My First Time With A Woman


I met Nancy and her mother during my freshman year in
school. Nancy moved into my neighborhood just before
school started. A friend of mine, Tom, was hot for
Nancy and it seemed she felt the same about him.

She wasn’t allowed to date yet, and none of us had a
driver’s license. So Tom arranged for us to walk past
Nancy’s house at a certain time, and Nancy would invite
us up to talk.

As you might expect, I was quickly excluded from their
conversation. Consequently, Nancy’s mom, Susan, who
always kept an eye out for her daughter would talk with

That very first time before we left, Nancy’s mom, told
me that I was always welcome to come back and talk with
her, that she especially loved the sound of my voice.

Over the next few years, I continued to visit them,
even after Tom and Nancy lost interest in each other.

Most of the guys I hung out with were the shop class
type, a fast and fun crowd, but not too much brain-
power. Nancy and I shared math and science classes
from geometry to trigonometry, from biology to physics,
all through high school. We studied together in a
small den at the back of their house while watching

Susan often sat with us, helping with our math, as she
seemed to have a natural ability. Most teenagers seem
to push their parents away, but Susan and Nancy were a

Much to my delight and pain, they frequently tag teamed
up against me, alternatingly flirting or general male
bashing. I had no complaints mind you, the warmth and
attention of two women gave me was worth the occasional
prod I received.

Looking back, I think they used me as Nancy’s guinea
pig, but I learned enough as well to make it a fair

I have a good deal of mechanical aptitude, and I became
a part-time “man around the house” for Nancy and her
mother. For Nancy and I, the relationship grew until
she was my closest female friend.

Susan and I had another different relationship. She
was almost like a mentor to me, but there was always
tension present between us and without thinking much
about it, I assumed it was a teenager/parent thing.

It was late summer, between my sophomore and junior
year, when a very significant event occurred in our

During the school year, Nancy stayed with her dad one
weekend a month. (Her folks were divorced.) During the
summer, it varied, especially if he invited her on
vacation with him and his new wife.

I dropped by their house one hot summer day to kill
some time. Susan’s car was there, but nobody answered
the door.

I figured they might be out back by the pool, so I
walked around. Susan was just coming up from the pool
as I approached. She told me that Nancy was with her
dad, shopping to get ready for their upcoming vacation

Then she reclined on a chaise, to soak up some sun-
shine, and I sat in a chair near her to talk as we
usually did.

As I looked at her, in her new swimsuit, I reflected
on how she had changed over the past couple of years.
When I’d first met them, Susan had been probably twenty
plus pounds heavier, and she had always worn baggy
clothes. Nancy was rail thin, and the only thing she
shared with her mother was a pretty face. But over the
past year, Susan began shedding pounds and updating her

As I said, I was looking at her in her new swimsuit,
her first bikini, she had said, and was trying hard to
get a casual look at her chest as we talked.

She was down to what she called her “fighting weight”,
about 120 pounds, and standing about 5’6″, with what I
considered a beautifully curvy body. During the past
year, Nancy had begun filling out, so now with her
mom’s updated wardrobe they could pass as sisters.

After a few minutes went by, she flipped to her stomach
and asked me to put some sunscreen on her back. She
unhooked her top and had me spread lotion on her
shoulders and down her back.

I was going to stop at her lower back, but she asked
me to spread some lotion on her legs as well.

So I started at her ankles and worked my way up. As I
rubbed higher up on her legs, when the thought popped
into my mind about what it would be like to rub lotion
between her legs.

As I thought about that I could feel my dick filling
with blood and getting hard as hell.

A little distracted by my teenaged lust I paused about

Susan said, “Keep going, I don’t want to have a sunburn
right at the edge of my rear end.”

I finished putting the lotion on her legs, rubbing it
right up to the edge of her bikini bottom.

She said quietly, “You have good hands, sometime you’ll
have to give me a massage.”

I had no idea if she knew what those words were doing
to me, but to avoid embarrassment, I said nothing;
turned away, and let the sun warm me as I tried to
consciously slow my heartbeat.

I closed my eyes and we lay there in silence for pro-
bably ten minutes or so went by when I heard her rise
from the chaise.

