A Routine Sunday

That fateful Sunday started off with the same old
routine. We’d been married for just under three years,
Michelle and I, but that was enough for us to settle
into that comfortable routine. Work was routine, play
was routine, life was routine. Worst of all our sex
life was routine.

So, following the old Sunday morning routine, I pecked
my wife’s cheek and drove off to the golf course. This
Sunday, however, did not live up to its namesake. That
worthy was hiding behind a mass of low lying clouds.
Nothing to stop an afternoon of golfing fun, however.
But after an hour of whacking a ball around the
fairways those clouds had turned ominous and soon the
heavens opened up. The more sensible among us broke for
the shelter of the clubhouse while a few diehards
squinted into the storm, steadfastly refusing to
acknowledge its presence.

The rain wouldn’t go away. It didn’t look like it was
ever going away. It just, continued to fall hard,
determined no doubt to drown the world and all its
creatures. So I cursed Nature and the rotten luck she
had dumped on me and decided to go home. Not too long
after that momentous decision I found myself pulling
into our driveway. A lot earlier than I had planned to.
All I had to look forward to was the rest of the day,
spent with my loving but routine wife. Cursing the
weather one more time I let myself in the front door.

And I heard voices.

Oh great, I thought, visitors. The day was just getting
better and better. What next? An atom bomb? Worse! It
was Jeff, one half of the sweet as apple pie couple
that lived next door. Five minutes with those two would
guarantee a place in heaven and a mouthful of cavities.
Even routine ol’ Michelle would be in dire need of
rescuing by now, I thought. But better her than me.
Grinning to myself I half-turned on my way back out.

That’s when Michelle giggled.

I froze in my tracks. It was the same giggle I’d heard
all those years ago. The nervous half-laugh that she
did the first time I seduced her. Cautiously and
silently (thanks to the sound of the falling rain)
shut the door, removed my shoes and padded over to the
dining room door. The sight that greeted me was well…

They were sitting together at the dinner table looking
at a photo album. Jeff and Myra’s photo album. The one
we’d seen about, oh two thousand times. Yet Michelle’s
face was flushed, that endearing combination of
embarrassment and arousal that I had come to know so
well. And almost forgotten.

“Aw, come on, Michelle! It’ll be fun!”

She was hesitant about doing whatever it was that Jeff
thought would be fun. (Making ice-cream? Playing bingo?
Any of the other FUN things that Jeff and Myra loved to
do?) Then she was nodding.

“That’s the spirit. That’s my girl!”

Your girl?

Michelle stood up nervously and giggled again. I found
myself catching my breath. She was wearing the white
dress that I’d bought for her during our honeymoon. It
still fit her perfectly. It hugged her in all the right
places accentuating her breasts, hips and bottom. She
looked beautiful. I felt myself getting hard. And it
was the sight of HER that was responsible, not a dream
lover from the pages of a magazine. That hadn’t
happened to me in the longest time.

Now there she was, standing in front of Jeff. Nervously
she struck a pose, pouting lips, hands on knees. Just
like Marilyn Monroe. Jeff laughed with delight and
stood up. That’s when I noticed the camera in his hand.
He was clearly an expert with the thing for in the
space of a few seconds he’d taken three pictures of a
very red faced Michelle. Somehow that made her all the
more exciting.

“Thank you, kind sir!” Michelle sang and sank back in
her chair, her dress riding up a little. She blushed
even redder and covered her face with her hands. “I
felt so stupid doing that.”

“Oh come now! You’re a great deal prettier than Marilyn
ever was.” This was a side of Jeff I’d never seen
before. “Wait a minute! I have a few more shots left
here. C’mon, a few more, huh?”

Michelle didn’t hesitate for very long this time. She
struck a couple of poses and the camera clicked away

“All right! A bit more leg. Come on, Michelle!”

Again there wasn’t too much hesitation before she
raised the hem of her dress to knee level. I smiled.
Typical Michelle. To her this was daring.

“Higher! Higher!”

For a moment I considered rushing in and beating Jeff
senseless but something held me back. Curiosity
perhaps. Whatever it was I’m glad I did. Biting her
lower lip Michelle raised the hem of her dress a little

“More Michelle! Come on, you’re beautiful!”

Maybe it was the sound of those words that did it,
words she hadn’t heard in a long time. She gulped and,
still biting her lip, she slowly raised the hem higher.
Time stood still and all sound ceased to exist. All
sound except the raspy breathing coming from Jeff, the
shuddering breaths coming from Michelle and the
clicking of the camera that is. And still her hem went
higher. Inch by inch she revealed those magnificent
thighs to Jeff’s eyes.

I knew his heart was beating with desire. And so was
mine. Those familiar thighs were revealed in a new
light. I had seen them so many times and yet I hadn’t
seen them at all. Now they were being revealed to me
for the first time. My breathing was labored as my eyes
followed her hands, tugging at the hem. Higher! Higher!
Until, ahhh! just the glimpse, a wonderful glimpse of
her panties.

I was dying for more. Please Michelle, I breathed, show
me more.

