When a wife gets careless


If my wife Laura had not made so many careless mistakes,
I would not be writing this now. When a man finds a
pubic hair on the sheets that does not match the color
of his or his wife’s hair, it suggests that another
person has been in that bed. When he arrives home from
work, walks into the bedroom and catches a whiff of
musky semen, he becomes even more suspicious. But could
his imagination be playing tricks on him?

I learned the truth the day I arrived home from work 3
hours early and found my wife naked on the living room
couch watching a soap opera. Her lover must have left
only moments before. I suspected my best friend Ray. He
had been ogling Laura for as long as I could remember. I
didn’t have a problem with that. It was when he stopped
fawning over her that I became suspicious. I am not a
jealous man. As long as they gave me the pleasure of
watching them fuck, or if Ray wanted to reciprocate by
sharing his wife Ellen, then it was fine with me.

“Well, what have you been up to, dear?” I asked. The
little bitch was still panting. She is very quick on her
feet and it only took her a second to come up with a
plausible excuse. “Oh, hello, darling. Please forgive
me. I’ve been masturbating. I just couldn’t help myself.
I got so horny.” She rubbed her pussy to make the lie
even more convincing.

“Did you finish the job? Where is your vibrator?”

“I was using my fingers.” Another lie. She always used
her vibrator and her fingers in combination. “No, I
didn’t cum. I decided to hold off and wait for you.”

“I’ll take a quick shower and then I’ll screw your
brains out,” I said.

I walked into the bedroom to find the bedding mussed.
That had never happened before. Laura is a superb
housekeeper. The evidence of my wife’s infidelity was
overwhelming, but I still wasn’t certain. I carefully
examined the sheets without finding any pubic hairs or
semen stains. Then I found the final damning bit of
evidence under the bed. I held the condom up and
examined the load that it contained. Whoever had fucked
her must have enjoyed it very much to pump out so much
sap into that rubber.

“Your honor, we find the defendant guilty of being a
slut.” When I waved the condom in Laura’s pretty face,
she became as pale as a ghost, fainted and fell back on
the couch. I sprinkled ice water in her face to bring
her around. “I want to know what the fuck is going on,”
I demanded. “It isn’t what you think, darling. Please
let me explain.” I wasn’t angry, just very excited. “Ray
has been porking you, hasn’t he?”

“Yes, Ray has had me a few times, but we aren’t lovers.
It is strictly business. When your business dropped off,
things got a little tight around here. I didn’t want to
worry you, so I didn’t tell you about the collection
agencies that were trying to collect our debts. I’m
afraid that I spent more than I should have. It’s
entirely my fault. I tried to find a job, but I don’t
have any skills. Nobody wanted me. It was Ray who came
up with the answer. He was my first customer.”

“Are you telling me that you’re a whore?”

“Yes. I’m sorry. I couldn’t see any other way to earn

“I want to know everything,” I demanded. “Oh, don’t
worry. I won’t divorce you. I’m only angry because I
didn’t get to watch.” As I took a seat next to her,
my cock was harder than it had been in months. She
explained how Ray had offered her a hundred dollars for
an hour of sex. It had been so easy that she wondered
why she hadn’t thought of it before.

“I go to the Red Rooster lounge around noon when the
businessmen are having lunch, pick one of them up and
bring him back here. I charge him anywhere between one
and two hundred dollars for an hour, depending on how
prosperous he looks. I can do two or three guys in an

“You should have told me. I’m not angry with you for
whoring around. In fact, I don’t want you to stop. I
want to watch. You know that I’ve always wanted to watch
another man fuck you.” Laura went to her knees, pulled
my pants down, and wrapped her soft lips around my hard
cock. “How many cocks did you suck today, bitch?” I had
never called her a bitch before. It felt good.

“I sucked three.” My cock throbbed in her mouth.

“Did any of them cum in your mouth?” She held up one
finger. I came instantly!
I am a carpenter by trade and own my own business, so
installing the one-way mirror in the wall between the
master bedroom and the spare bedroom was child’s play
for me, a simple weekend project.

When it was finished, I tested it by fucking Laura in
front of it. I had never watched myself fuck before and
enjoyed it so much that I tried a dozen different
positions. “Your customers are going to love this.
They’ll never know that I am on the other side enjoying
every minute of the show.”

I tossed and turned all through the night that Sunday
night, unable to think of anything but sex. The
beautiful woman lying next to me was a whore who had
fucked hundreds of strange men. That somehow made her
more desirable to me.

“Imagine a man paying two hundred dollars to do what I
can do this very instant for free!”

I couldn’t shake those persistent thoughts out of my
head. And then there was the money to think about. If
she made four or five hundred a day, we could enjoy an
affluent life-style. I could even buy that boat I’d been
wanting. Now that I knew what she was up to, she could
even do a little whoring in the evenings myself if I
wanted to!

Morning finally arrived. Groggy from lack of sleep, I
called my secretary and asked her to come to my house at
noon. I suppose that it was poetic justice that my wife
had become a whore. I had been fucking Carol two or
three times a week for more than a year, usually in my
office at the end of the day.