She said, “Want to go inside and get something cold to
drink with me?”

I nodded my head yes as I tried to stop looking at her
breasts. For some reason I couldn’t stop looking at her
body now. I’d never done that before, but now all of a
sudden my imagination was running rampant, just like my

She was holding the bikini bra cups to her chest as she
walked to the back door of the house. She gave me a
little smile and I turned red with what I was thinking.

When Susan got to the door she turned around and said,
“Hook me will you?”

I did my best with a little fumbling at the catch, then
we walked into the kitchen. She got out a couple of
glasses and a pitcher of lemonade from the refrige-
rator. She poured herself a glass then gestured for
my glass. I guess I hadn’t fastened her top properly,
because just as she leaned over to fill my glass, her
top popped loose and fell to the table.

In her surprise and confusion she promptly dropped the
pitcher of cold onto the table, the pitcher tipped over
and gushed its contents right into my lap. Susan was
grabbing for her top, as I jumped up in shock at seeing
her breasts naked, and the sensation of ice cold
lemonade soaking my pants.

By the time we gathered our wits, I was stammering out
an embarrassed apology, and she was asking if I was all

She said, “I’m going to change out of this suit. You
get a towel from the hall bathroom to wrap yourself in
while I rinse out your pants and throw them in the

I headed down the hall in front of her to do as I was
told. As I went into the bathroom, she flowed on by
into her bedroom. I shut the door, took off my shorts
and pants, and wrapped myself in the biggest towel I
could find in the linen closet.

As I stepped from the bathroom, I glanced down the hall
to her bedroom, and glimpsed her through a partially
open door. She was completely naked and seemed to be
inspecting her shape with approval. I wanted to watch,
but didn’t want to get caught, so with only one more
quick glance, I went into the kitchen, tossed my
clothes in the sink, and sat down to wait for her.

In just a minute or so she appeared. She spied my
clothes in the sink, and as she swept them up and
headed toward the basement laundry, she said, “Why
don’t you come down with me and we’ll play some pool
while we wait?”

When we got downstairs she told me to set up a game
and went into the laundry room.

When she came back she took a long look at me and said,
“I wish I could give you something more to wear, but
I don’t think you would fit in either my clothes or

I muttered that it was okay, and that I didn’t really
want to wear women’s clothing anyway. Susan giggled
and said she thought that would be interesting to see.

As we played, Susan started a conversation on a per-
sonal level. She was making statements that she seemed
to want me to confirm — about how she felt it was time
for her to start seeing guys again, about how she had
been losing weight to be more attractive.

I guess my response wasn’t strong enough because she
straightened and asked point blank, “Tell me honestly,
how do you think I look?”

I replied quite honestly, “I think you’re beautiful.”

That got me a quick smile, a hug, and a very warm but
short kiss on the lips.

As she pulled away, my thoughts were focused on how
soft, warm, and wet her lips had felt against mine,
how her breasts felt pressed against my naked chest.

It was hard to turn back to the game, and try as I
might, I found myself thinking of the glimpse that I
had seen of her body while she was in her bedroom
looking at herself in the mirror a few minutes before.

I was fantasizing about ripping off my towel as she
pulled off her clothes, and before I realized it, an
erection was fully extended under my towel. I knew
I had to stop that line of thought, and tried to turn
my attention back to the game.

That’s when she stroked her hands along her sides from
thigh to breast, and said, “I’ve been trying to get
back in shape. Is this a body that guys would want?”

Without much thought I said, “Any guy who didn’t want
you is, A – dead, B – gay, or C – a fool.” I stood
there waiting for her to get mad at me, I couldn’t
believe I’d just said that to Nancy’s mother. But Susan
surprised me.

She said, “Ohhh, that was good!” Then she kissed me
again, slowly this time with a full body hug.

The erection that I had been hoping to hide came to
full attention under my towel. I was certain that as
tightly as she held me during that hug she would surely
feel my predicament.

