Sleeping Sister’s Semen Surprise

The Last Night

As he lazily stroked his cock, Danny though about what part of his
sister’s body he wanted to squirt his first load of hot cum. Donna was
sleeping soundly, completely unaware that her horny sex-crazed brother was
masturbating as he ogled her ripe sexy teenaged body. Donna was wearing
her usual nighttime attire of an over-sized T-shirt and a pair of panties.
Danny was kneeling on Donna’s bed, and the motion of his hand pulling his
meat caused her large tits to bobble. Danny had cum on his sister’s naked
body several times a night, for the last 10 days. As he reached down and
began to remove her pale yellow panties, he thought about some of the
incredible orgasms he had achieved with his sleeping sister. His legs
locked around her naked body, his hot throbbing cock pressed against
Donna’s soft warm flesh, pulsing out blast after blast of his hot sticky
cum on her sweet young body. He thought back to the beginning, the very
first time, ten days ago when he had first cum on his sister’s naked body.

In the Beginning

It all started 6 months ago, when Donna was diagnosed with sleep apnea.
It’s a condition where the person stops breathing during the night. This
wakes them up and they start breathing again, but their sleep cycle is
disrupted and it’s very hard to get a good night’s sleep. After months of
doctor’s visits the problem was finally diagnosed and pills were
prescribed that would allow Donna to continue to sleep through the night.
Donna is my eighteen year-old sister. My name is Danny and I just turned
thirteen. Even though Donna is built like a brick shithouse, I had never
had any sexual thoughts about my older sister until very recently, when
like all young boys I discovered the joys of masturbation.

Now it seemed like my dick was constantly hard and late at night as I lay
in bed and pulled my cock, my mind would be filled with images of girls.
Girls from school, girls I had seen on TV, magazines or in the movies and
lately images of my sexy big sister began to creep into my thoughts. Let
me describe what Donna looked like. She was short, only about 5 foot
tall, but she had extremely beautiful features and was very well built.
She had a naturally dark skin and long flowing black hair. Her most
outstanding feature was her body. Donna had full large breasts, a slim
waist and a rounded ass with a dynamite pair of legs. She was on the swim
team in school and also a cheerleader for the football team. There was
not an ounce of fat on her and although she dressed conservetly, her
voluptuous body was hard to disguise. She was regarded as one of the
hottest looking girls in school. Even though I had jerked off thinking
about her nude body, it was just a harmless fantasy until my parents went
to Europe for their 25th wedding anniversary. What set the whole thing in
motion, was when the phone rang in the middle of the night. It was the
folks checking in from Europe. Dad forgot that with the time difference
that he was calling at 3:00 AM. We chatted for a while and then they
asked to speak with Donna. I slipped on a pair of boxer shorts and
entered her room to wake her.

I switched on the light and called her name. Nothing. I walked over to
the bed and shook her shoulder. Nothing. I shook her harder and called
her name loudly. Nothing. I went back to the phone and said that she was
fast asleep. Dad explained that it was the medicine she was taking for
her apnea that made her sleep so soundly. The folks promised to call
again tomorrow, at a normal hour. After I hung up, I started back towards
my room when I realized I hadn’t switched off the bedside light in Donna’s
room. As I walked over to the lamp, I looked at Donna. She was sleeping
on her stomach, her head cradled in her arm. I could make out the shape
of her ass beneath the sheet that covered her, and part of one shapely
tanned thigh peeked out from under the sheet. As I stared at her leg, my
cock began to throb and harden in my shorts. Her bed was a futon mattress
on the floor and I kneeled next to her and called her name and shook her
shoulder like before. I put my hand on the swell of her hip and shook her
really hard. She didn’t react at all. I put my hand on her bare leg and
slowly rubbed my hand up and down her leg. My penis was erect and tenting
out the front of my shorts. I pulled the sheet over a bit exposing her
panty-clad ass. With the care of a bomb disposal expert, I pulled the
sheet from her body, until Donna’s body was totally uncovered.