“Take it off, Michelle,” Jeff rasped.

With a deep sigh she whisked the dress over her head
and stood there, arms crossed over her breasts, eyes
closed. She was beautiful. Below, her tiny, wet panties
hugged her mound, barely covering it, allowing wisps of
fine hair to curl out from below. Above, she was braless,
naked except for the cover afforded by her arms. That
didn’t last very long either.

With her eyes still shut she lowered her arms slowly.
Ah Michelle! Her breasts were objects of perfection.
Round, firm and heavy, they were made to be squeezed,
fondled, caressed. The brown aureole, tipped with
large, erect nipples beckoned to the tongue. The camera
clicked feverishly.

“You’re panties now! C’mon Michelle,” his voice was

“N-no!” she breathed but her actions belied her words.
Her fingers snaked down her hips, slowly, uncertainly.

“Yes, Michelle, oh yes! Please!”

Shaking slightly my wife hooked her thumbs into the
waistband. Then with a deep breath she peeled them off.
I watched them fall and bunch up at her ankles. Then I
raised my eyes to feast on her jet black forest of
pubic hair. Jeff gasped and clicked away madly. His
eyes were burning with desire.

“Turn around,” he croaked.

She obeyed slowly, her movements shaky, uncertain. Her
breasts were heaving, the nipples extended to their
maximum. I watched her, my heart pounding, as she faced
away from my hiding place revealing the beautifully
rounded globes of her firm bum. They were magnificent.

“Spread your legs, Michelle,” Jeff’s voice was barely
audible, “and… and bend down.”

“Yes,” I whispered desperately. “Yes!”

We were both rewarded. Again very slowly she parted her
legs and bent down at the waist pushing her ass out at
the same time. I almost cried out at the sight. The
globes of her ass beckoned the eye to the crack between
them, to the brown puckered asshole, to the treasures
below. There, presenting an unobstructed view was her
sweet crack guarded by the half shells of her slightly
parted outer labia. As her legs parted those beautiful
labia separated further revealing her shining folds,
shining wetly. As Jeff clicked away a drop of moisture
trickled out and ran down her inner thigh. Jeff
continued clicking but his right hand was busy undoing
his fly.

I gulped, unsure of this development, a little worried.
Yet I had ignored Michelle for so long, ignored her
needs. She deserved this. There was also another factor
to be considered. I was very aroused by the thought of
watching her make love to another man. Yes, I thought,
let her have her fun. So I stayed in my hiding place
and released my rock hard cock. The head was soaked in
pre-come so my hands felt slick on the skin.

I was in heaven. The sight of my wife’s wide open pussy
brought on the inevitable conclusion. My cock erupted,
jets of come hitting the wall and carpet. It was all I
could do to keep myself from crying out. Somehow I did
and when my eyes refocused it was to witness Jeff
carefully, soundlessly laying the camera on the table.
Sticking out of his open fly was a large cock, fully
eight inches in length and six inches around.

Michelle was still facing away, eyes tightly shut. He
paused for a fraction of a second, taking time to aim
his cock at her. Then with a grunt he lunged forward
burying his cock inside her. Her head flew around, eyes
wide open. Then she was pushing her ass back matching
his quick thrusts. For a moment I wondered at the ease
with which she took him inside, she’d only had my small
cock in her before. But that moment of jealousy
vanished as she closed her eyes once more and gasped
with each thrust.

I watched them as they fucked. Their urgent thrusting
toppled them to the floor. Michelle twisted around so
she was facing Jeff and pulled him onto her. Reaching
down she took hold of his cock and pumped it a couple
of times before guiding it inside her. Wrapping her
legs around his waist she began a humping motion,
eagerly meeting his thrusts. My hiding place offered me
an excellent view of him sliding in and out of her, her
juices dripping, running down her crack and onto the
carpet. My own cock had revived and my right hand was
busy, feverishly rubbing away.

“Ahhh! Ahhhh! Oh god, fuck me! Yessss!!” Michelle’s
scream pierced the air just moments before his did. Her
whole body shuddered as her orgasm tore through her.
“Yes! Yes! Cum in me!”

He was obviously only too happy to comply and his
buttock clenched and unclenched spasmodically. My hands
moved faster, my ears still ringing with the words
Michelle had uttered; forbidden words uttered by those
sweet, demure lips. Fuck me! For the second time I
sprayed the wall with jets of come while waves of
pleasure surged through my body.

Breathing hard I took out my handkerchief and wiped my
cock before administering to the walls and carpet
(there are still tell-tale stains there). I briefly
considered joining my wife and her lover but decided
against it for now. Nevertheless, I had plans for the
future; but first I had to make sure my wife still
loved me. If she did… well I envisaged a new life
ahead of us. An unroutine life. Jealousy had no place
there. And for that moment neither did I.

I took one last look at the couple on the floor; his
penis, softening, falling out of her, their juices
dripping out of her sweet pussy, the sweat glistening
on their bodies. A decidedly unroutine Sunday. Smiling
at the cards fate had dealt me I blessed the weather
and slipped quietly out the front door.

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