I had no idea what to do, except that I was so enjoying
the kiss and body contact that I wasn’t about to be the
one to break free. As she finally broke the kiss, she
said, “Whoa, I need to think about what I’m doing here.
I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

Then she turned and went into the laundry and got my
shorts. She came back into the rec room and handed me
my shorts and said, “Here, you can put your clothes on

I had no chance to say anything because she turned and
walked up the stairs. I went home embarrassed and very


Months went by, I continued to visit Susan, but nothing
more happened between us. Finally school started, and
my thoughts returned to the girls I saw in the halls
and classes everyday.

Eventually, I turned sixteen, a milestone allowing me
to drive. It was hard to get hot and heavy on A
bicycle, I figured that transportation and privacy were
surely the keys to sexual heaven.

With money I saved working nights as a busboy, weekends
at a gas station, cash left me by my grandfather, and
a little help from my dad; I bought a 1964 Oldsmobile
Cutlass convertible.

I cruised that first night with some friends, then on
Saturday I thought about showing my new independence
to Nancy. It turned out that Nancy was at her father’s
for the weekend, but Susan looked my machine over and
made some appreciative comments.

She even suggested that I come by and give her a ride
with the top down that evening, but I assumed she was
just being nice to me.

I had no date that night, but I hoped that I might run
into some female that afternoon and maybe manage a date
for the evening. I mean now that I had wheels my life
would change, I’d be able to attract the opposite sex.

So I left my house intending to cruise for a while and
maybe find some friends if nothing else.

As I drove around the corner, I saw Susan waving to me.
I stopped and she walked up to the car asking, “Coming
by to give me my ride?”

I said, “Sure, hop in.” She smiled and said, “Well,
if you’re serious, let me go get my purse.”

I responded, “If you take too long I’ll honk and make
the neighbors mad.”

She laughed and said, “One minute tops, you can time
me.” She came out, tying her hair into a ponytail,
hopped in the car and said, “Let’s go.”

We cruised down a couple of streets, then got onto the
highway and I let it out to about 70.

We laughed and joked for awhile and she asked what I
was going to do that evening. I said, “Nothing much,
maybe I’ll get lucky and get a date. But I’ll probably
just hang out with the guys.”

Susan smiled and said, “Well, why don’t you take me
out on a date?”

I looked at her with wide eyes and said, “Sure, where
do you want to go?”

I had no idea where to take a girl on a “car” date, and
certainly had no idea where a “woman” would want to go.

She said, “Let’s go to a drive-inn and eat popcorn and
make fun of the movies.”

I asked, “Any particular movie you want to see?”

“No, but we can go across town so you don’t get seen by
your buddies and get embarrassed to be out with an old

I said proudly, “Hey, one look at you and all the guys
would be jealous,” and I meant it, Susan did look hot
in her tight linen blouse and those short, shorts.

So off we drove to the drive-in across town, (She in-
sisted that we go there, I think she didn’t want to be
seen with a teenager. But I didn’t care, I was buzzed
to have this beautiful woman in my car, it made me feel
cool, and grown up.)

We got popcorn and cokes before the first movie, and
had a good time making fun of the poorly played ro-
mantic characters. When we returned to the car after
intermission, she asked if I had a blanket. I said no,
and noticed the drive-inn had not yet put out the car

It was a cool evening in October, and neither of us was
really dressed to spend the evening outdoors, so we put
the top up. I asked if she wanted me take her home, or
turn on the engine and the heater.

As the movie started, Susan snuggled up against me, “to
keep warm”. She took my hand, and holding it, pulled
my arm around her shoulder saying, “If you don’t mind,
we can share body heat to help stay warm.”

I didn’t mind, I just hoped that one of my friends
would “happen” on us and see me with this hot looking
female. I was nervous being so close to Susan this way,
but wouldn’t have traded this spot with anyone in the

The feature film was another romance story, with better
acting than the first movie we’d seen. We actually
began watching it, and I almost forgot how close Susan
was snuggled up to me.

When a hot sex scene came on the screen, she started
rubbing my thigh and I became very conscious of her
next to me. I started heating up, and in no time I
had a painfully hard dick straining in my pants.