My cock hardened in my shorts as I gazed at my sister’s sweet ass. Her one
leg was bent at the knee and I had an unobstructed view of her crotch.
Like a moth drawn to the flame, I reached my hand out and ever so gently
rubbed my fingertips over her inner thigh. Donna’s skin was softer than
anything I could ever have imagined. And it felt warm and pliant beneath
my probing fingers. Without even realizing it, my other hand began to
stroke my cock through my shorts as I continued to caress and fondle
Donna’s thighs. Donna hadn’t stirred a bit, and I became bolder as I let
my hand stroke upwards until I lightly brushed against her panty covered
mound. I softly probed and prodded between her legs ready to flee in an
instant if Donna moved. My cock was all twisted in my shorts so I stopped
for a moment and pulled my shorts down letting my cock spring free. I
grasped it with my good hand and began to pump it up and down as I stared
at Donna’s naked thighs and panty covered ass. It was too much for my
young cock to endure and I stifled a moan and bucked my hips wildly as
thick streams of cum flew from my cock and landed on Donna’s ass and legs.
I continued pumping and squeezing my cock as jet after jet of sticky cum
landed on her ass, thighs and sheets.

The site of my sister’s body speckled with her brother’s cum was one of
the most erotic sites I have ever seen. As my lust subsided, I felt
ashamed about what I had done and got a washcloth and carefully wiped up
as much of my jism as I could. I then covered her with the sheet, turned
out her lamp and went to bed. As I lay in bed, my mind’s eye replayed the
event from start to finish. My experience with girls up to that point had
been a few kisses and one quick feel of Mary Ellen Tomzack’s
sweater-covered breasts. What if Donna woke up in the morning and knew
what had happened. What if she told Mom and Dad? I couldn’t live with
the shame. Eventually I drifted off to sleep and was awakened by the
ringing of my alarm clock.

As I got up and got dressed for school, I thought again about what had
happened last night. I went downstairs and was eating a bowl of cereal
when Donna came into the kitchen.

“What are you looking at”, Donna said with her usual early morning

“Nothing”, I mumbled as I bent my head down and concentrated on spooning
cereal into my mouth.

As Donna bustled about fixing her breakfast, I stole a glance at her. She
seemed the same as before. She sat and we chatted about school and such
and she gave no indication that she was aware of the fact that I had
jerked-off and shot my cum onto her sleeping body. I had gotten away with
it! All day at school it was tough to focus, my mind kept drifting back
to replay the scene in VF’s bedroom. When I got home, I spent most of the
night in my room, playing with my computer and thinking about Donna’sbody.
She went to sleep around eleven, and I turned in about the same time, but
not before I set my alarm for three AM.

The Next Night

I awoke to a ringing alarm and groped around and shut it off. I was
instantly awake and I padded quietly into Donna’s room. She was asleep,
lying on her stomach just like last night. I switched on the light and
again tried to wake her by shaking and calling her name. She was out like
a light. I pulled down the sheet until she was uncovered once more.
Tonight she was wearing a pair of dark purple panties that were stretched
tightly across her sexy ass. Her legs were pressed together and I debated
trying and move her leg a bit to make her crotch more accessible. I
decided to try and I slipped my hand under her knee and slowly moved her
leg towards the edge of the bed till her mound was visible. I began to
caress her leg, stroking my hand from her knee along her plump tanned
thigh and ending with a gentle probe of the mound between her legs. My
young cock grew hard and I decided to remove my shorts completely. My
cock sprang free and I stood there, fisting my cock as I drank in the site
of my sister’s sexy ass and legs. Her T-shirt was covering the top of her
panties, so I carefully pulled it up exposing her ass in all it’s glory to
my hungry eyes. I knelt down beside her and let both hands explore her
soft creamy thighs. I would rub up one thigh, probe at her panty covered
mound and then rub down the other soft thigh. My breathing was becoming
ragged and I threw my right leg over hers so I was straddling her thigh
between my legs. I grasped my dick and as my hips rocked, I masturbated
with the tip of my cock inches away from her thigh. I leaned forward
slightly until the head of my cock touched the back of Donna’s thigh. The
feeling of her warm skin on the sensitive underside of my throbbing cock
was too much for me and I began to spurt my hot cum all over her thigh. A
moan escaped my lips as I thrust my hips forward letting my cock ride
along the flesh of her leg, as my dick squirted thick wads of cum onto her
thigh. I thought I would pass out so intense was my orgasm. I looked
down and saw that my entire penis was lying on my sister’s thigh and that
cum had shot up onto her panties and lower back as well. When I finally
regained my breath, I dismounted and went to the bathroom and cleaned off
my cock and came back with a warm washcloth and cleaned the sticky cum off
Donna’s thigh and back. Her panties were damp with cum and there wasn’t
much I could do about it so I covered her up and went to bed. I couldn’t
sleep. Images of my cock, spurting white incestuous sperm onto my
sister’s thighs filled my mind as I closed my eyes. My cock stiffened and
I stroked it lazily as I replayed the scene in my mind.