“What about your wife, Larry? Did you talk her into that
threesome you keep talking about?”

“No, nothing like that, baby. I’ll explain when you get

The morning passed slowly. I fidgeted on the couch in
front of the TV, dick in hand, leering at porno tapes on
my big screen TV. But I was very careful not to
masturbate. I didn’t want to accidentally cum and spoil
the fun that was ahead.

My little whore finally came down the stairs made up
like a movie star. I had never seen her look so drop-
dead gorgeous! She wasn’t dressed like the whores you
see on the street. She had more class than that.

Unwilling to risk smearing her perfectly painted lips;
she rubbed her cheek against mine. “I would like to see
you with someone who is hung like a horse,” I said. She
flashed a brilliant smile. “I’ll do my best.”

Carol arrived a few minutes after Laura had left.
“Where’s your wife?” she asked. “Don’t worry about
Laura. Everything will become clear in a few minutes.”

I led her up to the guest bedroom and stripped her. She
didn’t see the mirror. I had cleverly concealed it
behind draperies. I put her on the bed and planted my
mouth on her neatly trimmed cunt. It wasn’t long before
she was squirming like a worm on a hook.

I heard Laura’s car pull into the driveway, then the
front door closed and footsteps came down the hallway.
“Oh, my God, it’s your wife!” I clamped my hand over her
mouth. “Don’t make a sound! This is going to be very
exciting. You’ll see, trust me.”

I waited a few minutes until I was sure Laura and her
“date” had started, then I led Carol to the drapes. I
clamped a hand over her mouth to prevent any outburst.
When I opened the drapes, I saw for the first time my
beautiful wife sucking another man’s cock. It was a good
thing that I had had the foresight to put my hand over
Carol’s mouth. It muffled her shriek. When she had
calmed down a little, I removed my hand. “Oh, my God,
oh, my God. What is going on?” she whispered.

“Don’t worry about it, baby. I’ll explain everything
later. For now, I want you to do to me what she is doing
to him.” Positioning myself so she could watch the show
while she sucked my dick, I guided her pretty blond head
down onto my cock. She always gave great head, but it
seemed to me that she out-did herself that afternoon.
Maybe it was the eye candy in the next room that made it
seem better.

Laura had brought home a good-looking guy in his
twenties with a horse-cock hanging between his legs. I
couldn’t have picked a better partner for her myself.
She told me later that it wasn’t her first time with him
so, aware of how nicely hung he was, she picked him up
just to please me. It was so thoughtful of her. His cock
was so big that she couldn’t take more than half of it
in her mouth. While she sucked him, he smiled at their
images in the mirror. It was as though he were watching
Carol blow me.

Laura must have read my mind because, when it was time
to fuck, she climbed right up on top of the guy and
impaled her juicy little pussy on his huge cock. I
almost came, but by pulling my cock from Carol’s mouth
and squeezing the head with all of my strength, I was
able to hold back. “Okay, baby, time to ride the horsy.”
Carol mounted me and smothered my cock in her warm wet
cunt. “Why, you little bitch, you’re nice and creamy
aren’t you?” I whispered.

“Oh, yes, boss, I haven’t been this hot in a long time.”

The guy in the next room had his big hands all over my
wife’s cute little ass and was sucking hard on her tits.
I could tell by the expression on my little whore’s face
that she loved every second of it. I filled my hands
with Carol’s ass and thrust my dick up into her tight

My wife’s customer frantically pushed her off of him. “I
hadn’t been able to make out anything he or my wife
said. I didn’t have to tell Carol what to do. Even
though she was close to orgasm and probably would have
preferred to continue fucking me, she immediately took
my cock in her mouth.

I watched through the mirror as my wife’s lover raised
his ass off the bed, clamped her pretty head between
both hands, and shot his wad down her throat.

OUT!” he shouted. Of the thousands of intense orgasms
that I have had in my life, the one I had in Carol’s
mouth ranks in the top ten. It went on and on until I
felt totally drained.

When I was finished, I pulled Carol on top of me and
kissed her hard on the mouth. The guy in the next room
had a limp dick between his legs and a big smile on his
face as he put his clothes on. Even limp, his cock was
bigger than mine is when it’s hard. As soon as he left,
there was a soft tap on the door. Laura wasn’t surprised
when she saw Carol on top of me. “I’ve known about you
two all along,” she said with a wry grin. “Should I go
get another man, darling?”

“I have a better idea. Why don’t both of you girls take
the afternoon off and we’ll get in bed and have a good

The threesome that followed was the best sex I have ever
had. I satisfied two fantasies in one afternoon:
watching my wife fuck another man, and watching her suck
a pussy. It doesn’t get any better than that!


Since then I have watched my wife fuck dozens of men. I
sit in my recliner and watch through the mirror as she
puts on shows for me. Her customers love the mirror,
and, just as I did my first time, they watch themselves
in a variety of positions. I masturbate non-stop and
sometimes time my orgasms to theirs.

I can’t afford to always take time off from work to
watch other men screw my wife, so when I’m not there, a
video camera catches all of the action. Laura always
tells me when she has put on an especially good show.