I’m not sure why I did it, but I tried to put hand on
one of her breasts. When she moved my hand away, and
said, “Maybe you should take me home now.” I was so
embarrassed that I thought I’d die.

She had frustrated and embarrassed me again, but I said
nothing, I just put the speaker on the pole, fired up
the engine, and we headed back to her house.

When we got there, I pulled in her driveway to let her
out. Susan opened the door, but before she got out she
said, “Don’t I get a kiss goodnight after our date?”

I shrugged my shoulders nervously, and she said,
“Listen, I’ve always thought you were cute and certain-
ly fun to talk to. Every woman has something special
she looks for in a man, something that turns her head
so to speak.

For me, it’s always been a man’s voice. Since the
first time I met you, your voice has been a turn-on for
me. I think I told you that the first time we met.
I’ve almost lost control several times.

I’m sure you remember the day I lost my top and dumped
a pitcher of lemonade in your lap. You were too young
and I was too old, so I had to push you away. Well,
you’re not quite legal yet, but in my opinion You’re
not too young, but maybe I’m still to old?”

She paused, but before I could say anything she con-
tinued, “I may be too old. I don’t know, I just know,
I want you now and don’t want to wait any longer.

So Here’s the deal. I want you to drive away. If you
want to go hang out with your friends, or want to go
home, I understand. If you want to come back, I’ll be
waiting. You’ll have to leave your car somewhere else
so the neighbors don’t wonder. You understand what I’m

I nodded yes, I couldn’t trust my voice just then.

She gave me a quick squeeze on my thigh, and a peck on
the cheek, and hopped out of the car. I sat there for
a minute before taking off. I was in turmoil, I was
even scared! I’d never “been” with a woman before; What
it I screwed up. What if I looked like a fool or did
something wrong and looked like a fool?

My fear and Midwestern morals were telling to go home,
she was twice my age and the mother of my friend. But
my teenage hormones were telling me to go back and
maybe get laid for the first time in my life.


She met me at the door and sighed, “I almost wish you
hadn’t come back, this is going to be messy.”

That confused me a little, but as I stepped into the
living room, she gently began to kiss me. Not like
other kisses I’d had, not like any thing I’d ever
experienced before. Susan immediately opened her mouth
and began to push her tongue up against mine. Our kiss
quickly turned into a passionate embrace.

I remember the incredible feeling her lips against mine
caused deep inside my trembling body, lips that even
with hard kisses remained very soft and warm. Our
tongues continued to play with each other and I rapidly
got hard as a bone.

Her hands dropped to my rear and as she squeezed my
butt cheeks, then pulled me into her. She moved her
lips to my ear and whispered, “Do you remember saying
any man in his right mind would want me?”

I nodded yes, and her tongue traced the edge of my ear.
Then she whispered, “Do you want me?”

I nodded yes again, unable to find my voice.

She took me by the hand, and led me down the hall to
her bedroom. Once in there, she turned and gave me
scorching kiss. Then she pulled away and asked, “I’ve
frustrated you a couple of times haven’t I?”

Again, I just nodded.

She continued with a soft smile on her lovely lips,
“You remember that day when all you had on was a towel?
Well, before that I remember you rubbing lotion on my
legs, and I damn near climaxed just thinking of having
you in my bed. I couldn’t have you then, I told myself
that you were too young, that I’d have to wait. Well
I’m not waiting any longer.”

With that, she kissed me hard again on the lips and
brought a hand around to my crotch and gripped me
through my pants. I thought I might faint. The feeling
of her hand on my swollen dick was so wonderful I
thought I might come right then and there.

Susan broke our kiss and slid to her knees in front of
me. while looking up at me with a sly smile on her
lovely face she slowly opened the fly of my pants and
took my dick out. Her smile broadened, as she rolled
my hot sticky teenhood between her fingers.

I almost died when she sank her mouth over it. The
feeling of her hot moist mouth on my organ made me
knees weak. I looked down at this sophisticated grown
woman as her beautiful head began to bob up and down
my virgin cock. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,
I couldn’t believe how wonderful she was making me
feel. It was too much.

At this point in my life, I had made it to “first base”
with a couple of girls, “second” with one, but I had
never experienced anything like this.