I kicked off the covers, stripped off my shorts and went back to Donna’s
room. It was 3:30 AM and I hoped she was still sound asleep as I peeled
the covers back. Her panties were dark where my hot cum had spattered her
ass. My cock was already rock hard as climbed onto the futon and
positioned myself over her other leg. I lowered my body slowing, holding
myself up with arms like I was doing push-ups until I felt my hot cock
touch the smooth cool skin of her leg. I began to rock back and forth
sliding my cock up down along her leg. I could feel the razor stubble
from when she shaved her legs, tease and tickle the sensitive head of my
cock. I inched forward slowly letting my dick travel up her leg until her
pliant thigh was clasped firmly between mylegs. I pumped back and forth
slowly. Feeling deliciously wicked as my hard cock rubbed against my
sleeping sister’s leg. I pulled myself forward allowing my cock to ride
up until the head was gliding over her ass cheek. I stifled a groan as I
continued to rock my hips in a fucking motion with my sister’s panty clad
ass beneath my hard cock. I reached down with one hand and lifted up the
elastic of her panties and slid my cock inside her panties and onto the
soft flesh of her ass. The feeling was indescribable and I knew I
wouldn’t last long as I continued thrusting my penis against her ass. I
actually felt my balls twitch as cum rocketed up the shaft of my cock and
exploded against Donna’s ass. I looked down from above and saw her
panties darken as my balls pumped wave after wave of cum into her panties
and onto her ass. I realized that I was really pressing my cock
forcefully into her ass as my cock slowed it’s spurting and the last few
squirts shot onto her ass.

My arms became from holding myself aloft, and I pulled backed, my still
hard cock slipping from the leg band of her panties, as cum trickled down
her thigh. I got off the bed and again cleaned myself with a washcloth
and returned to wipe my cum from my sister’s body. The back of her
panties were soaked with cum, and I carefully rolled down the waistband,
exposing her ass and I wiped off the sticky cum as best as I could. Her
panties were very damp and I prayed that she would not notice how sticky
her butt was when she awoke. I knew from living with her, that she sleep
as late as she could in the morning and within minutes of awakening she
was in the shower. I covered her again with the top sheet, turned off the
lamp and returned to my bed and was finally able to drift off to sleep.

The next morning she was her usual old self and I realized that I had
gotten away with it again. After she left for school, I ran upstairs and
checked in the hamper and found the purple panties. The back was very
slightly spotted with my crusted white cum and I realized that I would
have to be more careful in the future. And there would be a future….

