Young man for my wife

Due to my frequent travels, my wife and I have an agreement that we are allowed to satisfy our sexual desires as needed. Some call this an open marriage, we didn’t put a name to it but I guess that’s what it was. Angie is a very sexual person and had taken on a couple regular lovers. She was able to satisfy them and still take care of my needs too when I was in town. We always were open about things that would happen but I was caught off guard one morning when Angie told me that her boyfriend had his son with him when she showed up at his apartment one night.

She said at first she was a little ashamed at the way she was dressed (she almost always just wore a night gown or something like that. It was always sexy but not enough to get her arrested for public nudity. She had worn a sheer top baby doll that night with a very small sheer panty and no bra. She said her bf explained to her that his son was going to spend the summer before starting college living with him. He also explained that he thought maybe they could teach the boy some things over the summer.

My wife looked him in the eyes and asked if he was asking what she thought he was asking and he nodded. This set her back a little but she ended up going through with it by having sex with the father in front of the boy and then touching him and eventually with some encouragement she sucked the boys cock until he squirted in her mouth. After squirting he explored my wife’s body while his dad fucked her to his orgasm.

My wife was so turned on by everything and seeing that the boy was still hard she allowed him to move into the position that his father had just vacated. She was surprised that even though this was his virginal fuck, and he was smaller than his mature father, he was very good and provided her a lot of pleasure.

Over the next few weeks Angie ended up making a few extra visits to her bf’s apartment and sometimes only spent time with the boy. She ended up admitting to me that the thought of a younger cock sent her into orbit.

After several months, it was time for college to start and the boy left. The sex between Angie and her bf was never the same and they ended up breaking up. She finally asked me one day if I thought she could find another young boy to have a relationship with. I asked her how young she was thinking and she just said “as young as the law will allow”, with a blush on her face.

We innocently mentioned to one of our married friends who we had swung with a few times about our search and they seemed to get a twinkle in their eyes. Angie was intrigued and asked what was up. The couple said that they had noticed their 17 year old son spending more time in mommy’s room while she was getting dressed/undressed. She didn’t mind as she spent a lot of time nude in the house but she decided to tease him a little to see what he would do. She started by asking him for back or leg rubs while she was nude or nearly nude and had let him watch while she waxed her bikini line. She said there was almost drool hanging out of his mouth and even though her husband had said it would be okay for her to fuck him, she just couldn’t bring herself to go that far. She asked Angie if she was interested and Angie almost orgasm on the spot. Danny’s mom mentioned that his birthday was in about 3 months and maybe it would be nice to take his virginity on his 18th birthday.

Angie was never so turned on and she attacked me that night but after we were done she asked me if I would mind if she didn’t have vaginal intercourse with me until after she had been with Danny. I really enjoy oral so I told her as long as she still took care of my needs, I didn’t have a problem with it since she was trying to make sure her pussy would be nice and tight for the boy.

Angie did all kinds of vaginal exercises over the next three months and I was not allowed to do anything more than slide my cock over her clit when we were feeling horny. It’s really amazing how much sex a couple can have without having intercourse! Once a month Angie would ask me to check her pussy for her to see how tight it was. I was only allowed to use my pinky finger to slide into her and then she would flex her vaginal muscles around it. This turned me on immensely but it was not being done for me. This was all for Danny.

Danny’s parents had been getting him a little more ready for this day by having him help groom his mother’s pubic hair and helping give her baths and by letting him watch them have sex. They pulled out their blue movies and left them out to watch any time he wanted to. His mother turned into a nudist in the home too. As soon as they would walk through the door, she would ask Danny to help her get undressed. Once in a moment of weakness, Danny’s mom let him finger her to orgasm while undressing her at the door. It became a regular thing for him to dip his finger in her honey pot or tweak a nipple while passing her. Both she and Danny’s father loved it as it kept her in a constant state of arousal and resulted in a lot of sex between them.

Finally the big day arrived. Danny’s parents had promised him a new bed for his birthday since he was getting older so they had purchased a large bed and had it assembled in his room while he was gone. Angie was to be laid out on the bed totally nude with a big ribbon and bow draped across her and the bed. Angie wanted to look as young as possible for Danny so she had me wax her entire body and then she wore no makeup.

After lunch and the birthday cake, Danny’s parents escorted him to his room to see his new bed. He knew this was going to be his present but he didn’t know about Angie who was laid out on his bed with rose petals sprinkled all around her.

Danny was surprised to say the least and just stared at Angie for a couple minutes before his mom said, “Angie is part of your birthday present. She comes with the bed.”

The poor boy didn’t know what to do, he felt funny about giving his mom & dad a hug while sporting the boner he had but he didn’t want to just jump Angie right there in front of them either. Finally Danny’s mom & dad told him to enjoy himself and gave him hugs and kisses and left the room. They would be back to check in on him but they left him alone to do what he needed to do alone with Angie.

Angie said that since Danny had watched his mom and dad make love many times, he was not clueless. She said she told him to get undressed and join her on the bed. They started making out and touching and he ended up being very good with foreplay and helped her get over being so nervous. She had been so nervous that she wasn’t wet but he warmed her up quickly and she was more than ready for his virgin penis. He played with and kissed/touched every part of her body and she his.

Finally it was time and she asked him if his mom & dad could witness the act. He agreed and called them into the room. They came in and Danny’s mom asked him if she could help him put his cock into Angie. He said he thought that would be okay so she got in place behind him and took hold of his ample sized male member in her small hand. She stroked him a couple times before getting him in position. Angie held her pussy lips open and Danny’s dad was up close with the video camera. His mom asked Angie if she was ready and if this is what she wanted and Angie told her yes. She then asked Danny if this is what he wanted and if he was ready and Danny said yes. With that Danny’s mother placed his cock at the opening of Angie’s cunt and gave him a gentle push from behind.

Remember, Angie had not had vaginal intercourse for 3 months at this point and had been doing exercises to make her vagina smaller/tighter. Danny was larger than anticipated so he did not just slide in. It was almost like he was getting Angie’s virginity too. He (and his mom) had to push a little harder to get his pole in her. This took a few minutes of pushing and pulling back and pushing again but finally he was all the way inside her. Danny’s mom was too turned on to just step back so she was using her hands all around the two lovers where they were united into one touching both of them until she felt them start to tense up. Danny’s movements became ragged so his mom started gently rubbing Angie’s clit to make sure both of them came together, which they did… loudly!

After a short rest Angie suggested a short 69 to clean each other up and get ready for the next round. Danny’s mom excused herself to get them juice and snacks to keep their energy going because she knew they would have a long night ahead of them.

Danny’s dad was sure to document everything that went on that night (so I could see later) and his mom got involved a couple times too by helping clean them both. At one point when Angie was so exhausted, Danny’s mom asked if she would mind if she took her place for a few minutes. Angie had no problem with that so the hot momma got on her back and beckoned her son to mount her.

The only thing that would have made this hotter would have been if Danny’s mom had taken his virginity but just being involved with his virgin night was enough for everybody.

Angie moved in with them for the summer so Danny could use her every night. I was eventually allowed to come watch once in a while and after a while a schedule was set up where Danny’s mom would spend the night in his bed to take care of him and his needs so Angie could come spend the night with me and take care of my needs. Between Danny, his father and me, Danny was the only one that never went without a woman in his bed with him. His dad and I were cut down to once or twice a week so the girls could take a break once in a while too.

Angie is now asking about letting Danny get her pregnant but that is another story.

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