Not knowing that I was going to, I started coming in
her mouth. I was mortified as I gushed into her. I
couldn’t help myself, all I could do is stand there and
empty myself between her ripe wonderful lips. I felt a
tight band closing around my forehead and a gray-
blackness swam before my eyes and I felt my life giving
seed rushing headlong from my body.

Susan just moaned and kept bobbing over my dick. I
could hear her swallowing. She was making a gulping
noise trying to keep up with the many loads I was
depositing into her throat. She used her hand to help
milk me dry, swallowing all my come.

Finally satisfied that she had sucked out every last
drop from my body Susan stood up and said, “I knew you
would be in a hurry the first time, now we have the
rest of the night.”

After a moment I found my voice and sheepishly admitted
that I had never made love to a woman, and didn’t
really know what to do.

I said, “All I know, is I think your face and body are

She had on a long loose dress, and moved into my arms
saying, “The zipper is in the back.”

After I pulled down the zipper she shrugged her
shoulders and the dress fell in a soft puddle of
material at her feet.

Still in my arms, she said, “My bra opens in front.”

After some fumbling I got her bra open and stood amazed
at the beauty of the tits displayed before me. She had
a wonderful tan, but her breasts milky white.

In contrast, the large dark areolas contrasted wonder-
fully, the nipples were already standing proud. I was
just staring at them, doing nothing. She cupped one
breast with a hand and using her other hand, drew my
face to her.

I sucked in as much as I could, then let it slip away
until just the nipple was between my lips. I began to
suck her nipple in and out of my mouth as my arms
encircled her. I caressed her back, letting my hands
slide down to her rear.

I put my hands in her panties, sliding my hands to the
sides I drew her panties down her thighs, sliding my
lips down her belly, drawing her panties to the floor,
and let my tongue probe her navel.

She pulled me up to face her and said, “You’re doing
exceptionally well for a beginner.”

All this occurred with light spilling into the room
from the hallway. Now she turned on a light next to the
bed and said, “You need to see and learn.”

She knelt across the bed to pull the comforter off,
pausing to give me a rear view. She looked back and
asked, “Like what you see?”

I replied, “Yes very much,” and reached out to touch

“Just wait… there’s more.” With that, she gracefully
turned, and lying across the bed and opened her legs to

I stood frozen to the floor! I could she her cunt as
plain as day. The mysteries of a woman were beard to
my sight. I instinctively wondered what it would feel
like to plunge into the folds that lay there so
inviting to me. My cock rose as she pulled her pussy
lips open.

She held out a hand to me, grasped my fingers and
guided them to her. She said, “There’s no better time
to be a man than now. Look at your handsome manly rod
instantly responding to the sight of a female. I just
love watching you getting so hard, and so fast.”

Guys your age talk about fingering a girl, but touching
here, on my clitoris, is what does it, not finger
strokes in and out, come here and try it.”

Taking the lead, I moved closer and used my hands to
open and explore her. I looked closer and she drew my
face to her pussy.

I wasn’t sure what to do, but figured that if I did
something wrong I could trust Susan not to laugh at me.
She was very wet, as I began to lick at her pussy lips.

I could see a little nub sticking out of fleshy folds
at the top of her slit, and went for that. Susan
started to squirm when I tongued that little button, so
I guessed that that was her clitoris.

Within a minute Susan started to moan and shudder under
my tongue. It was wonderful to see her in the throws of
passion, and to know that I was causing her ecstatic

After her spasms slowed she pulled me up and said,
“Quick learner.”

She reached down and started to stroke my new erection
saying, “I see you’re ready again. That’s a bonus being
with a teenage boy,” she chuckled.

Then she looked deeply into my eyes and said, “Most
guys seem to want to be on top of a woman, but the
fact is that sex is not really about conquest. It
should be about mutual enjoyment. It usually takes
longer for a woman to reach a climax, and if she’s
on top sometimes there’s enough control to let both
people climax. You want to try that?”

To be honest I didn’t know what Susan was talking about
as far as positions were concerned. All I’d heard was
that we were going to fuck. My dick was so hard it
hurt. It felt like a muscle somewhere was going to pop
any moment.