The Next Night

The alarm went off and I was up like a shot my cock throbbing softly like
Pavlov’s dogs hearing the bell ring. I strolled into Donna’s room and
turned on her lamp. I decide that tonight I would test and see how deeply
the medicine made her sleep. I kept my shorts on just in case she awoke,
and I shook her shoulder fairly hard as I called out her name. I put one
hand under her shoulder and slowly rolled her over onto her back. I
straightened out her hips as well. I gently slapped her face trying to
rouse her to no avail. I pulled the covers down to the end of the bed.
My mouth began to water as I drank in Donna’s luscious young body. Her
breasts strained against the thin material of her T-shirt and her green
panties encased her swollen mound. Herdeeply tanned legs looked even
sexier from the front then they did from the back. I stripped off my
shorts and stood over my sister’s body as my cock pulsed softly like it
had it’s own little heartbeat. I kneeled down next to her and touched her
breasts through the material of her T-shirt. They felt so wonderfully
soft yet firm and I was amazed as I felt and saw her nipple harden. I
held open the bottom and slid my hand in and grazed the skin of her
stomach. I slowly circled my hand higher and higher until I felt the
swell of her tit with my hand. Ever so gently I rubbed and fondled her
sweet young tits. I had to see them. I withdrew my hand and then
carefully inched her shirt up, working from side to side until her tits
were finally revealed. They were large and had a dark pink areola and the
nipples were fairly big. Not that I was much of a judge. Aside from a
few Playboy and Penthouse models, this was the first live pair of tits I
had ever seen. I stretched out on the futon, reclining next to Donna, and
began to lick and suck her tits. I scooted my hips forward so that I
could rub my erect penis against her leg as I licked her tits. Her nipple
became erect in my mouth and it felt so incredibly sexy to be licking and
sucking my own sister’s tits. I would suck one tit and fondle the other
with my fingertips as pre-cum leaked from my cock and glistened on her
dark thighs. I felt a familiar rumbling in my balls and moved my cock off
her leg to try and prolong my pleasure but I had waited too long. I
grabbed my swollen member and aimed it at Donna’s tits and after a few
good tugs, cum spewed from the purple tip and splashed onto her chest.
Spurt after spurt of my white-hot semen landed on my sleeping sister’s
firm tits. I leaned forward and rubbed the tip of my cock over the soft
flesh of her tits as I squeezed the last drops from my cock onto her

My heart was thundering in my chest from the sheer force of my orgasm and
I lay back on the futon and closed my eyes and recuperated. I must have
dozed for a few minutes but when I checked the clock it was only 3:40 so I
still had plenty of time. I went to the bathroom, took a leak and came
back. Donna’s tits were covered in her brother’s cum and a small pool of
cum had collected between her tits. The sight of my sister’s cum-covered
tits caused my cock to harden again. I looked down at her bare legs and
the soft mound of her pussy. I kneeled down and slowly rolled her panties
down over her hips, down her sexy legs and finally off. I spread her legs
and looked at her pussy. Her cunt lips looked soft and inviting and sparse
black hair surrounded her vagina. I licked my middle finger to moisten it
and I slid it slowly up and down her crack. It felt strange yet somehow
wonderful as I looked at Donna, sleeping soundly as I moved my
inexperienced fingers between her legs. My cock throbbed with passion,
but it would have to wait a while longer. Her pussy began to get moist as
I slid my finger deeper and deeper into her cunt. I was amazed at how hot
and wet it felt. Her cunt seemed to pull my finger deeper and deeper
inside her. I spread the lipswith my hands and saw the little nub, which
I knew, from looking at medical textbooks, was called the clitoris. I
touched it with my thumb and began to lightly stoke it.

Donna gave a low moan and I froze like a statue, my finger still in her
cunt. If she opened her eyes she would see me kneeling there naked,
hunched down between her thighs with my erect penis throbbing slowly. Even
though she was sleeping deeply, she could still feel what I was doing to
her. I decided to lay off her clitoris and continued to finger her
dripping pussy. From the porno magazines that I had seen I knew that guys
licked girl’s pussies and I figured that I should try as much as possible
while I had the chance. I lowered my head and brought my tongue up to her
cunt and licked her pussy. I licked all over the lips and stuck my tongue
deep inside and tasted the juices that were flowing from my teenaged
sister’s cunt. After a few minutes I stopped, realizing that maybe this
did something for the person getting her cunt licked, but it did nothing
for the licker. Her cunt was now shiny with her fluids and I wanted to
stick my cock inside my sister hot cunt and fuck her. But I knew I
couldn’t. What if she became pregnant and they found out it was her
brother who had impregnated her. Maybe I could just rub my cock on her
cunt, I thought.

