Husband cums on his wife’s face


It all started when my wife and I were going to go to a
wedding back in my old college town. My wife, April,
attended college there with me and knew a lot of the
locals. With the added company of our old college
buddies, it was too much like old times to pass up.

When April and I were packing for the trip I noticed
she packed the dress that she knew I loved. It was a
VERY tight fitting strapless dress that stopped about 2
inches from her knees. The material was so tight that
she could not wear underwear with it, which is part of
the reason why I loved it so much. Aprils figure showed
out in it very well. She is about 5″10″ and 120 lbs.
Her tits are c cups and her ass is amazing, just big
enough and also very firm.

We made the drive into town and checked into our hotel.
When we got there I was ready to fuck and I tackled her
and playfully pushed her onto the bed. While I was
removing her clothes she told me she was going to
ovulate soon and that I had to wear a condom. I
reluctantly told her that I would but that I was not
cumming in the condom. She looked at me puzzled but
lost her thoughts when my tongue darted into her puss.

You have to understand, April loves to have her pussy
eaten. Sucked, licked, fucked, you name it – she loves
it. I also didn’t mind it. She tasted great and I loved
the wetness when I was ready to fuck her.

After about 20 minutes of me eating her cunt, and after
about 4 orgasms for her, she begged me to fuck her. I
slid the condom on as she watched closely, begging for
me to hurry. After I got the condom rolled onto my 7
inch cock I began to mount her. Her legs were spread
wide and her pussy was gaping open. I lowered myself
into her cunt.

When I had just the head of my cock in her I told her
to hold her breath and with one long, hard thrust I was
buried inside her. Her back arched and her tits came to
my face.

She grabbed my arms over the shock of my dick invading
her tight cunt. I grabbed her by the wrists and pulled
them over her head and held them. I reached under the
bed and retrieved the rope I placed under there
earlier. With one movement I had her arms tied to the
bedpost. She was all mine.

I kept my dick in her as I began to suck on her tits.
She was going nuts with lust. Her breaths became short
as I began to thrust into her, sending her over the
edge. Her pussy clamped down on my dick and she started
moaning. I started talking to her and said, “Yes, cum
on my hard dick. You love it when I fuck your hot,
tight cunt. Don’t you.”

She replied, “Yes.”

“What do you want me to do now?”

“I want you to fuck my cunt.”

I replied, “I’m not cumming in this condom, where do
you want it?”

“I don’t care. Just don’t cum in me,” she replied.

I began pumping her for all she was worth. She was
constantly moaning and talking. I started pulling out
to the head and ramming it in her then I began pumping
her deep. It wasn’t long before I felt my cum rise from
my balls. “Open your mouth.” I told her.

She looked at me puzzled because I know that she
doesn’t want it in the face. She hates it when I cum on
her face. She said, “No,” as I pull out of her and
clutch my dick and climbed up her chest. Her arms are
tied still so she can’t move with my weight on top of

I couldn’t take the pressure anymore so I pointed my
dick at her beautiful face and let go. The first stream
hit her on the forehead. I pumped my dick again and the
second hit her lips. The third, fourth and fifth hit
her cheeks and rolled down to her neck. She was covered
in my cum and I loved it. She was mad as hell however.
After I untied her she marched to the shower and got
dressed without even talking to me.

Soon it was time to leave so we drove to the wedding.
April was still pissed and told me that she would get
me back before the night was over. I apologised and
went about my way for the rest of the day. After the
wedding was over the reception was at a local bar so we
went there. It was about 9:00 by now and the drinks and
the music started going.

This was when April seen one of my old buddies. Ben was
his name and he always wanted April. She never would
give into him because she was true to me. Some things
never change and Ben started flirting with April right
in front of me. I interrupted them and April said that
she and Ben were going to dance. She then whispered
into my ear “Payback is a bitch.” This is when I knew
things were going to get bad.

They danced a couple of songs and I knew Ben was
getting a treat. April’s ass was only covered by the
thin material of her dress and she was rubbing it all
over his cock. He occasionally reached down to grab her
ass when he thought no one was looking. I’d seen it all
however and I went to take a piss.

The bar had a downstairs area that was blocked off. I
knew the owner so I went down there to use the pisser.
I knew April didn’t see me leave because she was all
over Bens cock on the dance floor. When I came out of
the pisser I heard voices downstairs and I wondered who
it was because this bar had been closed.

I was surprised to see April and Ben there talking.
April was leaning on the pool table and Ben was
standing in front of her. I listened in and heard April
say, “I’ve waited for this for awhile.”

Just about that time I saw her lower herself to her
knees. She unbuckled Ben’s pants and pulled out his
rock hard cock. I could see it through the shadows and
it was a medium sized cock, about 6.5 inches. What was
impressive was the size of his balls, they were huge. I
knew he had about a quart in them awaiting her. April
engulfed his dick with her cocksucking mouth. I froze.
I could not move. Then I thought to myself, this must
be my payback. She is going to fuck Ben right here,
right now.

I watched as she blew his cock, sliding back and fourth
over his dick. Ben grabbed her head and began fucking
her face. She had nowhere to go because the pool table
was behind her. Soon Ben tensed up, and April moved
away. She grabbed his cock and told him to save his
load. Ben looked at her, pissed, and said “for what?”

Then with one sift motion, April grabbed her dress and
pulled it up over her ass, exposing her soaked cunt.
“For this,” she said as she fingered her cunt. She also
lowered the top half of her dress exposing her tits and
turned around and bent over the pool table. She turned
around and looked Ben in the eye and said “Fuck Me.”

Ben stepped closer to April with his dick sticking
straight out. April turned and took his dick in her
hand and guided it into her hot cunt. Ben grabbed
Aprils’ hips for leverage and slowly thrust forward.
Aprils head threw back with pleasure and soon Ben was
in her balls deep. He pulled out completely and sank
back into her again. Moans filled the room as he began
to fuck my wife.

I could hear his ball sack slapping her ass as he
fucked her. He fucked her for about 10 minutes or so
when he said that he was going to cum soon. April told
him to stop and she climbed on top of the pool table.
He asked her if she was on the pill and she said no.
She said it was a good time of the month for her.

I thought to myself, “She’s lying!” Just then April
spread her legs wide and bunched her dress under her
ass so that her cunt was elevated. He stuck his cock
back in my beautiful wife and pounded her pussy. With
each stroke the pool table shook and April was whining.
Ben then said again that he was going to cum. All April
could say was “Fill me with your cum, shoot it in me!”

Then I saw Ben’s ass tighten and he started grunting.
Several times he grunted, flooding her cunt with his
seed. I knew he was filling my wife completely,
probably impregnating her. After Ben was done he
climbed off and got dressed and got back to the party.
He left her there.

When we were alone I walked over to April, still lying
on the table, legs spread. I stood shocked. Did she
plan this?

“Did you like that?” I asked.

She looked at me and said, “Payback is a bitch isn’t

I looked at her cunt and her lips were swollen and red.
There was no cum leaking out however. I asked, “Didn’t
he cum in you?”

“Oh yes,” was her reply. “It’s still up inside me
because my cunt is elevated, and it can’t get out. Lie
down on the table.”

Not wanting to argue I climbed beside her and lay
down. She slowly got up and put a leg on each side of
my face. I could see directly up her cunt.

“Here is your payback asshole,” She started fingering
her cunt and moaning and she brought herself to orgasm.
When her pussy quivered and she started cumming, she
lowered it onto my face. Ben’s cum shot out all over
me. She grabbed my hair and rode my nose and my tongue
till she came again. “Eat it!” she said. I knew this
was one hell of a payback.