Susan pushed me down on the bed and straddled my chest
with her knees, and brought my hands to her breasts.
She held my hands as I kneaded her breasts and tweaked
her nipples.

As her nipples hardened and rose to twice their prior
size she said, “No mistaking this on a woman, she
either has a chill, or someone has excited her.”

She wriggled, spreading her juices on my chest, then
moved up until her thighs straddled my head. With my
hands still on her breasts, my tongue went to work on
her clitoris again.

I found that I liked pleasing her with my mouth. I put
all my being into my tongue. In minutes she was moan-
ing and wriggling on my face. I knew she had climaxed
again, I could taste her as she came.

After a full minute her moans died away to sighs. But
my attention never wavered, her taste and touch was
entrancing. I realized my hands had moved, I was
squeezing her rear now, pulling her into my face as my
tongue swirled over her clitoris.

Finally she called out, “Enough, I need you in me.”

With that she slid down and as I raised my head to
watch as she grasped my dick and slowly lowered herself
onto it until I was fully inside her.

If I live to be a hundred I’ll never forget that feel-
ing. It gave me such a sense of freedom to have my cock
plunged deeply into her moist warm folds.

She leaned forward and with her breasts hanging in my
face, she made a slow full-length movement up and down
my dick, stopping to rub herself against my pubic bone
at the bottom of the stroke. After maybe a minute of
this she brought my hands to her hips, then began to
move up and down me with quick half-length strokes.

She was driving me crazy with sensations, the feeling
of her velvety walls gently massaging my prick was
pulling me over the edge again.

Finally I grunted that I was about to come, and she
began to slam herself down on me. It felt as if the
tip of my cock was poking into her stomach as she
reached the bottom of each stroke.

As I came in gushes, I think she did too, moaning out,
“Yes, oh God it’s been so long… yes… yes!”

One final shove and Susan held me deeply inside of her,
then she collapsed on my chest, and in a hoarse whisper
said, “I was thinking of throwing you back in the pond,
but I think I may have to keep you.” Se giggled a lit-
tle wildly at her own joke.

Afterward she moved off me, and we cuddled in a spoon-
ing position, her hand over mine, cupping her breast.


Not very many minutes had gone by, when my cock started
expanding again. It wasn’t my fault. Susan’s hand was
stroking it, and I was instantly horny all over again.
It almost seemed that the more I got the more I wanted.

I let my hand slide down her belly until my fingers
played at the curls disappearing between her legs. She
wiggled her rear against me, then turned to face me.

We spent some time kissing softly, caressing each
other, then Susan pushed me onto my back. She turned
sideways, and kissed her way down my chest until I
could feel her lips touching the tip of my prick.

I jumped as she licked down the length of my shaft, up
and down, then all around. When she reached the top
again, she took me into her mouth and swirled her
tongue around the tip. Then to my amazement, Susan just
sank her head down over my dick and it disappeared be-
tween her lips until her nose was rubbing against my
pubic hair.

It was incredible, I could feel my cock sliding into
her throat, and I was totally shocked and incredibly
turned on by this. I had never even imagined something
like that before.

Susan pulled off my stiff cock and turned to face me,
saying, “Let me know when you’re ready to come.” Then
as she took me into her mouth again, she moved her
lower body to straddle me, putting her legs on each
side of my head.

I took the hint and leaned up to taste her again. She
didn’t move her head much as I began to tongue her
clitoris, I could smell my own jism, and at first
wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to taste my own sperm.
But then I figured that if Susan could suck me after
I’d fucked her, then I could eat her after I’d fucked
her. It was only fair.

When my tongue ran into a glob of my own sperm, I
thought I might gag, but instead I just licked away
swallowing my own jism. It sort of turned me on to know
I was doing something so perverted.

I began thrusting my dick up between Susan’s lips. I
was stroking deep into her throat, and coupled with the
excitement of tasting her, I almost forgot to tell her
I was near coming.

Moving my face to the side, I croaked, “I’m going to

Much to my surprise, she squeezed my cock firmly, and
made my climax fade away. She lifted herself off me,
and spun so we faced each other.