I positioned myself between her spread legs and put the shaft of my cock
between her wet pussy lips. I rocked my hips back and forth, my cock
slipping deliciously between the hot wet lips of my sister’s pussy. The
force of my thrusts caused her tits to shimmy and shake, and I leaned down
and licked her nipples as I continued to rock my hips. Her nipples
hardened under the ministrations of my tongue. I raised my head and
glanced down and saw my engorged cock appear and disappear from between my
sister’s crotch and I felt my balls rumble with desire. If Donna had
awakened that very second, I don’t think I would have been able to stop. I
thrust my hips forward and felt the shaft of my cock sink even deeper into
the soft wet flesh of her cunt. Her ripe full breasts were jiggling
obscenely as I continued to fuck my sleeping sister’s wet pussy lips. My
buttocks clenched as the first blast of cum spurted from the end of penis
and hit the wall behind her head. Afraid of getting my sperm in her cunt,
I let my cock slide up onto her stomach and spewed my hot seed onto my
naked sister’s tits and stomach. I whimpered softly as the last drops of
my sticky cum leaked from my dick and pooled in her belly button. My head
was spinning, as I cleaned us both off and tumbled into bed for a few
hours sleep.

I was hooked. Night after night, I crept into my sister’s room, naked
with my cock erect and throbbing. I licked and fondled and caressed her
voluptuous 18 year-old body. I squirted load after load of hot cum on her
naked body. I came on her hands, her tits and her face. I rubbed my cock
on her thighs, her ass, her lips and her cunt. She never suspected a
thing. I even jerked off into the bowl when I scrambled some eggs for her
breakfast while she was in the shower. I sat across from her at the
breakfast table, my cock throbbing wildly as she ate the cum-laced eggs.
My parents were due back from their trip in two days, and still I crept
into to my sister’s room to cover her innocent ripe body with my horny
young cum.

The Last Night

I finished sliding her panties down her legs and tossed them onto the
floor. The T-shirt is trickier to remove, but after the last 10 days of
practice, it comes off easily. Donna’s magnificent teenaged body is
revealed to his eyes once more. Donna is deeply tanned and the pale
contrast of her big tits and pussy become like bulls-eyes to my hungry
eyes. My cock throbs softly as I gaze at my sister’s sexy teenaged body.

I lean over and began to fondle Donna’s pussy. Her young cunt was fringed
with dark black hair. I slid my middle fingertip up and down between the
two plump lips of her warm cunt. Her pussy began to get slick and wet. I
let my whole finger slip in and then slowly I began to fingerfuck my
sleeping sister. The only sound in the room, is Donna’s soft breathing
and a squishy sound as I finger her pussy. I spread her legs and then
climb on the bed, straddling my sister’s naked body. I drop my groin down
so that my randy young cock is rubbing between her wet pussy lips. I’m is
balanced on my knees and elbows, as my hands reach out and begin to fondle
Donna’s large tits. I rock my hips back and forth grinding my thick dick
against my sister’s wet pussy.

Her nipples stiffen under my fingers and I slow my thrusting, trying to
prolong the exquisite feeling of my hot young cock, pressed against my
sister wet cunt. I pulp and squeeze her big tits as I slowly slide my
hard cock through Donna’s sopping pussy lips. I bring my face close to
hers and lick her lips with my tongue. I wonder what she is dreaming?
Probably not that her younger brother has his tongue on her lips, his hand
on her tits and his cock on her cunt. I feel the pressure building in my
balls and I know I have only a few more thrusts left. I sit up and grab
my straining cock and give it a few good yanks, and a stream of hot white
cum blasts from my cock shoots up across her body and lands on Donna’s
face. I continue to pump my cock and jet after jet of sticky cum pulse
from the engorged tip and splashes onto Donna’s naked body. Her tits are
spattered as my cock slows it’s spewing, her chest and stomach become
dotted with cum. My heart is thudding in his chest and I let out my breath
with a whoosh, not even realizing that I had been holding my breathe as I
came. I look down at Donna’s sleeping body, her brother’s thick white cum
all over her darkly tanned body. I milk my cock and the final drop of cum
plops onto her stomach.

