A couple like to visit the local X-rated movie theater

Standing just inside the entrance door while our eyes
adjusted to the theater, we were looking for a great
spot to see and Be Seen:) As we found two seats in the
first row of the second section, we sat down and
noticed all heads turning in our direction…

It was so hot as we heard and watched the shifting of
seats… all coming close around us! We were obviously
the center of attention as a hot flick played on the

I wore a dress with no panties on and spread my legs
wide open and I pulled the dress up around my waist.

My boyfriend slipped his fingers into my pussy right
away, and a man sat beside me while my boyfriend
fingered me. This man leaned in closer… to smell…
at one point he tried to touch me, but my boyfriend
moved his hand away and signaled NO… and there was
never a problem after that… everyone was very well

We played with each otherfor quite some time … me
exposing my pussy and my boyfriend’s beautiful and very
hard cock.

We listened to the sounds of juicy cocks being jacked-
off all around us! It was definitely making me HOT!

After a bit, we got up and walked out to the video area
just inside the lobby. We could hear feet following as
we exited the movie…

As we chose a movie to take into a viewing booth, there
were guys walking all around the previously empty room
… waiting to enjoy the show they knew we were about
to give them. (I guess not a lot of couples come in
here, and when one does, it gets them all so hot.

After entering the first booth, I quickly stripped out
of my dress…I had nothing on beneath and my B/F was
pleasantly surprised to see how ready I was.

As it happened, the cashier soon knocked on our door
and asked us to please move to a different booth. (the
opening between the door closure of the second booth
had a clearer view, we surmised) We didn’t really mind
moving, after all we had come in to this place to show
off. So I threw on my dress and opened the door.

Everyone could tell that I had been undressed, and I
just smiled at the crowd of silent men and my B/F and
I slipped into the designated booth.

We quickly stripped again as our movie began…we could
see feet beneath the outside of our booth … there was
an opening of about 8″ all around the bottom of the

We were both wildly turned-on and ready to ravage one

I began to suck on my boyfriend’s cock as he turned my
backside toward the crack in the door and bent me over
to expose my ass to the eyes peering in at us… we
then heard a voice… “suck him… oh, yeah… suck
that cock… he’s fucking her now… she’s cumming …
did you hear her cum?” (the splashing of cum to the

It was just too hot!

We were soon in a frenzy, sucking and fucking to heavy
breathing just on the other side of our door with
plea’s to “open the door…”

I happen to squirt when I cum, and the floor was get-
ting drenched…you could see my cum running the
insides of my thighs, and I could smell the men’s cum
all around our booth… I begged my boyfriend to fuck

I stood against one wall as my B/F pushed up against
me, he fiddled between us with his hands, and then I
felt him slip into me. I was so turned on that he had
no trouble thrusting all the way into me on his first

You could feel the walls of the booth shaking as my
handsome B/F fucked me gfrantically. I came sevearl
time before he finally graned and came in me like a

It was a hot summer night, and we fucked in that booth
for what seemed like an hour … our clothes were
tangled between our feet on the floor, drenched in
cum and the sweat of hot lovemaking. They weren’t easy
to put back on I can tell you!

As we prepared to leave the booth, our “visitors” moved
away and we opened the door…stepping out to a GROUP
of about 12 smiling men! They greeted us with…”great
show … that was so hot …” and a few more
discriptive terms.

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