She laughed and rolled onto her back and said, “I’m at
least one up on you. I want to feel you inside me
again. You get on top this time. I want you in me as
deep as you can go.”

She pulled me over onto her, and as I moved between her
legs she spread her them wide for me. I arched my back
to watch as I entered her, and I pushed in a few small
strokes, watching as I slid in and out of her. It was
an incredible site, only that morning I had been think
about nothing more erotic than getting a girl to take
a ride with me in my new car. And here I was screwing
an adult woman in her own bedroom. It was crazy, but I
was loving it!

As I thrust, Susan swung her legs behind my butt and
crossed them using them to pull me deeper into her.
Then, as her ankles slid down to hook behind my knees,
she said, “As deep, as long, and as hard as you can,

She brought her knees to each side of me, and I pulled
them into my chest. I reached behind her and grabbed
her rear as I began thrusting as hard as I could. I
began pulling out until only the head of my cock, then
plunging hard into her again.

Soon I increased the speed of my thrusts as I learned
her limits. We were inching across the bed as I slam-
med into her at the bottom of each stroke. I was
quickly reaching another orgasm, but I didn’t want to
disappoint her, so I pulled out of her, and slid down
so I could bring my tongue to bear on her clitoris

She was wriggling and moaning in another climax as she
reached down to pull me back up. I urgently pushed her
legs wide and immediately drove my full length into her

I quickly began long, deep, hard strokes until I was
near to coming again. I pulled out again, sliding down
to tongue her but she said, “No, no, I can’t take any

But I kept going down, kissing and nibbling at her
thighs while a thumb massaged her clitoris. This time
as I brought my tongue to bear on her clitoris, I let
my thumb enter her and caress the inside of her pussy.

She immediately began bucking against my hand and
tongue, crying out sounds I couldn’t understand.

Susan seemed to be having a series of violent climaxes,
and I knew that I was ready too. I knew that if I
didn’t mount her soon, I’d be shooting all over the

I took my hand away from her sopping pussy and moved up
her beautiful body again to enter her. I was so
excited by her reactions and the feelings that were
boiling inside of me that after only a few strokes I
came in huge gushes inside her pussy folds. Breathing
like a locomotive I collapsed on top of her.

After a moment, I started to move off her, concerned
that my weight on her might be uncomfortable to her,
but she held me tight, saying, “Stay inside me until
you can’t anymore.”

I kissed her neck and ears, and tried to tease her
nipples but she stopped me, saying, “I can’t take
anymore for now, please.”

When my erection finally faded, and I fell out of her,
I rolled to my side taking her with me. Susan had her
head cradled in one of my arms. I grasped her rear and
drew her closer to me. We kissed softly, and she
whispered, “My darling, I haven’t felt this good in
years. Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

I felt proud of our lovemaking and my part in it and
replied, “No, just beginner’s luck I guess.”

I was searching for something warm to say to her, and
I whispered into her ear that I loved her.

She pushed me away slightly and looking into my eyes,
said, “I like you, and I know you like me. I lusted
after you, and given your performance you lusted after
me. But, let’s not bring love into this.

I won’t let it go that far, it just can’t be, I’m old
enough to be your mother.”

“I understand, I just didn’t know the words to say, to
let you know how good I feel, to tell you how grateful
I am to you.”

She smiles and said, “That I can deal with, all you
have to say is a simple thank you.”

I replied, “Thank you.”

Did Susan and I get together again? Yes, in November
when Nancy was at her dad’s place, and twice in Decem-
ber. Christmas night had more delightful presents than
Christmas morning. I stayed that whole night, and after
a morning love making session, she told me it had to
come to an end.

Susan was over her divorce and ready to date guys her
age again. And she told me that I needed to pursue
girls my age, to discover their delights.

I didn’t like it, but I guess I knew she was right.
After a few tense weeks our relationship returned to
something like it had been before.

And after a bit, I did find out the delights that girls
my own age had to offer. And I was fully prepared to
make them happy. I even got a bit of a reputation for
being a lover in my senior year of high school.

Life is a strange and wonderful thing…