I can’t every remember shooting this much cum! . I smear the warm cum on
her nipples and tits until they become shiny with a thin coating of my
cum. I stop and sit up, admiring my handiwork. I lean forward and wipe a
blob of cum from Donna’s cheek with my finger. I rub the warm cum onto
her lips and let the cum-covered finger slip between her lips where Donna
begins to softly suckle at it. My cock starts to harden as she sucks on
my finger. Do you think …. Do you suppose ….. I look at my sister’s
face. Donna sleeps soundly on, blissfully ignorant to the fact that her
brother has just played with her tits and shot his cum all over her naked
body. Being that I am only thirteen and perpetualy horny, I knew that
tonight would be a long night both for myself and for Donna, my sweet
sleeping beauty. I take her hand and mold it around the shaft of my cock
and begin to thrust back and forth with my hips. It feels like she is
jerking me off. Her tits bob and sway as I contemplate my latest

Should I try and put my cock in her mouth? The thrill of the last night
was upon me and I turned Donna on her side and brought my groin up so it
was even with her mouth. I held my cock in my hand and brought the head
forward until it grazed her lips.

They felt so smooth and soft as the head of my cock rubbed against them.
Pre-cum leaked from my cock and I coated her lips with the white fluid. I
put my other hand behind her hand and held her steady as I let her jaw sag
open. With extreme care and caution, I moved my hips forward and the
purple head of my cock slid between my sister’s full lips. I paused with
just the head in her warm mouth and looked at her face. The site of my
gorgeous young sister, her lips parted and the blue-veined shaft of my
cock emerging from between her lips almost caused me to blow my load right
then. I held the shaft of my cock with one hand and slowly moved my hips
forward letting another inch of my cock enter my sleeping sister’s wet
mouth. And then it happened. She began to suckle and nurse at the end of
my cock. I strangled a cry as her mouth and lips sucked on the end of my
cock. The feeling was incredibly intense and I began to buck my hips in
time to her sucking. Holding her head steady, I pushed another inch of my
hot cock into her mouth as her velvety lips slid over the throbbing shaft.
I could feel her exhaling through her nostrils on the shaft of my dick. I
began to gently move back and forth fucking my sister’s mouth as I felt my
orgasm start. My balls were boiling and I thought that the prudent thing
to do was to pull out and cum on her face. But the male instinct when you
are coming is to push forward and instinct won out. Involuntarily, my
hips rocked forward and another inch of my cock entered Donna’s mouth. The
world exploded behind my eyeballs, as my cock spurted its hot load of
semen into my sister’s mouth. I saw twin streams of cum leaking from the
corners of her mouth as I continued thrusting my cock into her mouth.
Again and again my cock pulsed as cum shot from the tip of penis into
Donna’s mouth. I saw and felt her swallow as I pushed even more of my
cock into her mouth as the final load of hot cum shot from my dick. She
swallowed a few more times as cum dripped from the corners of her mouth.
My cock twitched a couple of times as the last of my orgasm flowed into
her mouth. I lay like that for a few minutes with my semi-hard cock in my
sister’s warm mouth. Finally I moved backwards and my penis slipped from
between her lips and a large gob of cum drooled down her chin and onto her
chest. Wow! I wish I had tried that earlier in the week. My parents
were due back tomorrow and I wasn’t sure how if I would be able to do this
with them in the house. Imagine if five minutes ago Dad had opened the
door to check on Donna and had seen my cumming in my sister’s mouth while
she slept. God knows what he would do to me. Until they went on vacation
again, this was my last chance at my sister’s lush body. I decided to end
with a bang.

