screaming out my orgasm with his tongue
buried in my pussy. “God yes baby, suck that pussy, and
lick all that cum out of me! Oh god that feels so
FUCKING good! God I’m coming on your face!!!!”

“My god baby, I can’t believe how great your pussy
tasted! I had no idea pussy tasted like that. Had I
known I would have been going down on you since day
one. I loved it so much I came grinding against the
bed.” He said looking sheepish.

“Well in that case lets make up for lost time. I’ve
never come so hard from you as I have just now on your
face.” This was true since I had never come with him
before, though he didn’t know that. “It seems like you
really enjoyed yourself too so from now on I think we
should do this a lot more, don’t you?? I think the risk
of me getting pregnant would be less too.”

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