I put a spare sheet and a small pillow under her ass and spread Donna’s
legs and again finger her young cunt. She quickly gets wet as I look at
her naked body. Cum is dripping from between her lips and her stomach and
tits are frosted with my last two loads. My cock begins to harden as I
slip a second finger deep inside my sister’s hot cunt. I move myself
between her legs and rub the head of my cock between the juicy lips of her
cunt. The head of my cock sparkles with her juices as I lean forward and
push and I feel the head of my cock enter her cunt. I look down and see
the shaft of my dick emerging from her cunt. It feels tighter and hotter
and wetter than I possibly could have imagined. I push forward again and
about half my cock sinks into her pussy. I pause acclimating myself to
the feeling and then with a final lunge, my cock slides all the way into
my sister’s cunt and I feel my balls up against the cheeks of her ass. It
feels like heaven. My cock is gripped tightly in her pussy, as I lean
forward and feel her tits crush against my body. Slowly I move my hips
backward until just the head of cock is in her pussy and then I drive my
hips forward until I am totally within her again. So this is what sex is
all about (except for the fact that the girl is asleep and she’s my
sister). I reach my hands up and grab her cum-covered tits and fondle
them as I begin to move my ass back and forth fucking my sister. Her
nipples harden under my fingers and I stare into her face, my cum still
leaking in twin trails from her lush lips. Her tits flatten under my
hands as I begin to thrust harder and harder, driving my stiff cock into
her yielding flesh. My hands grow slick as I rub my slick cum onto her
tits. I look downward fascinated as I see my cock withdraw and then
disappear inside my sister’s body. I feel a sensation in my balls and I
quickly withdraw and pinch the head of cock stopping my ejaculation. I am
breathing heavily and my knees feel weak. I hop off the bed and get a
drink of water from the bathroom trying to calm myself down. I look down
at my cock shiny from her juices and head back into her room. I look at
my sister lying naked on the bed. Her thighs are spread and her juices
are dripping from her cunt and running down both thighs. Her tits are
shiny and sparkle with my jism, and her lips and chin are frosted with my
semen. My own nipples are hard and my cock is throbbing softly. I climb
back on the bed and again guide my cock to the entrance of her cunt and
let the engorged purple head slip in. I push forward and allow my shaft
to slowly enter my sister’s wet cunt until my balls are pressed firmly
against her ass. I begin to slowly and lovingly fuck my sister as she
sleeps. Her tits jiggle from the force of my thrusting which excites me
even more. I slide my hands under her ass and lift her up as I try and
get my cock as far inside her snatch as it will go. I’m up on my knees so
it’s easy for me to look down and see the shaft of my cock as it plunges
in and out of Donna’s hot cunt. I’m grunting softly as I plow my cock in
and out, her tits flopping around from the impact of our bodies. I feel a
familiar rumbling in my balls and I hold her ass even tighter as my hips
are flying back and forth. I had planned to pull out and shoot my load on
her tits and face, but I am unable to do it. I drop her ass and move her
thighs so they are together and place my legs on the outside of hers. I
squeeze my legs together, which squeezes her thighs together, which makes
her cunt grab my cock even tighter. I reach and hold her tits again. My
hips are bucking wildly as I fuck her without regard for the fact that she
could awaken at any moment. I feel my penis get even larger as I lunge
forward, my cock as deep as it can be in Donna’s cunt. It begins. The
first load of cum shoots from my cock into her hot pussy. My ass cheeks
are clenched as I squeeze her big tits as jet after jet of hot cum squirts
into my sister’s cunt. I collapse on the bed next to her, totally spent.

I get a warm rag and clean my hot cum from my sister’s naked body and
redress her and pull up her sheet. Before I turn out the light and go, I
give her a gentle kiss on the lips.

The next morning I’m at the breakfast table when Donna comes downstairs.
When I ask her how she slept she said “Like a Baby!” We make plans to
pick Mom and Dad up at the airport. During the day I reflect back on the
past ten days and wonder if I’ll have the guts to try this while my
parents are sleeping across the hall from Donna’s room. Of course the
extra risk of getting caught in my sister’s room naked with a hard-on
could intensify the whole thing. And if not, the parental units are going
to Jamaica during the Christmas Holidays. Either way I look at it, I
expect to be seeing a lot more of my sister’s sweet body.

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